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  1. Seamaster 300 Homage?
  2. Halios Laguna question
  3. NEW ARRIVAL! And I'm speechless! (3000m dive watch goodness!)
  4. I actually thought I was not going to receive this one.... Seiko content inside
  5. Dievas Vortex Vs Zixen Heliox Vs Stowa Prodiver
  6. Anybody know what a Trachymeter is?
  7. Magrette Regattare 2011
  8. Prometheus Baiji is now available
  9. Prometheus Baiji is now available
  10. Prometheus Baiji is now available
  11. Any pics of a Zixen Trimix Mechanik on 6.75" wrist?
  12. What a beautiful Patina you have?!?!
  13. Strap ideas for Boschett CD II
  14. Shark on shark
  15. Dive watch rec's
  16. Check out my BIRTHDAY PRESENT! I'm half full!
  17. Davosa Argonautic
  19. size comparison: Puck vs. Ecozilla
  20. WRUW: Friday 3rd February, 2012. Almost there!!
  21. Which Seiko is in your collection? (Landmonster Pics to come)
  22. Proto of Prometheus S80 in snow...
  23. Any news about the Prometheus Baiji
  24. The Elusive Great White
  25. It's finally here NOS Zodiac SSW
  26. Small video of the Prometheus Trireme
  27. Sexiest Dive watch alive? Gerlach gets my vote
  28. Photo Review Dievas Focal
  29. What $80 buys you in a "dive" watch
  30. My Seiko 6105-8000 has Arrived!!!!!
  31. Prometheus S80 with zulú and leather strap
  33. Collection Consolidated, New Acquisition Has Arrived
  34. Enzo Mechana Ref. 70 Prototype 1 of 2
  35. >>>>> WRUW: Thursday, February 2nd, 2012 <<<<<
  36. Dream Beater Comparo!!! (~ $400)
  37. $1200 Budget - What Watch?
  38. Busted a spring bar! Whose got the toughest?
  39. Recommend aftermarket oyster for Raven Vintage
  40. Dive Chronograph impressions, a short new to me post.
  41. Aquadive BS300 / Orange Isofrane......Sweet Combo IMO.........
  42. Any parting shots before I pull the trigger?
  43. Prometheus Trireme - Sapphire Bezel Diver Watch now available
  44. Prometheus Trireme - Sapphire Bezel Diver Watch now available
  45. Benarus Mil-Diver owners?
  46. Crepas T.a.c.t.i.c.o TC2
  47. New arrival: Seiko 7548-700B from the bay...
  48. Help Me Find a Good Looking (Automatic) Diver for Work Please!
  49. My quest to find a perfect bracelet on my new arrival (crux content)
  50. Any ideas?
  51. What bracelet should I get for my Seiko 6309 7040?
  52. Created 13 NEW GALLERIES... hope you like?
  53. Prometheus - Order Turn Around Time
  54. My solution to the Sumo lug/strap problem...
  55. Citizen Promaster carbon ss
  56. >>>>> WRUW: Wednesday, February 1st, 2012 <<<<<
  57. Trouble uploading pictures with the new format .. Is it just me ????? HELP !
  58. I was up all night....
  59. Bronze Helson versions up on their site
  60. Interesting Doxa article
  61. New user looking for your opinion
  62. Master Compressor Diving Alarm Navy SEAL Info
  63. Puck has hit the west coast
  64. Victorinox Dive Master 500 Titanium
  65. Amazing new BB strap from BJ(ridinfool) on my Lum-Tec....stunning!!
  66. Helson Tortuga mesh question (help! and post pics!)
  67. Vintage Russian Diver??? Any Information???
  68. Halios Bluering stuck bezel
  69. New additon Rolex (insert green joke here) >>
  70. Bronze Aquadive - Both Versions Released
  71. The Laguna is OUT OF STOCK?!?!?!?! GAHHHH
  72. 1000th post... What a great site we have!
  73. *** It's the last day of January, the spring is almost here! WRUW? 31/1/2012 ***
  74. Pic/strap options request for a Muhle Glashutte Nautic Timer
  75. Lug to lug on the Benarus Remora?
  76. Managing your partners
  77. Mercedes Benz Watch
  78. Prometheus Manta Ray VS GSAR
  79. Laguna Availability
  80. Which dive watch am I overlooking for in & around 5000 USD ??
  81. Bulova 96B126 serious watch?
  82. ...... WRUW on Monday Jan.30th, 2012 ......
