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  1. Seiko black diver on blue isofrane?
  2. TC2
  3. Anyone recognize this sub
  4. Seiko 6105-8119
  5. My Aquadive Model 77AS with many pics!
  6. Which watch for a lady new to this world?
  7. My new year project (2)
  8. Can anyone help with the photo of this strap?
  9. Watches You Flipped That Now You Miss?>>>>>>>>>>
  10. >>>>>> Sunday Jan. 6th 2013 -- WRUW <<<<<<
  11. Marathon JDD - automatic - modded
  12. RAVEN DEEP--------- You may want to put on a diaper for this thread
  13. My first Seiko
  14. For My 3000th Post...New Dive Watch Promo!
  15. Unveiling bits of a diver watch we are working in - the Prometheus Sailfish
  16. Info on that annoying screw on the back of the monobloc case of Helson Ploprof homage
  17. My Manta Ray Blue Special Edition in the office....
  18. Mid-size Seiko diver advice needed
  19. Zenton V45 blue dial 'pics ...
  20. Part of my modest collection.
  21. Are bronze watches really suitable for diving?
  22. How do sAs watches compare to others in or out of your rotation?
  23. German Santa delivered this the other day.........
  24. >>>>>> Saturday Jan. 5th -- Dive Watch Roll Call <<<<<<<
  25. Need help with a different strap on Orange Monster
  26. where to find dive watch dials?
  27. Raven 40mm No Date Arrived!!
  28. Decision made...this one is going nowhere
  29. Cave Dweller II Ratcheting Clasp on a Super Engineer (Type I or II)?
  30. First look at the Raven Deep
  32. Caribbean 300 (blue edition)
  33. Messing with my color filter (Isofrane & Helson SD content)
  34. Preorders: How Do You Hear/Learn About Them?
  35. Package Arrived! Package Arrived!
  36. >> What will you be wearing on Friday the 4th <<
  37. My New Year's Resolution....TO SINN
  38. ARMIDA A 1 BRONZE (owners show me yours.)
  39. Raven Owner's Club (Unofficial)
  40. So.....if you had $2000
  41. New Toy (Stowa Content/Review) PICS!!!
  42. New Stowa Seatime Prodiver...good news and bad
  43. WRUW Thursday Jan 3 2013
  44. Cavedweller 2 with Plongeur hands - is this madness?
  45. Would you Rather have a Pre Owned PRS 14 In Good condition or a New Seiko SKX007?
  47. Looking for input from the dive watch community re a new purchase
  48. 007 super oyster
  49. New one on the wrist...
  50. Harpoon on leather?
  51. Best place to get a Seiko MM300?
  52. This Squale is going back to the owner
  53. Marathon Jumbo "300" - 5th generation?
  54. >>>>>>>>OK, OK.........Is Anyone Wearing A Dive Watch Tomorrow, 1/02/13??<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  55. Helenarou? Raven or Squale?
  56. Steinhart Ocean 1 with starfish
  57. Cave Dweller: Thanks Keith Boscett
  58. How do you get back?
  59. Anyone else have trouble owning an expensive watch?
  60. Any other creative use of your Seiko?
  61. Houston, I have a problem...
  62. Myths and strangeness with Dive watches
  63. Help me choose a ~$500 dive beater (Marathon?)
  64. benarus 47mm owners please help
  65. I *really* hope you're happy with yourselves.
  66. Finally got my vintage Aquadive- Moderate Pictures for those with smaller wrist.
  67. Edox ... Where has this brand been in my life .. It has to be said.. They are good Very Very Good
  68. Let's have a vintage SWISS dive party! Join in!
  69. The Olivier ETA Watches Are On The Way !!!!!!
  70. Boschett Cave Dweller II - full pvd pictures please!
  71. Happy New Year!
  72. New year group shot :-)
  73. >>>>>>>>>WRUW 01-01-2013<<<<<<<<<<<
  74. Just received my RESCO Patriot Gen 2
  75. Vostok Europe Anchar
  76. 1.auto divers that have bracelets with this type push button/ratcheting/micro adjust clasp, or...
