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  1. Ball Ceramic XV vs Doxa Shark Ceramica
  2. >>>>>> WRUW: Monday, December 12th 2011<<<<<<<<
  3. Sight unseen, which do you think would look best with Mesh?
  4. SAS Watch Co. Christmas delivery schedule....
  5. Helson Shark Diver or XW Tsunami?
  6. Issues with VSA Dive Master 500 Automatic
  7. Whats your favorite way to attach your Helson SharkDiver (or any other diver) to your wrist?
  8. who can tell me more about this watch ...
  9. who can tell me more about this watch .....
  10. >>>>> WRUW: Sunday, December 11th, 2011 <<<<<
  11. Not one you see everyday...
  12. Eterna Kon Tiki
  13. Crown at 12
  14. Photoshoot Triton 30 ATM on different straps (pic heavy!)
  15. So here's an idea.. post the watch that sees the least wrist time
  16. WRUW: Saturday 10th December, 2011. Made it to the weekend!
  17. Deep Blue AP Diver with a Super Oyster bracelet
  18. Dive COMPUTER as daily wear watch
  19. Deep blue hands
  20. Take your Divers for a Dip! Show your watches in water!
  21. Best looking diver on black isofrane?
  22. RGM 300, I hit paydirt
  23. >>>>> WRUW: Friday, December 9th, 2011 <<<<<
  24. Houston/ Katy GTG? (Looking for participants)
  25. Omega just in
  26. Where to buy? Tag Heuer Getting sick of the Authorized Dealer -vs- Online misinformation.
  27. New arrival: Steinhart Triton 30 ATM (lots of pictures!)
  28. -I- wear White after Labor Day! (pic heavy)
  29. Which Diver looks best on a Rubber strap?
  30. interesting discovery whilst researching diving watches.
  31. Exhibition caseback divers?
  32. Armida A1 ETA white hands on it's way......have I picked the right strap?
  33. >>>>> WRUW: Thursday, December 8th, 2011 <<<<<
  34. VDB is stepping up with an annual series
  35. Looking for another Seiko diver.Lets see some pics!
  36. Dive watch for extreme cold......that's why..........
  37. DB on SInn Rubber as promised...
  38. Halios Laguna Owners Club... Join & Post!
  39. Dive watch owners: Do you actually dive?
  40. Case of the cushion case
  41. Benarus vs. Prometheus
  42. Who took advantage of the Helson sale? If so, what did you buy?
  43. I hate mesh bracelets!!
  44. >>>>> WRUW: Wednesday, December 7th, 2011 <<<<<
  45. Citizen BJ2115-07E Eco-Drive
  46. a few question on my new buy the skx007j
  47. In the mood for a Grand Seiko Diver
  48. Final Four
  49. Need help with Pressure Test result interpretation.
  50. AD Bathyscaphe 100
  51. Incoming *** Another Helson
  52. Bathyscaphe 300
  53. Adding lume to a watch
  54. DeepBlue Europe website
  55. Hamilton Belowzero, thoughts, pics and wristshots please
  56. Please Help with Divers
  57. >>>>> WRUW: Tuesday, December 6th, 2011 <<<<<
  58. My new Helsn 42mm SD on ISOFRANE
  59. Looking for the Aquadive "look" but with less of the Aquadive "price"
  60. please help me find my first diver (affordable)
  61. New RedSea owner -- very pleased!
  62. Helson Shark Diver Strap Recommendations?
  63. Certina DS Action Diver Pics
  64. WUS DWP on mesh, anybody?
  65. Le Cheminant 500 metres with Nivada Auto movement Dive Watch
  66. Alternatives to a blue Sumo?
  67. Armida customer service ROCKS!
  68. Corum Admiral's Cup Seafender 46 Chrono Dive: review and 14 pics!
  69. UTS and PVD coating
  70. Does anyone know what kind of watch this is?
  71. CUSTOM Watch Cases... Got/ Made Any?
  72. Spirotechnique.....Post Your Spirotechnique Dialed Divers (All brands)
  73. Question on Oris Diver bezel replacement
  74. Need dive watch that doesn't LOOK like dive watch
  75. WRUW: Monday December 5th, 2011
  76. Revue Thommen Diver on Black Ostrich Leg my Dangerous9
  77. Tsunami UDT 6105 8110
  78. 2011: A Year in Dive Watch Collecting/Flipping
  79. Diversity in a small Collection?
  80. My first Diver (finaly)
  81. Anyone running a Leather NATO ?
  82. Sumo / Tortuga size comparisons?
  83. A Black Monster related question for bracelet fans....
  84. Old Skool DIver Squale 50 Atmos
  85. >>>>> WRUW: Sunday, December 4th, 2011 <<<<<
  86. Need a recommendation.....automatic chronograph diver under $4,000 (with clean good looks)
  87. Exchange wanted frogman
  88. NOS Zodiac SuperSeaWolf makes its debut
  89. Show me your Deep Blue divers! Owner's roll call.
  90. ETERNA super KonTiki watch I.D.
  91. Help!need a strap for my orange Monster.
  92. Apologize for my ignorance here: Is it okay to wear a narrow NATO/ZULU strap on wider lugs?
  93. what the lume !!!
