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  1. SUPEROCEAN 44 Updated with Pics
  2. Any Laguna and/or OM in the Seattle area?
  3. My new Armida A1 came in...One day shipping question on strap
  4. Any quartz dive chronos with tritium?
  5. POC 9300 is En Route!
  6. Deep Blue ProTac
  7. Vintage Milsub- Asking Price is $123k- wow!
  8. Crepas Tektite Photo Review - Post Your Photos
  9. More news on the K500 please HEXA!
  10. New Armida A1 Gilt Dial/Hands
  11. IT'S FINALLY HERE!! PICS! Artego 500m
  12. >>>>> WRUW: Tuesday, June 5th, 2012 <<<<<
  13. Seiko FFF "no rads mod"
  14. Just back from IWW..my Seiko Tuna after a spa day
  15. To Helson Bronze SD owners... bezel question
  16. How much bezel play is normal?
  17. Help me list watches with comfort vintage divestyle case (hidden lugs?)
  18. What's the purpose of a Diver's Chronograph?
  19. One More Consolidation Is In Order THE WINNER IS....
  20. Advice on SBBN007 or several watches instead.
  21. Long Island is pretty, Rolex 5513 - a pic thread
  22. How much pressure do you exert on the Tektite bezel?
  23. Ball versus Longines divers thoughts please
  24. Another Foray into the Titanium Dive Watch Pool (Seiko Shogun)
  25. few random shots of collection...
  26. It's big, it's black, it's made in Japan...
  27. Hi All; forum newbie saying hi!
  28. WRUW June 4th
  29. I'm having a terrible time trying to find my perfect diver. Help!
  30. Blue and Limited ... Available soon ...
  31. Affordable Dive Watches
  32. Can someone please help find this band for my spork
  33. Are Boschett watches as good as they sound? Reef Ranger has caught my eye. Never heard of 'em.
  34. Questions about the Davosa Ternos Diver
  35. Why is everyone flipping the Crepas Tektite??
  36. Which and why - Oris Small Seconds Diver or RGM 300??
  37. New arrival ? Accutron VX-200 dive chrono
  38. My ode to the Doxa SUB 5000T
  39. Armida A1 strap/bracelet options
  40. Prometheus Trireme review, plus video review
  41. >> First UnboXinG in June ... Bremont SuperMarine 500m content <<
  42. Aren't out guys sick of this 'overdose' of Inspired Designs & Homages ?
  43. My first dive watch! Seiko 6309-729a
  44. WRUW: June 3rd, 2012
  45. A few pix, just because...
  46. Need some help, Info needed for Bulova Snorkel Crystal and Crown!
  47. Got my new acquisition on Thursday! (An excercise in patience)
  48. SAS prices and exchange rates (worth a read)
  49. Introducing the Black Command, the custom leather strap for tactico TC2
  50. My first Seiko skx173 mod!
  51. How well does your "Micro Brand" watch(es) run?
  52. A funny thing happened to my Bathys today...... :(
  53. >>>>> WRUW: Saturday, June 2nd, 2012 <<<<<
  54. Show Your PATINA Only Picture Thread, No Virgin Bronze Allowed!
  55. My new diver.... Omega PO WHITE!!!
  56. Anywhere that would print on a sterile dial watch?
  57. Alpina Extreme Diver
  58. Tissot PRS200 or a Reactor trident or chrono style?
  59. Would you buy a 750T pro or 5000t pro same price
  60. WatchWerx Exclusive: A review of the new Helson Turtle
  61. Armida minute hand in Orange NLA
  62. Thoughts on Hublot subaquaneus diver?
  63. Benarus Accuracy update
  64. Would you sell this to buy a Tudor Pelagos?
  65. New to forum!/Need opinion on Watches
  66. Ennebi Fondale Gran Facciale Vintage - Orange Handed Beast!
  67. >>>>> WRUW: TGI Friday, June 1st, 2012 <<<<<
  68. El Buzo es aqui
  69. NEW SUB300 T-Graph SHIPPING INFO!!!!!
  70. Armida A1b Bronze post your pics!
  71. Opinion on these before purchase
  72. Have you ever seen a more perfect relume??
  73. Carbon fibre dials and patina
  74. Updated Aquadive BS100 Bronze Patina Pics
  75. Korsbek!
  76. Citizen Autozilla, some experience here ?
  77. Water resistance magic numbers
  78. My Crepas Tektite!
  79. parkerized finish
  80. >>>>> WRUW: Thursday, May 31st, 2012 <<<<<
  81. "Micro-brend" diver for small wrists?
