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  1. Rapid patina process - Another perk of living near the beach
  2. A littel bored of the OM/BM thing... Can ya'll...???
  3. Videoreview Invicta 3044 divewatch
  4. The New Dievas Focal - what do you think?
  5. Price Information on the Prometheus Manta Ray Collection
  6. New! ARMIDA A3!
  7. A year in the making...my new Ball
  8. Artego Watches
  9. Diving With Legends iPad App now available
  10. Deep blue daynight or Jellyfish??
  11. Deep Blue Daynight Ops Green PVD Review
  12. Internal vs External Bezel ,Pic posting
  13. Deep Blue Depthmaster 3000m just arrived!
  14. WRUW: Saturday 24th September, 2011. We made it to another weekend!
  15. Need help from Archimede owners...
  16. My New Helson Shark diver 42mm *UPDATED PICS*
  17. Laguna grey bezel or laguna black and orange bezel??
  18. Post your MEGALODON's Here...
  19. Bathys Bracelets Are Now Available
  20. Hand Carved Bronze Buckles My Dad Made
  21. Benarus Bronze Blue Dial - Photos
  22. The Kraken - It could dive but I doubt it would resurface
  23. HELSON - 3rd Blackbeard model - 7750 Chrono
  24. X-Post: Account Hijacking
  25. Disappointed by isofrane straps, VERY thin bar holes - The Achilles Heel!
  26. Reconditioning a Bulova Diver 666ft M4
  27. >>>>> WRUW: TGI - Friday, September 23th, 2011 <<<<<
  28. My Incoming Zenton G45.
  29. Custom lume for Marathon JSAR bezel
  30. Pics of my new Benarus Megalodon 3 White Face / Brushed...Just got it!!
  31. I guess a "Swiss" movement does really mean something!
  32. a very cool dive-watch thread from the Sinn forum...
  33. RC1000M: NEW high end german made diver
  34. new (to me)arrival!
  35. Is there a good quartz Seiko dive watch??
  36. What happened to the bombfrog watches ????
  37. What I really like about EPSA Compressors
  38. WRUW: Thursday 22nd Sept, 2011
  39. Wish list:: Armida A1 with color dial options
  40. recommendations for inexpensive orange dive watch?
  41. Vintage Divers, not so much love
  42. Bronze Moray arrived
  43. 007 on leather??? Pics and ideas needed...
  44. My new arrival
  45. Modified Pro 500 Diving Chronograph from Nauticfish
  46. Name the watchmaker?
  47. >>>>> WRUW: Wednesday, September 21th, 2011 <<<<<
  48. Multiple Personalities of the Armida A2
  49. show us your red
  50. Proof of Theory: Personal Watches that have Seen the Deep
  51. Isofrane vs. Helson Rubber Strap
  52. Pretty Feakin' Cool - H2O Heat treated Ti at Oceanic times...
  53. Photo teaser ... stay tuned for more
  54. Disappearing "Likes"
  55. Reasonably priced dive watch with Cali Dial???
  56. Victorinox Dive Master 500 auto: parts availability down the road?
  57. >>>>> WRUW: Tuesday, September 20th, 2011 <<<<<
  58. Helson Sharkmaster mesh clasp alternatives? (AKA, I don't want to lose this watch again)
  59. Marathon TSAR lume photo.... anyone have one?
  60. Fondale Bronzo
  61. Part needed for my Citizen Ecozilla - Where can I get it??
  62. New TAWATEC E.O. Diver Mk II Finally Available in the US
  63. New Steiny Green +12 sec/ 24 hours
  64. New Tissot Seastar 1000 blue or new Longines Hydroconquest Automatic 300M 39mm blue/black?
  65. 42mm shark diver now available!!!!! Let the saving begin!
  66. "Winter Divers" Vs. "Summer Divers", Smaller Cases for Long Sleeve Clothes and Cool Weather
