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  1. These Seiko dive watches.
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  3. Ted Su Kevlar strap on vintage Tunas
  4. 4-ring Zulu help?
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  14. pics from HONG KONG...Omega
  15. gave my girl a vintage Seamaster
  16. cool DOXAS we will never see
  17. Got a compliment on my watch within the first hour of wearing it
  18. Enicar Vintage Sherpa Diver
  19. New Ocean7 LM-6C Arrives - Photos
  20. Canadian Prices, or Internet vs. Brick and Mortar
  21. Diver
  22. Any Frogman in this sub-forum??
  23. Monday 2/25 Wrist Check
  24. Older Zodiac Seawolf
  25. Seiko Marine Master on a Strap?
  26. Bathys Aquaculture in UV PVD
  27. @ UltraMagnetic
  28. Strap for Hamilton Khaki Navy
  29. Forks in the road!
  30. Questions about DOXA Pricing
  31. least expensive 1000m diver on the current market
  32. contest: WHAT'S IN THE PELICAN???..... Flex your diver knowledge--WIN A WATCH
  33. Helicopter aerial shots of Los Angeles
  34. New watch, or laptop, or camera?
  35. Disappearing Posts?
  36. What is the most common dive watch?
  37. Affordable GMT Divers (or more hydrophobic varieties)
  38. Land Monster and Land Cruiser
  39. which will you pick?
  40. deals gap
  41. Has anybody seen John Rambo yet?
  42. Best way to ship?
  43. Orient Star 300M
  44. NEW: Zenith Defy Classic Diver Chrono:
  45. Schaumburg V NauticFISH?
  46. bought me a quartz
  47. Does anyone know how the clasp is on this Diver?!!?!?
  48. Help---need some father/son advice on watches---calling great strategists!
  49. Now What
  50. lasting lume?
