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  1. Enzo in Finland
  2. rubber strap flush with lugs?
  3. BR02 Carbon Pro-Dial pics/comparisons/lume
  4. Bell&Ross BR02 - an initial review with photos
  5. My homemade BR02 "Hommage"...
  6. Zodiac Seawolf (60s era issue watch)
  7. Best Quartz Dive watch ?
  8. Thank You very much
  9. New guy in town, just want to say hey.
  10. Oris TT1 Titan 1000m Arrives!
  11. interesting vintage sport?
  12. JLC Master Compressor Diving Chrono
  13. A Invicta stingray
  14. In the spirit of Marathon mania...
  15. How do you resize a bracelet with no pins?
  16. Omega Planet Ocean VS Doxa Sub 1000T
  17. I want an Orange Monster... but I can't find one. HELP!
  18. Arktic Blue
  19. Followup on my bathys accuracy posts
  20. cardinal submarine watch
  21. Marathon VS Ocean 7
  22. Breitling avenger seawolf or TagHeuer Aquagraph?
  23. affordable?
  24. Blue Monsters
  25. Goodies from Enzo
  26. Me too, me too.... new arrival: BR02!
  27. NOS ENICAR Sherpa Star Diver is on it's way!!
  28. What is the most recently dated TSAR?
  29. What's wrong with my watch?
  30. Where to buy Seiko SKX007k?
  31. side by side JSAR/SUMO does anyone have a pic?
  32. I predict that...
  33. Limes 1Tausend
  34. yeah, I broke down, BR02
  35. Calling all Girard Perregaux Sea Hawk II Pro owners/experts!
  36. Casio question for the dive guys
  37. CSAR owners check-in here!
  38. MKII Question
  39. Tauchmeister depth
  40. Pool?
  41. White Knight vs. White Samurai
  42. set me right... PO for BR02?
  43. Marathon SAR v. Dievas Endurance: A Small Comparison
  44. 2 New Ones Squale and Glycine
  45. Why Tantaliun is so special?
  46. Show & Tell! Watch you WISH you were wearing Roll Call!
  47. ocean7 lm-2
  48. Hammy Navy Sub Quartz Arrived!
  49. A couple more comments regarding bathys accuracy
  50. My Vulture Has Landed
  51. Vented Straps
  52. Customs from Europe to US???
  53. WHY do the straps smell like VANILLA!?!?
  54. Diving Books???
  55. just found an old wrist-shot: Yacht Master
  56. 2 Good looking divers... help me choose
  57. Why Helium valve ?
  58. Is the SAR ever worn by US military?
  59. 24 hour watch
  60. Stowa Seatime Prodiver Review
  61. Bathys...Aquaculture or Bethnic? Black or silver PVD?
  62. So you guys like divers?
  63. Seiko Blue Monster - where are they available?
  64. I knew the Marathon bracelet was solid but...
  65. Question about the GSAR...
  66. Strap for Marathon SAR - Suggestions?
  67. Marathon SAR vs GSAR
  68. Silicone straps, a cautionary tale
  69. Bell & Ross BR02 movement?
  70. question for divers
  71. Sumo vs Marine Master??
  72. Reasoning behind "Pepsi" bezel
  73. Would anyone else like a LONG Zulu strap?
  74. Did a lil' shopping this weekend--BR 02 & Anonimo content
  75. Doxa Pricing?
  76. Does anybody know of a 26mm SS or PVD Bracelet?
  77. zeno airplane diver
  78. Just got a ...
  79. A public apology
  80. Seamaster Arrival !!!
  81. what's new in your collection Jan. 2008 ?
  82. Wonderful straps , make such a difference ....
  83. TSAR/GSAR question?
  84. What ya wearing this Monday weekstarter ???
  85. PO chrono or T graph
  86. Casio Duro 200
  87. Accuracy of our quartz friends, bathys particularly
  88. Anyone found any good wearing Caps from Watch makers?
  89. My bathys is really broken!!
  90. asking for opinions about citizen hyper aqualands
  91. Seamaster or Marine Master?
  92. Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 100ATM!!!
  93. UTS Adventure: my new "Diver" (warning, lots of photos)
  94. And the BIG BRO2...
  95. Today at my Walmart
  96. Grand Caymans expert; advice sought
  97. Avenger Seawolf vs. ???
  98. Watchu Wearin' this SUPER Weekend?
  99. Help with purchase from Europe..
  100. bracelet for Steinhart Triton???
  101. sinn u1 finished
  102. Two of my latest acquuisition....
  103. How tight or loose do you wear your dive watch
  104. 75 dollar diver
  105. Battle scars:
  106. sinn deployant
  107. Maratac owners... suggestions?
  108. SuperLuminova
  109. Marathon faild waterproof test....
  110. New JSAR in the mail and review
  111. GSAR hands and dial
  112. U1000 wrist test
  113. The Next Generation Of Dive Watches
  114. My Search & Rescue Gear Rig/Uniform + TSAR in Tactical Action!!!!
  115. TGIF -----Feb.1st -----Roll-call
  116. Citizen Orca, Seiko Samurai or Zeno Airplane Diver Quartz?
  117. wondering if there is an updated timeline for the OE...
  118. Just in!!----NOS Squale 500M-----pics
  119. Zodiac Seawolf
  120. Advice on new divers watch
  121. the many looks...
