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  1. calling who has been to japan! i need your help!
  2. Pantor Seahorse - PHOTO ESSAY
  3. Anyone have experience with the Armida A3 and A4?
  4. ##### Friday. Oct 4. WRUW #####
  5. If a watch is modded, is it still WR?
  6. $700 in Amazon credit... any suggestions?
  7. ATL GTG planned for Saturday Oct 12
  8. Stupid question Re: rubber watch straps
  9. Help! Thinking of selling my Steelfish for a Perrelet Seacraft Chrono
  10. New Boschett Reef Ranger
  11. WRUW Thursday 3rd October
  12. Android DM Contender
  13. Smaller Diver ~40mm - Options?
  14. When is a Tuna too much? Thoughts appreciated...
  15. My current 200M+ collection
  16. First Automatic Watch
  17. New RGM dive watch
  18. How deep can you go with a watch
  19. Great White Owners' Thread
  20. ...WRUW Wednesday, 2nd October...
  21. Chicken a la Aquadive, anyone hungry?
  22. Monster question
  23. Post a brand you think others may not know about
  24. WTDRUW, What titanium diver are you wearing today?
  25. Black Squale 50 with leather
  26. A source of annoyance: Bezel numerals
  27. Benarus Moray 44 Green dial owners: Got another green to show me?
  28. ***WRUW Tuesday 10/1***
  29. A rubber strap that will fit thick spring bars?
  30. Narrowed it down to two..thoughts please
  31. New TWCO pictures
  32. obris morgan explorer strap options
  33. Shogun, Vortex Pro, Ecozilla - what should go?
  34. 2 Titaniums: IWC GST 3536 vs Tudor Pelagos
  35. 300m diver?
  36. Ancon Sea Shadow California PVD - PHOTO ESSAY
  37. <<What will be on your wrist Monday. the 30th?>>>
  38. Internal Bezel Diver watches like them or not?
  39. Wanted: quartz toolish rugged diver
  40. Cave Dweller Limited Edition
  41. One for each day: German, Italian, Swiss & Aussie
  42. Halios Laguna
  43. Aquadive vs Zixen
  44. Question for the mido ocean star captain 4 owner
  45. Tool Diver Bracelet Suggestion
  46. Doxa 1200T or Tag Heuer Aquaracer or Longines Legend Diver?
  47. My King Tuna....
  48. WRUW...Sunday 29th!!!
  49. Aeronautec Explorer AANT-1008-SSOBL-BRC
  51. Oris ProDiver Date VS Orient Saturation Diver 300M
  53. diver chrono thoughts
  54. Seiko Solar SNE107 - Need Help Finding a Strap or Bracelet ASAP Please
  55. Roll Your Own Diver
  56. Is there any significance to the lieading "C" or "F" in an Orient Model number
  57. What would you pick?
  58. <<<<< WRUW Saturday 28/09 - AFL Grand Final Day >>>>>
  59. The SAS is an absolutely stellar dive watch
  60. CW C60, which color?
  61. First 015 in stock,Quartz Divers, top end, Prospex, SINN,,,et al,,, please advise?
  62. Smith's on Turquoise
  63. Apologies for my Selfish Behaviour
  64. How many Police/Fire guys on the dive watch board and what watch do you wear the most?
  65. My (minor) Magrette Moana mod...
  66. Consolidate?
  67. Eco-Zilla Bezel Problem, Looking for advice
  68. ---TGIF Divers Wrist CheckZ 09-27-14---
  69. Advice on first dive watch
  70. A Couple of Cool Hexa watches
  71. One of the last Squale Tiger Ploprof's (Tritium dial) and its ALL MINE!!!!
  72. Dive watch with full Arabic Dial....
  73. Aquadive review and purchasing experience
  74. Christopher Ward C60 Trident.
  75. New to dive forum - from the Russian forum
  76. 60th anniversary Big Crown Rolex
  77. bn0100 or orient mako?
  78. Meet Barney....the Monster
  79. Breitling with a Splash of RED!
  80. Dive watch 44mm quartz, what to buy, Seiko?
  81. ---Thursday 9-26-13 WRIST PARADE--/
  82. Diver for under $2000
  83. New Model Longines Hydroconquest in Blue - Just Arrived.
  84. Beach - Rubber or Metal?
  85. New Lum Tec 300m
  86. Took my Ecozilla for a scuba diving trip
  87. Finally found the strap for my seiko 007
  88. Finally found the strap for my seiko 007
  89. dive watch in the winter, appropriate?
