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  1. New Arrival : Zixen DSR 1000 GMT
  2. Boschett Ocean Mariner vs. Prometheus Jellyfish
  3. what was your first dive watch?
  4. Mod
  5. "funky" diver poll, plus list others i may not know of.
  6. seiko tuna
  7. >>>WRUW "Hump day" June 15, 2011 <<<
  8. What are the little-known brands?
  9. "Inbound into customs" purgatory
  10. I have a QUE :::::: H20 by Kalmar : Tell us about the configurations you pre-ordered !!!!!
  11. Stowa Rhodium Pro Diver Alternative
  12. New Bracelet For the Sharkmaster
  13. show us your Squales
  14. Anonimo Polluce - Corsaro just in thanks FedEx!
  15. Just a Point of Clarification Around GTLS Tubes
  16. New dive watch *grail content*
  17. >>>WRUW June 14, 2011 <<<
  18. New Arrival: Ennebi Fondale Vintage California Sub (Ref. 9692)
  19. Father's Day Present, My first automatic diver down to three please Help????
  20. Sinn Rubber and SA Dive Master 500: A great match
  21. I hear an ECO, Eco-Drive
  22. New Deep Blue Depth Master 3000m
  23. Least Expensive Best Lume Dive Watch - Min 45mm - Super Luminova T-100 Tritium Tubes a Plus??
  24. Help Identify Diver
  25. WRUW Monday 13 June 2011
  26. Why GREEN LUME???
  27. NEW PICS ADDED ... The Schaumburg 'BLACK ONE' on Kain Heritage .......
  28. where do you get your marathon gsar,csar,tsar serviced?
  29. Looking For a Vacation Watch
  30. Who makes the best quality mesh bracelet?
  31. CRAAAAP...I forgot about the GTG yesterday in Rockville, MD?!?
  32. New Helson Sharkmaster Coming on Monday 6/13/11
  33. Tell me more about Lum-Tec
  34. Today's Dive Watch...Tomorrow's Icon?
  35. Seiko product website... Where are all the dive watches ???
  36. Looking for a Leather Strap for my Deep Blue
  37. Real world pics of the new Citizen Signature Series Diver
  38. Advice needed on hands for Seiko Mod
  39. Tuna goes all steel >>
  40. Polishing ...
  41. Received my first JellyFish today...
  42. Received my first JellyFish today...
  43. Deep Blue DayNight Pro T-100 pictorial review........
  44. How long will a natural rubber strap last....
  45. Doxa 1200T arrived (lot of photo's!)
  46. Adventure/exploration at its best!
  47. WRUW Sunday 12 June 2011
  48. Is my dream diver out there?
  49. My growing dive watch collection...PICS!
  50. Show your SAS SEA-1 --> The unofficial SAS SEA-1 Thread
  51. Boschett Ocean Mariner, a lot of watch for the money
  52. montrek square diver
  53. <<<SATURDAY Divers 6-11-11>>
  54. 45mm or larger quartz diver wanted help finding???
