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  1. Any info on SAS soon to launch product?
  2. Aquadive is BACK!
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  4. Where are Zixen Watches Manufactured?
  5. Oceaneer with a Yellow Second Hand
  6. Which Sharkmaster sholud I buy next? White or Black?
  7. How do you flip?
  8. Need Pics of Bronze on Leather
  9. Looking for a Boutique Diver
  10. What Do You Prefer....All BLACK with a bit of Orange or Traditional Diver Look??
  11. who is waiting on halios puck ???
  12. WRUW: Sunday 13th November, 2011.
  13. The BaliHa'i Project Appreciation Thread
  14. Welcome from the Team
  15. Finally got one!
  16. New Benarus Moray III - Caution - Hazardous for eyes!!
  17. Project tool watch
  18. Interesting development for the micro watchmakers...
  19. Modded BaliHa'i Q - What to do when you scratch your PVD finish
  20. How do free-divers deal with DCS?
  21. Sinn U1 or Marathon CSAR
  22. Longines Hydroconquest L3.644.4.96.6 versus Omega Seamaster 300m Chrono Diver ( both with blue dial)
  23. Seiko movement???
  24. Orient Mako XL Question
  25. Mods pls delete
  26. Need suggestions for a sturdy dive watch with the following specs...
  27. Wruw:- sat 12/11/11
  28. H2O Kalmar Mokume Gane + Tungum FixedBezel / Attention: Modem Burner
  29. Benarus Remora Photos
  30. Review of the Prometheus Manta Ray made by James aka TVDinner
  31. Review of the Prometheus Manta Ray made by James aka TVDinner
  32. Ice Shark Revival!!!
  33. Help with finding the right dive watch
  34. Desperately need help finding a blue ladies dive watch!
  35. Can I see your KonTiki?
  36. >>>>>> WRUW : Friday 11.11.11 <<<<<<
  37. Tsunami VS SKX007
  38. Irreantum Magellan - unbiased review anywhere?
  39. Consolidating One's Collection
  40. Bombfrog's now available
  41. Question for Marathon JSAR owners regarding the bracelet
  42. Why are there two different styles of dive watches?
  43. What is the most beautiful vintage diver (affordable - under 500 USD)
  44. >>>>> WRUW:Thursday November 10th, 2011 <<<<<
  45. Question re Tsunami Dimensions
  46. Meshing around: Remembering some of my former divers (1 present) A Heavy Metal Tour!
  47. IWC Vintage Aquatimer Pictorial
  48. Shipping from US to EU (Insurance question)
  49. Orient 300M Owners Club
  50. Doxa vs Doxa
  51. Baarbos Pacific Diver
  52. >>>>> WRUW:Wednesday November 9th, 2011 <<<<<
  53. Your Dive Watch Story
  54. Oris Maldives
  55. Help me decide please - Tutima or Breitling??
  56. Who has the new Bathys 100F bracelet?
  57. Magrette Regattare Bronze Owners Club
  58. H2O 2012 Calendar
  59. Incoming Grail :)
  60. >>>>>WRUW:Tuesday November 8th, 2011<<<<<
  61. Hydroconquest vs. Aquaracer wan2110
  62. Certina DS Action Titanium Arrives
  63. Chris Benz Diver watches (any comments / experience) ?
  64. (Non-watch) A Formal Apology
  65. Short article on the Halios puck
  66. Watchcollectors are crazy
  67. Incoming Victorinox DM 500 mod
  68. New to the forums, my divers!
  69. watch for a gift
  70. Some diving photos...
  71. Strap Thoughts For Deep Blue Marine Diver Blue Fae
  72. Modded my Darth Tuna...........
  73. WRUW: Monday November 7th, 2011. Starting the long climb with...
  74. So, What do you guys think of Tag Aquaracer Chrono 44mm - 500m ?
  75. Enzo mechana ref.500 - slim divers :)
  76. Seiko Golden Starfish arrived...and Tuna comparison!
  77. SAS Sea-01 dive in the waters of Greece.First pics
  78. >>>> WRUW : Sunday 6 Nov 2011 <<<<
  79. Buying a Seiko MM300 SBDX001 from Japan
  80. Helson Bronze Shark Diver owners please chime in
  81. Really surprised not to see this one here yet.
  82. Deep Blue SeaDiver 1k mod
  83. PLEAMAR, more pics
  84. Replacing Bezel Parts
  85. Main stream ?
  87. Deep blue 1k
  88. the itch to downsize...