  67. Aquastar Benethos 500 help needed
  68. Aquastar Benthos 500 back from refurb...
  69. <*<*<*<*wruw monday 9/19>*>*>*>
  70. Tuna Birthday
  71. Lume comparison (Deep Blue T100 Daynight/Marathon JSAR/Luminox Field Chrono/Luminox Evo)
  72. Deep Blue on sale at ShopNBC
  73. Post wristshots with your Prometheus watch
  74. What dive watch do you recommend up to $1k?? It's a wedding gift, so no flipping :)
  75. >>>>> WRUW: Sunday, September 18th, 2011 <<<<<
  76. White dial dive watch?
  77. Where do I go next
  78. MArathon TSAR versus JSAR
  79. DEEP BLUE Juggernaut PVD is here :-) pics attached
  80. What watch looks like the Omega Ploprof 1200 M?
  81. >>>>> WRUW: Saturday, September 17th, 2011 <<<<<
  82. Changing the band on a Vostok Europe Anchar
  83. Request: Clasp pictures of the Deep Blue Depthmaster 3000
  84. List of ISO compliant divers
  85. Helson Sharkmaster Spring bar specs?
  86. some photos of Doxa and Aqualand in action recently in Spain (and older ones from Honduras and Flori
  87. So I got my first Sinn....
  88. Helson Blackbeard White Dial • OWNERS opinion
  89. >>>>> WRUW: Friday, September 16th, 2011 <<<<<
  90. NEW ARRIVAL : Magrette Regattare 2011 Impressions
  91. Official HEXA Update Thread (update #1)
  92. Bronze Diver under 650$ ?
  93. Best Bracelet for SKX007 - Super Oyster/Engineer/Jubilee/Others
  94. SOTC - September, 2011 - Pic Heavy
  95. STOLEN: Artego Seaking
  96. What are those screws for?!
  97. <<<< WRUR Thursday September, 15 2011 >>>>
  98. Diver Watches: WHY SO THICK?
  99. I am officially sold on Deep Blue Watches (modem burner warning)
  100. New Arrival - Steinhart Green
  101. How deep does a Diver really need to be rated for?
  102. Great Strap/Bracelet combinations and your SKX007
  103. Golden Tuna Questions
  104. H20 Kalmar or UTS 3000M which would you choose?
  105. State of the collection [September 2011]. Whats your dive family looking like this month?
  106. NEW ARRIVAL: My new BATHYS 100 FATHOMS PVD/Grey dial!!
  107. need help! next diver....doxa,omega or breitling
  108. psssst.... hey Clemens.... (an H2O fantasy)
  109. ISOFRANE Vanilla Scent (how to let it go away?)
  110. What dive computer is this from the Helson site?
  111. <<<< WRUR Wednsday September, 14 2011 >>>>
  112. CWC Royal Navy Diver Impressions
  113. Reactor watches:Expensive wrist weight or decent beater?anyone.
  114. New guy, making a plan.
  115. What looks like the Zenton B43?
  116. Tactico-90 & Family
  117. Vintage divers under water - Show us your pics!
  118. Disapointed on Deep Blue Men's Daynight Diver T100 Tritium Automatic Bracelet Watch from NBC Shop
  119. Seiko SKX007 vs Armida A1
  120. Deepblue: Master mag 1000 - ceramic bezel - white
  121. <<<< WRUR Tuesday September, 13 2011 >>>>
  122. Big shout out to the kind folks at Bathys Hawaii
  123. The unofficial official collective-positive-vibes-USPS-watch-delivery-Gods-rain-dance-karma thread!
  124. What Would You Rather? GP Deep Diver or Seamaster 120 (Deep Blue)?
  125. 2 New ones , Armida A1 & Modded Vostok amphibia.
