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  1. Good Bye My Friend!
  2. Man, I'm really gonna miss these guys....
  3. Big Watch Fans?
  4. New Diver added to the collection...
  5. MKII Sea Fighter Type II-A
  6. Thinking about Mesh......Need your help
  7. Post your dive watches with MESH here!
  8. Please Welcome
  9. Greetings from new member
  10. New strap for my Bathys!!!
  11. Your own watch tools?
  12. New EM Sub Hatch, just arrived!
  13. gas?
  14. Nautische Instrumente Mühle-Glashütte Nautic Timer
  15. Invicta leviathan back from the SPA
  16. My newest purchases after much selling
  17. HELP !!!! What should I do?
  18. New Super Avenger
  19. re-shaping a Zilla strap
  20. Which one would you buy?
  21. You tell me which one should I wear?
  22. Old Beater gets new strap
  23. Citizen 200 Wr Scuba Ny0040-17l
  24. New: Bvlgari Diagono Pro Acqua 300m:
  25. TGIF Wrist Check
  26. Kaktus strap
  27. a one day trip
  28. NATO straps
  29. I am ready for the next step up: Seiko Spring Drive MM 600m?
  30. How do you feel about
  31. New Arrival - Ocean 7 LM-2 GMT SE - HOT!!
  32. A hint of Orange
  33. Tourby update!
  34. GSAR w/ Omega X-33 Strap
  35. thursday wrist check
  36. This Just In! RGM Ref. 300 Diver > > > >
  37. Top 5 divers
  38. Where would you buy...
  39. Got this yesterday
  40. Pictures not showing
  41. indestructible watch for under $1200??
  42. New (unplanned) Arrival
  43. Another JSAR thread
  44. This was delivered today
  45. Some cool info
  46. Another Depth Rating Question/Obervation
  47. Accuracy of the AutoZilla
  48. Automatic, Manual or Quartz?
  49. Anybody put mercedes hands on SAR?
  50. Watch Your Wearing Weds. ?
  51. New: Oris Divers 1000m GMT Date & Sub Seconds:
  52. Who wants to see real IonBond?
  53. Thank you from BOSCHETT Timepieces
  54. Breitling Skyland with Ocean Racer and Deployant...
  55. 2009 Plo prof-any news?
  56. Update
  57. Midwest divers... meet for diving?
  58. J.E. Atlantis from Watchbuys Issue
  59. New Swiss Army Dive Master 500M Gunmetal PVD (Quartz)
  60. Visiting Portland OR - Anyone Recommend Some Good AD's to Visit? Omega AD!
  61. What is the Obsession with Marathon?
  62. My Orsa got new shoes!
  63. Is it pronounced?
  64. Question on Recon GMT Lume
  65. I fancy the Samurai....
  66. Super Luminova paint?
  67. Binnacle GMT
  68. Scuba diving with my Ploprof
  69. UTS vs. Kobold and others?
  70. Just ordered a SAR????
  71. Best Rubber/Silicone strap for a Seiko OM?
  72. So is this the Week?
  73. Monday wristcheck.
  74. The great JSAR question answered
  75. Vagary Watches by Citizen
  76. Happy Father's Day
  77. TV Chef & Dive WIS
  78. Need Suggestions: Silver-Dial Diver
  79. Watch service center in Phoenix, AZ?
  80. your fathers day fun?
  81. Happy Fathers Day!
  82. Incoming: Yamahaki's torture test watch
  83. Ians Tsar giveaway contest
  84. Samurai mod
  85. Seiko MM Refinish Before & After
  86. the $5500 strap
  87. Seiko Samurai
  88. 2000 meters = bad mo' f'sho'
