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  1. Received my photo contest prize, Dagaz Typhoon ll
  2. The latest tuna - SBDB009!
  3. Helson Shark Diver 40mm blue V1 vs V2...Is there a color difference?
  4. Just can't seem to keep the Tuna around...I've Sinned
  5. <<< What will be on your wrist July 4th?>>>>
  6. Perrelet Seacraft
  7. My New (to me) Trireme
  8. How to notch a 24mm Isofrane to fit 22mm lugs of an Emperor Tuna?
  9. If these 2 watches were combined......
  10. Looking for a blue-faced Diver: Squale Blu Ray vs. Helson Sharkdiver
  11. ok so now i have got the bug ... received my skx007 ... whats next ?
  12. Need help to find a diver below 1000$ to start a collection
  13. <<< What will be on your wrist on the 3rd?>>>>
  14. Darth Tuna wrist shots - PSA (public sizing announcement)
  15. Hublot's new suit...
  16. GMT Tuna....
  17. do anyone knows about this watch?
  18. Glycine combat sub in da house
  19. High WR rating. Does anyone make use of it??
  20. Good auto divers that aren't seiko/orient/citizen, under $500?
  21. >>>>> WRUW: Wednesday July 2nd 2014 <<<<<
  22. Strap advice for Deep Blue Alpha Marine 42mm.
  23. Gotta Monster in the house!
  24. Smaller size dressy diver?
  25. Does anyone own a Deep Blue Depthmeter?
  26. Help me choose a new affordable dive watch.
  27. non-scientific rate results UTS 1000m GMT
  29. Thoughts on my new Helson 42mm Bronze
  31. Help Please my clasp on my watch broke Helson Sharkmaster 1000m
  32. No Date Movement Question
  33. >>>>>>>>>>>>WRUW Tuesday July 1, 2014? <<<<<<<<<<<<
  34. Any recommendations on a lady divers watch?
  35. Seiko tuna sbbn015 vs cwc sbs - next purchase
  36. Seiko Diver's 7c43 vs. SKX007
  37. Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Arrives
  38. Replacement Seiko SBBN013 Silicone straps...?
  39. Calling all Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Owners . . .
  40. Show your doggy and Diver...
  41. Christopher Ward C60 Charcoal Vs Black
  42. <<<<WRUW Monday, June 30>>>>
  43. Another OWC mod
  44. Elliot Brown Bloxworth--an $800 Rolex?
  46. Ok so I am gonna buy an skx007.
  47. Helson Gauge Steel Power Reserve
  48. Couldn't find a custom crystal so I make my own :)
  49. Update- Looking for a PVD Diver - price range $600ish and below
  50. Luxmento Naylamp Rescue Watch
  51. any warnings before I change the battery on my VSA DM500?
  52. >>>>>>>>>>> WRUW SUNDAY 6-29-2014?
  53. Kaventsmann Heavy Objects One Man Dive Watch Co.
  54. Decisions decisions
  55. 1878 ...and the funniest underwater watch scene in cinema history! :-)
