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  1. Tiny OT: I love this routine!
  2. I'm looking for some good dive watches!
  3. Do you like my Zixen...
  4. Wet ScubaPro
  5. Advice/suggestions please on a daily wear titanium diver with tritium and Lume
  7. I am officially a lumeaholic because of my dive watch.
  8. Isofrane new colors poll
  9. Some tough girlie diver...
  10. New Arrival Today
  11. Let me see your lume!!!
  12. Where to get pins (not spring bars) for Accutron VX-200 Chrono bracelet
  13. >>>>> WRUW SUNDAY, 26 de agosto, 2012 <<<<<
  14. >>>>>>>>>>>WRUW Sunday 8/26/2012?<<<<<<<<<<
  15. Tsunami Orange Soxa...FINALLY!!! Pics of course....
  16. What's up with Bathys???
  17. Vacation watch????
  18. Armida A2 vs. Marathon GSAR vs. Seiko Sumo... NEED HELP DECIDING!
  19. Which MWC dive watch would you choose and why?
  20. Eterna Matic Super Kontiiki
  21. Helson Ti Gauge...My thoughts
  22. Luminox dive chrono bezel really tight!
  23. Could you live with a dive watch without a date window?
  24. Aquadive BS100SS, Tuna SBBN015 or Sinn U1
  25. Glycine Combat Sub Special - where to find it brand new around the net w/ overseas shipping option?
  27. Thin Divers - do they exist?
  28. >>>>> WRUW Saturday, August 25th 2012 <<<<<
  29. Introducing my divers
  30. Watch number One. Ollech and Wajs 3077
  31. New Deep Blue Pro Aqua 1500 bracelet sizing help
  32. Something a little different.
  33. Question on the OS300 Date Window??
  34. Pssssst.... Hey, over here, H2O ORCA! PICTURE OVERLOAD! :)
  35. Citizen Ecozilla on Hirsch Extreme with an Ard buckle.
  36. New arrival, Halios Laguna!
  37. >>>>>>> WRUW Friday, August 24 2012 <<<<<<<<
  38. Are Divers on Bund straps out of style?
  39. Quartz classier-looking diver under $300
  40. Please opine on the best $600 Dive Watch Options...
  41. benarus remora blue dial
  42. My grail at the moment, what's yours?
  43. Suggestions for Diver around 1500
  44. Will a 22mm di modell chronissimo fit a Seiko Monster?
  45. Bad experience with SuperChrono watch site
  46. Suggestions for an automatic tritium diver
  47. Marathon GSAR - Where Are thery Manufactured???
  48. Ecozilla bezel help PLUS new arrival Ti to go with SS - pics inside
  49. >>>> WRUW: Thursday August 23rd 2012 <<<<
  50. Does anyone actually Dive 2000 Meters?
  51. If you have a small wrist, what size do you prefer?
  52. 2000m "Catalogue Case" Ceramic Bezel Insert?
  53. My Marathon
  54. Zeno Prod Diver (Quartz)
  55. Always wanted to do an unboxing (and always forget, not this time!) >>
  56. News on blue Puck?
  57. Just in from Taiwan
  58. Back in black! Manta Ray.
  59. New to me Deep Blue Daynight T100 PVD. Keeping time & keeping quiet.
  60. Insane watch collection
  61. Aw YEAH! Goin'on vacation, diving and snorkelling in the Hainan Islands...
  62. Work watch recommendation
  63. Sinn EZM3 or Glycine Combat Sub?
  64. does bronze/brass turn your wrist green?
