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  1. New Deep Blue Ocean Diver 500 T-100 Flat Tubes Preview!
  2. New member,help needed please!
  3. ARMIDA A1 - Bronze - Green dial.... I think just salt water will do the job.
  4. My recent triple play....
  5. New member..new watch!
  6. Aquadive or Doxa?
  7. >>>>> WRUW: Tuesday, June 26th, 2012 <<<<<
  8. AEgir CD-2
  9. Great White attacks Breitling Superocean
  10. My new diver: Seiko skx009/ skx 175 automatic "pepsi bezel
  11. Aquadive Facebook Facebook Fan Page!
  12. Advice needed re 40mm Quartz Diver
  13. Seiko Stargate face
  14. water resist - casio
  15. Deep Blue, I am disappoint
  16. going for my first micro brand diver! Helson 42mm shark diver! Blue or Black!?
  17. Need help picking an orange-faced diver
  18. Blue or Black Laguna - which is more versatile?
  19. >>>>> WRUW: Monday, June 25th, 2012 <<<<<
  20. My Ploprof on aftermarket heavy duty oyster bracelet (pic heavy)
  21. Need Help: Halios Laguna or Magrette Regattare
  22. Sinn U1 or go Doxa?
  23. Rolex!
  24. Boschett Harpoon, or Helson Shark Diver
  25. Where to get vintage Tissot Navigator serviced?
  26. Watch like the Aqua Dive...
  27. Crepas tektite alternative clasp
  28. 45mm Sharkdiver, pvd or steel?
  29. Royce Leadership 20atm
  30. Helson Sharkmaster 1000 white to be done again.
  31. <<<<<WRUW>>Sunday... June, 24 2012>>>>>
  32. New arrival! Another PO
  33. 42mm BRONZE Sharkdiver Announced!!!
  34. Eco-Drive Scuba Fin? Any sightings?
  35. Black SMP-C with blue ceramic bezel...
  36. Citizen aqualand base titanium - looking for service
  37. >>** Three Seamasters in Each Other's Company : PO, POC and Ploprof **<<
  38. <<<<<<<<<<<<<< What will you be wearing Sat the 23rd?>>>>>>>
  39. Prometheus Manta Ray Blue Special Edition in the pool (Summer begins)
  40. I had to share this. Dagaz Zero II on Rockin' Rons...
  41. Silly, sentimental post ....so sue me...
  42. What watches have you flipped and re-bought?
  44. CREPAS Tektite My newest arrival! *** Photodump Pic Heavy ***
  45. JUST IN! Dagaz Zero II Stealth Sea Explorer (PICS)
  46. New Shoes for the Aquadive BS300.......
  47. WARNING ABOUT!!Eterna-Matic Kontiki Super Now Arrived!
  48. Looking for "cushion case" style divers--see pics below.
  49. IWC AQUATIMER 3548
  50. Pages and pages of dive watches here...
  51. Just recieved in the mail today. Thanks to you guys at Benarus!
  52. Another Loaner
  53. Help me spend $500 on a daily wear diver
  54. >>>>> **** WRUW: FRIDAY , JUNE 22nd, 2012 ****<<<<<
  55. >>>>> WRUW: TGI Friday, June 22nd, 2012 <<<<<
  56. This will be my new watch... Prometheus Manta Ray Blue Special Edition (50 units)
  57. insider info on the Dagaz Tsunami2
  58. Anyone Have a Pic of their Turtle on a Big Wrist
  59. HELP - Tsunami UDT with 6105 hands but silver or white. ?
  60. Oris Aquis vs Omega Seamaster
  61. Why are all the cool and nice dive watches sold out?
  62. Now I can dive down to 500m
  63. This or that- Need your help
  64. Help needed in a quest for a Thin Dive Watch!
  65. Question about fit in the Dagaz and Tsunami's.
  66. Deep blue Pro aqua 1500 information seeking
  67. Buying a Seamaster - Quartz v. Auto -please weigh in
  68. Cool Boutique diver under $550.....any ideas?
  69. WRUW: Thursday, June 21th, 2012
  70. Got a new camera lens...
  71. Show Your Vintage Diver You Bought New
  72. Crepas customer service
  73. Help identify this watch?
  74. The best?
  75. Precista PRS3 orange dial on a SS mesh bracelet
  77. need some help, Ocean 7 or Deep Blue
  78. Worried
  79. Dive Watch I really like --- Check
  80. Which one would you get? Orient 300m or Seiko Sumo?
  81. Helson and Seiko Lug\Strap Question
  82. opinon on Prometheus Manta Ray?
