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  6. Strange
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  10. Thought I would show my Tavannes Ocean Edge ...
  11. Looking for some help on a Nivada Gretchen Depthomatic
  12. HALIOS Tropik B - JUST ARRIVED- a closer look
  13. On the way...
  14. Fave beer and watch, part two….kinda cool story
  15. Why are dive watches so...divey?
  16. Bigger than MM300?
  17. <<<WRUW Tuesday?>>>
  18. Orient Mako
  19. Orient Mako
  20. Borealis Sea Diver
  21. My Loves and Hates About Dive Watches
  22. Just Purchased a New Invicta Diver Watch ! *new to forum*
  23. SMW Titan Diver
  24. ####### Its Monday 2/9/13 WRUW#########
  25. Kain Heritage straps?
  26. Titanium Diver ?? - Need suggestions pls !
  27. time for a new diver, $500-800 budget, suggestions?
  28. U-Boat U-42 Automatic 53 Limited Edition - some pics
  29. <<WRUW SUNDAY?>>>
  30. Any past/present Halios Holotype owners here? Thoughts...
  31. 'Road' Watches...what are yours?
  32. Opinions on the OM Nevon?
  33. my impressions of the MKII Nassau
  34. "New" Raven Deep Tech 2500m Diver
  35. Is the Marine Master really $1,500 better than the Sumo??
  36. ****What's on the wrist Saturday August 30th 2013?!*********
  37. New shoes on my diver
  39. ETA Date Dial Red on Black
  40. New Armida A5 with Old Bezel!
  41. Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Trilogy GMT Numbering/Engraving Question
  42. Pic Comparison: New Armida A2 and Steinhart Ocean One Blacks
  43. <<<<<<< The story of the world's most popular dive watch. >>>>>>> ROLEX.
  44. Two beauties....Smiths and Seiko 6105-8119
  45. Hoping to buy a new SMPc this weekend in Kiawah - AD advice
  46. What's a reasonable price to pay to swap out a dial?
  47. Review- New 2013 Armida A2 Black Stainless- Very Versatile and Functional
  48. New Orient 300m Saturation diver and Aegir CD-2 hands
  49. 8, 4 and 12 o'clock crown placement-enlighten me
  50. the bm vs om vs citizen eco drive
  51. Got some very nice compliments on this Deep Blue M2K in orange today
  52. Best Tool Diver under $1000
  53. Toss me out but I'm calling this one a diver!
  54. **WRUW FRIDAY 8/30**
  55. Cooper Sub-master Automatic
  56. Help choosing a new dive watch please!
  57. Citizen Aqualand AY5000-05 - is it worth saving
  58. A new strap renewed the love for a watch...
  59. Dive watches you love but just can't hang onto.
  60. <<WRUW THURSDAY?>>>
  61. Omega collaboration with COMEX
  62. Xicorr Circle Garda - VIDEO REVIEW
  63. Which of these 4 and why. Just getting feedback
  64. Changing the bezel on my Artego 500m?
  65. Pic request: Deep Blue daynight 32
  66. Inexpensive, yet sweet vintage...
  67. ETERNA Kontik Sporti Limited Editions, how limited is limited? POLL
  68. >>>> WRUW: Wednesday August 28th 2013 <<<<
  69. How good for scuba and diving
  70. is this watch still being made
  71. Loose bezel on new Marathon JDD JSAR.
  72. Squale Tiger Ploprof
  73. seiko sea monster vs citizen eco drive scuba fin
  74. is this a good watch for scuba diving
  75. Atlantic Worldmaster Classic or Atlantic Worldmaster COSC ?
  76. Davosa Ternos Professional
  77. >>>>>>>>>>>>>> WRUW 8/27/2013?
  78. Helson Shark Diver 42 Bronze???
  79. Removing tuna shroud screws - the allen/hex ones....a BIG problem!
  80. Poor service from Prometheus Repair and very nonchelant response from Carlos upon feedback. (PICS)
  81. Deep Blue Alpha Marine 500 - PHOTO ESSAY
  82. So, who else ordered a TSAR on sale from Top Spec?
  83. Show me your Saturation Divers...
  84. The really long Halios New 2013 thread
  85. Deep set Dial watch search. help
  86. Which one to get? New Armida A2 or Obris Morgan Explorer?
  87. Veterinarians say 9 out of 10 cows prefer Aquadive dive watches when they wear dive watches...
  88. Cave Dweller concern
  89. Kindly keep the asinine 'Big Watch' threads out of the Dive Watch Forum
  90. Diver Regulation
  91. <<WRUW Monday?>>>?
