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  1. Seiko Sumo or Halios Laguna
  2. Help please; Where is it possible to obtain a Dive Watch Bezel?
  3. First Doxa
  4. Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean XL, pretty sweet
  5. UPDATED!! my growing dive collection...(and mini reviews)
  6. Best and Worst for the last couple of years ?
  7. The best Diver GMT I have come across - BaliHa'i Project 3 GMT
  8. Please help- which watch should I get?
  9. A new affordable has entered the game! (Pic Heavy)
  10. Sunday 01/27 : What are you wearing?
  11. Kain strap
  12. Green dials
  13. Evolution, de-evolution and the dive watch related to other equipment
  14. Where to buy steel band for Citizen Orca?
  15. Boschett Harpoon on Micah Mauser Ammo
  16. Squale Question.....Cinturini Rubber Straps
  17. Brass vs Bronze Diver
  18. Squale....The Workshop Visit.
  19. Bought from a Dive Forum Sponsor
  20. Size comparison: 41 to 44 (NEW PICS)
  22. Momentum Format 4 - reviews
  23. Just got my new Resco Patriot Gen 1
  24. finally caught a Turtle
  25. Dive Watch Picture Database... WATCHWIKI ??...
  26. Fake "Vintage Aquadive" watches
  27. Hexa K500 arrived today
  28. Official Hexa K500 Photo Thread
  29. Affordable Swiss alternatives to boutique/homage/copy dive watches
  30. Some of the dive watches shown at the SIHH
  31. HEXA K500 Unboxing
  32. An Old Addage Rings True In Regards to Olivier Watches
  33. New Arrivial/The Golden Age of Dive Watches
  34. Which watch to buy?
  35. More affordable Glycine Combat Sub out there?
  36. Just Arrived - Seiko skx-009k2
  37. Not fair. Guy fieri got the new serket
  38. >>>>>> WRUW: TGIFriday January 25th 2013 <<<<<<
  39. Custom Dive Watch Websites?
  40. New Arrival x 2(ish!) - Cressi Pro 500, Seiko SNZF11k1 (Mod) - Pic Heavy!
  41. Help me decide on a White Diver: Zixen Trimix Mechanik or Helson Sharkmaster 1000??
  42. Diver saves dolphin that swims up to him seeking help
  43. A Couple of Divers
  44. New arrival - PRECISTA PRS18Q
  45. EXTático Diver - unboxing and other pics
  46. OT: How Swiss made is your watch?
  47. Newbie looking to make purchase. Talk me into a Seamaster?
  48. ###### Thursday 24/1/13 WRUW #######
  49. Vostok, Are there better watches in the price range?
  50. How many of you have your PADI and where did you do it?
  51. Benarus Ti47 SCUBA diving in Bonaire
  52. Need a side by side pic!
  53. Handmade Enzo Mechana ready .... i love it!!
  54. Thickness of divers
  55. ISOfrane strap length?
  56. Citizen ProMaster Eco-Drive BY2000-55E - some photos
  57. I'm having no luck. Please suggest some sub $500 auto dive watches that would suit a 6" wrist!
  58. Say hello to my little friend??.
  59. Benarus response to 40mm SD.... 42mm MORAY
  60. Sorry for those who are in the cold, not diving! 80 degrees here in Florida!
  62. Recommend a sub $1,000 automatic diver?
  63. Remember your first watch?
  64. Different Bronze Alloys and how they Patina, show them off
  65. Diver on Orange or Black Strap?
  66. Oliver Diver Order Status
  67. Squale 50 Atmos Orange
  68. Submariner Homage Recommendations?
  69. I can't stomach the idea of another sub homage pic!
  70. Boutique/Micro Brand Watches, Who has the Best Lume?
  71. *******WRUW Tuesday the 22nd?!*******
  72. Helson 43 Bronze Stingray... Need some comparison pics
  73. A Diver Watch greater or equal to 40mm???
  74. Post pics of your elegant dive watches
  75. Particle under crystal/on watch dial??
  76. New Helson Skindiver.
  77. Prometheus Manta Ray SE blue
  78. <<<<<<<<<<<WRUW MONDAY?>>>>>>>>>>
  79. DOXA SUB 5000T, in the house.
  80. 10th anniversay watch
  81. isofrane.com only offer 20mm with RS buckle. Any other source?
