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  1. Anyone else have a new Helson Bronze SD show up today???
  2. question about helson 42mm shark diver bezel
  3. The Prometheus S80 prototype in video
  4. Le Grand on Leather
  5. moved to affordables forum...
  6. >>>>> WRUW: TGI Friday, January 20th, 2012 <<<<<
  7. Who's That Knocking at my door???
  8. PICS OF THE ---- P U C K ---- It's true !!
  9. off topic, accepting cashiers check upon sales?
  10. Went trigger happy - Omega SMP Co-Axial vs. Ball Diver COSC vs. Bremont Supermarine
  11. Considering a Heuer modification- be warned...
  12. Bali Ha'i Q dead movement
  13. Seiko sumo or Zenton V45?????????? what to buy
  14. TAG Heuer Formula 1 or Helson Shark Diver?
  15. Deep Blue Master Explorer-Cancun
  16. Orient Mako II slowing
  17. Fondale Bronzo
  18. Couple questions for Movas Diver (quickset date)
  19. all this talk of Helson.......
  20. Which to sell
  21. * New Toys *
  22. My first >>>>
  23. Which affordable diver to wear with brown shoes/belt for the office.
  24. NEW: JeanRichard DIVERSCOPE LPR
  25. New shoes for a couple of my divers....my 1st custom leathers, how did I do?
  26. Could someone post thier Helson Skindiver compared with another such as Seiko Monster etc.
  27. Oceanic OC1 Ti bracelet
  29. WRUW: Thursday January 19th, 2012
  30. Helson Bronze Shark Diver in the News - Part 2 (& on Rolko Leather)
  31. Before bronze, there was brass
  32. ETA (Swatch group) vs. other movement makers...How many feel the same?
  33. Ceramic bezel for skx007
  34. Now THIS is the way to start a new year!
  35. Brushing the bezel insert on my Helson Shark Diver
  36. What would you get for $3.5k?
  37. Depth-gauge watches
  38. Someone Show Me Thier "Orange Pirate"
  39. ----WRUW: Wednesday 18 January 2012 ----
  41. Benarus Ti47 Chrono pics... I love this watch!!
  42. Day/Date Divers under $1000 for daily beater?
  43. Steinhart watch website
  44. What is the best dive watch under $1000?
  46. DOXA 750 GMT or Sinn U2?
  47. Boutique Binge
  48. Omega Planet Ocean XL (45.5) or Breitling Superocean Chronograph (42)
  49. Benarus Megalodon 4 Ti
  50. 42mm Helson SD White/ Blue on Snpr9696 Custom
  51. Need a Little Help..Need 40mm Wrist Shots on 7"+ Wrists
  52. Tawatec Black Titan Diver Tactical ICS
  53. Finally got pics up of my newest arrival - Breitling Super Avenger
  54. Further price increases from ETA in 2012 ...
  55. Zodiac Oceanaire has stain
  56. My new Christopher Ward C60 TRIDENT Charcoal Bezel has arrived!!
  57. >>>>> WRUW: Tuesday, January 17th, 2012 <<<<<
  58. Zixen Vintage Diver Heliox 1000m - Thoughts?
  59. 40-42" Diver for $2000 or less?
  60. UTS 4000m (GMT) - $?
  61. Does it worth to buy a OMEGA mesh bracelet & buckle (24mm) to fit an AUTOZILLA?
  62. Sweet little (Helson) Skindiver
  63. Any reason to not buy a Sinn U1???
  64. Weight of H2O Kalmar
  65. Breaking the PMW Limit... Best Diver for 1,000-1,200?
  66. Bathys Fathoms Ruthenium Grey Dial with NEW Bracelet
  67. 45mm Shark Diver on smaller wrist?
  68. Whilst we wait for the Puck.....Laguna or DSR500M
  69. 1600m of diving goodness... Trio Comparison!
  70. 500M Diving watch, on a watchadoo, with pics
  71. What is the best clasp out there (with diver lock)
  72. DC/Northern VA GTG
  73. Fabulous underwater encounter...
  74. >>>>> WRUW: Monday,January 16th, 2012 <<<<<
  75. Good Deep Blue watch?
  77. Olivier bronze buckles modified and treated in Liver of Sulfur (LOS)
  78. Leather strap for Laguna?
  79. Looking for recommendations on a $200 dive / military watch
  80. Tauchmeister T0046
  81. Zenton Bronze after a little over a year exposure to salt water
  82. WRUW to kick-start the Sunday ... 01-15-2012 ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  83. Hey Guys What Strap for The 6 Pounder
  84. JLC Navy SEAL Diving Alarm
  85. Strap Help for Deep Blue Depthmaster 3000
  87. Olivier Watch Bronze 500m
  88. Saturday Evening UnVieling:::Red Sea "Six Pounder"PVD...Warning LONG Post
  89. Big but Thin...help me find a new diver
  90. Lets See Those KILLER CaseBacks!!!
  91. Well all my questions and searches paid off. My First Grail landed this morning ! Breitling Seawolf
  92. Prototype of the Prometheus S80 has just been finished
  93. [SANDOZ SG]-[diver submariner hommage]- Fellow members from UK pls help.