  94. Marathon WW194018 LGP (J-SAR) battery question.
  95. NEW!!....SAS SEA-01 Blue Dial...............
  96. a question about deep blue dive watches
  97. New arrival: first Doxa - 1200t Professional - thanks, thoughts and pics
  98. Tsunami- classic‏
  99. Can we have a "Diving watches in action" sub forum?
  100. >>>>> WRUW: 1st weekend, final month.. December 3nd, 2011 <<<<<
  101. Need some help finding 28mm strap or SS bracelet
  102. Anyone know what the Certina DS Action Diver bezel is made out of?
  103. I am a lucky guy.... Zixen content
  104. New Member to the Soltura Household *** Helson 42mm SD (pic heavy)
  105. Boschett ratcheting clasp why is it the best? and is it really unique or not?
  106. Arrived: obtainable/afforable GRAIL! UPDATE w/pics!!
  107. Titanium automatic dive chronograph?
  108. Post your Isofranes...again!
  109. Post the watch in ur collection that GETS MOST WRIST TIME !!!!:) ;)
  110. What Shop Do You Visit When You Want to Window Shop for Nice Dive and Chrono Watches?
  111. >>>>> WRUW: TGI Friday, December 2nd, 2011 <<<<<
  112. I Want a Waffle... or a Tropic
  113. The Dive Watch Mystique
  114. vintage Seiko navigator gmt
  115. My Seiko Caesar's
  116. My fascination with dive watches
  117. Any new Helson Sharkdivers
  118. Maratac 4 Ring NATO on Deep Blue Daynight Diver 48mm Pro first impressions
  119. 12-01-11 - WRUW on the first day of the last moth of the year?
  120. Puck update
  121. (Great) White Shark off the NC coast
  122. Dive, dive, dive... A*Q*U*A*D*I*V*E
  123. Getting a Blue Bluering/looking for a cool leather to put it on. Pics?
  124. Pressure Testing - Recommendation vs Reality
  125. Breitling Superocean gets flooded
  126. Seiko SKX Diver - modifications prices
  127. How to Contact Mr. Kemmner Any Kemmner Divers Available?
  128. Prometheus Holiday Charity Promotion: Double Rewards With Each Manta Ray Purchase!
  129. It?s time for updates on the latest from Tempest Watches?
  130. Lets see your Iwc aquatimer on Velcro
  131. H2O Kalmar, for all the bezel spinners out there.... (warning modem and broadband burner)
  132. Benarus Remora: How are these not sold out yet?
  133. Hmm.. Curious- Not normally a Deep Blue fan but.. Sea Chronograph 1000m ??
  134. Harpoon Prototype - Pics
  135. Thinking about new Seiko diver,anybody got any ideas?
  136. Armida A5...what say you?
  137. I'm detecting a pattern..
  138. Omega Seamaster help/opinions
  139. Can you recommend me a diver with these specifications
  140. A full week with the Oris Prodiver
  141. Where to buy NOS Tropic straps?
  142. Orca Vs Monster!!! Who Would win in a fist fight between this two?
  143. Back into Doxa at the mo.... :-)
  144. Affordable fun - Seiko SKX007 & Orient Ray side-by-side pics
  145. Snowflake
  146. >>>>> WRUW: Wednesday, November 30th, 2011 <<<<<
  147. W-R-U-W: Tuesday, 11-29-11
  148. First Impressions: Bernhardt Corsair
  149. Thoughts on Mido Ocean Star please
  150. Incoming *** a Pre-Loved 42mm Shark Diver (Helson)
  151. What would you buy, Montrek or Deep Blue?
  152. >>>>>>>>>WRUW Monday the 28th?<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  153. Gruen 600 feet
  154. Duplicate Thread PLZ Remove
  155. This or That
  156. WRUW - Sunday 11-27-11 ****>>><<<
  157. Anyone own a Montrek 1000m dive watch?
  158. Aquadive 300 image gallery--EVEN MORE PHOTOS
  159. first post - been lurking.
  160. OK-am Seriously Close to ordering an EnnebiFondale w/o Rotating Bezel.....
  161. One of the best looking Seiko divers....
  162. Seiko Monster Lug Question ?
  163. web shopping super-sleuths, please help me find.... 24mm Oyster bracelet, straight ends?