  82. Pre-Order of the Prometheus Sailfish has started
  83. Pre-Order of the Prometheus Sailfish has started
  84. Seiko New Black Monster Japan!
  85. Olivier Poll
  86. Most Complimented Watch - 2013
  87. Have Oris TT1 and Christopher Ward Trident - Help me decide to consolidate or not
  88. Helson 40mm Sharkdiver
  89. What means more?
  90. New arrival: S.T. Dupont RAID
  91. ***** W R U W ***** SUNDAY ***** 2013/01/20
  92. 2013, 1st Quarter Dream Team: Poul, Jorg, Enzo, Kenzo, Graeme, Howard
  93. Black insert on the Squale root beer
  94. Lets see your "beauty" shots....
  95. New watch day - Raven 40mm!
  96. How often do you guys service your watches?
  97. Epos dive watch quality
  98. Is my Steelfish in need of service?
  99. Thinking about a sub 1K diver.
  100. And you thought your sales corner transaction was difficult...
  101. >>>>>>>>WRUW Sat Jan 19, 2013?<<<<<<<<<
  102. The Holy Grail has just landed! (Wilson Watch Works 6538 homage)
  103. helson shark diver 45 bronzo movement
  104. Opinions on Ginault
  105. Just arrived - Oris TT1
  106. Steinhart OVM vs. Seiko SNZH55 FFF Mod
  107. This appears to be real... but I still don't believe it!
  108. Crepas Cayman 3000 almost sold out
  109. <<<<<< WRUW Friday ! 1/18/2013 >>>>>
  110. sAs Sea Classic II landed
  111. vintage Aquadive-Jenny 1000m on shark mesh
  112. Problem or Normal? Longines HydroConquest
  113. New Arrival
  114. Arrived-PRO SEA DIVER 1K 1000m ok as first "diver" watch?
  115. Paint shmaint! Let's see your divers with applied dial markers.
  116. EDC - (non tactical V 2.0)
  117. Orient Ray water resistance experience? (also, alternatives?)
  118. Looking for a casual/dress diver under $1K, recommendations?
  119. Looking to spend $1.5-3k on a watch?Would you go Boutique or Established? Any Recommendations??
  120. OLIVIER. Sorry, new questions for outsider the U.S.
  121. New "Beater" - Momentum M50 Mark II
  122. Help picking out a diver!
  123. Where Can I Find "Pillows" For A Sumo Bracelet??
  124. >>>>WRUW: Thursday January 17th, 2013<<<<
  125. Fed Ex requesting SS# to deliver watch from Germany to US?
  126. Small Screws for Helson SharkDiver 45
  127. SKX007 or Black Monster for a 6.5in. wrist?
  128. El Buzo, year 2350.
  129. Strap options for sumo
  130. Isofrane on Sumo
  131. Casio MTD -1063-1 Any Opinions?
  132. Admit it, you're a Rolex Romeo
  133. Incoming...History .......
  134. Artego
  135. NEW: ORIS Aquis Depth GAUGE
  136. Luminox 3081.BO_chronograph function doubts
  137. WTB or trade. Corvus one peice rubber strap...
  138. Alpina Mesh question
  139. The Postal Service Hates Me (Pic Heavy)!
  140. As divers got bigger
  141. Please help...Seiko 6105-8119
  142. *******WRUW Wednesday the 16th?!*******
  143. Getting new straps is almost as good as getting a new watch...
  144. LM-7 Professional ???
  145. How to clean isofrane strap?
  146. news from Crepas Cayman 3000
  147. Choose a dive watch that isn't an obvious sub homage below $800
  148. Obris Morgan Nevon
  149. Please help me decide my next dive watch!
  150. Steinhart Tudor Snowflake homage!!!!!
  151. Luminox 3051 Blackout
  152. Help me to find a diver..
  153. Polyurethane straps
  154. Sangre de dragon. El Buzo.
  155. Artego 500 got new shoes
  156. The piece...
  157. Muhle Rasmus a new classic?
  158. So..... What's the first dive watch you purchased in 2013?
  159. ********** WRUW Tues Jan 15 *********
  160. Armida A3 White
  161. 2 Divers arrived today... Great Bang for the Buck
  162. Seiko SNZF21J1
  163. My past 2.5 years in pictures + brief history notes of my watches
  164. Please Help Me Decide......
  165. Tsunami & Hadley Roma Silicone ?