  90. DOXA SUB - The Adverts
  91. Awe crap, I think I'm a watch snob... Or maybe I have watch insecurity disorder...
  92. Calling out Dan Pierce and NCMOTO...
  93. <<What will be on your wrist Wed. the 25th?>>>
  94. I promised myself, I won't do it but...
  95. MATH involved with 'Which one to get?'
  96. Picture day - my small collection
  97. Marathon Tritium Question (no T-25 on the face)
  98. >>>>>>>> The 'poor mans' Rolex. >>>>>>>> Tudor submariner brief history. <<<<<<<<
  99. hmmm what to choose
  100. What watch is Dwayne Johnson wearing in "Walking Tall"?
  101. ###### Tuesday 24/9/13 WRUW #######
  102. Deep Blue Daynight 32 T100
  103. Seiko SKX009 or SKA369?
  104. Sub 700$ Dive Watch - Stainless w/Stainless Bezel.
  105. Stingray straps
  106. Kobold, made for cast "The Sopranos"
  107. Marathon CSAR vs. Rolex SDDS
  108. Marathon GSAR bezel lume pip
  109. swiss movement
  110. Looking a 2 Dive watches
  111. How is the crystal on the Raven Vintage 40mm?
  112. Anyone seen this watch
  113. ****WRUW MONDAY 9/23!*****
  114. My modest but (mostly) classic collection
  115. What's your most accurate automatic?
  116. Looking for a basic diver 39-41mm
  117. Ebel Aquatica 300m 1215633..... Anybody have one?
  118. VSA Divemaster Stripped Crown?
  119. >>>> WRUW: Sunday September 22nd 2013 <<<<
  120. VSA Divemaster Stripped Crown?
  121. Advice needed with bracelet removal!
  122. Helson Turtle size question with Dagaz
  123. C60 Trident vs. Steinhart Ocean Two White
  124. Safe to dive with vintage watches?
  125. Deep Blue vs. Cave Dweller vs. ?
  126. Got a new DSLR today... (2 Pantor Seahorse pics)
  127. >>>> WRUW: Saturday September 21st 2013 <<<<
  128. Seiko Marine Master 300 reliability
  129. Longtime lurker...Grail achieved!!
  130. Comparable to this watch
  131. Is the Halios Tropik B Really a Dive Watch?
  132. SNPR strapped my SMP
  133. stepping up from a seiko
  134. Obris Morgan Explorer unboxing
  135. Germano & Walter : Bronze and Damascus
  136. Show me your "Chamfers".
  137. My first foray into mesh
  138. seiko monster
  139. ######## WRUW ITS FRIDAY!!!!!! 20/09/13 #########
  140. New brand of ecozilla lug adapters(?) "jaysandkays" - Anyone tried these?
  141. New Carl F. Bucherer Patravi ScubaTec
  142. Oris Pro Diver- a newly discovered classic
  143. Danged lumed bezels.........
  144. Obris Morgan Explorer Arrived
  145. Getting married! Convinced fiance to buy watch as wedding gift. HELP!
  146. AEVIG Huldra diver.
  147. ************* WRUW on Thursday 9/19/2013?! **********
  148. I think I'm addicted to vanilla??
  149. Which Steinhart to get?
  150. Dievas Vortex
  151. >>>>>>>>>> WRUW Hump Day 9/18/2013?
  152. New Arrivals, MM300 & Tuna Content!!
  153. Squale 20 ATMOS Classic sold out at Gnomon Watches
  154. dive watch
  155. Customer Service at Bali Hai is A+
  156. What are your minimum standards for a dive watch
  157. New shoes for my Seiko OM
  158. Help with band for Citizen Sig. Perpetual Calendar 300M
  159. Best online retailer for a SS mesh bracelet
  160. what's up with tritium gas-filled tubes?