  164. Looking for sapphire crystal for SKX007
  165. Do I really need another 300m Tuna...?
  166. Doxa 300T Conquistador diver on the 'Bay
  167. Video review of the Prometheus Manta Ray by Ablogtoread.com
  168. >>>>>>>>>WRUW Sat the 26th?<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  169. 2012 Auricoste Spirotechnique
  170. Buying first dive watch - need advice please
  171. 40th Birthday purchase...ideas please!
  172. Bracelet recommendation for SKX007
  173. >>>>> WRUW: Black Friday, November 25th, 2011 <<<<<
  174. What's Old is New Again!
  175. Largest Luminox
  176. Little comparison between El Buzo and Doxa and Zeno
  177. change deep blue dial
  178. Anyone know of a good, cheap alternative to seiko monster?
  179. Advice needed for a freediving watch
  180. Does anybody make NATO straps with titanium loops?
  181. Happy Thanksgiving!
  182. >>>>> WRUW: Thursday, November 24th, 2011 <<<<<
  183. Replacement parts for Halios Bluering?
  184. Has anyone received the Kemmner Turtle in the U.S.??
  185. Repairing Victorinox Dive master 500 Quartz - is it worth it?
  186. Tag, Oris or Certina? Please help me decide!!!
  187. Anyone know the lug to lug length of the CD II?
  188. Aquadive 100 arrived today
  189. Citizen Aqualand - Lists of dive watch battery types?
  190. New 42mm Remora vs 42mm Helson Shark Diver
  191. My first go round with Deep Blue!! Thoughts and feedback on Deep Blue is very much appreciated..
  192. Zixen new model prototype pictures.
  193. Why no Watch Reviews Sub-forum (no pun intended) ?
  194. >>>>> WRUW: Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011 <<<<<
  195. Was the Deep Blue Master Diver 1000m a limited run?
  196. Affordable Diver Options?
  197. Oris Prodiver date, the new leader of the pack
  198. Benarus Ti47 Chrono
  199. Omega Speedmaster 3570 or Tudor Submariner 79090
  200. Another "Always Fun" Unboxing Thread!
  201. Post your 'tacticals'
  202. Feldmar goes uptown...
  203. WRUW: Tuesday 22nd November 7th, 2011
  204. UTS on the bay, rediculous price, or am I just ignorant?
  205. Bit by the bug
  206. Video review of the Prometheus Manta Ray by Watchreport.com
  207. SEIKO MarineMaster PROFESSIONAL 300M Diver Quartz
  208. Super Engineer Type II Bracelets
  209. Miyota 9015 Delayed Deliveries, Micros?
  210. An important announcement from HEXA Watches
  211. >>>>> WRUW:Monday, November 21st, 2011 <<<<<
  212. the fascination of bronze watches???
  213. Need some help identifying a watch company.
  214. HaiQ dive test (Sorta..)
  215. My Carribean Cruise
  216. Deep Blue Juggernaut Quartz Mod
  217. Seiko Tool watch completed
  218. Is everyone happy with their Irreantum Magellan?
  219. Please Help Me Choose my Second Watch!
  220. <<<<<<<<<< WRUW Sunday the 20th?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  221. Side x Side pics of a Manta Ray and Artego 300M anyone?
  222. Purpose of Domed Crystals
  223. Oris Prodiver Date, anyone have one?
  224. Has anyone had issues importing a Rolex sub homage from abroad?
  225. Need Pics of Atlas Seiko 5 and Seiko BFK with different Bands
  226. Just bought my first Tutima...
  227. Need some advice choosing Benarus,Ollech & Wajs,Armida or SAS
  228. <<<<<<<<<<WRUW on Sat The 19th?>>>>>>>>>
  229. Benarus Mil-Diver photos and first impressions
  230. Vintage 9411/0 Blue Tudor Snowflake Sub Introduction
  231. Blancpain Fifty Fathoms or Audemars Piguet ROO Diver
  232. Zixen Trimix PVD GMT vs. Darth Tuna
  233. 40mm diver with lume on bezel?
  234. AQUADIVE GTG in Brooklyn , NY
  235. Heads up: good deal on Deep Blue daynight T25 quartz diver
  236. The evolution of Prometheus S80 in pictures.
  237. Review - Seiko Prospex Solar Quartz Titanium Diver - SBDN005
  238. >>>>> WRUW: Friday, November 18th, 2011 <<<<<
  239. Under the Ice: Research Diving in Antarctica
  240. New arrival! Squale 50 Atmos 1521-026/O
  241. El Buzo by CREPAS photos-comparative
  242. El Buzo by CREPAS photos-comparative
  243. BBC: "Greatest horologist of all time" passes away
  244. Kaventsmann first build - was for his dad
  245. new arrival!! bronze zenton B43 woah!!
  246. >>>>> WRUW?: Thursday, November 17th, 2011 <<<<<
  247. DEEP BLUE MASTER MAG CERAMIC divers...where are you?..
  248. The BIG ONE......
  249. Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Sport-A Review
  250. Seiko Milsub On Leather