  65. A Japanese Beauty?Orient 300M Saturation Diver!
  66. Are Ray Wong Diver Watches any good For Real Diving?
  67. Recommend small women's quartz dive watch
  68. Pics: Armida A2 Milsub Dome with Custom Bezel- Perfect!
  69. >>>> WRUW: Wednesday August 22th 2012 <<<<
  70. Helson Production
  71. >>>> WRUW Humpday 8/22/12 <<<<
  72. Which would you rather have? Wilson Watch works 200m Versus Modified Seiko SKX779k3? Pic's included
  73. Tutima Teutonic Titanium Tank
  74. Newest Addition -- A Hellas Diver with a Fat Boy Movement
  75. WANTED : Custom watch maker
  76. Blank Divers Cases
  77. Luminated bezels
  78. Rational on Two tone 1/2 Colorway Dive Bezel ? It's no GMT, right ?
  79. Helson Shark Diver 42mm Wrist Shot
  80. New arrival, Sector SGE 500 diver chronograph
  81. New Seiko MK ii Mod Thoughts Please!
  82. Seiko's Version of Isof...
  83. About time Watch Restoration is a NO GO!!
  84. 40mm GMT diver (auto) under $500
  85. Best, most durable dive watch under $1K
  86. >>>> WRUW: Tuesday August 21th 2012 <<<<
  87. Quartz without battery replacement
  88. Any real world pics of the blue dial Armida A1 with stainless steel bezel insert?
  89. Helson Sharkmaster 1000M vs Halios "PUCK"
  90. Seiko Baby Tuna(SRP229 ) or FrankenMonster(SKZ251)?
  91. OT: Shipping from Europe to US
  92. New Deep Blue Pro Aqua came in today
  93. Help Needed with Decision for a Gasgasbones Strap
  94. Quondam diver 6427 or Bernhardt Sea.Shark DIVER?HELP!
  95. Does anyone dive with Fifty Fathoms?
  96. New catch : Anchar !!
  97. Thanks IWW and MCWW for your great work!!!
  98. Dive watch recommendation
  99. Best dive watch under $4,000 ?
  100. Semi-Tuna and a Pilot "Diver"
  101. Seiko automatic dive watch recommendations
  102. looking for armida a1 ETA with orange hand
  103. >>>> WRUW: Monday August 20th 2012 <<<<
  104. Recommendations for 22mm Mesh on Helson Shark Diver 42mm?
  105. What is the name of that micro brand from Spain?
  106. Advice on non-rolex,non-titanium,non-pvd, non-chrono: eta 2892 COSC dress diver (1000m+)
  107. Isofrane or steel bracelet
  108. New Ted Su rubber strap and buckle?
  109. Citizen Aqualand 3745 parts
  110. What dive watch has seen the most dive time in the history of dive watches?
  111. >>>>> WRUW: Sunday August 19th 2012 <<<<
  112. Helson Blackbeard-Thoughts?
  113. A Couple of Deep Blue Divers
  114. Shark Wranglers
  115. In your opinion, what is THE dive watch of all dive watches?
  117. Halios Laguna vs. Helson Tortuga
  118. Thinking ofMM300 but size matters?
  119. Marathon GSAR owners
  120. I have an idea
  121. Helson Turtle Comparison
  122. I Like Bi-directional Bezels
  123. >>>>> WRUW: Saturday August 18th 2012 <<<<
  124. Marathon SAR prices
  125. Two generations...
  126. A fair deal... I think
  127. Discipline!!
  128. New shoes for my Laguna (pic heavy) ... what do you have on your Halios?
  129. Not sure what to make of this one...
  130. 70's Funk on Watchadoo
  131. Searching for new daily beater : BaliHa'i model c OR Zenton M45
  132. Need help with new diver!
  133. Aquadive look-a-like help
  134. WRUW - Friday August 17, 2012
  135. Any CWC 300m diver with "L" instead of "T" on the dial?
  136. New Arrival
  137. Impressions of the Orient Beast (SEL06001B): conjurer vs Carl
  138. Turning Japanese: Summer Additions
  139. Put a rubber on...
  140. Help me Decide Between a Citizen and Seiko Solar Dive Watch!
  141. Helium release crown, why have one?
  142. INCOMING - my newest dive toy!!!
  143. >>>>WRUW Thursday August 16th 2012<<<<
  144. Lube Job: how much should it cost?
  145. My new Deep Blue Pro diver 1500 question
  146. I have flipperititus.....and I've come to terms with it.
  147. Casio MTD1054 :)
  148. Damn: Found my titanium Ecozilla, and then bodying.com jacked the price!
  149. Where to find a smaller Deep Blue Daynight OPS Pro 45mm in PVD?
  150. Really need your help to help me find my perfect dive watch!
  151. vostok amphibian reef
  152. ETERNA Kontiki re-issue
  153. Jellyfish
  154. Please delete
  155. ==========WRUW 8/15/2012?==========