  77. Best Place to Purchase a Squale?
  78. Invicta Pro Diver on a Watchadoo bracelet
  79. Tricked the Mrs into letting me buy a new watch! :P
  80. How a Preorder should Go!!!!
  81. Debunking some myths..
  82. Eta movement
  83. >> Sinn U1000 EZM6 : A Black & White Pictorial <<
  84. Recommendations Appreciated!
  85. >>>>> WRUW: The last day of 2012 Monday, December 31st 2012 <<<<<
  86. From luke warm to IN LOVE, KAZIMON content!
  87. Perot museum and a Tsunami
  88. Diver for a child. Any suggestions???
  89. Recommendation for a diver
  90. New Year's resolution - weigh in on this idea folks!
  91. New 41mm Ceramic Tag Aquaracer - crown issues?
  92. 40mm Rolex Sub on a big bulky wrist
  93. Opinions on sAs watches, especially if you actually have one
  94. Dive watches - DOXA vs Ball vs Deep Blue
  95. ###### Sunday 30/12/12 WRUW #######
  96. Keeper in the $1200-$1500 Price Range?
  97. Lumtec owners please help !!!
  98. Stowa Seatime
  99. One quick pic: Omega Seamaster Titanium 2231.80
  100. Ratcheting Clasps, where to source?
  101. LEGIT!! HOMAGE.
  102. Good Diver in the $400-$500 Range?
  103. Japanese vs German design language - how does that translate to watches?
  104. Isofrane alternative: thinner with the closest rubber?
  105. Not exactly a Seiko diver, but hey, since this is where I hang out......
  106. Dive watch recommendation
  107. Is there a Diver available based on these specs?
  108. New Top10 list...!
  109. Orient M-Force Deal at Amazon
  110. *** WRUW SAT DEC 29th ***
  111. Need Quartz alternative to Orient Mako. Similar look/feel & PRICE. Seiko SKA371 Diver just out reach
  112. Couldn't decide on one, bought both!
  113. Olivier Black Bezel
  114. Holy Crap!!!!!!!!
  116. Thank You and a Question!
  117. sorry bouble post
  118. >>>>> WRUW: Friday, December 28th, 2012 <<<<<
  119. The RESCO Patriot Gen 2's are shipping in the next few days
  120. Where do I can consult reviews of diving watches?
  121. Have you ever had a screw down crown repaired?
  122. Marathon JDD (Jumbo Day Date) arrived - wrist shots!
  123. Fricker's Kobold Seal Case
  124. ?? What happen to Corvus Watch Co....
  125. GSAR or TSAR
  126. Bronze Battle Helson vs. Olivier
  127. Squale 20ATMOS has arrived, and will be returned shortly... BAD LUME
  128. SF Bay Area watchmaker resource needed
  129. <<What will be on your wrist Thurs the 27th>>>
  130. We know its great but 1k! check this out
  131. any tauchmeister sub owners out there?
  132. A couple of my vintage divers.
  133. H2O Orca Hardened Case Finish
  134. Bezels preference / Sapphire vs SS
  135. ** Grand Seiko SBGA029 : Initial Thoughts and a Pictorial **
  136. Battery change Rogue Warrior Red Cell
  137. plz plz wrist pic/opionion white dialed(other colors welcome) db daynight recon,read on......
  138. Seiko SKX007k2
  139. Pull the trigger on a new Tissot Sea Touch?
  140. <<What will be on your wrist Wed the 26th/>>>
  141. ID this Sub Homage...if you can
  142. Review! The Squale 1545 Root Beer!
  143. Aeronautec Automatik Explorer ANT-1008-IB-S-BRC
  144. Whadja Get?? Whadja Get??
  145. jenny website up
  146. i'm Bronzed out
  147. a very vintage Aquadive Xmas :)
