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  1. Anyone hear of NOA watches?
  2. The wife's collection of vintage lady's dive watches
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  6. Wearing the "Surf" & "Turf" today...
  7. Thursday Wrist Check!!!!
  8. Impossible to find Casio Diving Watch
  9. Which companies have given you the best customer service?
  10. New Benthic Mop arrived today.
  11. Some info about the 62MAS... Seiko's first diver!
  12. Watch comparison: Seiko monster vs Sinn U1
  13. watch manufacturers
  14. My three new arrivals this week !
  15. Bernhardt Instruments is no longer >>>
  16. my new diver - love at first site
  17. an (un?)enviable dilemma
  18. Diver <$250 similar to?
  19. I'm Sorry
  20. Citizen vs Bathyies
  21. Midweek Wrist Check!!!!!
  22. State of collection (Photo exercise)
  23. I'll never be able to afford a PloProf...
  24. Finally, got to order my new Benthic!
  25. so what do you think of this strap on this watch?
  26. Anyone out there watching this one????
  27. 300!
  28. Bathys service
  29. Tuesday Wrist Check!!!
  30. Cool Link With Photo's.
  31. Need Recommendation on Kevlar Style strap
  32. Bezel inquiry regarding ease of turning
  33. Ocean Explorer Updated Pictures
  34. Ocean Explorer Updated Pictures
  35. Steinhart or Debaufre Triton?
  36. Nivada Grenchen Chronoking incoming....
  37. What do you think of the marathon watchs ?!
  38. Traser quality??
  39. Seamaster or SuperOcean
  40. Jacques Etoile Atlantis Bracelet
  41. materials to avoid for salt water?
  42. most beautiful divers
  43. Hypertec Extreme 12000M
  44. Monday Wrist Check!!!!
  45. Introducing the BOSCHETT Reef Ranger
  46. Fortis Marinemaster vs Tutima DI-300...
  47. About the Fortis Marinemaster bracelet...
  48. subaqua noma
  49. All In....
  50. Another vote for UTS!!!
  51. Notes on my SEAL and 500M .... part 1
  52. What is your most interesting NON-Diver?
  53. Which Dial for Ocean Explorer?
  54. Which Dial for Ocean Explorer?
  55. "Fat" versus "Regular" Spring Bars... A pictorial comparison...
  56. Something a tad different...
  57. Information on sinn u2, ux....
  58. The $500 SUB Doxa never made
  59. Dive watch guys, please take this quick poll
  60. Timex T53751 Expedition/Reef Gear?
  61. Excuse my ignorance....
  62. Small Vintage "lady's" dive watches anyone?
  63. New 1000m diver just in
  64. New Watch Company
  65. New Watch Company
  66. CX 12,000' vs. Seadweller comparison pic!
  67. What to buy
  68. Messing around with a few watches...
  69. Where can I get one of these straps?
  70. Difference bewteen Enzo Mechana's watches?
  71. Memphis Belle?????
  72. Weekend Wrist Check!
  73. I give up . . . does anyone know where they sell Vixa watches in the US?
  74. Stowa ProDiver or Sinn U1?
  75. How To Tell An Original From Repro 6309-729A...
  76. Beginning my hunt to find a SS MOP Benthic
  77. Newest Aquisition
  78. reference material thread for dive chronograph user manuals?
  79. Seamaster 1000m and seamaster 600m found in junk drawer
  80. Tiger Shark Question
  81. Spring Bar Size for Panerai Strap Culture?
  82. Nato
  83. Does anyone have the Stowa Prodiver limette dial??
  84. Thursday Wrist Check!!!!
  85. New addition- ENZO EM001
  86. Classic Dive Watch video
  87. My new one today.
  88. Finally here: the Eterna twins!
  89. Para Cord watch bands
  90. leather and water
  91. Anyone Live In Or Near Chicago?
  92. Dial size of the Stowa ProDiver???
  93. Look What Arrived In Today's Mail!
  94. Wednesday Wrist Check!
  95. What's the longest you've had to wait for customs?
  96. Who dives with a Seastar 1000?
  97. New Addition!
  98. For the divers here, what is the deepest you ever dived?
  99. My latest watch ........
  100. New Incoming Citizen
  101. Incoming grail..................
  102. Tuesday Wrist Check!!!
  103. UTS 500m - Need opinions from owners, please!!
  104. So it isnt exactly a TSAR...
  105. Just got back from Barbados swimming with ..
  106. Bathys Benthic Doxa Wannabee
  107. The HOLY OMEGA PAYLOAD (Bienne related)
  108. SEAL and UTS 500M....
  109. Help!!!! I need to find a 26mm Nato/nylon strap!!!!
  110. Anyone have experience with this cal. 8F56 diver?
  111. Wittnauer dive timer/depth gauge watch?
  112. need help finding loooooong rubber strap
  113. Royal Swiss? Anyone familiar with them. Pic Inside.
  114. Pins on my diver???
  115. Monday Wrist Check!
  116. Lume and reflections......
  117. New diver on the way
  118. Best looking watch/diver on ZULU straps???
  119. Got my Black MOP Benthic!
  120. st. mortez watches
  121. SKX007 Classic vs MKII modded
  122. Watch dreams?
  123. My Super Eterna Kon Tiki
  124. 2003 Eterna KonTiki limited edition xxx/250?
