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  1. Meaning of "it hacks"?
  2. Black or Silver?
  3. UTS 3000M ploprof hands on mesh!
  4. new arrival!
  5. Seiko SNDA13...... Anyone?
  6. The Reality of PVD watches
  7. New Omega Bond for 2008
  8. Could someone compare between SINN U1 and Omega PO 45.5 (2200.50 or 2200.51)
  9. trying to tap onto your expertise on this Carsic..
  10. new UTS pvd chrono
  11. Incoming - Seiko SKZ255K1 and a question
  12. Diver Chronograph buttons operation: not underwater but when wet?
  13. Let's have a Tribute to Diver's watches
  14. Showing Some Carbon BR02 Love
  15. rgm
  16. What a difference a bracelet will make.
  17. Hamilton Frogman Chrono
  18. eating crow pic
  19. Precista PRS50 coming.
  20. So what defects are okay under a loupe?
  21. Recent Drama
  22. The History of the Fifty Fathoms
  23. Unveiling of latest diver !
  24. Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday!
  25. Watch comparison assistance
  26. Swiss Army Dive Master 500 Limited Edition for sale on the Bay
  27. Sapphire crystal on 007?
  28. 22mm zulu strap on 20mm lugs?
  29. Ocean7 LM-6 vs. Seiko Land Monster SN037
  30. Mother knows best.
  31. KOBOLD SMG1 Tac vs. Bell & Ross Instrument
  32. Swimming anyone?
  33. Ocean-1 Classic
  34. New to the Dive forum...
  35. Orient Star Dive Pictures - Sting Rays
  36. Advice on Springbars
  37. So how many have they made so far.
  38. Been away a few days or so but I have this for you...
  39. Which one ?
  40. Lume
  41. Two of a kind
  42. Looking for a Chronosport Sea Quartz 30
  43. Looking for Jack at IWI
  44. Starting off the week with...
  45. A couple good catches this weekend
  46. Some impressions of the Orient Star 300m Diver....
  47. Battery dead during dive?
  48. Omega mesh=hair puller?
  49. new arrival
  50. vixa seapower watches
  51. tourist diver
  52. How thick are your 1000m+ divers?
  53. The next best thing to a Rolex Sub?
  54. A Short History of the 'Grand Seiko'
  55. slow sinn u1
  56. UTS 1000m
  57. Tritium - Radiation Portal Monitors?
  58. cool Panerai Regatta----PANERAI experts help
  59. what is the model number of the cressi?
  60. For all you Scubapro nutjobs...
  61. SS & PVD switch em out?
  62. What really turns you off about a watch? (leave your feelings outside please)
  63. vostok: good? bad? but not ugly
  64. I have a big rant!
  65. Possible to put AR Coating on?
  66. BASEL 2008: Zenith Defy Classic Open Sea Diver
  67. 60 Click vs. 120 Click (or Greater) Bezel
  68. Bell & Ross Lume Shots
  69. When Sean Trades Up
  70. Question About BLACK Bell&Ross BR02 Coating
  71. Weekend Wrist Check
  72. New Riseman...gw-9200
  73. sinn ux gsg9
  74. Pictures of my new Marathon CSAR.
  75. this is getting ridiculous--SINN U1 Tempus PVD Limited
  76. Watch lug adapters/spacers?
  77. Edox Diver? Opinions wanted
  78. Certificate and Polishing Cloth
  79. 3 left of the OE
  80. What does "Incabloc" on the face of a diver mean????
  81. When less is more...
  82. Ocean7 LM-2
  83. BR02 blue.. good picture
  84. Rolex Sea-Dweller Thoughts
  85. my latest crush
  86. Safest way to set the Day/Date on Chrono
  87. Basel 2008 - Iwc-aquatimer 2008
  88. Help me spend 2K
  89. U-1000 Pics
  90. Marathon Best in the long run (Landed)
  91. Pure Satisfaction under $150!!
  92. Looking for a non-metal beater watch
  93. Happy Birthday Vince! (vjb.knife)
  94. NY Citiscape
  95. Ocean Explorer w/ Sub-style Bracelet?
  96. Superchrono vs. 21jewels.com?
  97. Anyone Considering...
  98. thursday wrist check
  99. Korsbek Public Service Announcement
  100. JSAR vs SAR??
  101. Nato style straps
  102. Buckle at 12:00 or 6:00??
  103. Problem with SAR
  104. Divers with "domed" bezels a la Certina?
  105. zenith defy
  106. website Maintenance
  107. New Arrival: PRS-50
  108. hump day check
  109. I know this is a grail for some; but $25K for an IWC Porsche Design Ocean 2000?!?!?
  110. SHANE: my girlfriend LOVES you for this
  111. Divers on the Slopes: Mammoth, California
  112. Bathys UV/Ruthy - First Impressions
  113. Wenger Aquagraph Deep Diver 1000m
  114. Heirloom Dive Watch
  115. Seeking owner input on the Enzo EMV series...
  116. Marathon SAR... help
  117. Ocean Explorer Serial Number Log
  118. SS Band For Orsa Monstrum?
  119. I finally got the perfect leather strap for my Marathon SAR
  120. cool photoshop
  121. Ever have the desire to strangle an AD ?
  122. PLEASE PLEASE help out your Canadian friends...
  123. 26mm NATO or Zulu or...?