  83. Suggestions for a birthday present please!
  84. Thin Divers?
  85. WCT 1000 meter Diver (Seal)
  86. Korsbek and Kremke forums closing....
  87. What situation would you find yourself wearing a rubber strap, and when would you not wear it?
  88. Lets see those Subs (and Sub-like) divers
  89. Dive Watch via Amazon.com
  90. Share Bronze Upcoming Release Dates, Rumors, And Insider Info - One Place All Bronze!
  91. Quality at its prime. Second hand detached.
  92. Help me find a white diver with these requirements
  93. Loose Planet Monster Bezel
  94. Antimagnetic Question About HELSON SHARK DIVER 42mm
  95. deep blue master 2000 dial
  96. Destined For Greatness???
  97. Gee whiz, I can't decide...Laguna, Tsunami, or Cave Dweller 2?
  98. Some more photos of the Prometheus S80 and the Prometheus Trireme
  99. Anyone see the new womens divers from Deep Blue??
  100. Olivier Bronze Diver Update #2 - STRAPS!
  101. Well hello there sexy! Meg 500!
  102. Saying Hello, first post
  103. WRUW to Jump-Start the Sunday ... 01-29-2012 ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  104. Seiko mod as vintage seamaster - Jake conversion
  105. Laguna or Puck
  106. Heads up! Countycomm has Marathon bracelets brand new for $100!!
  107. OFF Topic:Miyota 9015 on Brookstone Winder
  108. Final Rendering of Bronze Aquadive (Brown)
  109. Which Blue should I take?
  110. Helson bronze shark diver with bronze bezel... Will Peter make more in February?
  111. Notching a Nato?
  112. Please help me choose between SKA371 and SKA369!
  113. Omega vs Jaeger LeCoultre Help
  114. Linde Werdelin The One - PHOTO ESSAY
  115. Got My Doxa 1500T Pro today!
  116. GMT Diver Suggestions under $1k
  117. WRUW: Saturday January 28th, 2012
  118. Tsunami - obviously a very common watch to see in the wild
  119. Where to go next?
  120. Help - O&W Ranger Diver Bezel Insert
  121. Got My Limited Edition Deep Blue today
  122. Zixen Heliox on Isofrane - Q and D
  123. Seiko Monster Black Out? Can it be done?
  124. Coming Soon ...
  125. my new compressor
  126. Need Input on deep blue juggernaut auto!
  127. funny - a bad day at the "ofiice"
  128. Colour your world: Deep Blue BlueTech ABYSS 500
  129. Helson Tortuga & Benarus Remora II Dial Size
  130. anyone have Helson SharkDiver 42mm pics NEXT TO C60 Trident/Breitling Seawolf Ti/Skx007 Seiko?
