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  1. Helberg CH1 Condensation Issue
  2. Dilemma.............
  3. Deep Blues on Monday Cheer up this one just made it in...Pleased as can be Creamsicle goodness..AM 1
  4. A few more pics of the new Pam 312
  5. Help ID this watch from the TV Series "The 100"
  6. Thoughts on these straps for blue Christopher Ward C60 Trident?
  7. Orient saturation diver bracelet
  8. World War II Axis Powers (Germany & Japan) at Work on my Wrist
  9. Some Dive watches I own that have earned my respect how about you? How can u not love em ?
  10. ### WRUW MON APRIL 7 ###
  11. Dagaz Typhoon II has arrived
  12. North by Northwest
  13. Looking for 1st diver. Will get wet. In house movement ONLY. 2-3k. Suggestions?
  14. ~~~~~WRUW Monday, APRIL 7.~~~~~
  15. Doxa irregular release schedule and the limited warranty
  16. Looking for a good cheap diver for 6in. Wridtd
  17. Question about Seiko Monster
  18. are there watches without spring bars? just solid "loops" fixed bars to accept a strap?
  19. Benarus Remora 1 incoming....
  20. Tudor, thy name is Pelagos!
  21. A new member of the family
  22. mid-size diver with cushion case?
  23. Casio MVD102 and MVD106
  24. Quartz dive watches
  25. ~~~~~WRUW Sunday, APRIL 6.~~~~~
  26. Classic diver chronographs?
  27. My Mrs Mailman left me one in the mail box today...It is a beast...Zilla has shown up here !!
  28. Grand Seiko Quartz Diver is Coming!
  29. in search for a good chronograph dive watch under 220 EUR
  30. Where is your Treasure kept?
  31. The 100 Mile Challenge (Walking my way to an Orange Monster)
  32. Suggestions for a blue dial Diver around $450-500 USD
  33. WRUW...Saturday 5th!!! (I know I'm early!!!!)
  34. Thoughts on this case style
  35. Identify Stingray 1000ft Watch
  36. Proactive or Reactive Maintenance
  37. Cheap dive watches
  38. Certina DS Action in today..Just another yeah it came in and I am Glad I got it Thread...***** STARS
  39. New Prospex Divers From Basel 2014!
  40. What strap/bracelet for my vintage Certina DS-3 PH200m diver?
  41. What's Going On With The Halios Delfin..?
  42. best divers under 250$
  43. Can't go back to a lighter watch
  44. Orient M-Force 2011 arrived. I think it's a keeper, but....
  45. TGIF +++++ FRIDAY+++++WRUW APRIL 4 2014+++++TGIF+++++++WRUW
  46. Scurfa Dive One: Stainless arrived
  47. Pepsi Bezel insert for Sumo
  48. Marathon JDD Power reserve?
  49. Thinking about getting this StrapCode ratcheting extension for my C60 Trident. Has anyone tried it?
  50. Seiko Sumo vs Halios Tropik SS
  51. Seiko Prospex Diver History
  52. Tudor Snow Flake. Sell Old for New?
  53. Interesting ... A sudden crop of OS300 for sale ...
  54. >>>> WRUW Thursday April 3rd 2014 <<<<
  55. WRUW Thursday 4/3/14?
  56. Fake Jenny Aquadive?
  57. Sinn Factory visit and my first Sinn...
  58. Couple of questions regarding Squale watches?
  59. WatchBuys Philadelphia Road Show Registration Opens
  60. Seiko skx007 losing time
  61. Hexa K500 losing time
  62. Help with choosing Dive watch
  63. Ok, I get it - mm300
  64. New Addition
  65. Armida A7 in the house
  66. ~~~~~~~WRUW Wednesday, April 2nd.~~~~~~~Deep Divers !
  67. New Schaumburg dive watch released at Basel: AQM 4
  68. Tax returns inc!!! It's this kind'o thread again!
  69. long shot but which strap?