  166. Breitling Superocean Abyss 42 - Opinions?
  167. Thoughts on new diver?
  168. Halios puck mod - the ultimate tool
  169. Helson Skindiver Chrono - Price drop
  170. Help me decide
  171. Oris tt1 diver wears small?
  172. >>>>> WRUW: Monday January 14th 2013 <<<<<
  173. Hager watches Swiss line + questions about their gen 1 Commando
  174. Olivier watches... HELLO???? Anyone there?????
  175. Seiko Marinemaster 300 vs Ball Skindiver
  176. Hypothesis: bronze is popular because...
  177. Zenton B42 Bronze
  178. Deep Blue Sun diver II video impression
  179. Where to get bezel insert for Debaufre Ocean 1?
  180. My collection
  181. First Big Spend Sinn or Seiko
  182. While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping!
  183. <<What will you be wearing Sunday the 13th?>>>
  184. Better Living Through Chemistry (Olivier content)
  185. Orca H2O Hex Bracelet on another watch?
  186. 47mm Titanium opinons needed
  187. Vote for your favorite benarus
  188. What did you use your bezel to time today?
  189. Crazy or Inspired?
  190. Need suggestions for dlc diver
  191. Longines Legend Diver
  192. Magrette Moana Pacific Chronograph Help
  193. Micros/Boutiques you've spotted in the wild?.(idea from AlphaWolf777)
  194. Houston, We Have a Problem!
  195. My Divers Collection
  196. Bracelet for Timex Expedition Titanium
  197. another bronze, but not a diver, from steinhart
  198. Some pics of my Moana Pacific
  199. Leather strap in water ... For real?
  200. #### Hey Hey its Saturday! 12/1/12 WRUW####
  201. Olivier Bronze Diver - It was worth the wait! [Poll inside: To PVD or not to PVD...?]
  202. Olivier speculation put to rest ... I hope
  203. Bronze Benarus Moray patina pics!!
  204. Schaumburg AQM II Diver.......My pics.......bumped down to 2mp.......
  205. Diving Curacao with my Glycine Combat Sub
  206. Orient Blue Mako w/Zulu strap on 6 inch wrist : )
  207. Vintage Swiss divers vs Chinese contemporary divers.
  209. STEINHART Ocean Vintage Military Size Question
  210. Haluios Laguna or Benarus Remora? Thoughts?
  211. The Latest From Olivier Watches
  212. GP vintage divers (deep diver gyromatic, sea hawk)
  213. Divers with inner bezel @ or less than 42mm?
  214. Seiko Marinemaster Professional 300m Diver (SBDX001) - some photos
  215. Armida A2 bezel
  216. Stable update
  218. What is going on with Prometheus??
  219. >>>>>>>>>> WRUW Friday 1/11/2013? <<<<<<<<<<<
  220. *************WRUW Jan 11th 2013 ***************
  221. Question for anyone who has Ordered from TimeFactors
  222. JUST IN! Never say never....Tag Heuer
  223. 42mm Dive Watch with 20mm lugs?
  224. 2nd Monster in 3 Months
  225. Goldie Locks time, 42mm is just right
  226. Korsbek oceaneer-perfection ??
  227. First Omega....be honest with me....
  228. What dose 'WIS' mean??
  229. OLIVIER...Any received outside the U.S.
  230. G-shock for diving
  231. Watches you've spotted in "the wild"
  232. A true complication: I'm impressed.
  233. WRUW : 1/10/2013
  234. $$$$$$$ WRUW Jan 10th $$$$$$$$$$$
  235. I think we need a bigger boat! (Pic Heavy)
  236. My New Squale Maxi it's just ..
  237. What is a bezel insert?
  238. Leather straps
  239. Linde Werdelin The One 2.6 DLC
  240. Truth in advertising
  241. Seiko 6105 hands
  242. Just in from Japan: Citizen Diver with a Rolex look
  243. My Squale 50 Atmos Triumph - my path to Victory!
  244. [Pictorial] My First XW Tsunami (Classic Silver), probably won't be my last...
  245. Shoutout to the folks at Hexa Watches
  246. WRUW Jan 9th?
  247. Guys, I need help, Oris Aquis or Ball Diver?
  248. Anyone own a Helson Spear Diver?
  249. Show me your Diver and Shirt...
  250. How do you size a riveted watch bracelet?