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  1. Summer's Nearing... Let's See Some Orange!
  2. My new Helson Shark Diver 40mm v2 with sapphire bezel....
  3. Bangla Owners...Talk Me Out of Buying!
  4. Looking for a little orange my life.... On my wrist
  5. <><><><><><><> WRUW Wednesday 7 May <><><><><><><>
  6. Poor helson Customer service
  7. Exotic Beasts - New Strap offerings from H20
  8. Help, I'm lost in the GasGasBones options
  9. <><><><> WRUW Tues, 5/6/14 <><><><>
  10. Look darling... Tunas
  11. >>>>>>>>>> WRUW Tuesday 5/6/14?
  12. Love Dive Watches, need to come here more often...
  13. Zenton G45 or Aquadive BS100 GMT?
  14. What are the Odds of another batch of PUCKS?
  15. What about Poon bracelet...
  16. SOTC for now.
  17. Citizen/Seiko Diver Hands
  18. Aquadive Collection
  19. Good Guys Wear Black.
  20. Help finding a White Dial Diver for the Missus
  21. ESQ blackfin bracelet removal
  22. 42mm diver white face
  23. WRUW<<<<<<<<<<<<<MONDAY MAY 5TH WRUW>>>>>>>>>>>>>>WRUW
  24. <<<<<<Please post some Seiko Divers here show em if you got em and love em !!>>>>>>>
  25. Ocean 7 LM7 Ploprof or Helson Sharkmaster 600 Ploprof? I need pics and opinions!
  26. Sub 500$ diver with blue dial and bezel?
  27. Diver with great lume (including the bezel), COSC movement, 42-43 mm at 1.000 USD?
  28. post your best! - an unofficial official dive-watch photo "best-of" archive thread
  29. Help finding a new dive watch
  30. OWC 5517 dives again
  31. Dive Watch For a Small Wrist
  32. Which One??
  33. Happy Star Wars Day ! Show your timepieces matching with the Star Wars Universe...
  34. White dialed WOMEN'S diver out there ?
  35. A question about Zixen Nitrox LS
  36. ### WRUW SUNDAY MAY 4 ###
  37. Certina DS action diver
  38. Unboxing the Raven Deep Tech - or - "One Flew Over the Raven's Nest" (pic heavy)
  39. You know what really sucks?
  40. Condensation under crystal
  41. Macro pics of Seiko Solar Diver SSC015
  42. I could use some help and information please.
  43. Irreantum Magellan: My first NEW watch
  44. >>>>>>>>>WRUW 5/3/14 <<<<<<<<<
  45. Invicta 8926 lume
  46. SAS Air wrist shots .......by request
  47. What is your "must have" criteria for a watch?
  48. My dive watch dilemma
  49. Seiko SKX007 Mods - who can replace the dial for me?
  50. Obris Morgan DLC Coating
  51. What Are You Wearing...Right Now!
  52. Looking for something different....
  53. Wenger Sea Force...any comments on this model?
  54. Sand vs Diver
  55. Any new Rolex 6538 homage's in the works?
  56. Not getting that one, what should I go for instead?
  57. WRUW : 5/2/2014
  58. Squale 50 atmos Trio
  59. Return of the Raven Vintage 42mm
  60. Looking for a 42-44mm (w/o crown) Sub Homage
  61. AD BS100
  62. Close to buying first real mech diver! Here's what I'm working with - please help!
  63. Any ideas if the Squale Rootbeer will be coming back soon, or at all?
  64. Rally Carbon Fibre Watch Strap Absolutely Amazing
  65. 22mm Bronze ISO buckle ?,,,
  66. It's been a while. Arrivals! (Super Pic Heavy)
  67. Is the pre V buckle getting overused?
  68. Finally....Tudor Pelagos on the wrist !!
  69. WRUW: 5/1/2014
  70. Quoth the Raven, `Nevermore.'
  71. Is Higuchi Reliable???
  72. Dive watches under 41mm?
  73. Davosa Ternos ceramic blue.
  74. Looking for a dive watch recommendation
  75. CERTINA ACTION DS on straps or bracelets..Show em off here>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  76. Size of Citizen BN0000, Seiko SBDN005
  77. Newbie: Looking for Helix Okto pics with rubber removed from bracelet
  78. Deep Blue Master Explorer 3! Let me show you mine.
  79. ----------WRUW. Wed. 04/30/14-----------------
  80. First diver
  81. How do they do it? - Breitling
  82. Deep Blue Chrono T100 Lume shot request
  83. Suggestions for a quartz not black dial dive watch
  84. Bronze watch w/ carbon fiber dial
  85. the new Helson Shark Diver 40mm with sapphire bezel or the new Raven Deep Tech?