  70. Super Compressor, no date model options?
  71. ECOZILLA: Stainless steel bracelet or rubber strap
  72. Boschett White Harpoon - under the loupe
  73. JLC vs Blancpain
  74. WRUW +++++++++WRUW 4/1/2014++++++++WRUW April 1 FOOLS DAY WRUW
  75. Tempest Commodore Official Introduction + Pre-Order
  76. Need advice on a dress diver under ~$1200 +/- (pre-owned okay)
  77. Mido Two Crowns Diver
  78. new super-limited NOS vintage Squale Master
  79. show us your silver divers
  80. Squale Case Clamps...Where to buy?
  81. WRUW 3/31/3014
  82. Paracord retention strap?
  83. Help me date my ecozilla.
  84. Suisse Mecanica SM8........ Retro modern dive watch lovelyness
  85. Oris Aquis Tubbataha
  86. What am I looking for(based on my quirky criteria ?)
  87. Boschett Cave Dweller 2 with ETA
  88. Spring bar failure today.
  89. ** Dallas GTG 3.0 - Saturday August 23rd, 2014 at 4pm **
  90. ~~~~~WRUW Sunday, Mar 30.~~~~~
  91. Do you remember your first automatic diver?
  92. Can anyone identify this shark mesh bracelet and clasps?
  93. Please help me decide next diver
  94. Tutima DI 300 Just Arrived
  95. Few pics from new Eterna Super Kontiki Heritage 1973 LE
  96. What material is the MM-300 bezel made of, and can it be polished?
  97. RyteTime, great repair shop
  98. help finding a slim smaller size diver
  99. Maranez owners..
  100. Aquadive does it again
  101. WRUW...Saturday 29th!!! (I know I'm early!!!!)
  102. Anyone know if Olivier is still doing business?
  103. Armida A5 - worried about the screw down crown
  104. What's Superchrono.com like to deal with?
  105. Love my New Monster, but its quirks have me looking for an additional diverů
  106. Muhle SAR vs. JS Sif
  107. Buying Watch Straps in Malls
  108. Squale 20 ATOMS Classic or Maxi or Root Beer
  109. The Barbos gets a bracelet
  110. Dive watches that belie their dimensions (wear bigger/smaller than specs)
  111. Bulova Marine Star
  112. Anybody have both a TSAR/GSAR and Glycine Sub, BOTH on bracelets?
  113. .....................WRUW - Friday, friday, friday 28th March..........................