  125. Mid-size or small diver?
  126. Benthic Needs a Bracelet!
  127. Benthic 4 secs. out of the box
  128. Images and 1st impressions of the real thing >>>
  129. Mido Ocean Star 200M Diver
  130. Like them all...........
  131. If you will go on a month vacation...
  132. Seen a MOP Bathys Benthic in person- WOW
  133. New Citizen
  134. New Dive Chrono Inbound
  135. Internal bezel divers....
  136. Noise in Bathys?
  137. WHY???Dive watches deeper than 300M
  138. May I have your Votes please?
  139. Weekend Watcharama!
  140. Bathys crown problem?
  141. Any nice pics of ladies diver watch?
  142. Got my stainless Eco Zilla today!
  143. Yellow Orient Star has arrived!!!
  144. Bathys 100 Auto PVD Coating Issues!!!
  145. You guys aware of this dive watch site? ...
  146. Some Bathys MOP Sun shots (modem burner)
  147. Bathys Crown Progression
  148. Jacques Etoile Black NIB only 450.oo?
  149. Need help selecting a quartz dive watch!!!!
  150. Fortis on watchadoo possible???
  151. A Perfect Grail Substitute
  152. Damn the watch gods for toying with me!
  153. Where can I buy this? Scubapro 500 automatic.
  154. Selitta Article in this months IW
  155. some questions about swiss-military brand
  156. Seiya Is Better!
  157. Thursday Wrist Check
  158. Let's say you have a $5000 watch budget...
  159. Tutima DI 300 coming out in yellow!
  160. I'm looking to pull the trigger on a Alba AL4015X1
  161. Bathys Price Increases?
  162. Tudor Sub Bezel Question
  163. Blue is my favorite color...Bathys Benthic MOP (pic inside)
  164. Bathys' Email Is Full
  165. Ikepod Seaslug
  166. Dolphin watches
  167. Yet Another New Monster Edition. Say Hello to the PVD'd Black x Black Monster:
  168. Can we see your lady's dive watch?
  169. want to see your Bathy's on rubber....
  170. Stowa Prodiver Yellow Dial Chronometer
  171. Which Lume do you prefer on these?
  172. UTS Sport GMT 3000
  173. Bathys Quartz Quirk.
  174. Several watches incoming
  175. Shark Week watches...
  176. Stumbled upon an Ecozilla yesterday
  177. Midweek Wrist Check!
  178. Bathys Aquaculture Shots (modem burner)
  179. Bathys Benthic, Silver PVD case with MOP Dial! (pictures inside!)
  180. Pleasant surprise on the doorstep ENZO
  181. Bathys keeping great time
  182. Black Sawtooth - what do you think?
  183. My new Diver - unusual and special
  184. Bathys Benthic Shots (modem burner)
  185. Tuesday Wrist Check!!!
  186. WHAT Do You Guys Think About THIS:
  187. Benthic Silver MOP
  188. if Breitling made this 1000m watch again how many would buy
  189. SHANE can we have a look at your entire collection?
  190. One Watch Only
  191. Since the topic has come up. What do you consider a tool watch?
  192. Black Military Diver???
  193. Monday Dive Watch Review!
  194. would like to know everybodys feelings about this...
  195. Any experience with the NauticFish Diver Adventure?........
  196. Darth Tuna-what Nato/zulu Strap Ideas?
  197. Just Got This In
  198. Anyone have any experience with the 8F35 movement in the Seiko Perpetual Calender Diver?
  199. Omega Seamaster 1000m Price?
  200. "Vintage Look" Airplane Diver..
  201. Fortis Strap Change Question
  202. Which? Nauticfish, Kenzo Nautilus, Enzo, Schaumberg
  203. Just ordered Nauticfish Advance
  204. Sea Diver... Another one spotted! Check these pics out...
  205. Fantastic Five
  206. new watch
  207. 757 wrist shots
  208. Incoming...it's Big...it's Yellow...it's..
  209. question of the day....Sinn U1 or Nauticfish 1000m
  210. Helluva deal on a couple of SARs
  211. Weekend Watch Review!
  212. It's like XMAS....Finally
  213. so, speaking of Seikos part II
  214. Kenzo Nautilus >>>
  215. Can't decide between Sinn 757 and Anonimo 2010 le
  216. 2 new arrivals...
  217. My New Eco-Zilla it's BIG
  218. Questions about Bathys 100F Quartz
  219. Bezel customizing question
  220. bathys benthic on the way?
  221. T.g.i.f.
  222. Here is a nice little find for my Aquastar Benthos 500
  223. Omega seamaster 600''ploprof''.simply the best.
  224. Is the Tutima DI300 in the class of an Omega SMP and Breitling SO?
  225. quick bathys pic
  226. Thursday Mid Day Wrist Check.
  227. Marcello C v. TAG Heuer
  228. Which one to buy,UTS 500 or Seal used?
  229. Seiya is ill again. A gift for Seiya
  230. What a difference a bezel makes
  231. The U1 Arrives....Modem Scorcher!
  232. Good news: NauticFish 1000 Pro now available to US buyers
  233. How many is too many?
  234. citizen 1300 meter diver
  235. Help? Decent Band for Bathys Auto 22m
  236. cold water effects on quartz?
  237. speaking of Seikos...regarding the new "Sumo" diver
  238. Stingray Watch Ever heard of it?
  239. Seiko Spaceview?
  240. Wednesday Roll Call!
  241. about the orient yellow beast
  242. Current SOTC in new Pelican briefcase
  243. Scubapro Xtender
  244. PAM 177 vs Anonimo
  245. Tuesday! Are you all doing a "naked" protest? What watches are you wearing?
  246. What do you think of this one?
  247. The Schaumburg Aquamatic landed...
  248. Found this vintage diver at a flea market! Any ideas what it is?
  249. It's Here! It's Here!
  250. First real images of the NauticFish collection !