  83. Armida A4 Bling
  84. Never see any mention of Sandoz dive watches
  85. Summer sports/dive watch suggestion? Aquadive opinions?
  86. Laguna Owners Help please
  87. Spring Bars With Flaps
  88. Suggest 24mm lug diver
  89. Bernhardt SeaShark / Orient 40th aniv or modded Seiko?
  90. >>>>> WRUW: Wednesday, June 20th, 2012 <<<<<
  91. Quick Question: Service on a NH25 Deep Blue
  92. A1 Bronze Patina process and pics!
  93. New Arrival of an old model: Helson Buccaneer GMT
  94. Watch case designs
  96. New Omega Speedmaster
  97. Can someone explain something to me?
  98. "This Means War" - what watch is Tuck wearing?
  99. Barbos diver, anyone bought one?
  100. >> My Third Seamaster and A Likely Remission : Omega Planet Ocean Cal. 8500 Content <<
  101. Warning: some seksy "dress diver" content!
  102. Harpoon speared in!
  103. The Helson Turtle: My take on a new 'classic'
  104. >>>>>What will you be wearing on the 19th ? <<<<<<<
  105. >>>>> WRUW: Tuesday, June 19th, 2012 <<<<<
  106. Diving Into Shark Infested Waters
  107. <<<Zenton M45 >>> VS <<<Helson SD>>> Please post PICS and Comments
  108. Ennebi Bronzo # 02/24E came in today!
  109. Defining "WABI" ...
  110. Prices on second hand Blancpain FF after new model launch
  111. Thoughts on MWC (MilitaryWatchCompany) brand Divers
  112. Dilema
  113. Help! How to go about a shady transaction...
  114. Armida Owners
  115. Very frustrating Tektite bezel problem.....Solutions, please??
  116. >>>>>>>>>>WRUW 6-18-12<<<<<<<<<<
  117. >> *** Finally A PO in my Stable : Omega Planet Ocean Cal. 9300 Content ***<<
  118. Fathers day at the beach- Armida A4
  119. Broken stem
  120. Helson Shark Diver 42mm comparison pics
  121. Because of this forum...
  122. Tempest Watch Company ?
  123. Waterproof watch recommendation
  124. WRUW Sunday 17/6/12
  125. <<<<<< What do ya plan on wearing on Fathers Day?>>>>>>>>>>>
  126. SS Helson Shark Diver Picture Thread - June 2012 Colors
  127. Review: Steinhart Ocean 1 Vintage Military
  128. My beloved Orient 300m Saturation Diver was lost - then found - WOW!
  129. help! anyone besides me had issues with orsa warranty?