  114. WRAP 3/28/2014
  115. Calling Out all the TRUE Divers Out There Regarding Bright Colors
  116. List Automatic Divers 30ATM less than 600?
  117. New Borealis Sea Diver
  118. How important is a watchmaker to you?
  119. replacing the crystal on helson skindiver
  120. buffing and painting a Tissot bezel
  121. Maranez Bangla 44mm Version ... Coming soon?
  122. Alpha Planet Ocean upgrade
  123. Jumping on the brass bandwagon...
  124. Basel - A new SEA-DWELLER 4000' and 40mm
  125. The most important part of a dive watch
  126. Timing a Tough Titan- Some interesting observations on eco-drive accuracy
  127. WRECKED!!! Your watch on a shipwreck:
  128. Heroic 18 bronze diver
  129. --->->->->->>>>-| WRUW Thursday 27 March 2014 |-<<<<-<-<-<-<---
  130. New Stable Mates
  131. Halios Owners Club (Unofficial)
  132. Kazimon Fun - on a White NATO? Yep!
  133. Divers in Basel
  134. Finally! Rolex Seadweller 4.000 / 1.200m for 2014!!!!
  135. Diver to look for in Germany / Austria?
  136. My Grail - SBDX005 Tuna
  137. New sea dweller it's back!
  138. Dealing with double-sided screw bars on bracelets
  139. Seiko watch returned after 20 years underwater
  140. Sharing my humble Citizen Promaster
  141. FF Homage battle of the micros
  142. Clemens has really hit the mark with the new Kalmar
  143. Rotary Aquaspeed : any thoughts?
  144. What in Gods name is this?!!!?!
  145. ####### W R U W wed 26th March ######
  146. White Harpoon
  147. My new Swiss Made 200m Dive watch with ETA movement that only cost me $99!
  148. If you could have any dive watch BUT...
  149. Help me to choose between Squale 50 atmos & Helson Sharkdiver 40
  150. AD visit, some DSSD musings inside.............I have a new grail
  151. U.S. Polo Assn, Chronograph - What is this?
  152. seeking a dive watch with only one necessity
  153. Sinn U1000 - Long-term ownership thoughts?
  154. Does this look right to you?
  155. Orange dial newbie:: Squale flavor
  156. Orange dial help
  157. OT : Is it about dive watches or the people who wear them ?
  158. Helson SD vs Certina AD vs Mido 2Crowns
  159. Where to buy a Scurfa dive watch
  160. 16 Piece Watch Kit
  161. Only an elegant watch...
  162. JENNY Caribbean 300 ORANGE > live pic's please <
  163. My new to me Omega Planet Ocean Chrono 9300 (pic heavy)
  164. Shipping via Hong Kong post to Australia, Typhoon trouble
  165. DWF just cost me money...but new watch haha
  166. Longines Hydroconquest or Christopher Ward C60 Trident
  167. >>>>> WRUW: Tuesday March 25th 2014 <<<<<
  168. Picked this up in a Trade
  169. need a stylish quartz diver
  170. Looking for an orange - yellow diver
  171. Will opening the back of a dive watch to adjust time keeping increase chance of leaking?
  172. New Omega Diver coming to Basel 2014 - YouTube Video
  173. History - WWII Underwater Demo Team watch?
  174. Showing off Casio Diver..
  175. Anyone interested in a Casio dive watch? =P
  176. Considering buying a Steinhart OVM, is it possible to drill the lugs?
  177. REVIEW: Armourlite ISOBrite T100 Chrono Diver
  178. WIS App... Thoughts?
  179. Scurfa Diver One: Stainless on order
  180. ~~~~~WRUW Monday, Mar 24.~~~~~Waking up the smp !!
  181. New case for watch storage/transport
  182. Boschett Harpoon White & Black Dial watch did any one get one before they sold out?
  183. Seeking Advice Bronze Diver
  184. Hexa K500 Wrist Comfort
  185. Waterproof testing: the only way I can do it :)
  186. Oris Aquis date vs. Longines Hydroconquest
  187. Coke or Pepsi Bezel for 2000m watch
  188. >>>>>>>>>> WRUW SUNDAY 3-23-2014?
  189. Seiko Starfish 7s36 Day stuck in between.....
  190. Considering Divers: Seiko SKX007 or Marathon GSAR / TSAR
  191. Rank the divers you've owned for less than 1k
  192. Extra large vintage (style?) divers
  193. My Magnificent 7 Calling all in the F74 to help with the last slot in the box of 7 ******* Stars
  194. New to Forum, A couple questions....
  195. -- Borealis sneaks in a promising, downsized Seafarer -- **Homage Content!**
  196. Incoming: Seiko Blue Monster Limited Edition - Gonna try it on this leather strap..
  197. #######WRUW*****SATURDAY*******3/22/2014**********WRUW######
  198. ***!!!!!!!WRUW!!!!!!! *** 03/21/14***What is on your wrist for this friendly Friday!?!?
  199. TGIF WRUW 3/21/2014
  200. Good dive watch w/o steel strap, and big dial
  201. Halios Tropik B - The Second Run.
  202. monster bezel
  203. Glycine Lagunare L1000 - bezel question
  204. Solid bezels - surely a must. New Soarway Diver by Kobold
  205. Questions about Deep Blue sizing
  206. Zodiac diver; small repair questions
  207. Helson Shark Diver 40 (v2) - Pictures
  208. Heroic 18 diver vs Ancon tank
  209. Diver as a gift - under 500.
  210. Longines legend diver question pls~~
  211. Remake of the Precista prs-17 .
  212. \o/\o/\o/ WRUW 20-03-2014 Thursday \o/\o/\o/
  213. My little collection of divers so far....
  215. Review: Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Diver
  216. Momentum M1 Twist ladies dive watch
  217. Value of the Omega Seamaster Banana
  219. Need Help on Citizen Aqualand Ay5004-55l
  220. Tudor - Basel 2014
  221. Recommend me a bracelet for my Stargate!!
  222. Is this normal (common) for a screw-down crown?
  223. Dive watch marker hands question
  224. Dive watch marker hands question
  225. ######## W R U W ----- 3 / 19 / 14 #######
  226. Hamilton BelowZero 1000M on Diaboliq "SAS" leather strap
  227. What will you do if you find a...
  228. Selling Isofranes or any strap my pet peeve
  229. An Unlikely Brand to Produce an Actual GREAT Diver
  230. Favorite red dial (or bezel) divers?
  231. Tag Heuer Submariner 980.013N Advice
  232. Tag Heuer Submariner 980.013N Advice
  233. Newbie looking for a dive watch similar to Sinn
  234. Let's talk bezel
  235. Help wanted, seeking TC2 alternative
  236. Superocean 42 or Seamaster
  237. **********WRUW: 3/18/2014 **********
  238. Need to vent just a little.
  239. quick shoutout after great customer experience with Halios
  240. Incoming Ecozilla Titianium and I've got some questions
  241. Trying to find a certain watch
  242. ZODIAC Oceanaire ZO8015
  243. ~~~~~WRUW Monday, Mar 17.~~~~~Diver Mornings !!
  244. Obris Morgan
  245. Which Strap for my Halios Tropik SS Black?
  246. Hirsch Carbon/leather/rubber on Prometheus
  247. Anybody keeping its bronze/brass watch patina free?
  248. Anyone own an Ocean7 LM-2 v2?
  249. Seiko Stargate Bracelet Pinching
  250. ~~~~~WRUW Sunday, Mar 16.~~~~~Diver's & Friends !!