  89. Orsa
  90. Tsunami
  91. Lum tec M49 or Halios Laguna????????
  92. >>>> WRUW : Saturday 5 Nov 2011 <<<<
  93. Seiko Tsunami and Sumo....and Other Seiko Divers....Someone Please Explain them to Me....
  94. Benarus Moray 3 has landed. Curves in all the right places. Photos to prove it
  95. My Grail - I finally got mine, what's yours?
  96. Anyone know where I could find an Orsa Sea Viper?
  97. Favoritediver in watchuseek forum
  98. Women's Dive Watches
  99. Got stumped: Need help finding et cleapo quartz diver.
  100. Diver with power reserve <$1500 ?
  101. Accuracy.....how much is too much to be out?
  102. Some Q&Ds of my newly arrived Helson SD Blue 42
  103. WRUW: Friday 4th November, 2011. Almost there!!
  104. original Deep Blue
  105. Bernhardt Sea Shark inquiry
  106. *** UPDATE Which Strap??? *** My NOS Longines Legend Diver "no date"
  107. Bracelet for Helson Sharkmaster
  108. Great Deals on ChronoShark on Wolf Watch Winders
  109. Which is your favorite "Tooldiver"
  110. I can't seem to help it, I just keep on "SINNing"!
  111. How SAS Sea on 6 3/4" wrist???
  112. Is this a REAL Marcello C Nettuno 3 or a fake?
  113. Why is INVICTA Disliked SO MUCH??
  114. New X Fathoms
  115. oris small seconds - esque?
  116. WRUW.....Thursday, 3rd Nov 2011
  117. Everyone should pre-order a Hexa K500. Seriously.
  118. Where's Good Shops in and around HOUSTON to go and see nice DIVE watches?
  119. Opinions on the NFW Viperfish Watches and LUMINOX Brand.........
  120. Sinn U1 vs. Omega SMP (EB)
  121. Seiko Starfish
  122. Opinions on the new Prometheus Manta Ray
  123. Hirsch Extreme Available?
  124. Looking for a strap for Longines HydroConquest
  125. Certina ds action auto titanium
  126. WRUW.....Wednesday, 2nd Nov 2011
  127. opinions on armida watches ????