  156. Suggestions for stainless bracelets with bronze case divers?
  157. H2O introduces an innovative new watch system
  158. GMT Dive Watches
  159. armida a1 ETA vs Miyota
  160. Suggestions for an Orange Dial Ti Diver?
  161. My New Deep Blue Pro Aqua 1500
  162. Vintage Seamaster - Bracelet or Strap.
  163. Bezel replacement for a Luminox?
  164. >>>>> **** WRUW: TUESDAY AUGUST 14th, 2012 ****<<<<<
  165. First purchase in a while- can't pick between Helson Sharkdiver, Seiko Sumo, or Halios Puck
  166. 30-Second Review: Orient M-Force
  167. New Model Ennebi Fondale 44 available for pre order!!!
  168. : Need some help. suggestions maybe Casio to a quality watch
  169. Recommend a bracelet for my Prometheus S80
  170. Restore Dive Watch Bezel
  171. Kobold Large Soarway Diver lookalike
  172. Thinking about the Seiko Tuna (SBBN015) - opinion's sought
  173. To bronze, or not to bronze
  174. Black Monster or Anchar ?
  175. ORSA: best way to get one?
  176. Submariner-style: bezel insert colour
  177. C&B "Ravenna" on Seawolf
  178. Poseidon ate my Momentum
  179. >>>>> **** WRUW: MONDAY AUGUST 12th, 2012 ****<<<<<
  180. Benarus Sea Devil Specs?
  181. Different price same quality?
  182. Seiko Diver ID Help Please.
  183. Precista PRS-3, another question
  184. A welcome surprise from Jake B :) PIC HEAVY!
  186. Wanted large diver. Any suggestions?
  187. How to remove the bezel on TAG Super Professional ?
  188. I BLAME YOU FOR THIS .. I seriously DO !! My fellow Dive Watch Enthusiasts ....
  189. >>>Whats on your wrist Sunday?<<<<
  190. Quick Pics from Houston GTG!!! (pic heavy)
  191. Pressure Testing - how is it done
  192. Love it or Hate it...Hamilton Frogman!!
  193. So I've decided my next watch will be a Helson
  194. Helson website down?
  195. How big is the H2O Kalmar
  196. My first internal rotating bezel dive watch.
  197. Sinn U1 - What are your opinions?
  198. Looking For A New Dive Watch...........
  199. U2 Polar...thanks to MCWW
  200. Anyone know what the O&W logo represents?
  201. The weekend has landed. WRUW 8/11/2012
  202. Precista PRS-3 aftermarket bracelets?
  203. New from Armida- A2 Milsub with a DOME
  204. Now Available: LIMITED EDITION Marathon Maple Leaf JSAR WW194018MPL Divers Watch "Le Grand Plongeur"
  205. I Finally Sprung For This One...
  206. VSA Divemaster ?
  207. More pictures of my Bremont Supermarine
  208. Help me To choose
  209. Armida A1/ 6.5 wrist conundrum
  210. GSAR Great Seal Bracelet Clasp.....RUST :/
  211. >>>>WRUW: TGI Friday August 10th 2012<<<<
  212. Doxa 750GMT or ?? I need a push.
  213. A couple divers on some new leather PHOTO INTENSIVE
  214. New Beater Arrival - EcoZilla
  215. Received a dream diver today... so happy!
  216. Sizing Bracelet on an Armida A3
  217. Taking the caseback off of a diver and water resistance
  218. Another bronze thread
  219. Marcello C Rep in U.S. ?
  220. vintage divers
  221. AD BS100 Full Lumed Bezel
  222. Recommend me a good alternative to the Seiko Samurai
  223. where can find this ?
  224. My Zixen Trimix in the water (Pool)
  225. New Seiko Tuna Ltd SBBN023 300m............
  226. Help me pick a new daily watch?
  227. Okay,can someone tell me if this watch exists,Please
  228. noob lumescence terminology question
  229. >>>>WRUW Thursday August 9th 2012<<<<
  230. IWW Bead Blasted DM500 with Lumed Bezel PICTURE HEAVY
  231. Anyone make an Eterna Heritage KonTiki homage?
  232. Prometheus S80 mini Review
  233. Advice Needed: Doxa, Seamaster or Tuna?
  234. Comparative pics of Armida A1 vs Artego 500M anyone??
  235. seiko marine master 300 SBDX001 hi def video
  237. Mirexal, beautiful looking diver, but too small.
  238. >>>>> **** WRUW: WEDNESDAY AUGUST 8th, 2012 ****<<<<<
  239. Help with an Enzo Mechana EM001 dial
  240. I'm seriously considering flipping the Artego....
  241. A Tsunami overtakes Mt. Washington, NH
  242. BS100 Honeymoon Not Over
  243. Torn
  244. My cure for a hasty flip...
  245. Tsunami Noobie question ?
  246. seiko mm300 SBDX001
  247. Have a Couple Weekend Beaters Incoming
  249. BaliHa'i GMT Owners Where are you ?
  250. EcoZilla Strap Options