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  2. Took the PO plunge
  3. Can't Decide! Seiko SKX 173 or Citizen BN0000-04H?
  4. GMT/Diver suggestion and feedback
  5. Incoming Omega 42mm SM PO orange >
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  9. Marathon JSAR vs. Seiko Tuna Can 300M
  10. Baseball Glove Strap
  11. New(Old)Steelfish
  12. S.i.w.b.b
  13. What do you think of Nauticfish?
  14. Thick dive style thumbnail buckles... 24mm
  15. Ocean7 LM-3 Arrives & Gets New Boots
  16. Who says U1`s are not LIGHT
  17. New: Aquanautic 'Diving Tourbillon' :
  18. Sawtooth and Tuna (Size and pic comparison)
  19. wed. the hump day check.
  20. "Clean" EcoZilla & "Full-Lume" Triton Pics...
  21. FREE PVD BRACELET/BUCKLE GIVEAWAY from yours truly..................PVD Pandemonium pt2!
  22. Monster with mesh band
  23. My Avenger SkyLand on Breitling's new rubber/deployant
  24. sinn 756 tegimented
  25. thanks to OldeCrow for this amazing photo!!
  26. I'm back....
  27. The Dreadnaught........ your opinions..
  28. cut me some slack today.
  29. Watch design competition - voting process is open
  30. shirts and hats
  31. The importance of "15 minutes" in the diver watches
  32. GP Sea Hawk...Part Deux
  33. Pic Request - Breitling Superocean Heritage 46 on Custom Leather Straps??
  34. MKII ownership experiences?
  35. GMT hand question for y'all
  36. Recommended , Nylon / Velcro straps
  37. Best hands on the market!!!
  38. re: Where can I buy??
  39. Dress down or up?
  40. Any Tuna Mods Out There?
  41. Divers by the beach...
  42. Squale diver 500
  43. Tuesday watcharama
  44. PVD Pandemonium----are you over it yet?
  45. float bang
  46. my Maple-Leaf TSAR has REALLY lost its punch
  47. Ss Zilla Incoming!
  48. Italian Artistry Anonimo
  49. Early Father's Day Gift!
  50. This was delivered today.
  51. Ploprof on Delaurian and O7 yellow
  52. Tag Heuer Super Professional 1000M on the way!!!!!!!!!!!!
  53. Sinn U1000S mini-Review
  54. What kind of strap for a diver?
  55. HOW TO BUY SEIKO´S FIRST DIVER - 6217-800x "62MAS"
  56. Comparing SMP and PO
  57. Eagle Rays
  58. Longines vs. TAG vs. Oris
  59. How to put this on a strap???
  60. monday June 2nd wrist check.
  61. Cartier Pasha 'Seatimer' Chrono:
  62. cartier pasha, has anybody dove with one?