  56. How many of you guys with swimming pools..
  57. Any IWC 3536 Aquatimers Out There?
  58. Certina ds action diver or Glycine sub combat?
  59. Skx007 help pls
  60. Eterna Kontiki Super Heritage 1973
  61. Build your own diver (digitally)
  62. BaliHa'i Q
  63. WRUW SATURDAY 6/28/[email protected]@@@@@@@WRUW SATURDAY 6/28/[email protected]@@@@@@@@WRUW SAT
  64. A Darth Bracelet? Yes Please!
  65. Chr. Ward Trident, Armida A9, or something else?
  66. Any Recommendations for a Dive Watch?
  67. On a search for "daily wear" dive watch....
  68. My dive collection : all quartz and eco-drive
  69. New arrival: Seiko 600m 7c46-6009 aka Ashtray
  70. PAM on cork
  71. <<<<<<<<<< WRUW FRIDAY 27 JUNE >>>>>>>>>>
  72. My new Invicta...no offense if not interested lol!
  73. My new Invicta...no offense if not interested lol!
  74. Is this a dive watch on KS?
  75. Ever regret your Marathon GSAR purchase? Debating between a GSAR and Black Monster
  76. Please Help Me Decide Seiko SKX007 or Citizen BN0100-51E
  77. ....an "L'ocean" of feelings
  78. Marathon Maple Leaf MSAR or Marathon Jumbo Diver's Maple LGP with MaraGlo?
  79. Update, OWC 5517 and a new experiment with the ceramic
  80. Seiko Solar Dive Chronograph
  81. <<< What will be on your wrist on the 26th?>>>>
  82. CWC SBS
  83. And another beauty is mine
  84. Soft core MM300 watch P0RN.... complete with etherial music
  85. ***WRUW JUNE 25th***
  86. Ball Deep Quest.
  87. Three amigos- 116660 vs 116600 vs 16600
  88. My New dive watch which most will not like it.
  89. Rare new acquisition
  90. Blancpain announces the winners of the 2014 ?Hans Hass Fifty Fathoms Award?
  91. New arrival.
  92. PSA regarding Obris Morgan Pradata
  93. WRUW: June 24th Tuesday.....reason for starting this off early
  94. Recommend a place to buy a Squale 50 atmos
  96. Durability of Limes PVD bezel?
  97. Perfect vacation diver
  98. Oris Depth Gauge *REVIEW*
  99. Nice dive watch buckle
  100. Anyone whose collection is made entirely of Watches with External Rotating Bezels?
  101. Two of my Dream Watches and after seeing this, I know what I want..
  102. New and redesigned: Ulysse Nardin Marine Diver
  103. >>>>> WRUW: Monday June 23rd 2014 <<<<<
  104. NATO/ZULU straps on bronze watches, do they "work"?
  105. So yeah?.I bought a few new watches?.
  106. The Obris Morgan Pradata Blue lands in Pakz-land ---- Pictures and first impressions.
  107. Went for a run and spotted the new Citizen "BEAST" BN2029-01E
  108. Oris Aquis vs. Longines Hydroconquest Opinions
  109. Bathys Watches
  110. will have to buy another one...
  111. Calling all owners of Maranez Racha
  112. GP Sea Hawk wrist shots
  113. Summer is here! Show your Blue/Orange Diver Combo's
  114. >>>>>>>>>> WRUW SUNDAY 6/22/14?
  115. Affordable Diver: CWard or Halios?
  116. Ok, so what's the real deal with Tag Heuer?
  117. FULL LUME or WHITE DIALS suggestions
  118. Steinhart OVM DLC
  119. My Perfect Summer Solstice Weekend Watch - What's yours?
  120. <<<<<<<<<<<-------WRUW 6/21/14------->>>>>>>>>>
  121. Hi my name is Aaron. And I'm an addict.
  122. What spring bars for an isofrane?
  123. Dreadnought GMT Setting
  124. Armida A9 or OWC 5517
  125. First quartz diver-suggestions?
  126. Who sells Bombfrog in US?
  127. Does anybody know this (diver) watch? Movie: Pioneer, 2014
  128. What would you have the Armida or Seiko
  129. PRADATA by Obris Morgan
  130. From your current collection what have you had the longest?????????
  131. Cool website for watch photo reference
  132. JSAR bracelet problems
  133. $$$$$$$$___________WRUW FRIDAY 6/20/14_________$$$$$$$$________WRUW FRIDAY
  134. NEWW bead blasted by M-Force
  135. Help me decide on my FIRST diver? :)
  136. The Helberg isn't the only watch that arrived at our homes this week!
  137. HELBERG CH6 SS Blue landed in Charlotte!!
  138. HELP!!!! Which milsub
  139. Precista PRS-82, my two penneth and a few pics...
  140. Oops, I did it again!
  141. i want to figure out a question about IWC
  142. Helson shark diver 40 questions
  143. Raven Deep Tech - Blue or 'black bay'?
  144. SBBN015 Bracelet Pins
  145. >>>> WRUW: Thursday June 19th 2014 <<<<
  146. wanting to buy (2)
  147. From Down Under: The OWC MS-9401 snowflake has arrived!
  148. Dive watch under 1K
  149. REQUEST: Can somebody PLEASE post pics of their C Ward C60 Trident GREEN?
  150. Helson SD40 on oyster
  151. Promised Pics: Scurfa vs Borealis
  152. >>WRUW Midweek 6/18!!<<
  154. Bluedial anyone?
  155. Boschett Reef Ranger II has landed
  156. strap code Miltat velcro/ honeycomb strap??....reviews?