  92. Opinion On Tudor Please
  93. I'm gonna (hopefully) buy a Smith's Everest, thoughts on Miyota 9015?
  94. Back issues of Watch Time and IW that have a lot of dive watch content
  95. My week, it reminds me of the old Chinese curse, my you live in interesting times....
  96. New version of Armida A2
  97. Benarus Great Customer Service
  98. Water resistance of early Rolex submariners compared with that of modern sports watches.
  99. Deep and cold Wreck Diving <<< ORIS Hirondelle Limited Edition Inside >>>
  100. Help me decide - H20 Orca or Zixen Vintage Diver
  101. Back from the dead!!! Seiko MM content.
  102. >>>>>>>>>>>>>WRUW Sunday 8/25/13?
  103. To grease or not to grease?
  104. Looking for an affordable bronze diver
  105. For the NATO strap naysayers
  106. SMW Titan Diver
  107. SMPC under the sea...cos I'm a poet and didnt even know it...
  108. Show underwater wrist shots of your dive watches that don?t have screw down crowns.
  109. Armida A4 or Helson SD42
  110. Omega SM comparable micro
  111. Tag Heuer Aquaracer Dive Chrono....
  112. Help me pick out my next watch!
  113. Seiko SKX007 in the house
  114. Deciding between Doxa 300t & Seiko 6309
  115. >>>>>>>>>> WRUW 8/24/2013 SATURDAY?
  116. Post your fave Black pvd/dlc diver
  117. How bad do your Bezel's look & do scratches bother you?
  118. What is the Best Diver for under $2000
  119. WRUW - 8/23/2013
  120. CREPAS Watches in action. Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.
  121. GQ Magazine - RG3
  122. Anyone hungry for some Crepas?
  123. new Sinn on order
  124. Zixen Zulu vs Nitrox 2 pics and question
  125. DWatch questions
  126. Prometheus Sailfish - short update
  127. My newest diver
  128. Tudor Now Available in Texas
  129. Watches like Bombfrog BT25.....but smaller
  130. <<WRUW on the 22nd?>>>
  131. My New (to me) Lucerne Diver from 60's-70's
  132. How do you open the buckle on a Benarus isofrane?
  133. Nemo 33 - The Deepest Swimming Pool in the Word!
  134. ITT: I let you decide what I spend my hard-earned $600 on (Deep Blue, Steinhart, Magrette)?
  135. Why are big dive watches fashionable? Is it a macho thing?
  136. Seiko Baby Tuna Model: SRP231K1
  137. Helson Repair
  138. >>>>>>>>>> WRUW Wednsday 8/21/2013?
  139. What's In The Box!?!? Magrette Tiki Review
  140. Anyone get their Magrette Tiki yet?
  141. Pelagos -- how is it holding up?
  142. Seiko bm vs om
  143. Lume Service in Hong Kong (or a country in close proximity)?
  144. Ceramic bezel watch search 1200 and below
  145. Swiss Precimax vs. Orient vs. Invicta
  146. WRUW: Tuesday, 20th August,2013
  147. OMG, I got the bracelet for my Aquadive BS300 today... HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!
  148. Citizen Ecozilla vs. Seiko Orange Monster 2nd Generation
  149. orient mako vs orange monster
  150. One more time into the abyss!!!
  151. best dive watch under 80.00
  152. What size O ring fits a 20mm strap
  153. List of ETA 2824-2 Chronometer Dive Watches under $1,000
  154. New Dive: DP Juggernaut, or used Technomarine Abyss, Or What ?
  155. The "Total Package" watch?
  156. Suunto D6i Dive battery life
  157. >>>>>>> WRUW : MONDAY AUGUST 19, 2013 <<<<<<<<
  158. Lug probs
  159. Rqsting Comparison: Orient Revolver vs Saturation Divers
  160. BATHYS Benthic
  161. Certina DS Action Diver
  162. My Christopher Ward C60 Trident
  163. orient mako
  164. Diaboliq 5 pack of straps for my tools
  165. Cuervo y Sobrinos Robusto Calendario
  166. >>>>>>>>>> WRUW 8-18-2013 Sunday?