  124. My new Planet Ocean 45.5 next to my Sinn U1
  125. Definition of a Beater
  126. Ultimate Certina DS3 Mod (part 3)
  127. BASEL: New Oris Diver Regulator
  128. Aqualand in the house!
  129. Bracelet instead of rubber on Eco-Zilla
  130. Dial
  131. BASEL: Atlantic SeaShark Chronograph
  132. BASEL: Aquanautic Super King Chronograph
  133. New Oris 1000m Diver Regulator
  134. Need Advice: Vintage Zenith 1000m
  135. Best Diver for $2K or under?
  136. Another Marathon/who else could not stop at one?
  137. trading down
  138. re Ennebi Fondale
  139. Stainless Steel Bezel (Black Indices)
  140. Elge dive watch: need repair help!
  141. Seiko Landshark Lume shots
  142. need input for a watch
  143. where are all the Seiko SKX007's hiding?
  144. Doxa 5000T Sharkhunter Pictures and stats
  145. So What is so Great About Fricker Co.??
  146. Vintage strap finished!
  147. Oceanic Geo
  148. Monday Wrist Check
  149. I just got this in the mail.
  150. Seiko 7N06-6A09 repair?
  151. Triton or LM-3
  152. Need Ur HELP!!!! Compiling a list!
  153. Tactical Diver Mod - Or my diver can beat up your diver :)
  154. Watch Problem
  155. do any of you use polishing/nanofibre cloths on your watches?
  156. Best deal in dive watches?
  157. aquagraph again
  158. Oris Coste Chronograph LE is here. Pics inside.
  159. These 2 will battle daily for wrist time.
  160. OT: Best dive cert provider?
  161. Seiko Diver Pics
  162. Easy way to swap TSAR from bracelet to strap and back?
  163. Enicar 600 Sherpa OPS...
  164. Reserve COSC 500m diver
  165. Are these watches a bargain? Daniel Mink
  166. Poul/Tragic - what's up with the Korsbek links?
  167. Dievas Noble...overall I like it.
  168. New Arrival: Breitling SuperOcean Heritage
  169. St Moritz M1 Momentum crown question
  170. New strap for my Bathys UV
  171. Incoming Doxa 5000T Sharkhunter
  172. Two hours left to purchase.
  173. Another gray Zulu epiphany - on U1 this time
  174. Strap for a Bathys UV/PVD
  175. Watch safe
  176. Precista Diver
  177. Check out my new Machine
  178. Does anyone have more info on the historic reissue of the 600m
  179. Am I Nuts?
  180. Am I nuts?
  181. A Newbie question....
  182. Ultramagnetic...
  183. Grail alert - INCOMING!!!
  184. Couldn't resist..
  185. yamahaki is a large-type STUD! Look what arrived
  186. MOP pic
  187. New spring bars...
  188. Case Back
  189. Ocean 7 LM1 crown wobbles?
  190. New LM-6c Headed my way. Big Thanks, Guys.
  191. Help me find a watch
  192. BASEL: Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Chronograph
  193. BASEL: Favre-Leuba Bathy V2 Diver
  194. BASEL: 'New' BR02 Chrono
  195. What would you do?
  196. finally got one
  197. Weekend Watcharama!
  198. What makes a watch attractive to you
  199. Jsar
  200. Victorinox 500m PVD Limited Edition
  201. Service and Korsbek
  202. Finally fell onto the PVD wagon
  203. Beadblasted UTS
  204. Korsbeck?
  205. New one from GP
  206. Zodiac Dive Watches
  207. Do you guys? I do......Lume
  208. My funky little Seiko collection
  209. Thursday Wrist Check 2-28-08
  210. Diver Record...318,25 Mts Underwater
  211. What's on your wish list
  212. Dive Question
  213. New Korsbek Moderator
  214. this is not good, Bell & Ross
  215. so excited
  216. Anybody had any experience with the Wenger 1000M Aquagraph(quartz)?
  217. SEIKO GUYS: I need a little help on this one....CALLING MR KEN VELLA
  218. Anyone seen this nato strap?
  219. New Diver
  220. Need strap advice!!!
  221. Quick Your Going to the Pool...
  222. New watch, big ups to Ultramagnetic!
  223. Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Diver
  224. Seiko SNM03x or SKZ25x? Which one to get?
  225. Ocean7 LM-2 or Sinn U1?
  226. It survived!
  227. Kobold vs. Bell & Ross
  228. It's finally here!
  229. Mido All Dial Diver M8370.4.58.9 - Chronometer?
  230. What's the best deal out there for COSC certified diver?
  231. Chrono divers....
  232. Some new pictures of a couple of divers....
  233. titanium ecozilla outer bezel alligment
  234. wed, 27th watch check
  235. Stowa Prodiver Melon - Pictures and 1st Impression
  236. question for BR02 owners/enthusiasts
  237. Anyone bought NEthing from here before?
  238. Seiko Atlas anyon????
  239. Invicta ProDiver 4469 The Review
  240. Check out these new BR02's on the PuristPro
  241. A Bit Pricey?
  242. You talking about grail...this is THE grail...
  243. Finally!!!! It Arrived!!!....BR02 Related
  244. Ocean7 LM-2 vs Glycine Lagunare
  245. Seiya rocks!
  246. SBDC001 on Nato
  247. These Seiko dive watches.
  248. New Yellow Orient Star 300m Diver
  249. Ted Su Kevlar strap on vintage Tunas
  250. 4-ring Zulu help?