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  1. hi guys i will love to see or listen the size difference between the Seamaster [not PO] an
  2. Will Omega mesh fit on Seiko Sumo?
  3. Past it's prime ...but still in good shape !
  4. anyone tried getting this avricoste Spirotechnique dial onto another watch?
  5. A Few Watches on CNN.
  6. Info on this watch?
  7. broke ankle
  8. Roll call::: Monday 4/14 Wrist check
  9. Enzo Mechana EMV or Orient Star 300M diver
  10. looking for a watch storage box
  11. My take on my new GSAR: The good, the bad and the ugly
  12. Omega mesh now on Orient Star!
  13. Recon GMT Date Window
  14. Enzo Mechana EMV or Oris TT1 300m
  15. Fell in love with GP Sea Hawk II
  16. Glycine Combat SUB
  17. Zilla accuracy update
  18. GSAR or Steinhart Triton
  19. $1,900 budget
  20. Question regarding JSAR size
  21. Relume Shots
  22. Tried on some divers at a GTG today
  23. Muhle Glashutte
  24. Jacques Etoile Atlantis 500M with Pics
  25. Another which one to buy thread.....
  26. Vintage Elgin Diver with unique crown!
  27. Kobold SEAL or Sinn U1
  28. Seamaster Pro Outdoor Pics
  29. site bugs
  30. weekend watchuwearing
  31. Precista PRS-14 on Omega Seamaster Professional bracelet
  32. Rolex divers at Antiquorum...here we go again!
  33. Some more pics of the OE !!
  34. Jacques Etoile Watch??
  35. Hand Winding? for the Sumo.
  36. Do You Check This Forum Every Day?
  37. SIHH: Panerai 1950 Pangaea Submersible
  38. tgif wrist check Put up the bigguns
  39. Oris TT1 Diver
  40. Trick to removing JSAR bracelet?
  41. Red12(Old Skool) and Ted Su, Straps Make Watches.
  42. % of earning is spent on watches?
  43. Black Sumo on Black Rubber/Silicon
  44. A True Classy/Classic Looking Diver
  45. thurs. wrist check
  46. Aloha From Baselworld - Bathys Hawaii Checks In
  47. Go Orange for ASPCA Day Thursday April, 10
  48. 500 Meter-Bright-Yellow-Beater
  49. jack at iww
  50. zodiac super seawolf
  51. Bezel preferences:
  52. Orient Star accuracy update
  53. Upcoming Models and Payments
  54. where have you been all my life?
  55. Got my Enzo this morning! :)
  56. Titanium grade
  57. Where do you live & what do you do?
  58. BASEL: Yema 'Submarine'
  59. BASEL: Master Elements LE
  60. BASEL: Master Elements LE
  61. BASEL: Navitec 'Tango Charlie' Auto 200m
  62. BASEL: Citizen Diver's
  63. Any Girard-Perregaux Sea Hawk II out there? What are your thoughts?
  64. Big Shout Out to CaptObvious - Mark (and WUS)
  65. Recommend a Diver...
  66. Favre-leuba Bathys V.2
  67. photobucket move
  68. Atlanta watch get together
  69. who has a Jsar?Tsar ? which one should I get??
  70. Brand New Accutron VX-200 Trouble-HELP!
  71. How easy (or hard) is it to change an Orient bezel?
  72. Current Pricing
  73. Whats super cheap and REALLY nice quality???
  74. Desk Diver or Scuba Diver
  75. Does anyone know this watch.
  76. Poul any pics of the bracelet yet?
  77. BASEL: Ball Watch Engineer Hydrocarbon Trieste Chronograph
  78. great write up w/pics of A LOT of divers at Basel
  79. Did someone say PRS-50 on Sailcloth strap?
  80. Let There Be Lume Pt. II - Orsa Blue Monstrum
  81. MKII Blackwater vs Seiko SKX007...Any comparison pics???
  82. Another PRS-50 post..............
  83. Did you guys see the new Sea Shark colors?
  84. Real Modem Burner!
  85. Where is your Black Monster made? Japan?
  86. JSAR incoming....need a source?
  87. Anybody have any of these?
  88. GSAR time test
  89. my pics from baselworld
  90. Dive watch mod help
  91. Seiko Monster Strap help
  92. hopping chronograph
  93. 2 incoming
  94. Enzo wrist shots?
  95. Vintage Zeno Deluxe Chronograph
  96. About Jean Michel...
  97. Pictures This Weekend's NYC Watch Meet...
  98. Another BATHYS at Baselworld thread !
  99. Public Service
  100. Pics of the Birthday SAR + Mini review/Monster comparison
  101. Anything looks good on a MESH!! Part II
  102. Seiko Prospex 200m 6R15
  103. BaselWorld Pics
  104. More pics of my MKII SAR on different straps (lots o pics)
  105. Ernie's pics from Baselworld 2008!
  106. 6309-7040 Back From the Dead
  107. Not a diver...
  108. Bathys at Baselworld
  109. attaching picture question?
  110. Luminox diver
  111. Birthday SAR-D! AKA My wife rocks!!!
  112. This Is A Keeper
  113. Wife thinks new Zilla looks like...
  114. Enzo AR problem?
  115. Opinions Please/ Tsar On Gul Velcro Strap
  116. Post pictures of all divers with depth meters
  117. Re: Small automatic dive watch, max $500?
  118. Basel Invicta news
  119. Bathys on Bracelet
  120. BASEL ? Helix Okto Deep Black 1,000 Meters
  121. Whatcha Wearin' This Weekend While Dreamin' of Your Ocean Explorer??
  122. they have arrived
  123. sea 3 watch
  124. Cool new Zinex diver
  125. there's a hole in my collection
  126. tag chronotimer
  127. A Big thanks to John Patterson from Bathys watch
  128. 1st or 2nd....