  167. New Arrival - Squale 50 Atmos Mini Review
  168. Hexa K500 revisted
  169. Question on the Smiths 6105 homage....opinions needed please
  170. Blue Turtle Divers
  171. How Deep is the Love for my Breitling SeaWolf!!
  172. Tissot Seastar 1000 (2011) versus Glycine Combat Sub
  173. Helson Shark Diver Bracelet
  174. WRUW.......Saturday>>>>>>8/17/13>>>>>>>>>
  175. Black-face advice
  176. Question Regarding Deep Blue and Tauchmeister Watches
  177. Nearly 50% Off For Marathon Military TSAR!
  178. Orient M-Force Beast on BONETTO CINTURINI 321
  179. New thread: Show your RESCO's at work
  180. Life's too short…..
  183. Bombfrog BT25
  184. SKX007 Seconds Hand Question
  185. invicta 8926 this thing is driving me crazy!
  186. best automatic dive watch under 100 dollars
  187. **** TGIF!! WRUW on Friday 8-16-2013?! ******************
  188. Tudor Black Bay reputable online retailers?
  189. Dive watches with nice, small hour markers?
  190. New tactical diver : Smith & Bradley Sans 13
  191. Oil filled divers : the list
  192. Suggestions on a diver sub dials please
  193. WRUW on Thursday 8/15
  194. A very cool feature on our very own Jake B. - WORN & WOUND Interview
  195. Casio help please!
  196. Let's see those dive watches with angled crowns
  197. Collaboration Watch! W3 and IWW
  198. Which watch for Jaws on a boat?
  199. My new Seiko SRP307- first purchase in about 5 years....
  200. Love the smell of my PRS-68 in the morning...
  201. Calling all Scots!
  202. My First Seiko....Lovin' it
  203. Isofrane/Benarus Strap Dilemma!
  204. WRUW Wednesday 8/14?
  205. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<WRUW Wednesday, August 14>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  206. Oris Aquis or Stowa Seatime?
  207. Dive, dive, dive: Seiko Orange Monster vs Citizen Ecozilla
  208. One day 'till half week's gone! So WRU going 2W - wednesday, 14th?
  209. My new omega seamaster 300
  210. Roll Call: Show me your B&M Capeland XXL Diver
  211. Darth Tuna parts question
  212. Deep Blue hands change??
  213. Latest Acquisition - Deep Sea DayNight T100 White Dial
  214. Disappointed with market's selection of medium-sized divers & affordable divers
  215. Please Help.. Nato Strap wth Bronze Hardware
  216. Sinn U1 Sighting
  217. G and the Three Zilla's
  218. Which domed crystal on Squale 20 Atmos Maxi?
  219. NATO Strap Co Bronze - Pics
  220. WRUW Tuesday August 13th???????????
  221. Alpina Extreme Diver Midsize
  222. So my wife surprises me and says...
  223. I can't beleive it took me this long to get one... my 4th 3000m diver... WOW!
  224. Anyone with a diver NOT on a NATO strap?
  225. Smallest Dive watch
  226. SMP Quartz or Aquaracer Quartz?
  227. PAM312 v. Rolex Sub Date
  228. Spend my money! $500 or less on a ???
  229. Shall I buy or modify???
  230. Helium valve question
  231. WRUW 8/12/2013
  232. Detailed Review of the Aquadive Bathyscaphe 100 Stainless Steel
  233. I'm torn...Helson SD42 Black/Orange or DM500 Mechanical.... Need help!
  234. Pre-order watches : the list
  235. >>>>>>>>>>> WRUW 8/11/2013? <<<<<<<<<<
  236. * I Love Scratches ... [and an Ennebi .. at last ] *
  237. Best option for Tuna in Aruba?
  238. Who thinks the Pre-Bond Seamasters are hot!
  239. Obris Morgan Explorer (MODEL : Explorer D.013.01.A) is open for preorder!
  240. h20 oceanic time
  241. Picked up a little something in Singapore (Triton 100 ATM)
  242. Hamilton Field and Water Comparo
  243. ==========WRUW 8/10/2013?==========
  244. Not a diver...
  245. New arrival- vintage seiko goodness
  246. Deep Blue GMT ETA Valjoux 7754 Pic
  247. Autozilla purchase
  248. Halios tools
  249. Best brand/model large diver under $600
  250. My Dive Team