  131. Educate me on Nato/Zulu straps and where to get them?
  132. Why do most of us non-divers wear a dive watch?
  133. Pics my Tsunami
  134. <<< TGIF Wrist Check! January 27th >>>
  135. Tsunamis out in the wild?
  136. RedSea Holystone - Quick thoughts on it
  137. Green lume vs blue lume
  138. New Meg 500 from Benarus
  139. Just orderd a Precista PRS-18Q...
  140. Benarus Sea Devil
  141. Come meet the "Destro-Ya".... if you Dare!
  142. First Arrivals of 2012! Tsunami Content
  143. Just bought a Rotary Aquaspeed 300m. Anyone else?
  144. WRUW: Thursday January 26th, 2012
  145. The PUCK has landed in New England - lots of wrist shots
  146. Quick Observation re: Helson
  147. ETA vs Seliita: The Fight to Keep ETA Supplying Movements to Small Brands Like Bathys
  148. Helson Shark Diver and Import Duties
  149. Ulysse Nardin-Omega Advice and suggestions
  150. WTA: how to unscrew the back of citizen ecozilla
  151. White Helson Sharkmaster
  152. NEW: OMEGA Seamaster 300M James Bond 50th Anniversary Edition
  153. WRUW<<<<<<<<<<1-25-12>>>>>>>>>>
  154. Planet Ocean Otter
  155. Welcoming The Dragon With My Armida A2 PVD 500m
  156. Helsa Diver. Any information!?
  157. Any thoughts on this latest offering?
  158. New strap needed for TSAR
  159. just bein' a show-off
  160. Could the HELSON SHARKDIVER 42mm with orange markers be worn formally?
  161. Helson 42mm Bronze SharkDiver
  162. Long ago {50's, early 60's.. there weren't a lot of people with dive watches >>>>
  163. Is Helson Having Any Discount at the Moment?
  164. Helson Shark Diver 42 Opinions: ETA vs. Miyota
  165. Orient 300m saturation diver-worth it?
  166. DOXA SUB1200T NUMA Blue or Oris Divers Date
  167. Seiko 6309 lume pip
  168. I bought a professional diver's work watch (Tuna content)...
  169. Should i get a used $700 45mm Miyota SHARKDIVER or a NEW $758 42mm Miyota
  170. Golden Brown Fresh Tuna Hits the Deck!
  171. >>>>> WRUW: Tuesday, January 24th, 2012 <<<<<
  172. My 500th Post!!! WUS Premiere:Squale 50 ATMOS PVD case/Toxic Orange Dial!!!Special Thank You!!!
  173. Ploprof + Bund....
  174. Bernhardt Sea Shark movement
  175. The Dive Machine......Aquadive Bathyscaphe 300 #39.....beware......modem burner :-)
  176. Kemmner 007 specs?
  177. Customize my Edox Class 1
  178. Video Review of Vostok Amphibia 1967 (xpost from Russian watches)
  179. Artego 500M
  180. I need help finding a dive watch, 40-42mm & $300-$400 any ideas?
  181. New Arrival to my Collection......
  182. WRUW <<<<<<<1-23-12>>>>>>>>
  183. To Flip or not to Flip; Helson Sharkmaster vs. Doxa 1200T
  184. Benetto Cinturini Model # 281
  185. WestCoasTime SEAL on bracelet and Gunny leather
  186. Bronze Aquadive Bathyscaphe 100 - Pre Ordered!!!
  187. Ginault Wathch Company Service
  188. Micro vs name brand servicing
  189. Tell me about the U1000....
  190. Redsea Straps
  191. 1200 Meters in a Pelican
  192. Closest looking watch to a Rolex Submariner 14060M question
  193. New to Dive watches - recommendations for $250 and under?
  194. MOST Accurate Watch I own - What's Yours?
  195. VSA dive master 500 quartz, easy to swap in an ETA-2824?
  196. anyone know of dive watch makers having troubles or going under or not selling well ?
  197. WRUW - Sunday Jan 22, 2012
  198. Any Rumors in The Air???
  199. Breitling Colt or Rolex Sea Dweller?
  200. My new Omega 300m w/ceramic bezel ----with pics
  201. Seastar 1000 for $600?
  202. Movement suddenly stopped?
  203. Looks like a new Raven is coming soon.
  204. Trying to reach Zack at Red12 with CS issue
  205. Tag Heuer Hhome battery change.
  206. Ennebi Fondale Cali Bronzo
  207. New Arrival !!!!!
  208. Buttery Smooth 2892 movement
  209. To post or not to post problems w/ Co.s?
  210. WRUW Saturday Jan 21st :-*
  211. The weekend is here. WRUW to start two days off?
  212. My new Helson Shark Diver! (Pic Heavy)
  213. Seiko Shogun SBDC007 hands change out?
  214. Isofrane buckle problem-addressed
  215. Seiko History (2012))
  216. Latest impulse buy is becoming one of my favorite watches already (Zodiac Oceanaire)
  217. Halios Laguna side by side with (fill in the blank). Any pictures?
  218. Deep Blue DayNight T25
  219. Which strap would you wear on a Submariner?
  220. Which Watch to Keep
  221. Just arrived Crepas El Buzo (The Diver)
  222. Encountering the 382 Bronzo
  223. Laguna vs Steinhart Mil
  224. My 1st ZIXEN/ 2012 Purchase Arrives...!!!
  225. Anyone else have a new Helson Bronze SD show up today???
  226. question about helson 42mm shark diver bezel
  227. The Prometheus S80 prototype in video
  228. Le Grand on Leather
  229. moved to affordables forum...
  230. >>>>> WRUW: TGI Friday, January 20th, 2012 <<<<<
  231. Who's That Knocking at my door???
  232. PICS OF THE ---- P U C K ---- It's true !!
  233. off topic, accepting cashiers check upon sales?
  234. Went trigger happy - Omega SMP Co-Axial vs. Ball Diver COSC vs. Bremont Supermarine
  235. Considering a Heuer modification- be warned...
  236. Bali Ha'i Q dead movement
  237. Seiko sumo or Zenton V45?????????? what to buy
  238. TAG Heuer Formula 1 or Helson Shark Diver?
  239. Deep Blue Master Explorer-Cancun
  240. Orient Mako II slowing
  241. Fondale Bronzo
  242. Couple questions for Movas Diver (quickset date)
  243. all this talk of Helson.......
  244. Which to sell
  245. * New Toys *
  246. My first >>>>
  247. Which affordable diver to wear with brown shoes/belt for the office.
  248. NEW: JeanRichard DIVERSCOPE LPR
  249. New shoes for a couple of my divers....my 1st custom leathers, how did I do?
  250. Could someone post thier Helson Skindiver compared with another such as Seiko Monster etc.