  89. Black face/ orange numerals/hour markers
  90. cleaning a non diver
  91. I have a desire to become Sinn-full. Help!!
  92. Bitten by the PVD Bug..LM-6 PVD or ???? What are my choices
  93. FATHER'S DAY WEEKEND - wrist check
  94. Diver fans, show me your favourte dress watch
  95. Stowa Prodiver or Ocean7 LM-6
  96. Thickest Bracelet Links?
  97. Some advice please...
  98. purchase of Enzo watch
  99. Your First Ever Watch:
  100. Divers on Holiday Pt 2
  101. This weeks arrivals...
  102. Orange Night Monster vs. JSAR: the $375 question
  103. Nice Fifty Fathoms article from The PURISTS
  104. Orient vs europe?
  105. Lets see some Omega Divers!
  106. OK. For those luck souls that have both the JSAR & the CSAR:
  107. MK II Mesh??? Strap??
  108. Patek Philippe Naviquartz Chronometer
  109. My new Seiko ?Frankenmonster? ? Lots of Pics
  110. Hublot Big Bang 'All Black King' 300m
  111. New Diver For The Reefhunter
  112. Parmigiani Pershing Chronograph: (FAO Ian)
  113. Balncpain Speed Command Chronograph 300m:
  114. New: Alpha Team 'Extreme Diver' 4000m :
  115. Debaufre Triton Orange
  116. Diver Mod: See if you can guess...
  117. Friday Wrist Check
  118. Please say goodbye to yamahaki as our moderator
  119. some odds and ends
  120. Is this Blancpain authentic?
  121. New J-Sar
  122. Citizen Eco-drive
  123. Screen name/Handle
  124. Post up your modded Diver
  125. New JSAR need help posting pics - Give me some tips
  126. JSAR With An Auto Movement???
  127. omega P.O bezel change
  128. Longines Legend Diver: a few pics and initial impressions
  129. Orange Faced Divers?
  130. Sorry to let you all know that sukispop has decided to step down
  131. Hello all
  132. Shane (or others) please tell us bout the M-POLA
  133. Please explain the traditional "wave" dive strap to me...
  134. Golden Divers:
  135. Finally bought my Bathys
  136. Thursday Watch-U-Wearing
  137. diver geek accessory
  138. Birthday And Birthday
  139. Luminox navy seal dive watch info needed
  140. I've stepped down as moderator.
  141. Post up your beater....The BAT (beater appreciation thread)
  142. Incoming J-Sar with Question on Band?
  143. How about this one?
  144. MK II watches vs. Seiko Sumo
  145. HELP! My Stowa Seatime PD lost a bracelet screw....
  146. Dive watch tests/review
  147. The Seiko Monster is Ugly
  148. First aid for flooded watch?
  149. Diving Tool!!
  150. Oleck and Wahs divers
  151. Watch designer contest - ballot process NEW and FINAL
  152. Invicta 4793 - Just got one, too big?
  153. Anyone have pics of SMP's on a 7.5-7.75 inch wrist?
  154. New: Alpina Extreme Diver 1000 Meters:
  155. Sent one of my kids away yesterday
  156. 6/11/08 Hump Day Watch-U-Wearing........
  157. WUS anniversary shout out to XTrooper and our mods
  158. GIGANTIC Zeno or JSAR?
  159. Happy 50th Yamahaki!!!
  160. Should I sell my Speedy Pro to fund a PO?
  161. Happy Bday Ernie and Happy Anniversary WUS!!!
  162. Looking for a well made quartz diver, >$300.
  163. Tissot Seastar vs. Seiko 5
  164. Bulova Accutron Deep Sea
  165. New Boschett Reef Ranger
  166. It finally came - MKII Seafighter
  167. Important Reminder(and fun news) about our 10th Anniversary!
  168. Information about Rolex's Sea-Dweller DEEP SEA Ringlock-System
  169. Important Reminder!
  170. Towards better wrist shots...
  171. A Seal Arrives on Shore! - Photos
  172. New Dress Diver unveiled...
  173. uts 600m chrono is back
  174. Montblanc Sport Chronograph Tantalum Automatic:
  175. Chrono Avenger meets Toshi
  176. Tuesdays here, what ya wearing today??
  177. IT's HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  178. I would not DARE post this on the Doxa forum >
  179. anyone know where to purchase Casio Zulu adapters... I am located in Canada
  180. Marathon Csar Vs Jsar
  181. Another Watch choice advice.... Omega Planet Ocean?
  182. Breitling BlackSteel or new RGM Diver?
  183. Casio DW5600 with adapters and 22mm Zulu...
  184. Your opinions on these 2 watches please
  185. Quartz MF Dreadnought PRS-24 pics
  186. lefty SAR or mod?
  187. Watch found after submerged for 67 years and still working
  188. dive report and Autozilla review
  189. Eco-Zilla (Ti version) on small wrists
  190. Help me with titanium diver
  191. monday wrist check
  192. Mid Size Diver Reccomendation
  193. JSAR has arrived!
  194. Italian SBS military Diver eta 2824-2
  195. Size comparison... Yao's Stingray or SeaFighter vs the SAR or TSAR
  196. New: Baume & Mercier Riviera XXL Chronograph Diver:
  197. New: Baume & Mercier 'Riviera XL Diver':
  198. New: Technomarine Royal Marine Automatic Diver
  199. Rolex Sea-Dweller
  200. NEW DIVER! Yema Sous-Marine :-D
  201. new doxa
  202. Eterna 1000M
  203. Rubber vs silicone
  204. Functional Diver Chronographs?
  205. Corum Shark
  206. Is this an ok daily wear divers?
  207. My Diver collection.....
  208. Cordura Seagull dive watch & Pres. George H W Bush
  209. Rolex DeepSea SeaDweller Thoughts - Sorry Long Read.
  210. WEEKEND Wrist check - Post 'em up
  211. Sinn UX back at Watchbuys
  212. Got Rubber? Let's See:
  213. Divers Missing in Bali
  214. looking for mkii stingray and seafighter images
  215. I MUST be the Greatest idiot!!! JSAR
  216. I MUST be the Greatest!!! UTS
  217. Further thoughts/review on the Anonimo Professionale GMT
  218. Zidane: how's the watch mag?
  219. Arrival of UTS Bauhaus 1000m
  220. Would you buy the Quartz Dreadnought PRS-24??
  221. How many dive forums are you on?
  222. TenaciousB: more PVDilla
  223. Matt or shiney dials ?
  224. TGIF Wrist Check...
  225. Dive Watch Wis Gtg Philadelpha
  226. the Dreadnought
  227. Collection Alert!
  228. Divers At Marine Nature Reserve. Travelogue Pt 2. (Lots of pics!)
  229. UltraM - so very full of win.
  230. Two Down One To Go
  231. My grail has arrived Ulysse Nardin MMD
  232. Bathys Benthic
  233. Help!!!
  234. Good watch shop in Baltimore area?
  235. Seiko SKX007 on Ploprof strap
  236. Is there a sure fire way of telling. . . . .
  237. Thursday Wrist Check
  238. Blancpain fifty fathoms vintage
  239. Took the PO plunge
  240. Can't Decide! Seiko SKX 173 or Citizen BN0000-04H?
  241. GMT/Diver suggestion and feedback
  242. Incoming Omega 42mm SM PO orange >
  243. Rolex DeepdSea $8,975 -
  244. Room for one more? New watch company - your feedback please
  245. Divers by the beach. Travelogue and more pics!
  246. Marathon JSAR vs. Seiko Tuna Can 300M
  247. Baseball Glove Strap
  248. New(Old)Steelfish
  249. S.i.w.b.b
  250. What do you think of Nauticfish?