  148. How tough is the Marathon TSAR?
  149. One of the rarest diving watches - back story + competition
  150. Van der Bauwede Riva Magnum... the funniest dive watch
  151. Aquadive BS300 with Aquadive bracelet
  152. Surprise present from me to me!
  153. Merry Christmas! Now.. WRUW???
  154. Is the BONETTO CINTURINI 300 w/ Deployment Italian rubber strap a good choice for a dive watch?
  155. Dive watches - How do you wear yours?
  156. Armida A1 BRONZE on black PVD mesh or bracelet??? Stupid idea?
  157. <<What will be on your wrist Christmas Eve?>>
  158. TridentC60-TRI-SKS or Seiko SBDC001 or Benarus Sea Snake or Helson Blackbeard
  159. Seiko Golden Tuna 1000m trip to Seiko Japan Factory
  160. My new Aquadive NOS 77
  161. Bronze Nautilus coming very soon....
  162. My Xmas Presents
  163. My Sleek Shadow
  164. Some pictures off my Deep Blue Pro Aqua Diver
  165. DLC bracelet don't age well, do they? (Experience with Steinhart)
  166. Seiko Sumo or Stowa Seatime
  167. Looking for your Thoughts on Buying and Selling Dive Watches on Sales forums ....
  168. Tourbillon Diver Incoming!
  169. A Warm and Merry Christmas to all....
  170. ~~What will you be wearing? | Sunday, December 23rd~~
  171. What Design Trends Do You Envision?
  172. Just found this new one
  173. Happy Christmas to me!
  174. Orient Ray Strap Experiment
  175. Porsche Design Ocean 500 by IWC
  176. Are the Squale's as good as they look?
  177. Olivier Contact info?
  178. Whitebeard got some new shoes...
  179. H2O / OceanicTime fans - Wow! Ch ch check this out!
  180. Serket presents the NEW Reef Diver 3.0
  181. Here is my dive watches collection
  182. #18
  183. <<What will be on your wrist Sat the 22nd?>>>
  184. my vsa 500 auto bezel can turn both way, official repair say warranty not cover
  185. Weigh in pundits and haters...Rolex or a Omega GMT...
  186. Pressure testing a diver?
  187. I nearly had a panic attack today
  188. Brown strap/ Black Bezel
  189. Interactive watch pix: You should check this out (Panerai content)
  190. Halios Laguna - Debris under the face.
  191. seiko 007/009/175 help
  192. Modders: 30.5mm dial - where can I find it?
  193. Where did the Korsbek Forum go ?
  194. Which and why - Tag Aquaracer or Oris Aquis?
  195. Why do they have a dive watch style called " Filthy Phantoms"?
  196. Does this Hager actually exist?
  197. >>>>WRUW: Friday December 21st 2012 Apocalypse Now <<<<
  198. Orient or Deep Blue
  199. GoWatchSite.com...Anyone order from them?
  200. Bronze BUCKLES - patina and styles
  201. Pics: Comparison of Steinhart Ocean 1 Black to Armida A2 Dome
  202. New Arrival: Benarus Mil-Diver
  203. Vintage Dive watches?
  204. Hamilton BelowZero 1000m on mesh ...
  205. Water Resistant Rating - Similar Cases, what makes the difference?
  206. 10 times the WR in just 7 days!
  207. Kaventsmann Pelagial
  208. Best dive watch $400 and under
  209. ########## WRUW THURSDAY 20/12/12 ############
  210. Ocean Black DLC - a gap between the crown and the case, should I send it back?
  211. Horween Shell Cordovan bund pad $104.99 sale, jcrew
  212. Please Help me Pick a Dive Strap for my New dive watch
  213. Newest Diver Deep Blue t100 7750
  214. Zixen DSR1000 Bezel
  215. <<<<<WRUW WED 19/12/12>>>>>
  216. So I bought a ladies watch....for myself - Zenith content
  217. Everybody needs a watch good to 10,000 Feet - My latest
  218. Questions about a Seiko 007
  219. Tag Aquaracer 300m
  220. Haven't done this in a loooong time.... (Guess?)
  221. Concord Mariner Question
  222. On the prowl once more
  223. Squale 20 atmos Blue dial Orange hands.
  224. Vintage Longines orange diver (double mark Longines+Record)
  225. The RESCO Red Circle and RC-TAC are here
  226. Black shark on mah wrist!
  227. Ohhellyeah: my new Momentum M50 Mark II
  228. Opinion: what makes a watch a diver's watch?
  229. How about a Case Back Thread
  230. To those who don't have Facebook (Olivier content)...
  231. <<<<< WRUW: Tuesday December 18th 2012 >>>>>
  232. WCT 1000m Mod Idea...Need a Photoshop'er!
  233. my wolf pack with a fish
  234. WCT TACTICAL 1000 DLC is ready to ship!!
  235. Where's all the new Zixen ZULU images ????? Post them here !!!!!!!
  236. Steinhart Ocean 1 Black Ceramic and Christmas Chocolate
  237. >>>>> What will you be wearing on the Monday the 17th? <<<<<<<<<<<<<
  238. Squale 50 atmos
  239. What brand is this ?
  240. Vintage VDB - III Military Grey
  242. Dagaz 1st Cavalry Division Airmobile Tribute
  243. Questions to BRONZE watch owners of ANY brand ...
  244. Maurice Lacroix Pontos S bracelet removal
  245. Armida A2 vs Deepblue Tritium ops T100 Flat tubes
  246. Re-branded Bronze shark diver?
  247. PVD Case and Orange Lume/Dial...My personal evolution!!
  248. >>>>>>> WRUW: Sunday, 16 Dec 2012 <<<<<<<
  249. Zenton M45 starts my dive watch collection
  250. Happy Holidays !