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  1. seiko sea lion question
  2. Lets see some shark mesh
  3. Q&D Review of my (new to me) Omega 2254.50 SMP
  4. All-new Isobrite Eclipse T100 Tritium Illuminated Lightweight Polycarbon Watch
  5. Every man should have a............ Vintage Seiko Dive Watch!
  6. Dive Test: Omega PO 600M Co-Axial.
  7. tried something new
  8. BATHYS...
  9. Safest way to change springbars?
  10. Bathys sighting.... On Mythbusters?!
  11. Kobold "Made in Nepal".........
  12. <><><><><WRUW the 19th?!?<><><><>
  13. Aquadive or Squale??
  14. What grail watches have you lusted after, acquired, then, sadly enough, fallen out of love with?
  15. A new quirky 3000M diver has arrived! ( pics! )
  16. Helson Gauge 1000 Bronze.
  17. Opinion on Caravelle 666 with bare/raw bezel insert. Thoughts? See photo
  18. Ohh no another Submariner homage!
  19. <<WRUW on the 18th?>>
  20. Straps For GP Sea Hawk Pro 2
  22. Is it the watch that makes you happy, or is it the longing and waiting?
  23. CWC Diver. Bermuda. Diving
  24. First morning commute to NYC with my new Omega PO
  25. Is there a watch you don't like that you're supposed to as a WIS...
  26. Polyurethane straps
  27. 》》》》》》》》》》 WRUW Monday 6/17/2013? 《《《《《《《《《《《
  28. Talk about a happy Father's Day....new addition to the family!
  29. Prometheus Sailfish at Nazare, Portugal
  30. My fourth and last arrival this week.
  31. Trying the White Shark on a Super Oyster
  32. How many divers is too many?
  33. Shall I downsize my collection?
  34. **WRUW Sunday June 16th Happy Fathers Day**
  35. anguish and pain.. can you feel it?
  36. Typhoon brought to you by Jake B. and Dagaz...HK to Chicago (lots of pics)
  37. Help - Servicing for Chronosport Panther
  38. My 3.arrival of the week!
  39. So I've decided.
  40. The "perfect" dive watch {more pics and info added..
  41. New Strap.......transformed the Squale 101....thanks to Chris
  42. Can't get the screwbars out of my Helson Shark Diver
  43. New to dive watches,couple of questions on my next purchase
  44. Bronze Buckle Project - Feedback Needed
  45. Tsunami on mesh
  46. **WRUW Saturday June 15th**
  47. Forbes people wear CREPAS Watches
  48. 3 New Divers....to me at least
  49. Favourite water watch?
  50. Yobokies BOR (beads of rice) bracelet on a Tsunami!
  51. Helson Turtle with Sumo rotation
  52. Sinn U1 vs. Tudor Pelagos
  53. Seiko sumo blue or Steinhart ocean one green? Which is best?
  54. i don't get it
  55. Looong story (new watch content for your trouble)
  56. Invicta Tungsten Diver - How to size the band?
  57. Pelican cases. How to use them?
  58. The What's and Why's of a "tool" watch...
  59. >>>>>>>>>> WRUW TGIF 6/14/2013? <<<<<<<<<<<
  60. My new Seiko sumo.
  61. They said it couldn't be done....
  63. I did a quick search and it looks like it has been a year since
  64. Anyone have this happen? I am sure
  65. 3 divers all arrived yesterday :-)))))))))))))))