  51. THE most superb clasp in the game!
  52. Did you even loose a watch due to the broken pin?
  53. Incoming!!!
  54. Has anyone had any experience with St. Moritz divers?
  55. Action shots!?
  56. Swiss Legend Atlantis 1000m?
  57. I am watching Casion Royale, the Peter Sellers version
  58. Bell & Ross Customer Service
  59. My Latest Quest -- Your Opinions Appreciated
  60. Hi
  61. Users of Precista PRS-50 please give me your opinion.
  62. 1st post, worn PVD watches
  63. My PreBuilt Stingray 60
  64. UTS & Ted Su Kevlar
  65. weekend-a-rama
  66. GP Sea Hawk II Pro or Seiko 600m Spring Drive
  67. 1 lap
  68. Taipei Scooter Ride
  69. Holy smokes I have a 1000 posts...
  70. cosc arrives
  71. Thanks For The Tip
  72. And now for something completly different...
  73. Bathys, What are your thoughts?
  74. UN Maxi arrives
  75. Seiko gets alot of play on this forum...
  76. sunny day, bored, new NATO, some photos of my Seamaster
  77. Bathys Contact Info
  78. Kenzo Nautilus for sale
  79. Freakin post office is killin me!
  80. What watch was Sen. Obama wearing?
  81. A student?s dream
  82. New shoes for two water watches (UN and Bathys)
  83. Bezel question ?
  84. Crashed my scooter - bought a watch!
  85. tgif check
  86. Favorite PVD
  87. Bonsai Trees from the Huntington Gardens
  88. Seiya or Higuchi?
  89. U-Boat Watches
  90. It's been a good week... my first Ocean7!
  91. My first DOXA!
  92. Ocean7 LM-6C
  93. Where is our beloved Eterna Kontiki 1000m?
  94. Diver advice for an ironworker?
  95. TONS of great WATCH ....
  96. Great offer on Dive Mag.
  97. I can only buy one (cant decide)
  98. Manometro opinions
  99. Mounting a Marathon SERE compass on a TSAR band
  100. Omega Seamaster 1000m VS. Rolex 18K Yachtmaster?
  101. Maratac straps
  102. Early Korsbek?
  103. Pantar Seasport????
  104. My wife bought me a TSAR!!!
  105. Having a Little Buyer's Remorse.........Help Me Feel Better!!
  106. Stowa Pro Diver vs Korsbek Ocean Explorer
  107. arrived: Vintage Seiko 7548 Tangerine Dream
  108. recent auction values: Vintage PVD Seiko 6309 & '74 ProPlof
  109. Aquadive 715-1 Help/Newbe
  110. Wrist Check 2-21-08
  111. How many desk Divers?
  112. Do you actually go diving?
  113. project watch
  114. Black Bezel Material
  115. RGM Diver, worth the money?
  116. TSAR on Watchadoo bracelet
  117. Incoming Duo
  118. Would You Recommend a DOXA
  119. Could an "A-JSAR" be Built?
  120. Seiko 300M MarineMaster
  121. trouble with removing Enzo bracelet screws
  122. lume shot request for Croton 1000m dive watch
  123. PJ wearing a SAR
  124. Predictions? What will be the next "BR02" around here?
  125. Online Shopping/Citizen Diver
  126. Question about a price
  127. RGM Diver?
  128. Ever worn two watches at the same time?
  129. Deporte Divemaster & Croton 1000m similarities
  130. Stap ideas?
  131. New BR02 Model
  132. BR02 nylon strap arrived
  133. New tool addition!
  134. Wednesday 2/20/08 Wrist Check
  135. May I have your Votes please?
  136. Orient Star 300M
  137. Newbie forumer with new TSAR
  138. tag in photoshop
  139. Stowa Prodive
  140. Does a Pro-level Diver Have to Have an HRV?
  141. OE Watch Box
  142. Citizen Promaster JP1010-00E
  143. Jaws
  144. MK2 Stingray landed...................
  145. Dressing up the Frankentuna - Delaurian & Ted Su
  146. Zulu 2-ring vs. 4-ring?
  147. Question about used dive watches...
  148. Orient Star 300m or Sinn U1?
  149. Midsize Divers?
  150. which would you pick?
  151. A new Marathon JSAR owner here...
  152. TSAR on Zulu vs. Marathon SS bracelet
  153. A Navy Seal's Doxa
  154. TSAR mods (PVD finishing, bezel lume) etc
  155. Strange Invicta
  156. Snorkel recommendations?
  157. New Kenzo Nautilus Arrived!
  158. Orange my love
  159. New strap for my beater (pics inside)
  160. What's your opinion ?
  161. Dievas Oceantimer
  162. new to the forum with a question
  163. Maybe a new diver?
  164. for those of you waiting for your BR02 nylon strap...
  165. Bell & Ross BR03 PVD Military
  166. The Dream Submariner
  167. Leather strap for Marathon. Any pic?
  168. where to buy zulu straps?
  169. bathys in bracelet...anyone
  170. quick doxa question
  171. Glycine Rubber Strap??
  172. S. Oliver PVD Bullhead "splasher"
  173. simple analog quartz diver
  174. Check this...
  175. Some Curious Information About Seiko Dive Computers...
  176. The Watches of Famous Explorers
  177. Mystery Divers Watch, Anyone Know It?
  178. Platts vs. Yao , opinions needed
  179. Cool science, whale sharks, diving and photography...
  180. tag lume
  181. Does anybody have pics of a PVD Omega PO?
  182. Bernhradt GlobeMaster
  183. How often do I need to wind my GSAR?
  184. I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!
  185. My BR02 Frankensteins
  186. Kevlar Choices?
  187. Sinning can only be this good
  188. I need some help with Big Faced Dive Watches?
  189. Victorinox 500 m....FAKES AROUND???
  190. My first post and my first Marathon SAR
  191. Sar-d!!
  192. Weekend what U wearing
  193. Where's Summer?!?!-----boat pic/waiting for the sun....
  194. Bought the perfect dive watch for my wife... on accident!
  195. Browser talk: What are you guys running? FireFox constantly CRASHING!
  196. Tauchmeister 600m
  197. Quick Question: Does anybody have a side-by-side shot
  198. New Black Diver
  199. Citizen Promaster Aqualand-I like it
  200. Bathys Service
  201. Hacking
  202. quartz diver with no date?
  203. Thursday 2/14 [Valentine's Day] Wrist Check
  204. I love my Enzo but...
  205. Marathon Quality - Comments, Opinions
  206. omega
  207. Easy turning bezel vs. more protected bezels
  208. Strap vs. Bracelet for swimming laps & running
  209. Question for ProDiver owners or former owners
  210. tag aquagraph
  211. New macro shots of my divers:)
  212. Mako vs. SKX007?
  213. Tauchmeister has a tritium (gas tubes) dive watch out!
  214. My first post...
  215. Quick pics to the office
  216. Anyone else anxious for more production pics?
  217. Hump Day Wrist Check - 2/13
  218. vintage Chronosport Sea Quartz ===watchadoo content
  219. Ocean7 Set for sale on TZ...
  220. Popular Dreadnought Alternatives-A Guide
  221. MKll Stingray
  222. Why no Marathon Forum?
  223. Gaoing Rate for PRS-2 Dreadnought
  224. New GSAR
  225. Full Lume Dial Divers
  226. bathys strap question.
  227. collection shots?
  228. Diving With Legends - Webpage
  229. Ruby Tuesday Roll Call.........
  230. Seiko 6309 repair around KY or OH area?
  231. Vintage Swiss Diver, new to me! Plenty of pics
  232. Hmm anyone see what I see ??
  233. Sdw
  234. Finally an incoming wooden box
  235. Replacing screwed lugs:
  236. New Custom Velcro Strap On Bell & Ross BR02
  237. Monster
  238. Sumo owners? or opinions from non-owners..
  239. Monday 11th Roll Call:
  240. yelow dial diver watch
  241. Family portrait
  242. Clasp for PO
  243. MTM Black Warrior (pics & lume compro)
  244. Lume
  245. oil filled watches
  246. Enzo in Finland
  247. rubber strap flush with lugs?
  248. BR02 Carbon Pro-Dial pics/comparisons/lume
  249. Bell&Ross BR02 - an initial review with photos
  250. My homemade BR02 "Hommage"...