  126. Fully Lumed Bezels -- Who Was First?
  127. Italian rubber strap that works like a Zulu?
  128. A comprehensive pictorial review - H2O KALMAR
  129. watch buying cruise
  130. My new turtle DS ACTION ISO 6425 :)
  131. My Seiko 7549-7010 Tuna is back from service...
  132. UPDATE, Steinhart Triton 100 gets dressed up, takes a trip and gets slicked up
  133. <<<< WRUR Monday September, 12 2011 >>>>
  134. The "seldom" done Boschett Cave Dweller II on a Mesh, yes a mesh!
  135. Tribute Picture (September 11th, 2001)
  136. Anybody knows Dive-Watch-Connection.com?
  137. seiko arnie h6015480
  138. WRUW: Sunday September 11th
  139. Green/Black Bezel
  140. Been away for a while but back with a new Diver.
  141. Helson Sharkmaster Lefty worn by a righty?
  142. Sinn U1 W
  143. Which diver has the best bezel grip
  144. WRUW Saturdy?
  145. Looking for recommendations for a new diver strap
  146. Dive watch green/white?
  147. Non-Diver on Isofrane? Lets see some pics!
  148. Question to all HELSON Sharkmaster owners regarding accuracy....
  149. What is this autozilla worth?
  150. SAR Rubber gets a new Head
  151. LM7 bracelet options?
  152. Seiko Sumo V CWC navy auto diver
  153. A "super" new arrival...
  154. Leather Strapped Divers!
  155. F16 luminox on Nato/G10 RAF Waht do you think?
  156. ***** WRUW - Friday 9 September 2011 ****
  157. poor man tuna like
  158. <<<< WRUR Thursday September, 8 2011 >>>>
  159. ID watch in the movie "The Reef"
  160. New Prometheus
  161. Lume Shots! (Halios and TH content)
  162. Looking at new Dive watch, appreciate insight
  163. perfect pvd diver
  164. Precista PRS-50 vs. Corvus Bradley
  165. Opinion: IWC Ocean 2000 is still unsurpassed (decades later)
  166. Need A Bezel Insert
  167. Seiko Stargate: How does Seiko do it?
  168. It's Heeeere!
  169. Dressy diver; Armida vs Steinhart vs Orient vs Chr.Ward
  170. <<<< WRUR Wednesday September, 7 2011 >>>>
  171. TaWaTec (Tactical Watch Technology) Titanium Diver
  172. What dive watch next? Looking for something cool and diff
  173. Steinhart Ocean 1 -- same as Debaufre Ocean 1??
  174. Citizen Aqualand in action in Spain
  175. Uhren von UHR 412- inappropriately priced ETA-2824 watch
  176. Need help deciding on a new watch!!!!!
  177. Deep Blue Day/Night Orange vs. Green Tritium Vials?
  178. Lum-Tec 500M for diving?
  179. Thinking about selling my Kemmner Octopus for a Helson Sharkmaster. Please chime in!
  180. Armida A1 ETA Timekeeping Report
  181. New aquatimer - Chrono or non-Chrono?!
  182. Deep Blue T100 Daynight 46mm Tritium
  183. Where to buy Bathys Aquaculture
  184. Strangest Helson Sharkmaster Sale on Ebay.
  185. Wruw: Tuesday, 6 september 2011
  186. Longines Legend Diver L3.674.4.56.2
  187. ZIXEN WATCH INC ? Special Announcement, new models introduction
  188. Mesh bracelet for Armida A2
  189. My flying Baliha'i Q
  190. Opinions on a Steinhart or Marcello C Diver Watches
  191. Pleamar proyect watch diving
  192. Need help ....... What dive watch would you rather buy.....??
  193. Citizen GN-4-S - some photos
  194. ☛☛☛☛☛WRUW Monday, September 5th, 2011?☚☚☚☚☚
  195. Laguna so far...
  196. Badger Bones
  197. Another Kazimon 1500b - New Arrival Post
  198. RedSea Holystone PVD
  199. Dweller at dawn....
  200. Ray Ives 75 y/o Diver
  201. Swiss Ammo Strap for Grégoire's Citizen Autozilla by Dangerous9straps
  202. J aprings BBH105 v casio MTD1053
  203. Help looking for an all white diver
  204. Modded Black Monster just ordered from Yobokies
  205. Seiko MM w/triple gasket conversion
  206. WRUW: Sunday 4 September 2011
  207. Harpoon Case-back
  208. WUS DWP pictures
  209. Fishing the other night - some watch material...
  210. SCAFO Professional Diver
  211. Where to go next? Armida 500M Miyota or hold out for a Tutima or Stowa
  212. <<<<WRUR Saturday, September 3, 2011>>>>
  213. Hamilton Below Zero Going DEEP!!
  214. Dusted off the ol' Bronze Zenton B42
  215. Moana Pacific Diver - yet another review
  216. Help Looking for Dive Watch
  217. Anyone Notice the New Zixen Banner
  218. My first buy of a professional diver
  219. Leather straps on Divers.....got any II.
  220. help finding 22mm shoulderless springbars
  221. What are the Difference between a $500-1000 dive watch and a $2000+ dive watch??
  222. On the downhill: WRUW Friday 2nd Sept, 2011
  223. New Rubber for my PO
  224. Isofrane announcement, a treat for every vintage diver
  225. chocolate Squale
  226. Timeless Balls....
  227. Dive Watch Forum Members Face Photo Gallery
  228. Impression of the new Tissot Seastar :(
  229. >>>> ........ Wruw thursday .... 09/01/2011 ...... <<<<
  230. Bronze buckle interest check? Thinking about machining some for the dive forum! Join inside
  231. Teddy's Brown Baby: Phase One
  232. New Bathys Hawaii Prices Start Tonight
  233. Kemmner Octopus now a rarity. Will their value increase like the Dreadnought?
  234. Blue ceramic bezel?
  235. Sizing Dilemma regarding new dive watch purchase (blame the wife)
  236. question regarding watch sale on forum
  237. Just Landed! Magrette Moana Pacific Diver blows me out of the water! Mini review with tons of pics!
  238. In a very competitive filed, I think Oris edges out the competition... for worst watch website.
  239. Compare Boschett CDII to Ocean7 LM6
  240. Armida A2?
  241. Wednesday watch roll-call: WRUW 31-08-2011
  242. Isofrane on a Planet Ocean
  243. Slightly modified BaliHa'i
  244. Monster or Frankenmonster braclet failure?
  245. ***** Tuesday's Divers: August 30th, 2011 *********
  246. Rolex Explorer II Panda face Look-A-Like?
  247. Which watch companies use DLC coatings for the PVD coated watches?
  248. You guys have turned me into a watch snob...a funny story.
  249. Helson and Armida same company?
  250. Affordable Dive Watch - White Dial, Black Bezel, Black Rubber Strap