  63. If I only had the money
  64. Help
  65. A Grail just back from spa
  66. Took a High Dive
  67. Franken Ploprof with mix of real and fake parts
  68. They finally arrived!!!
  69. prefered watch case design look
  70. Volna 'Typhoon Siberia' SPGI & SDI:
  71. wamawaki's watch wallets
  72. winding my sinn to beethovan
  73. Zodiac V-Wolf quartz movement ???
  74. Hobbies
  75. Enzo on rubber
  76. Samurai or Sawtooth?
  77. Attention UTS Fans, a must have
  78. Pics of my GMT Divers
  79. Next time your wife/GF does this.......
  80. BR02 Decision
  81. Replacing a Sumo crystal?
  82. Cradle Winder?
  83. Interesting new watch from WUS sponser
  84. Certina DS3 pics review
  85. Please welcome Chronoworld.com as our new sponsor!
  86. your opinion on a DOA ETA 2824-2
  87. Some wrist shots
  88. New Blue Option From OCEAN7
  89. New Grovana Coral Reef owner
  90. New MKII GMT/dive watch
  91. Breitling Skyland arrived
  92. New to forum and ? on Graham watches
  93. Seiko 007
  94. It's Been A Great Week!
  95. Navitec Tango Charlie: (Rich man's Luminox)
  96. Harry Winston 'Ocean Diver':
  97. Bernhardt quality?
  98. First time buying a "modded" watch....I'm excited!!
  99. I hate waiting!!!
  100. What is Rambo wearing?
  101. Got my first real Diver.....
  102. TGIF... What's on your wrist
  103. Tell me about the Omega SMP chrono
  104. Anyone have a pic of a brown leather strap on a Bell & Ross BR-02?
  105. How long have you waited?
  106. Can you return a watch after a day?
  107. Sold a Couple watches to Supplement One VERY Amazing Watch
  108. Enzo's new site
  109. New marinemaster vs. regular kinetic diver
  110. Vintage Tudor Monte Carlo/ Doxa
  111. Economy? look at this
  112. Here's your chance: ROLEX PRO-HUNTER available
  113. Chase-Durer's BR02 homage
  114. Incoming - Seiko SBD003
  115. New to me GP Sea Hawk...(lots of pics)
  116. TunaMonster Swims Ashore
  117. Leasing a watch?
  118. Orsa Sea Angler? Best 2824-2 Diver watch for $500?
  119. Post to Remember the Flips
  120. New Invicta Diver for $50?
  121. Customs / Duties
  122. Thursday Roll Call!!!
  123. WUS 10th. Anniversary!
  124. Watchuseek's 10th Anniversary !!
  125. watch wallets
  126. Swiss Army Victorinox Dive Master 500m - Some Pics
  127. Best Watch Case Ever?
  128. New Ocean7 watch-case
  129. ORANGE date-wheel on vintage Zodiac SSW!
  130. Another "help me decide" post...
  131. Omega Alaska Project
  132. My two new divers
  133. FEDEX HATRED... more waiting for my new Diver
  134. Orange Carbon Hirsch on my Black 45.5 PO!
  135. Nubeo Swiss Divers & Snowmobile Chronos---------------------------------56k modem scorcher
  136. Almost at the 100,000 post mark in the DWF!!!
  137. Righteous Kill Divers?
  138. Found my watch!
  139. Hirsch fit a Bathys?
  140. Coolest 2824-2 Watch?
  141. Samourai Diver Star- Know anything about it?
  142. Oris TT1 Strap Changing Question
  143. Calling all Orange Monster owners
  144. New "vintage" Oris TT1 Ti 1000m & a few other 1K watches
  145. Wednesday Wrist-O-Rama
  146. Value on a ZODIAC RED DOT auto diver??
  147. Bathys vs. Ocean7
  148. 1000m Chronometer C.O.S.C ??
  149. Sean's new 2-stroke
  150. considering a GP Sea-Hawk
  151. Waterborne
  152. New Seiko Kinetic Direct Drive pictures (close ups)
  153. Another Mesh for a diver (TunaCan)
  154. New Shoes for my Sumo and the state of my collection!
  155. Will a SS bracelet work with this watch?
  156. New Arrival -It's Big Black and Bad (and Seiko too)
  157. Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday...Watch-U-Wearing?
  158. Regulating an ETA 2824-2
  159. Tool Watch Talk (overheard)
  160. my new basic diver ny-2300
  161. Lightweight first Titanium Diver
  162. Sinns: U1 "slumming it" on lumpy, EZM3 trying out a mesh
  163. Some Ocean7 Luck!!
  164. Zodiac watches - are they good?
  165. New to me..NOS Oris
  166. SA dive master 500 size
  167. New Addition
  168. Memorial Day 05/26/08 - Let's see 'em...
  169. I wanted a bracelet for my PVD Enzo...
  170. National Treasure: Book of Secrets - Cage's Wristwatch??
  171. U.S. Economy's impact on second hand market for dive watches?
  172. Grovana - Coral Reef II 300mm Black
  173. After reading this board HELP! - ?'s comments, concerns, re/ buying Doxa (sight unseen) >
  174. Bulgari Diagono Professional Scuba Chrono
  175. whats the actual lume colour?
  176. Invicta Beater Story PT 2 and Honeymoon Watch Pics (Lots)
  177. Favorite Combos?
  178. Watch Winder Drawer - 8 Divers
  179. New: PAM, MM & Triton
  180. Lume Test: GP va PAM vs Seiko MM vs Triton
  181. New GP Sea Hawk II Straps
  182. Post spending/selling sprees current collection
  183. Any wristshots of a UTS 3000m?
  184. Is it Swiss
  185. Zodiac SSW!
  186. Corvette watch project, finally finished!
  187. swiss military seawolf 1
  188. Traveling Dive-Watch ........look what I got!
  189. TLex Thread Disclaimer:
  190. Bathys Issue---No Reply At All!??!!
  191. New Bell & Ross nylon for the BR02?!?!
  192. Whats the most expensive watch you've ever dived with?
  193. took my Tudor camping for some pics
  194. It really is amazing what a difference a band can make
  195. Borrowed a friend's camera....
  196. The Reef Ranger has shipped
  197. Scuba divers rescued
  198. 1000th post-Current state of collection
  199. What's on your wrist this wekend ;-) ?
  200. Suggest me please :)
  201. Why doesn't Eco Zulla deserve any credit as a tool watch?
  202. Patrick Musimu & JLC Diving Chrono (Video):
  203. Semi poll... SAR related
  204. Arrival: Already looks old ;-)
  205. Panerai 1950 Depth Gauge & Pangaea Expedition:
  206. Weekend plans?
  207. Titanium bracelet
  208. Luminox 8401 "black ops" or colormark series 3059...which would you rather have?
  209. TSAR Arrives
  210. TGIF Wrist check
  211. Other watches with NO RADIATION symbol?
  212. New Divergraph Bracelet
  213. Older Citizen watch info
  214. Need help deciding on a watch!
  215. NEW ARRIVAL, UTS 500M PVD meets 1000M
  216. Tissot SeaStar bracelet?
  217. dive watch better than an Omega PO?...
  218. dead citizen
  219. neat watch video
  220. New strap for my Kontiki
  221. Can someone PM a place in the US to buy a Precista watch
  222. Watch Winder
  223. Doxa 1000T Shark or Omega PO Black?
  224. re: Just got the Enzo Mechana
  225. should I...
  226. Thursday, whats on the wrist
  227. Was looking for a diver for the wife
  228. Just got a Ecozilla...extra caseback screws?
  229. Anyone own this watch? Movement?
  230. CSAR or Oris Carlos Coste
  231. Anyone have the Seafighter from MKII/Yao?
  232. Seiko Ti Samurai !!!!!!
  233. Heuer Super proffesional Dive Watch 1000m
  234. Sea Shark
  235. A bit OT, but relevant
  236. Watch-U-Wearing Wednesday
  237. Jsar strap question
  238. BR02 Altitude World Record:
  239. Hi to all from Newbie
  240. Genuine Certina DS3?
  241. LM-3 on winder
  242. Suggestions?
  243. Suggestion!
  244. How long is a break-in period:
  245. Marathon Service
  246. NEW Enzo Leather...SWEET!!
  247. Comparing the accuracy of Blackwater, Marathon, Nemo, R01ex
  248. Will a Zulu Strap fit an Oris TT1 Chrono?
  249. New UTS 1000M arrival love it!
  250. ENZO EMV on the new leather Strap!!!