  128. Help with watch manufacturer Austin
  129. Opinion about the Helson Shark Diver 2000m?
  130. Isofrane 22 for my Helson SM 1000
  131. Looking for the "one" if such a thing exists
  132. New dive watch grail incoming!
  133. >>>>> WRUW: Tuesday, November 1st, 2011 <<<<<
  134. Can you help me find my diver?
  135. Prometheus Manta Ray Swiss Made Men's Diver Watch in Photos
  136. Scary Watches
  137. Monday: October 31, 2011 What are you wearing to start the week??
  138. Longines Legend Diver Internal Bezel Question???
  139. Tourby Ottoman Diver??? Could this be true!!!!
  140. 70s British Diver
  141. Suppa Adapts Ship Time
  142. Dive Watch, Sub $500, that can be worn with a suit or to the beach? Your Recommendations??
  143. WRUW 10/30 Sunday Halloween EVE?
  144. Deep Blue Flat Tubes T100: Wrist shots/review
  145. Seeking Green Dial Diver
  146. Voyage to sea what's at the bottom ?
  147. Pictures : moVas Professional Diver 300m / black DLC
  148. Have you seen this new piece??? It is stunning...what do you think?
  149. A.Cairelli Roma watches anybody know anything about them.
  150. Which watch will be best for extreme adventures?
  151. >>>>> WRUW: Saturday, October 29th, 2011 <<<<<
  152. Oriental 300 Noise Question
  153. Advice on Next Purchase
  154. Auto watch winder accuracy question
  155. Changing strap on Helson Shark Diver
  156. WRUW: Friday 28th October, 2011. Almost there!
  157. Looking for some advice (Dive Watches)
  158. Am I getting scammed?
  159. Help me select a bezel insert
  160. One watch suggestions?
  161. Doxa worth buying due to lugs?
  162. Longines Legend Diver "no date" which strap?
  163. Post here photos of your Prometheus Manta Ray
  164. Post here photos of your Prometheus Manta Ray
  165. Post here photos of your Prometheus Manta Ray
  166. Post here photos of your Prometheus Manta Ray
  167. Alright diver lovers... recommend a strap for me
  168. UTS 1000M on a GASGASBONES 20mm speedy strap will it work?
  169. BLANCPAIN X Fathoms
  170. Which watch you own gets most negative comments?
  171. What costume and watch combination are you wearing for Halloween?
  172. WRUW Thursday?
  173. LumTec M500-3 on Hirsch Extreme
  174. Help me find my next diver
  175. Need help to pull the trigger :D
  176. [New Release]- [UHREN von UHR]- UHR422 100m diver
  177. just got this Timex monster style dive watch :-)
  178. What 's the average wait when ordering from Bathys?
  179. Texas Roll Call
  180. Fancy Diver!
  181. New Arrival - Prometheus Manta ray
  182. Seiko Marinmaster 300m on 7 inch wrist
  183. Can they be called Tactical or simply dive watch? Tactico VS Prometheus
  184. Dress/Desk Diver needed.
  185. Diver Killed by Great White
  186. Trying To Decide Between Helson Skindiver and Precista PRS-14
  187. WRUW: Wednesday 26th Oct, 2011. Humping it with...
  188. ZULU strap for my MEGALODON
  189. Citizen Orca With Leather Strap
  190. GSG9-issued EZM2 hits the streets...
  191. Blancpain X Fathoms
  192. N E W M o d e l ? Doxa Shark Ceramica XL Diver
  193. A (short) tale of two Seikos
  194. Smaller Dive Watches PLEASE
  195. Flipping a graduation gift? Omega Speed Master
  196. Lum Tec M500-3 vs. Steinhart Triton 100
  197. >>>>> WRUW: Tuesday, October 25th, 2011 <<<<<
  198. Titanium Mesh Dive Strap/Bracelet
  199. Another unveiling..........S.O.H.
  200. Deepblue master 2000 III blue hands. Where to buy one !!
  201. Citzen Aqualands for diving
  202. OWC 9411 Military Submariner Review
  203. Rubber strap input needed for SAS Watch co
  204. Is there a dive watch that shows worldtime for under $500?
  205. 24mm NATO with titanium loops?
  206. HELSON . Bronze
  207. Which of these two watches is a better buy? Aquaracer or B-42?
  208. Tag Heuer 1000 Restoration Project
  209. Diver watches on mesh? Post (yours) here <------
  210. Ideal size for a dive watch (POLL)
  211. WRUW: Monday October 24th, 2011. Hitting the road running with...
  212. 1000th Post State of the Collection
  213. New Arrival: Zenton M45
  214. The Prometheus Manta Ray is all about versatility and customization
  215. Prometheus Manta Ray now available for order
  216. >>>>> WRUW: Sunday, October 23rd, 2011 <<<<<
  217. WTF is with shaved arm hair???
  218. *** WRUW Sunday, October 23rd, 2011 *** sunday funday watch ???
  219. Boschett Cave Dweller GMT... Good or Bad Idea???
  220. Affordable large diver watch
  221. SAS - 1 unveiling...
  222. Marathon Watch Questions
  223. Prometheus Manta Ray photos
  224. Post Your Sapphire Bezeled Divers
  225. Saturday Watch - October 22, 2011
  226. H2O Kalmar - Titanium 3000m - Photos & Review
  227. OK so I bought another dive watch.....
  228. incoming
  229. Post your collection! here's MINE
  230. Megalodon rubber strap issue
  231. Prometheus Manta Ray ready to order this weekend
  232. help with high.quality 24mm zulu/nato strap
  233. never mind
  234. Which one? - Citizen BN0000-04H 300m Diver or Seiko SKX007
  235. WRUW Friday Oct 21st - Casual edition :-)
  236. Halios Laguna on Wjean shark mesh!!!
  237. Any leather strap recommendations for my Seiko Samurai (white face)??
  238. Watch Ants
  239. Aging Superluminova...
  240. Swedish watches?
  241. To keep, or not to keep, that is the question:
  242. Made a light box, finally some good indoor pics! SOTC
  243. WRUW: Thursday 20th Oct, 2011. On the downhill! :-)
  244. invicta in ontario?
  245. 3D renders of the Prometheus S80
  246. Chronos that work underwater.
  247. Shark massacre reported in Colombian waters
  248. made an impulse purchase (Tuna clone), but... what is it? *Update w/pics*
  249. Incoming(non-diver)...what non-divers do you enjoy?
  250. Putting Seiko Fatbars on a Orient Deep (42mm)? + which rubber?