  122. NY0054-04E Promaster Titanium
  123. STEINHART TRITON...your opinions please ;-)
  124. J-SAR arrived today….
  125. Thoughts CSAR on a Watchadoo
  126. Ladies Seiko SUG089K Dive Watch
  127. What's a Dreadnautilus?
  128. Bracelet on Precista?
  129. Lume!
  130. Panerai-Style Kevlar & Velcro?
  131. What is your most comfortable watch?
  132. New member intro/ramblings and Omega SM300 / CWC diver comparo
  133. Advise & Suggestions needed:
  134. Busted up Frankentuna! Need advice!
  135. 1981 Omega Seamaster 120m 'Pongeur de luxe'
  136. Enzo Trio
  137. Advise needed - Birthday gift for my wife
  138. Sicura Dive Watch
  139. Wednesday Watch-U-Wearing!
  140. serket reef diver 2.0
  141. Thank you dive watch people!
  142. Marathon Sub Forum
  143. Help Please!!!???
  144. Been Cloudy In Hong Kong So I Built My Own Sunshine, 6309 content
  145. My rare diver's
  146. Show me your DIVER's EXTENSIONS!!
  147. Lubrication on caseback?
  148. need to know band size
  149. Exclusive Prototype of a Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Flyback
  150. Just landed, my new
  151. Gaining or losing time:
  152. A Short Thanks and Time to Move On
  153. Dive Watch Suggestions, Under $800
  154. Seiko Monster tough enough?
  155. Reputable Watch Repair in Los Angeles?
  156. Wrist Check, Tuesday 01/29/2008
  157. This navy hammy?
  158. Have you heard of this?
  159. sar or tsar
  160. Seiko Diver ?s
  161. Precista PRS-50
  162. Just in Zilla adapters
  163. Very Weird---i Picked 3 Watches To Wear For 2 Months---guess What?
  164. different band on tissot seastar 1000
  165. Monday 28th Roll Call...
  166. No date divers?
  167. Appreciate advice on a rugged, affordable diver..
  168. Sick Samurai...
  169. Something German slipped into my watch collection this weekend...
  170. Canteen style watch???
  171. Help finding a Kenzo BS..................
  172. Any chance the second hand can be yellow?
  173. Some new SUMO shots.
  174. Diving With Legends Book - Logo
  175. LM-3 Arrived
  176. Marathon C-SAR on 26mm Ted Su Kevlar - modem freezer
  177. Three New Divers
  178. Marinemaster clasp on Seiko Sumo?
  179. Omega Planet Ocean vs DOXA Sharkhunter 750T ,,,a comparative review
  180. C-SAR on eBay just sold for...
  181. Glycine w/ a little strap culture......
  182. My Ennebi Fondale on The Delaurian
  183. White Dial Divers under $300?
  184. Ted Su Kelar band on a Bathys 100 Fathoms?
  185. Zilla shots (modem burner)
  186. Tuna anyone
  187. Bunch of divers (modems beware)
  188. Triton or Sumo which one would you pick?
  189. Which strap do you wear your SAR/GSAR etc on?
  190. First 2 Pick Ups of 2008
  191. My First Omega!
  192. Titanium bracelet for Citizen "Orca"?
  193. New arrival: Marathon GSAR
  194. New_SEIKO_Prospex_300M_TUNA_Custom_Model
  195. Seamaster Quartz Yes Or No ?
  196. New dutch watch.
  197. DIEVAS...where to get them???
  198. Weekend Watch-orama
  199. one lume shot
  200. more today modem burner
  201. Cousteau Savage
  202. oil for a rough crown?
  203. Marathon price differences
  204. Need advice to choose a different strap
  205. New Seiko Frankenmonster Purchase!!
  206. My first PICTURE post here
  207. Most expensive OEM bracelets?
  208. hi new to forum, anyone ever come accross one of these?
  209. Thursday Roundup - 1.24.08
  210. GSAR is in!
  211. Ocean Explorer Lume?
  212. you guys are sick! (maybe me too)
  213. SAR vs Seiko 007
  214. How thick is the Omega 24mm Mesh bracelet?
  215. Soviet Diver
  216. Looking for a Ti or SS bracelet for my Schaumburg Aquatitan
  217. Anyone for a NW(seattle area) GTG?
  218. Need a good (cheap) dive watch
  219. Wednesday Roll Call
  220. TSAR next to a Frankenmonster
  221. Question about PVD and a watch
  222. Breitling SuperOcean Heritage
  223. Quality over quantity
  224. Ball COSC Diver on Suunto X-Lander Kevlar Strap
  225. Anyone have problems with Hamilton Khaki GMT?
  226. This sure makes for an interesting dive:
  227. Own a TunaCan and Frankenmonster or LM-2?
  228. Enzo redux - update on my loctite issues + lot more
  229. bond arrives
  230. My new watch.
  231. What is up with these Marathons!???
  232. Preassure Testing
  233. For you Ennebi Fondale fans...
  234. My Newest Gym Watch
  235. Do you prefer the looks of the SAR or the GSAR?
  236. The new Breitling Chrono Diver
  237. New Arrival...
  238. Precista arrival & THANK YOU!
  239. How do I achieve this?
  240. More Production Pictures
  241. Just curious, how many people had QC problems with Invicta Scuba 3076/3077?
  242. mesh...
  243. Tuesday Watch-U-Wearing! 01/22/08
  244. Who was the luck rascal who won this
  245. Is the JSAR govt issue or just a watch for us...
  246. Sar-different types?
  247. update on SAR
  248. Hardlex Experience?
  249. just won this
  250. Production Pictures