  94. Better deal than the Armida A1 Miyota?
  95. Dive watch to big?
  96. Fabulous underwater encounter...
  97. armida anaconda...
  98. PVD/ DLC Divers Unite!!! <~~~~~~~~~
  99. Armida A1 pvd is home with its brother in Pennsylvania!
  100. Squale 50 Atmos!!!Need Monster Comparison
  101. Ennebi Fondal Mod "update"
  102. How does the Armida A1 compare on wrist to Helson Tortuga
  103. What watch looks like a Seamaster 120???
  104. Seek input on this 24mm steel bracelet
  105. Dark Battle: BelowZero PVD vs. Lum-tec 500m-2
  106. WRUW: Saturday 14th January, 2012. Made it to the weekend!
  107. Girlfriend couldn't resist a new Deep Blue
  108. RedSea Holystone
  109. Halios Puck or Lum-Tec 500M
  110. Having some issues with the software?
  111. Anyone have a Sector Dive Master?
  112. Montblanc Blue Sport Chronograph - Ref. 101654
  113. OK That's it, I've Had it!!! Calling All Military Style (NO BEZEL) Divers!!!
  114. Isofrane finally here !
  115. NEW: Jaeger-LeCoultre Deep Sea Vintage CHRONO
  116. Watches that look similar to JLC Deep Sea?
  117. WR or not?
  118. Dive Watch Collecting and SO's
  120. And then there were two !
  121. Perfect Watch Size??? Most Popular Size???
  122. >>>>> WRUW: TGI Friday, (Watch out for black cats!) January 13th, 2012 <<<<<
  123. Latest arrivals in the last couple months
  124. HAT TRICK!! Total WR is 1600M
  125. Divers-Pilots-Sunshine-Pasta: a pictorial of a 3-day GTG (please take care of the modem...)
  126. Hardly Roma Heavy Metal Bracelet
  127. where to get Seiko 007 mods done?