  130. Prometheus manta ray ore boschett cave dweller
  131. Opinions on the Helson Sharkdiver 45mm
  132. New shoes for my Moray 2!
  133. Movas Professional Diver
  134. Trying to decide on what to buy???
  135. Doxa 750t GMT
  136. >>>>>>WRUW, Saturday 16 June 2012<<<<<<
  137. Duplicate Please delete.
  138. My divers...
  139. Deep Blue DayNight T100 Variation Info
  140. Deep Blue World Diver GMT 500
  142. A nice way to end the day
  143. Armida A4 on Zulu Ready for the Beach
  144. Looking for a good silicon strap w/deployment clasp.........
  145. Rubber, bracelet, Manta Ray, oh my!!!
  146. New Helson Shark 45mm Sapphire Bezel!!!!!
  147. School me on these "boutique" divers. Deep Blue, Armida, Boschett or Zenton? Suggestions welcome!
  148. What do you think of these Seiko's
  149. Just Arrived!! Armida A1 Bronze Blue Dial.
  150. What is the "Raven" story?
  151. <<<<<What will you be wearing on Friday?>>>>>>>>>>>>
  152. Chase Durer Conquest II Limited Edition with Sellita SW200
  153. Halios Pre-order is just a few hours away............Who's In ????????????
  154. I had been looking for a dive watch with underwater chrono function, so i got this.
  155. Looking for first diver watch
  156. Aquadive or Squale?
  157. Thoughts on b&m capeland s chrono
  158. Puck with NEW SHOES
  159. My new Deep Blue JUGGERNAUT II
  160. where to send my watch for a relume
  161. Nyogel lubricant for o-rings?
  162. New Review Posted
  163. WRUW: Thursday, June 14th, 2012
  164. Finally made my decision. Trireme it is!
  165. Finally made my decision. Trireme it is!
  166. Quartz diver suggestions
  167. Need Help with a Gift: Prometheus Trireme, Helson Shark Diver, Tag Heuer Aquaracer or something else
  168. Thin the herd for a big purchase?
  169. Resco: ETA 2824s acquired for Gen 1 Patriot movement replacement
  170. >>>>> WRUW: Wednesday, June 13th, 2012 <<<<<
  171. Boschett Harpoon
  172. Anyone have any communication with Halios Watch Company lately ???????
  173. Water tightness challenge with back cover
  174. Orange 'bullet' '(skx007) vs orange 'monster'
  175. Vostok Anchar
  176. Boschett Harpoon comparisons?
  177. Recommend Unique Boutique Diver
  178. >>>>> WRUW: Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 <<<<<
  179. Helson Turtle available for purchase NOW........
  180. My new "Thor" strap!
  181. Getting another Micro builder watch again...
  182. Tsunami with two tier bezel or three tier?
  183. Stingray - I like it!
  184. ACCUTRON DEEP SEA Diving Watch
  185. My 4 GEN Divers.....LUME is OUTSTANDING
  186. Monday question : Would you trade your Rolex Submariner LV for Omega Big Blue ???
  187. VSA Divemaster 500 strap options
  188. Cheap orange dial diver watch for 40/50Eur/$60
  189. Show mw wrsit shots of your Deep Blue Pro Aqua 1500
  190. I'm feeling the itch, It's decision time and I need your HELP!
  191. Help an addict out - I'm feeling the itch...again
  192. >>>>> **** WRUW: MONDAY JUNE 11th, 2012 ****<<<<<
  193. Me luv u Sea TIME!
  194. New arrival - MM300. Meh...What's the big deal with this watch?
  195. My first "nice" dive watch
  196. vdb 2011 Anticipation
  197. My 1st Egg Treatment On Helson Bronze ....
  198. What do you call this kind of strap, and where can I get one?
  199. 2 new Divers in the house.
  200. A Blue Manta Ray sighted at the beach
  201. How Many Wear Seiko PEPSI Divers or Chronos?
  202. ORIS Divers and Chronos.....Lets See Some...
  203. Quartz diver options
  204. PROTREK PRG 110 Y
  205. An oldie but a goodie: My MODDED ENZO MECHANA
  206. need help on purchase
  207. WRUW - Sunday June 10
  208. push button extension
  209. Based on CONSUMPTION, What Is The Most Successful Micro Brand
  210. A Blue Manta Ray at Foz do Arelho, Portugal
  211. Help Seiko 6309-7040 just purchased on Ebay as "overhauled" it stops when turned upside down
  212. The most beautiful dive watch I've ever owned....
  213. Question re Ecozilla Suppa Adapters
  214. Helson Gauge 1000 dial mod......thoughts?
  215. Croton 5-watch travel case: the horses and their new stable.
  216. WRUW: Saturday 9th June, 2012
  217. New Bonetto Cinturini 321 In Today! Pics
  218. Help with a Victorinox Swiss Army Dive Master 500
  219. Popped the Bronze cherry
  220. My first diver!
  221. intra-company (micro/boutique) diver bezel Interchangeability?
  222. Incredible Presence- Armida A4 Superdome
  223. Problem with crown
  224. Armida A1 Miyota noise
  225. My favorite thing about this DIVE FORUM:
  226. Helson Shark Diver 42mm Arrival and H2O Grail Question
  227. I love my watch again. Zixen Heliox 1000m on a Super Oyster
  228. Certina DS Action Diver or Seiko Sumo for daily wear
  229. Need recommendations- blue faced diver 42mm or less
  230. Just got My new Armida A4 (Vs my lost Helson Shark Diver 45mm Titanium)
  231. Armida A2 Non-Hacking Accuracy/Time-Keeping Games
  232. >>>>> WRUW: TGI Friday, June 8th, 2012 <<<<<
  233. Heres Todays Riddle: Which One Of You Own The MICRO With The FAKE HEV?
  234. ?Help? Debating on what to purchase. Zixen DSR-1000 OR Helson Sharkmaster 600
  235. HELP!! Loctite 271... now I am stuck
  236. Advice pls. Oris Diver Date vs. Longines HydroConquest
  237. How Are Your PVD Divers Holding Up?
  239. Dilemma
  240. Whats wrong with this picture?
  241. WRUW 6-7-2012 (Thursday) ???
  242. pics of the DLC Puck and blue Laguna?
  243. Is there a watch that will or that can quench your thirst for good ? okay ;) .. for a little while ?
  244. Houston...the Omega has Landed!
  245. Bronze reaction.... Liver of sulfur used, opinions? come on in!!
  246. Help me decide!
  247. Hexa Watches Artisan Strap Giveaway
  248. Precista PRS-3 orange dial about to join my collection
  249. couple of small issues with my watch
  250. Steinhart or Deep Blue?