  66. Little Brother - Big Brother
  67. What do you think of Junkers?
  68. New to me, any info?
  69. Does anyone have a Tudor Pelagos and 42mm Planet Ocean?
  70. Looking for dive watch under $1000
  71. What's on your wrist? Thursday 13 June 2013
  72. Zixen Heliox 1000m, blue or black?
  73. Shogun on a rubber rally strap: Proof of the blind squirrel/nut theory
  74. Panerai is back in the stable : 389 !
  76. >>>>>>>>>>> WRUW Wednsday 6/12/2013? <<<<<<<<<<
  77. Zixen vs squale vs stowa
  78. My Zuriner just got a new twin brother!
  79. Modifying & Repairing Nylon NATO and RAF Straps
  80. Anyone seen the new Swatch Scuba Libre collection
  81. Riddle me this: Seiko sbdx011 vs tudor submariner
  82. Tudor Pelagos / Seiko 600 Spring Drive / Doxa 800 / or something else
  83. Looking for info on vintage Michelle diver
  84. Going Twice to the Christopher Ward C60 Well!
  85. Winder causing watches to run fast?!?
  86. Bessa Prestige - is the plastic bezel authentic?
  87. >>>>> **** WRUW: TUESDAY , JUNE 11th, 2013 ****<<<<<
  88. Poseidon watches?
  89. New arrival!
  90. Best place to buy Citizen 1000m Autozilla?
  91. Concern About Bronze and Corrosion/Patina...
  92. Kadloo...Opiniions welcomed
  93. Desk-diving nothing new
  94. Longio ZhuKe - Olivier reissue?
  95. SFAS PRO DIVER Black - report on the use
  96. New Armida A1
  97. >>>>> WRUW: Monday June 10th 2013 <<<<<
  98. Bronze watches, were they a fad?
  99. Hamilton 600 dive, big question!!!
  100. New casual diving watch
  101. Sell Orange Sumo for a Tuna or a Prodiver?
  102. Need band help please?
  103. DSSD and strap choices with 21mm, need suggestions...
  104. Do you think Longines LD is a very serious/elegant watch?
  105. BENARUS Sea Snake 44mm.
  106. *****Need sit rep******WRUW Sunday, June 9th?!*********
  107. Squale 50 = Outside AR Gone
  108. Used Brasso on a Polished Kaventsmann
  109. New Blue hat and shoes for the Prodiver
  110. Take a look at these bad boys
  111. Smelly bronze?
  112. The Stable
  113. 15:52, Saturday 8th June 2013, starting egg treatment on my A1 Bronze...
  114. Watch with finish similar to Helson Sharkmaster (white) - but less bulky?
  115. Servicing a brand new old watch
  116. A special Grail and first Omega
  117. ********WRUW**********Saturday 6/8/13**********
  118. Pulled the Trigger
  119. Want to switch silver > Longines Silver HCQ for maybe Doxa Searambler, or what else? Your opinion?
  120. My new Squale 50 on Shark Mesh
  121. The best vintage looking dive watch >>> full test inside
  122. OOPS.. I bought it again! (Blumo detour)
  123. Regrets...........
  124. Tactical dive watch Tawatec
  125. Ecozilla Titanium : 2 types of finish ??
  126. Best way to wear diver in summer ?
  127. Seiko running fast
  128. Very poor mans Tuna...all steel Frankenmonster mod:
  129. Alpina Adventure Extreme Diver - some photos
  130. Anyone have side by side of OS300 and other watches
  131. Need Suggestions on a Relatively Affordable Dive Watch
  132. My SAS on Black Miltat Canvas Strap
  133. Need Help
  134. Thinning the Herd to add a trick pony
  135. <<What will you be wearing Friday the 7th?>>>
  136. Squale 101 ornage/black on vintage folded oyster
  137. SAS Tigershark on Olive Drab Green strap pics???
  138. New Omega PO 2500 !
  139. Looking for summer diver
  140. Incoming..... H2O Orca
  141. ######## WRUW Thurs 6/6/13 ########
  142. Anyone have a wrist shot of Deep Blue 65 Chronograph?
  143. Apeks 1000m dive watch - incoming
  144. ***Rolex Sub C & Tudor Black Bay - My new arrivals side-by-side!
  145. My New SAS SEA Classic II - First Impressions
  146. Seiko SBDN003 200m Titanium Solar Prospex Diver review: The ?Blue Moon?
  147. Red caoutchouc (natural rubber) in 24mm?
  148. *****WRUW WED 6-5???*****
  149. Swiss Army Dive Master 500
  150. Is Long Island Watch A safe source to purchase a Seiko SKX007?
  151. Dive watch similar to Marathon JSAR
  152. The New Ralf Tech WRV Hybrid A Video Review
  153. Need help finding a $1200 pre-owned.....
  154. Advice for DIY bezel
  155. New SAS watch
  156. movement question help appreciated
  157. <<<<<<<WRUW for TUESDAY 06/04/2013>>>>>>>
  158. I take my best pictures in the car...
  160. does anyone have live pictures of the new Certina Auto Diver in blue?