  128. TAG Heuer Aquagraph
  129. Armida A1 on 9 different straps: versatile or not?
  130. Where could I service or clean my Seiko 6309 7040?
  131. Puck vs WCT 1000m SEAL
  132. Breitling Superocean Steelfish or Doxa 5000t
  133. BIG RED ONE ... Epic GTG
  134. Preview: pics of the brand new Jaeger-LeCoultre Deep Sea Vintage Chronograph
  135. Bronze Dive Watch but why...
  136. God Help, Me What Have I Done???This Must Qualify as a Mental Illness!!!
  137. Took the Laguna for another splash off Rottnest Island...some pics
  138. Calling ALL 44 mm Divers!!!
  139. New Arrival - Seamaster 1200m
  140. Can't find LM-6, so.....
  141. >>>>> WRUW: Thursday, January 12th, 2012 <<<<<
  142. Citizen Pressure Testing:-
  143. lookin for hands for my certina ds-3
  144. Puck vs. Aquadive BS 100
  145. Which of these two straps would you choose for an orange faced diver?
  146. Forum Favorites...A Comparison : Halios/Seiko
  147. Invicta pro diver with coin bezel
  148. Anyone isofrane order got lost in the mail before?
  149. Help Removing OEM Stainless Bracelet From Dive Master 500 Quartz
  150. Help with impulse purchase- nine fairly obscure divers to pick from
  151. Calling Cave Dweller owners, help me out please!!!
  152. There are uglier, more expensive divers than this!
  153. >>>>> WRUW: Wednesday, January 11th, 2012 <<<<<
  154. Old Swiss dive watch - Cyprus De Luxe
  155. Tsunami
  157. Newbie question on automatic movement on my 8928OB
  158. Hamilton Below Zero PVD (add pics Isofrane)
  159. I bumped into a DOXA today
  160. Another of those threads - Omega Planet Ocean 2500 vs Seiko Marinemaster 300m
  161. Kobold Arctic Diver & Armida A4 size caparison.
  162. Rolex Deepsea vs Omega Ploprof 1200
  163. A little different Seiko Diver... nice watch 2
  164. RESCO Patriot 1000 updates?
  165. Anyone got any comparison pictures: Seiko Emperor Tuna and G-Shock GW-7900B?
  166. Marathon watches price jump... wow
  168. Blue Dial Dive Watch
  169. >>>>> WRUW: Tuesday, January 10th, 2012 <<<<<
  170. Interested in SAS Sea-1 Dubh Linn.
  171. Just got in my Boschett Cave Dweller II
  172. Show me your Ennebi Fondales on wrist, please
  173. ANY MICRO COLLECTIONS Out There????
  174. Aquadive marvel: The Bathyscaphe 100.
  175. Dumont Saab - Aquastar 100m
  176. Advice needed: Tsunami classic or Helson Sharkmaster
  177. Recommended PVD/DLC Service
  178. My Prometheus Addiction
  179. Oris bracelet and lack of rubber strap options {lots of pics..
  180. Has anyone heard a update on the Tempus Viking?
  181. Take advantage of a weaker EUR - get a Prometheus Manta Ray
  182. RESCO owners and the Slava movement?
  183. Newbie! Need help finding the perfect diver!
  184. Vulcain Nautical - I have a question. Help please
  185. CALLING ALL BONETTO CINTURINI/ITALIAN rubber/natural rubber strap owners -pics pls? :D
  186. Divers with White Dials - please post yours!
  187. Are These Dive Watches???
  188. Help me pick a watch for my 29th Birthday, Please
  189. Is this Seiko 6309 7040 Dial and hands original?
  190. >>>>> WRUW: Monday,January 9th, 2012 <<<<<
  191. Question for Doxa 5000t owners
  192. SAS SEA-01 opinions?
  193. What's your favorite micro brand diver chrono?
  194. Recommend me a new dive watch
  195. Ahhh...Helson back on the bracelet and...
  196. If you could only keep one watch...
  197. Picture of the Athletic Sport you play and your Watch together?
  198. Armida A5 lands in Pennslyvania!
  199. Emperor Tuna vs. Rolex Deepsea
  200. A question about the Hirsch Extreme
  201. Very cool diving video
  202. >>>>>>>>>>WRUW Sunday the 8th?<<<<<<<<<<<<
  203. What does it take for a watch to be considered a "true diver'ss" watch?
  204. anyone have pics of PVD VSA Dive Master 500 on Strapcode PVD bracelet?
  205. Bezels (rotating)
  206. Elusive perfect dive/tool watch...ideas?
  207. My new "Grand Diver" modelnumer 3048 (yellow dial)
  208. Wow, I am already hooked. Tropic style watch bands are very comfortable!
  209. New/Revised Glycine Diver
  210. new review of my Deep Blue Master Explorer - have a look if you are interested.
  211. Which and why? - Breitling Superocean Heritage 46 or UTS 1000m V2??
  212. 007 strap recs needed!
  213. 24mm lug width watch
  214. PVD 45mm Helson Arrives! - Thoughts?
  215. New diver incoming
  216. pressure testing ???
  217. WRUW Sat Jan 7th?
  218. WHAT IS IT?
  219. 40-42mm Divers with Exhibition Caseback
  220. Some summer color (Down Under)...Magrette Moana Pacific Diver
  221. Divers and business casual attire / business suits
  222. Dressy diver - Certina DS Action or Steinhart Ocean 2?
  223. Indie Dive Brands....?
  224. 500M Diving watch, only a cheap one, nothing too expensive
  225. Bead Blasted Helson Ti SharkDiver
  226. Divers in the News
  227. Do you guys have any information about this diver ?
  228. Trying to get a sense of sizes
  229. Puck Questions
  230. Tudor Snowflake Owner Information
  231. Dive Master question
  232. Orange dial diver
  233. orsa watches???
  234. Trouble deciding HELP :)
  235. How can I fix the bezel lume from my Seiko 6309 7040?
  236. Hey!!! First TGIF 2012!!!! WRUW
  237. PVD vs DLC coating
  238. $85 Watch Meets $100 Strap
  239. Mesh recommend?
  240. Does Your Watch Do This? Squale Content.
  241. Inside the Armida A1
  242. For JeepDad - small G Family Portrait
  243. NEW: OMEGA Seamaster DIVER Co-Axial 300M [NewGeneration]
  244. A move to Simplicity? Seiko SBBN015 Tuna Can
  245. New wheels on the Prometheus Ocean Diver...
  246. Saltwater & stainless
  247. >>>>> WRUW: Thursday, January 5th, 2012 <<<<<
  248. Deep Blue Sea 1000 M watches
  249. My NEW Ball WorldTime Diver on ISOFRANE
  250. Let's see your Diver Lume shots!