  82. I need help finding a band for my 1982 Chronosport "Oceanus"
  83. UTS 3000m...any owners out there?
  84. Need help with Seiko diver seals/o-rings.......
  85. Bezel Issue
  86. Identification help :)
  87. Ulysse Nardin Black Sea Chronograph
  88. Helson Gauge 1000 Picture Thread
  90. >>>>> WRUW: Wednesday, May 30th, 2012 <<<<<
  91. What Took Me So Long....
  92. Bronze egg treatment what am I doing wrong?
  93. My DB Day/Night Ops is gone :(
  94. New Arrival - Mido Ocean Star Captain IV
  95. Problem with my Omega GMT
  96. Two Objects Collide
  97. Show me some Seiko SKA371 candid wrist shots
  98. Dive certification this past weekend! Sub along for the ride!
  99. Citizen Divers Watch ( with plastic shroud )
  100. GGB saves the day!
  101. One big happy (Kingston) family
  102. Seiko Sumo vs. Orient Star 300m
  103. My last diving trip :) PICTURES.
  104. How my Tag Heuer 2000 looks with this rubber strap?
  105. >>>>>**** WRUW: TUESDAY, May 29th, 2012 **** <<<<<
  106. How to zero out sub dials on an ocean7 G2S??
  107. Need a little help with a watch search
  108. Which grail to get for my wedding? Input and Opinions Needed! Omega PO vs Rolex SD vs PAM 24
  109. Citizen Autozilla vs. Sinn U2
  110. Seiko Stargate Blackout project # 2
  111. New watch wanted...
  112. My Grail has arrived and I'm blown away. WARNING Bronze content!!
  113. Recommendations -> Titanium 200m+ Quartz Day/Date
  114. Your view on Seiko & Citizen
  115. >>>>> WRUW: Monday, May 28th, 2012 <<<<<
  116. extra links for Sumo bracelet?
  117. Where's your 5 ring Zulu's at?
  118. Ploprof Photo Op
  119. What orange faced non-chronographs but less than 40mm exist out there?!?
  120. moVas Avant Garde Diver & Pro Diver
  121. 8" wrists
  122. SAS Sea Legend En Route
  123. German Divers made by Watchunion
  124. [Help] Alternative to Seiko SBDC001 "Black Sumo"
  125. Helson Bronzo, a perfect watch and a perfect fit.
  126. Artego 500m versus 300m (picture intensive)
  127. <<<<<<<<< WRUW SUNDAY?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  128. OMFG!!! Korsbek Oceaneer Unboxing @ Post Office!!