  161. Christopher Ward sale
  162. This is not a 'what should I buy' but a 'what am I missing'. Bada$$ diver on oem rubber under 1K
  163. seiko bezel ring question
  164. Golden diver watch on croco.....under the sun
  165. Seiko Prospex Spring Drive Tuna SBDB008 Watch (Release date)
  166. MKII Nassau ordering heads up.
  167. Is the Ecozilla as tough as a JSAR?
  168. New Arrival - TWCO Rescue Diver Yellow
  169. Formex 4 Speed DS 2000 GMT - some pics
  170. >>>>> WRUW: Monday June 3rd 2013 <<<<<
  171. Fish Stew with Sailfish @ Peniche, Portugal
  172. Ball Skindiver - PHOTO ESSAY
  173. ADVICE on Pool and Beach Watch
  174. WUS B-Day - no regrets...
  175. Formex watches ? eye-catchers even under water - New: DS2100 diver's watch collection
  176. New Omega Seamaster and Planet Ocean Designs
  177. Remiz...any info?
  178. Hirsch Pure on 50 atmos.... Yea or Nay
  179. Invicta 9937 good starter?
  180. >>>>>>>>>>> WRUW 6/2/2013? <<<<<<<<<<
  181. another PO has landed!
  182. When did you realize it's too big - on your wrist?
  183. Lume Show!
  184. Newbie hits the beach..
  185. Cool divers in action - List 'em up!
  186. Russian lume dial
  187. Sources for determining value of dive watch
  188. <<<<< It's June! WRUW June 1, 2013 >>>>>>
  189. Received my Yobokies Beads-of-Rice bracelet today for the Tsunami's. Pics inside...
  190. Dating a CWC RN Diver
  191. Up to 3k on a watch what would you get.
  192. Divers with carbon cases (like Luminox)
  193. Pics of the newbie....
  194. New arrival : Benarus Moray Bronze
  195. Leather straps that are as thick as an isofrane?
  196. The Return of original NITROX!!
  197. Favorite dial color for your Bronze diver - Poll
  198. Top 10 most iconic divers ever.
  199. ---Friday 5-31-13 WRUW---
  200. Loving the Lemon Life?Doxa Divingstar!!
  201. FINALLY, another white dialed diver back in the collection.
  202. New Member, looking for Deep Blue
  203. Dive watch range
  204. 2000m/6600FT thats the newest Breitling
  205. Geez, why don't you just figure it out?!?
  206. WRUW 5/30/2013
  207. ZENTON E44 or MARANEZ Racha Date ?
  208. Choose watch for business suit wear- which one?
  209. Dagaz Cav-1 Or Seiko SKX007?
  210. Tag Super Professional 1000m as daily wearer or .....
  211. Some Cool Doxa's getting auctioned
  212. <<<WRUW Wednesday the 29th?!>>>
  213. Aquastar Benthos
  214. Link to new Spring Drive Tuna Review
  215. Tudor black bay, Tudor heritage chrono or sinn U1 Which would you pick.
  216. Tudor black bay lug to lug length anyone know?
  217. Deep Blue Pvd Diver
  218. Need some quick help: Tag Super Professional
  219. Affordable Automatic G Gerlach or Obris Morgan???
  220. Minutia of the Tuna -not your normal crystal replacement question
  221. Are there watches that only a WIS would wear?
  222. Boschett CDII vs Obris Morgan Nevon vs Seiko SKXA35
  223. Hager vs Dagaz ... Thoughts?
  224. >>>>> WRUW: Tuesday May 28th 2013 <<<<<
  225. Spent a Very Smart & Efficient $700(Pictures)
  226. Raven Vintage Rubber Straps... 4 New Colors !!
  227. Opinions: Deep Blue 65 T-100 Valjoux 7750?
  228. Greetings... New to WUS and thought I'd say Hi :)
  229. Breitling SO 44 vs IWC Aquatimer 2000 --which one?
  230. >>>>>>>>>> WRUW MEMORIAL DAY 5-27-2013? <<<<<<<<<<<
  231. Worse ways of spending a Sunday evening...
  232. Am I Crazy?
  233. My biggest and smallest: what are yours?
  234. Some Doxa orange, but probably not what you're expecting
  235. Vintage looking Obris Morgan nevon
  236. Sinn UX, with rubber or bracelet?
  237. The World's First Professional Diving Watch - A MUST READ!
  238. Balancing real world diving durability and horological desires: What have other watch collecting div
  239. Advice on solar/quartz diver purchase
  240. Clearing UK Customs...how long?
  241. King for a Day?Bremont Supermarine S500?aka GRAIL!
  242. Seiko Sumo size but as a Tool
  243. Aquadive Bathyscaphe 100 Bronze -- Black dial
  244. ><>` ><>` WRUW Sunday the 26th? `<>< `<><
  245. New arrival! Ladies Oris Aquis
  246. Need strap/band recommendations - for a Format Chrono 4 Titanium (Momentum)
  247. Help requested! Which should I keep?
  248. Advice on next purchase
  249. Time for a New Diver, Help me Decide (Precista, Steinhart, CW) or Recommend!
  250. How do I get ahold of Oliver watches