  157. I hate looking for a new watch!!!
  158. How do y'all feel about SEA-GULL movements?
  159. Chrono Conundrum....
  160. <<<<<<<<< WRUW Tues JUNE 17 >>>>>>>>
  161. NWD: Armida A2
  162. wanting to buy
  163. What have I done!!? Traded MM300 for AD100 DLC
  164. Official Helberg CH6 Arrival Thread - Photos
  165. Best way to move 30 watches
  166. Trade Pelagos for MM300?
  167. A Deep Blue for Father's Day
  168. I screwed up today.
  169. WRUW : Monday 16th June
  170. $2K watch, any suggestions? U1? SMP?
  171. Sinn U1 or Seiko Marinemaster?
  172. Got my Holy Grail!
  173. >>>>>>>>>> WRUW Sunday 6/15/2014?
  174. Anyone familiar with the Elliott Brown Bloxworth?
  175. Dressy diver options.
  176. No longer a virgin. I finally got it wet!
  177. Any owners of Daniel Steiger Oceanmaster 1000 meter Professional Steel Watch ?
  178. Helson Shark Diver 45mm with Jade dial
  179. Tool diver recommendations...
  180. Help choosing a dive watch
  181. > > > > > WRUW Saturday June 14th 2014?!?! < < < < <
  182. Can't Decide SKX007 Mod
  183. Finally Here! Oris Aquis Titan Small Second Date!
  184. Just how much does a "good" dive watch cost or how low can you go
  185. Vintage VDB interview!
  186. Dive Watch Buyers - Phising?
  187. SQUALE - Sub type divers....Who's got 'em?
  188. New arrival: Armida A9 1200m.
  189. It's Bird, it's a Plane...It's a Rado?
  190. Helson Sharkmaster 1000 on Nato Strap
  191. **WRUW Friday the 13th!**
  192. Bronze Helberg CH6 vs Aquadive BS100
  193. H2O ORCA HELP...
  194. Citizen Automatic 200 m 1995
  195. Waterproof leather NATO?
  196. What's Your Grail Diver?
  197. UTS Munchen pics
  198. Incoming
  199. >>>> WRUW: Thursday June 12th 2014 <<<<
  200. *** NEW Armida A7 Stainless Steel RELEASED! ***
  201. How would you rank these microbrands....
  202. SKX013 or CNR1G001B? help?
  203. Vintage divers
  204. Ok WUS - just how big is that Harpoon??
  205. <<<< WRUW Wed, June 11? >>>>
  206. Looking for a unique diver
  207. Magrette MPP bezel
  208. Problem with Delivery
  209. Cuda straps
  210. Plasti-Dip on a Bangla?!
  211. Which rubber strap for this watch?
  212. deep blue pro seadiver 1K
  213. Can't decide!
  214. Zixen Trimix GMT or Zenton G45?
  215. Is an Octopus Handsome?
  216. Barbos Marine Blue arrived
  217. Carl F. Bucherer Patravi ScubaTec
  218. OG H20 - with an exotic twist
  219. Davosa Ternos Professional any thoughts?
  220. >>>>> WRUW: Tuesday June 10th 2014 <<<<<
  221. Squale 50 Atmos 1521 Limited Edition Possible Defect
  222. Do you wear your dive watch when playing guitar ?
  223. Dive watches and bezels
  224. new shoes for my Armida A7
  225. Is the Helson SD42 getting the sapphire bezel?
  226. Where to buy the Casio AMW-320 with the WHiTE dial?
  227. The New Squale 44mm Master Blog and Video.
  228. What wrist companion did you have with you this weekend?
  229. He has some unique collection......
  230. A few macro of L'Ocean
  231. What do you do when you have a small collection of dive watches that you love, and...
  232. What's on you wrist Monday 9th...
  233. Stage 1 Consolidation Almost Complete - Help needed for 1 last purchase
  234. Alpina Extreme Diver 300 mid-size
  235. Squale Heritage with a domed crystal
  236. Should an Orient Ray be added?
  237. OWC MS9411 Snowflake
  238. Aligning the bezel on my Precista PRS-82
  239. Armida ordering and shipping?
  240. Having a Dilemma, Seiko Sumo or Squale 20 Atmos MAXI?
  241. Regulation question - the machine versus real world?
  242. ******* What will you be wearing on Sunday June 8th 2014???!!!*************
  243. OT: CFA
  244. Magrette & Panerai
  245. Squale Tiger Ploprof Tritium Bezel Question
  246. Which Glycine Combat Sub?
  247. Squale MAXI owners question
  248. Where's the Poon?
  249. DOXA, Hodinkee, and Mission 31
  250. >>>>>>>>>>>>> WRUW Saturday 6/7/2014? <<<<<<<<<<<