  129. What makes *A KEEPER* ? Share your views and show us ur keepers ..
  130. MANTA RAY modded!
  131. Need help loving my A1 more...
  132. An outstanding piece of Bronze.
  133. I'm posting my Helson Bronze here because it's not a Panerai.
  134. Finally landed a Kazimon Funfhundert (500)
  135. All in for the One: Eterna Heritage Super Kontiki LE 1973
  136. New Arrival - Artego 500M
  137. >>>>> WRUW: Saturday, May 26th, 2012 <<<<<
  138. New Helson Ti Gauge coming soon? AWESOME
  139. New Helson Ti Gauge coming soon? AWESOME
  140. Need Help With My Tsunami Micro Adjustment Problem
  142. Seiko Spork Bracelet or other makes
  143. A1 Bronze, I'm starting...
  144. Fake Seiko Spork question
  145. SBBN015 Tuna Photo Review....it wasn't shy. A LOT of photos, slow connections beware!
  146. Burnt Bronze Seiko Monster - a first look
  147. B&M Capeland S XXL question
  148. WRUW - Friday May 25, 2012
  149. Return to a classic (Omega SMP Bond | Rolex Sub LV)
  150. Relume a Steinhart OVM with white lume. Thoughts?
  151. Anything new from Halios?
  152. Some of my divers at night
  153. A Grail Trifecta, woohoo!
  154. Proper way to wear a NATO/Zulu?
  155. Will a citizen ecozilla fit on a small wrist
  156. Deep Blue JUGGERNAUT II- Black or STEINHART "TRITON 100 ATM"?
  157. Armida A2 Comparison Pics to Hager Commando
  158. For the one millionth time...
  159. Ocean7 LM-7 owner & design comparison
  160. If you could only keep one: Sinn U1T or Seiko MM300?
  161. Crepas Teltite AR coating
  162. >>>>> **** WRUW: THURSDAY, MAY 24th, 2012 ****<<<<<
  163. Orient End Links - Bracelet
  164. Arrival: Bali Ha'i, the fun chrono!
  165. Suggestions for a first dive watch...
  166. new heavy metal arrival - UTS content
  167. Ready to take the plunge ML dive Chrono.
  168. Lets see those Bronze divers
  169. Water Resistance Question - An unusual happening
  170. Just arrived: Artego 500m
  171. Seiko SKX171 Mod or SKA371?
  172. Dievas Focal on an Isofrane
  173. Long Island watch Co. shows Spork's in stock
  174. New Arrival... Bronze Shark Diver
  175. Ceramic coating?
  176. Omega PO or Ball EM II or Neither?
  177. >>>>> WRUW: Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 <<<<<
  178. My first Deep Blue!!
  179. >>** Hide and Seek ! Grand Seiko Love .... **<<
  180. Seiko 44mm or bigger help
  181. H2O Orca Dilemma => SS Band or Extra Case?
  182. Help me decide which watch to get
  183. Tritium Dive Watches
  184. Came home and a Zenton G45 was waiting
  185. Check out the new Boschett Harpoon
  186. Orient Black M-Force Diver!
  187. Removing patina on bronze?
  188. Deep Blue Curiosity
  189. ******WRUW Tuesday, 22 May 12*******
  190. Orient Star: Revolver "Air Diver" -Yellow Dial on Watchadoo
  191. Best small (38-42mm) diver under $1000 USD
  192. Deep Blue Sun Diver 1K
  193. Would you sell your U1 for...
  194. Helson Shark diver 42mm & Omega Planet Ocean 42mm Comparison Photos or Comments?
  195. New Zixen Heliox 1000m
  196. Fifty Fathoms homage today!
  197. Welder K24 or Tissot Sea Touch
  198. El Buzo in spanish television. Antena 3 tv.
  199. Ebel diver your thoughts please
  200. Putting bracelet back on Laguna
  201. Opinion Sought : H2O Orca Dive : Domed Sapphire or Flat ?
  202. vintage Tudor sub in natural environment...
  203. *** WRUW Monday May 21, 2012 ***
  204. Which watch is this??
  205. Armida A2- Ready for Church
  206. Drop Thread
  207. Incoming: Vintage Collection Aquatimer
  208. Tissot Seastar 1000 Chrono: Pics now, review to come!
  209. OFFICIAL: Tsunami thread.
  210. Greg Stevens NATO Strap
  211. Armida A2 -- SS vs. PVD case. Help me decide.
  212. 4 months of almost daily wear and it still looks great! (3000m dive watch goodness)
  213. Certina DS Action 200m
  214. >>>>> **** WRUW: SUNDAY, MAY 20th, 2012 ****<<<<<
  215. New arrival ....El buzo ...
  216. Kazimon 1500b V2
  217. Which one? Prometheus manta ray vs Halios puck.(Advice needed)
  218. Would you do this trade?
  219. SMW Diver Professional 300m
  220. Christopher Ward C60 Trident Review (Lots of Pics)
  221. Deep Blue Abyss Mod'd w/Panatime Carbon w/Blue Stitching
  222. >>>>> WRUW: Saturday, May 19th, 2012 <<<<<
  223. Sinn U2, the best (german) dive-watch ?
  224. Opinions on Sector diver
  225. Benarus Sea Snake -or- Helson Shark Diver 42mm? Which to buy?
  226. My first Orient diver
  227. Cool picture!
  228. Artego Watches taking orders for the 500M
  229. What is this?
  230. Anyone in Midtown NYC have a Sinn u1 and a Doxa or two for someone who never saw them in person?
  231. >>>>> WRUW: TGI Friday, May 18th, 2012 <<<<<
  232. My BaliHa'i Model C Chrono
  233. Can someone tell me the model # of this luminox?
  234. Last days of sale in tactico TC2 preorder
  235. Harpoon has landed! (pics, pics, pics!)
  236. Aquadive NOS vintage in the house
  237. Helson Stingray Picture Thread
  238. Shouldn't this be on the back? Wrong logo
  239. discovered a new feature
  240. Just wanna to share this new bronze~
  241. This is my 200th post
  243. Have the Micros Slowed Down?
  244. >>>>> WRUW: Thursday, May 17th, 2012 <<<<<
  245. Seamaster 1000 Meter on ebay. Is it real?
  246. Which Watch to Keep, Doxa or Stowa?
  247. Armida warrnty transferable?
  248. Der Meistertaucher "On the Job"
  250. GGB+Blk Monster+Costa Rica