  86. WRUW----------------------------TUESDAY 4/29/14---------------------WRUW TUESDAY AGAIN-----
  87. Kobold Seal after a visit to IWW.
  88. Matching your Watch to you Wardrobe - Post Pics
  89. Christopher Ward's Trident vs. Steinhart Ocean
  90. OK ~ Stupid Question ~ Spring bars.....such a thing as Heavy Duty?
  91. Seiko Sumo Vs Omega Seamaster
  92. Something like Tudor Palagos on a budget?
  93. What brands does Fricker still make?
  94. ***WRUW Monday 4/28***
  95. Soliciting opinions for daily wearer...
  96. What to Wear to the Ball ?
  97. Seiko MM300 or Sinn U1
  98. Can anyone tell me anything about this JeanRichard Aquastarlet?
  99. Little cosmetic surgery for the CWC
  100. Certina DS Action Diver vs Longines Hydroconquest
  101. 4 Divers - Swiss, Japanese, Italian, Chinese
  102. vintage dive watch-Venus Marinetimer-please post your comments
  103. Opinions on the Strapcode Ploprof Shark Mesh
  104. Marathon service?
  105. >>>>>>>>>> WRUW SUNDAY 4/27/2014?
  106. It's a disease I tell you!
  107. PO 2500 or MM300???
  108. Cushion case divers with similar style to oliver and h20 ch6
  109. First day at the beach this year. Hello Padre Island!
  110. Sinn U1 Automatik
  111. Scurfa Diver One: Stainless on kevlar strap
  112. Advice/Comparison Among SAS Classic II/HEXA K500/Archimede SportTaucher (and Helson SD 42)
  113. SKX007
  114. My new Longines Legend Diver
  115. Oops. Delete...
  116. ------------- WRUW 26th April 2015 (Kingsday!!) ---------------
  117. What's the highest WR in the smallest case size/profile? depth disproportionate to size?
  118. Just picked up a Golden Eye
  119. New addition to the collection.
  120. Recently assembled 6309-7040
  121. Scurfa Diver One: Stainless pair
  122. Let's Start a Fricker Feeding Frenzy!!
  123. H20 Canvas Strap: Sand
  124. Thought I'd Share for Once
  125. Looking for 20mm SS clasps with diver extension
  126. <<<<<<<<<<<WRUW TGIF>>>>>>>>WRUW FRIDAY 4/25/14<<<<<<<WRUW TGIF>>>>>>>>>>
  127. Dive watches with lug to lug under 49mm?
  128. Anyone have options on the A10 movement DOXA is using....
  129. \o/\o/\o/WRUW on Thursday 240414 \o/\o/\o/
  130. Comparing the Orient Saturation Diver, Seiko Sumo, and Seiko MarineMaster 300m
  131. Took everyone's advice and now I have hardly any watches: where to start rebuilding a collection
  132. Coral orange and cobalt blue: The new Girard Perregaux Sea Hawk
  133. OT - Sorry to ask, but...
  134. Marathon MaraTac Stealth SR1 Where is it
  135. Atlanta WUS/WIS GTG May 10th
  136. Re: <<<<WRUW Wednesday April 23rd >>>>
  137. looking for suggestions 40-42mm 2k pre owned diver
  139. Where to find a Zlatoust diver model 194??
  140. <<<<WRUW Tuesday April 22nd>>>>
  141. This or that??
  142. Soxa Mod
  143. Looking for a good tritium diver
  144. Deep Blue....Sun Diver III (orange) or Master Explorer III (blue)...which one?
  145. Another "which would you buy" thread...
  146. Screwing Down The Crown Too Tight
  147. Shark Diver + NATO question
  148. WRUW>>>WRUW>>> WRUW>>> Monday, April 21th, 2014 >>>WRUR>>>WRUW>>>WRUW
  149. OPINIONS! H2O vs Crepas vs Oris
  150. Your thoughts please on my seiko mod
  151. Seeking suggestions for a no-date, no crown guard diver that isn't a direct h...
  152. Azimuth Watches ? Divers n GMTs
  153. OWC MilSub, a closer look
  154. Thin Midsize Diver w/ Day & Date
  155. Okay a whiner's Thread on I have a BLUMO and also want a BLACK 2..what should hold me back..Grab it?
  156. New Oris Aquis.....Ribbit! Pics Added
  157. Mystery watch
  158. >>>>>>>>>> WRUW Sunday 4-20-2014?