  161. Swiss tradition, Italian design: Sea-God Portorotondo Limited Edition
  162. <<< WRUW Tuesday the 17th, September 2013 >>>
  163. How much does a helium valve move while it's in action?
  164. Seiko SBDX001 bracelet for 8' wrist?
  165. Deep Blue Daynight Ops Pro T100
  166. The Triplock crown system.
  167. Green, I want you green (pics)
  168. Help me find something like an Obris Morgan Explorer with DATE
  169. Suggestions Please! 4 o-clock crown watch suggestions only Please
  170. \\\***WRUW 9/16/13***///
  171. Looking for advice: FF vs JLC MCDC vs Deepsea vs ?
  172. Anyone know where to buy 28mm Fat Spring Bars ?
  173. Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013: WRUW on they day of rest?
  174. Just a few vintage divers.....
  175. Seeking GMT Diver with unidirectional GMT Bezel
  176. Orient Ti M-Force questions
  177. Thoughts on the Seiko H558 'Arnie'....anyone got one...
  178. Omega PO or Paradive?
  179. Recommendations in the $1000-2000 range
  180. ####### WRUW 9-14-2013 #######
  181. Happy Day! New arrival in da house! (Pantor)
  182. OS 300 vs Jsar
  183. Marathon JSAR II 1/2 (AKA: subtle upgrade)
  184. Casio watches
  185. Pam Black Seal or Blancpain FF Dark Knight?
  186. Kadloo movements
  187. How are the bezel inserts with the sapphire/glass overlay constructed?
  188. Yes, MM300 really is that much better than Sumo
  189. On the wrist September 13th 2013
  190. I'm pretty stoked/curious about the new Magrette...
  191. Question for the Masses-Marathon GSAR or Oris Aquis?
  192. nato strap co.
  193. ets see your high end divers!
  194. Retro styled divers
  195. Dive watch first issued during 2007
  197. Divers, tried and tested...
  198. 32mm-34mm automatic dive watches?
  199. quartz pepsi bezel diver current model?
  200. ETA 2892-2 winding question
  201. Deep Blue Day/Night Ops T100 in Black PVD 48mm
  202. WRUW September 12
  203. Looking for "beach-ok" beater
  204. Zixen lug bar screw...lost
  205. Divers watch shown in new HBO show trailer...
  206. NFW - Shumate diver.
  207. Best New or Used Dive Watch under $2k
  208. Carbon fiber cased divers
  209. Bonze case backs.
  210. On Wrist September 11 WRUW?
  211. Hexa K500
  212. Looking for an affordable diver chrono with day and date
  213. Kobold Phantom Tactical
  214. Orient MAKO XL....Is this the Best "LOW PRICE" Diver Available?
  215. WRUW Tuesday September - 10 - 2013
  216. What is the minimum depth for a helium valve to be of use?
  217. Looking for a good Wedding Gift
  218. Tsunami gasket question
  219. New Arrival: Precista PRS-50!
  220. Look what just landed!
  221. Seiko SRP455 on Isofrane
  222. Deep Blue and tritium flashlight
  223. Quantity or high price?
  224. Seiko Blue Monster Limited Edition!
  225. Anybody heard from Jason at Natostrapco.com lately?
  226. Tempest Viking a re-introduction
  227. How to Order CREPAS Caymen 3000 ?
  228. >>>>>>> WRUW : MONDAY SEPTEMBER 9, 2013 <<<<<<<<
  229. Titanium divers, Tudor Pelagos or Doxa Mission 31?
  230. Zenton warranty?
  231. How deep can I dive with a Tutima Pacific 677-01
  232. Lugless Dive watch quest
  233. <<What will be on your wrist Sunday?>>
  234. Wilson Watch Works Titanium Diver-any owners out there?
  235. Sun Diver II "Dos" Arrives. Very solid/substantial diver for money.
  236. Perrelet Seacraft GMT Review
  237. Inexpensive but good white quartz dive watch?
  238. 2013 versions of Alpina Extreme Diver vs Perrelet Seacraft...looking for a little color
  239. What is your favourite diver bracelet clasp?
  240. What are your favourite small/overlooked details in your divers? And details that annoy you?
  241. Added another grail to my collection of grails! Enzo, Kazimons, and a few of my favorite things...
  242. Help me decide.
  243. First *REAL* dive watch... INCOMING
  244. Oh Boy, where to start?
  245. What's better than a Sumo?
  246. >>>>>>>>>>>> WRUW 9/7/2013?
  247. Looking for a chronograph 41mm or under?
  248. Nivada Grenchen Depthmaster - Genuine or Fake ?
  249. you CAN NOT call your self a WIS with out this in your collection
  250. Orient 300M or wait for Benarus 44