  129. Seiko on Calico Jack strap
  130. Any word on Bathys from Basel?
  131. Wrist Shot/New SD
  132. New Arrival - Skyland
  133. FYI: Cheap quartz beaters
  134. New one for me, Tag Heuer Aquaracer Chronotimer
  135. Rolex Ocean Dweller Rubber Strap!
  136. Basel 2008: Seiko in space
  137. Rolex Ocean Dweller Rubber Strap!
  138. BASEL: Zeno Airpline Diver Chronograph
  139. BASEL: Glycine Lagunare Chronometer 3000 LE
  140. BASEL: Breitling Avenger Seawolf Chrono 1000m
  141. Another Hawaiian Watch
  142. new mod duty
  143. U1 size help
  144. no x-33
  145. OD MONSTER! bob thayer jr. does it again
  146. Zilla Lume?
  147. B&R BR02 chronos (full pictures)
  148. When I saw the pics of the OE.....
  149. Ti-Seal & EOT SEA3 Dive watches
  150. Miyota 8215 owners:
  151. This just in............
  152. Just took Delivery on an Ocean7 LM-6c
  153. Looking for a beater chrono
  154. Reefhunters Needs An Intervention
  155. On your marks.... get set.... GO!!!
  156. Diver watch suggestions
  157. Does anyone have or have seen in person a Stowa PD with Orange Dial
  158. Orient Quartz Divers Lug15003d
  159. Thursdays Selection from the Watch Box
  160. BASEL: Official Rolex SD 'Deep Sea' info:
  161. Precista PRS-14 + Omega Seamaster bracelet = ?
  162. the tragic dance
  163. Seiko Black Monster Info?
  164. Citizen NY0054 Band?
  165. My new orange baby
  166. size comparo
  167. New arrivals!
  168. Korsbeck T shirt OE
  169. New Glycine Lagunare
  170. Changing Bezels
  171. calling Brian
  172. New Seiko Sumo in Blue!!
  173. New Zilla
  174. Longines HydroConquest Quartz Chrono Diver review
  175. BASEL: Rolex: Seadweller 'Deep Sea' 3900m
  176. Update
  177. 4.2.2008 Wednesday Wrist Check-Now with bonus joke!
  178. Q on WR rating vs "tested to" language
  179. Basel: Uts
  180. BASEL: Jacques Etoile 'Atlantis' Diamond Steel
  181. Searambler Dive Report
  182. Newbie with new TSAR
  183. Sometimes you get lucky: NOS vintage diving beauty
  184. Finally, a Rolex Incoming
  185. Incoming: Oops... did it again!
  186. What's inside the Victorinox Dive 500 quartz?
  187. My first TSAR.... couldn't be happier!!
  188. My 2008 Line Up
  189. seiko sumo confusion
  190. Poul thanks for such a superb watch...
  191. egg test
  192. JLC.......Amvox3........wow
  193. small diver?
  194. torture test
  195. Did You Guys See this Korsbek??
  196. These guys are awesome!
  197. Korsbeck OE photos
  198. Surprise
  199. Incoming vintage Aquastar Glasstar
  200. Is Rolex sold?
  201. Basel: Omega PADI PVD PO
  202. OK To Wash a Diver in a Dishwasher?
  203. BASEL: Hermes Clipper Diver 200m
  204. Pictures: Swiss Army PVD Diver
  205. 2008 Rolex DeepSea
  206. What's the best automatic diver under 1k ?
  207. Magnifying glass of Oris TT1 Divers Date
  208. Which diver to buy? SKX007 or SKX173?
  209. now this is a HUGE diver...
  210. Inbound
  211. Help me to buy my first dive watch
  212. blue seatime arrived
  213. Dive accident, how did this guy die?
  214. Help me decide!!! Looking for a classic diver to wear with a suit.
  215. Limes News: Limes 1Tausend face update
  216. iso 2281
  217. collection question?
  218. BASEL: Omega 'Ploprof' Reissue:
  219. New SeaDweller?
  220. Whaddaya think
  221. Basel: Bell & Ross Instrument Grand Minuteur
  222. Time to go to work
  223. Oh crap, again!
  224. New Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Diver Chronograph
  225. SS bracelet and wetsuit ??
  226. Watch Winder advice...for heavy watches
  227. Bathys 100 Fathoms on GSD Crazy Horse strap
  228. Flooded Blue Monster, what to do now?
  229. invicta subaqua 111
  230. Recommendations - I'll start here
  231. Non-Divers, let's see them!
  232. The new Diver finally arrived...
  233. Enzo EMV handwind?
  234. Bob Thayer Teflon Rolex Submariner
  235. Bracelet Options Rolex 5512
  236. Thick Diver
  237. current state of the collection?
  238. A companion for the Marinemaster ...
  239. Seiko vs. Rolex movie
  240. EOT Sea3 Rgm Dive Watch - share your pic's
  241. MKII Stingray 70 - Anyone have pictures?
  242. show me your white faced divers....
  243. For Lex: Fifty Fathoms on Blancpain site
  244. -what is the strap width on the WOT SEA3 watch ?
  245. Jsar On 7" Wrist?
  246. Super Ocean Heritage Rare?
  247. BASEL: Hamilton Below Zero Diver 1000m
  248. grail hunting
  249. new oris
  250. my Hawaiian Bathys pics