  160. NEAR MISS+++++++Post your I almost bought this but HELD OFF watches here+++++++NEAR MISS
  161. To Hull and Back
  162. How do I just say no and RESIST buying a watch you know may just sit in the box ?? Off track !!!
  163. My humble collection - Short review + photos
  164. Armida A1 ETA
  165. ****4/19/2014*****Saturday***WRUW*********
  166. Larger Submariner Homages? and Steinhart Ocean One?
  167. Which one would you choose?
  168. Yema Sous Marine - Submerging
  169. Aquadive BS300
  170. Rare bird with Seiko 6105-8000 case?
  171. Should I even bother to own a Seiko MONSTER or pass on it ?? Seiko help needed here...
  172. Favre-Leuba Sea King
  173. Certina DS Action Diver vs. Steinhart OVM
  174. Helson Bronze Sharkdiver 45
  175. WRUW********FRIDAY TGIF*******4/18/2014************WRUW*********FRIDAY TGIF
  176. Question about the BB tribute SKX
  177. Proper bronze watch storage
  178. Waiting for the Kalmar 2 Pre Order!!!
  179. Best movement out of these 3
  180. New addition to my Oris family
  181. Citizen
  182. Minesweeper reviews?
  183. All-black chronographs?
  184. Alpha Marine 500 Micro-Grail
  185. I ordered an Invicta 8926C from Amazon and something weird happened, they sent me one with a Miyota
  186. ~~~~~WRUW Thursday, APRIL 17.~~~~~
  187. Seiko Tuna owners ?
  188. How do these movements for a compare?
  189. Armida A'7 natural patina
  190. Lew & Huey's New Diver - The Orthos
  191. What is the most limiting part of a dive watch? as far as Water Resistance and ratings?
  192. Opinion on beads of rice on SKX
  193. Certina DS Action Diver, H20 Orca Dive, Boschett Reef Ranger, Mido Multifort, or Davosa
  194. ~~~~~~~WRUW WEDNESDAY APRIL 16~~~~~~~
  195. Interesting doxa.
  196. Micro brands shipping from Europe
  197. What's the deal with Nato's and the like?
  198. Green Bezel Dive Watch Under $200?
  199. Poll: Which colour canvas to incoming Helberg CH6
  200. Drivers will soon understand our fascination with Lume.
  201. Green Sub
  202. [email protected]@@@====TUESDAY APRIL [email protected]@@@=======WRUW==TUESDAY
  203. need advice on buying dive master 500
  204. Right Handed Watch Wearers
  205. Help build out my collection - Next up - Diver
  206. looking for a diver w/ 24hr chrono subdial
  207. Need A Direction For A Diver
  208. Ok, tell me why I like this (Seiko) and talk me out of buying it :p
  209. Detomaso San Marino B & W
  210. New Crepas CfVm 2014.
  211. Friend passed away, can you identify what hes wearing
  212. ### WRUW Monday the 14 ###
  213. Know your divers? Maybe you could lend expertise..
  214. smaller slimmer alternative to seiko solar chronograph for 200 EUR ?
  215. Divers with 24mm lugs ?
  216. Diver Watches
  217. 3 O'clock Crowns vs 4 O'clock Crowns for you're Divers ?
  218. Pradata by Obris Morgan
  219. questing Citizen Citizen NH8050-01E Dolphin 200m Divers
  220. Shark Diver 40 vs 42
  221. Seiko Mod
  222. A Discussion: Do dive watches need ISO 6425 certification? Is a watch a diver without it?
  223. >>>>>>>>>> WRUW Sunday 4/13/2014?
  224. My new 40mm SharkDiver bronze
  225. Helson Skindiver questions and help
  226. I like micros - my first acquisition
  227. OWC MilSub survives Pacific baptism
  228. Helberg CH7
  229. Bathys 100 Fathoms Quartz will be available soon!
  230. Hello, New Guy Here.
  231. A strap fit for a pirate?.
  232. Chrono Hammie Order up...Just came in My new Hamilton and now covers my Chrono Dive watch wear..
  233. WRUW - Saturday 12th
  234. Favorite PEPSI Diver you own...
  235. Maintaining 'Quality of feel' - replacing Omega SMP Bond with a cheaper diver, is it possible?
  236. VDB 2013 Bezel
  237. The person who designed this magazine cover MUST be a WIS
  238. Deep Blue ProTac 1000m Review - Silver (now VERY pic heavy!)
  239. Rubber strap with ratcheting clasp : does it excist?
  240. a New Military Diver from Steinhart
  241. Ocean 7 Help
  242. Can't find Quartz Diver with day AND date.
  243. WRUW - Friday 11th...
  244. Helberg CH3 Chronograph
  245. Thin spring bar with thick Seiko-sized ends?
  246. Scurfa Diver One trio
  247. Best Bronce Diver
  248. Advice for a small (<40mm) dive watch
  249. TELL Me I am not CRAZY here...I think I like this as Much as I would these..SKX007 show me the $$$$
  250. New *vintage* divers