  55. Cheap Dive Watch?
  56. Trigger pulled; hole plugged
  57. Friday Fight Night- Round #1 Halios Laguna vs. Deep Blue Daynight T-100
  58. Diver at $300 or less, recommendations
  59. Magrette Diver Review and Collection
  60. Seiko SBDX005 tuna question...
  61. My new diver from Japan: Seiko SRP043K1
  62. <<<FRIDAY Divers 6-10-11>>
  63. Deep Blue Surprisingly Cool!!
  64. Weekend Photo Shoot Zixen Trimix GMT; Zixen DSR-1000m GMT; Zenton M45
  65. Which one of these finishes would you prefer on a new dive watch offering?
  66. Pic help: Helson SharkDiver with Full blue lume
  67. My new 116610 LN....
  68. Newbie SOXA Mod
  69. Korsbek..UP NORTH !
  70. Duplicate WRUW (by 3 minutes)
  71. <<<THURSDAY Divers 6-9-11>>
  72. Helson's Excellent Customer Service
  73. Fancy dive computers, and what do we use on the dive?.......
  74. Italian Perfection-ANONIMO PROFESSIONALE "CNS" Limited Edition 2000m
  75. Halios Laguna is now available for order!
  76. Anything like the Bremont Supermarine?
  77. SAS Watch Co. Customer photos
  78. Rolex picture with 600 crushing Megabytes!
  79. Anyone have this Omega on rubber? Pics appreciated
  80. Remaking a collection: 16 watches cut to 5 [Bremont photos added]
  81. Any owners of the new ENZO MECHANA watches?
  82. WRUW june 8th?
  83. Bluering fail
  84. Why does my Sumo....
  85. New addition, or new addiction?! Zixen content...
  86. Just ordered a Deep Blue DayNight Pro t-100 pvd. Look what Stan emailed me.
  87. The new growing trend? Quality over quantity.
  88. Rob asks, "Does this watch look fat on my wrist?"
  89. PVD durability of Boschett
  90. My third, great watch day... a grail reincarnate
  91. BaliHa'i Bad @$$!!!
  92. First Helson - Shark Diver
  93. A little request to Prometheus Jellyfish owners
  94. A "new" diver and I like it!!
  95. Can Anyone Identify This Diver?
  96. Well, no more watches for a while for me...just dropped a bit too much cash on a non-essential.
  97. Helenarou DSSD or sub owners, help please?
  98. Bronze Shark Diver
  99. Best place to find THICK zulu/nato straps?
  100. Seiko Tuna Can.... but that Kremke Subzilla....
  101. WUS Custom Diver Club, show your Custom band on your diver watch.
  102. Extra links for Zodia Oceanaire
  103. Where to Purchase a PVD Metal Band for Victorinox Dive Master?
  104. WRUW Tuesday 7 June 2011
  105. I salute you diving folks. First post of mine in this section(Rolex Sea Dweller related)
  106. Opinion needed -- Bead Blast a Certina Ds-3 -- Should I ??
  107. Looking for a divers watch -> SWiSS MADE & a maximum price of ?700,-/$1000,-
  108. Incoming..Oris 51mm Prodiver Chronograph >>>Got it!! PICS!
  109. Pre-unwrap Helson Shark C3
  110. <<Mondays DIVERS 6-6-11>>
  111. EcoZilla with colored dial?
  112. <Which One?>
  113. **WRUW** Sunday 6/5/2011
  114. 5-5-2011 in French Open fashion
  115. My collection seems to have a pattern.
  116. My new Ocean7 from the box to the water
  117. Zixen Nitrox II on Leather
  118. Nice tac watch cheap!
  119. Package from Italy!
  120. Anyone take advantage of the Boschett OM deal?
  121. Help in finding new Diver watch w/questions regarding Aqualands and Sea Pathfinders.
  122. Looking for a Diver with a Blue Face
  123. WRUW Sat June 4th, 2011 to kick off the weekend (its Foundation Day long weekend in Oz!)
  124. Shiny New Ball
  125. New Jellyfish owner - question about bracelet
  126. Favorite sub $750 GMT dive watch?
  127. Mis Size Diver For Lady
  128. New shoes (actually, more like steel toe boots) for my SAR
  129. Watch poll
  130. Skz271/274
  131. Affordable cushion/round/shrouded case diver
  132. Purpose of GMT on a dive watch?
  133. Switch out the Bracelet on your diver for a bit of summer colour !!
  134. Talk me out of the PAM 005
  135. Seiko Sumo Marine Master Broad Arrow
  136. A classic tool?
  137. >>>> TGIF!!! WRUW Friday, June 3, 2011 <<<<
  138. I need your old (original) Cave Dweller clasp
  139. Help with identifying Seiko Watch
  140. 200m or more, but perhaps the wrong forum....
  141. Isofrane on a dress diver... thoughts?
  142. My new SAS 1000 M & some pics of another heavy one
  143. Kemmner Octopus on Sinn White Rubber
  144. Just for fun, one I have trouble not wearing
  145. Any thoughts on Bali Ha'i dive watches? PLUS - PVD or SS - which is best way to go?
  146. Custom Dive Watch Project - Tell me what you think!
  147. Just back from the post office...
  148. Questions about Kent Parks
  149. ><((('<~~~~~~~~~~~~WRUW June 2, 2011 ??? ~~~~~~~~~~>')))><
  150. Needing info on Marathon Jsar
  151. Why did you sell your sumo?
  152. Help Aquadive model 50 needs sevice and seals
  153. Thoughts on OLMA diver
  154. Zixen DSR-1000 GMT Quik 'n Dirty
  155. Deep Blue On Small Wrist
  156. Isofrane straps
  157. Divers with a raised bezel.....
  158. Boschett Cave Dweller II or Helson Tortuga
  159. Nauticfish, any thoughts?
  160. WRUW June 1st
  161. Are there any other dive watches that don't have spring loaded dive crowns?
  162. Bezel insert on generic divers - help from Steinhart Ocean owners!!!
  163. Helson, Boschett, Ocean7, Deep Blue or Zenton?
  164. Seiko Sumo or Boschett Ocean Mariner
  165. Leather Strap for winter
  166. Is this a dress diver?
  167. Very curious about the Zixen DSR 500 vintage
  168. Which watch?
  169. Real Dive watch depth requirements, how much is enough
  170. Advice on choosing my next dive watch
  171. Blancpain fifty fathoms and DSSD....
  172. Discussion between friends..........
  173. Aegir CD-2 nears completion.
  174. Ennebi 9690 vintage
  175. <<<<WRUW Tuesday May 31, 2011>>>>
  176. Helsons have yours leaked or been flawed?
  177. Ocean 44 Homage??
  178. Ugh..can't decide.. Helson Buccaneer or SAS Sea-1 - Input plz
  179. Oris Prodiver Chrono questions?
  180. HELP! Need opinions on ORANGE straps.
  181. Just Landed! Stolas Harbormaster - Tsunami
  182. Original DWP post
  183. So I decided to brush my PVD BFK SKA427
  184. Peter Helson has responded
  185. SOTC - May 30, 2011
  186. Pressure test.
  187. WRUW 05/30-Memorial day Wrist Show! Dive Watches
  188. <<<<WRUW Monday May 30, 2011>>>>
  189. seiko black monster or Deep blue diver.
  190. rubber strap vs bracelet.
  191. Help! Which watch to buy ---The Hoard or the Helson
  192. MKII Diver goes surf fishing
  193. Cave Dweller II Video Tour
  194. DWP vs Dreadnought
  195. Best Value watch for around $1000 AUD
  196. <<<<WRUW Sunday May 29, 2010>>>>
  197. A Blast from the Past (part 2)
  198. Deep Blue - M2K GMT Arrives
  199. Solution To PVD? Is This Possible?
  200. Helson watches or the wanabe divers
  201. Theoretical minimum dimensions
  202. Magrette Moana Pacific Diver
  203. >>>> WRUW Saturday, 28 May 2011 <<<<
  204. Diver for scubadiving.
  205. First bead blasted watch
  206. Wanted: Rolex DSSD purchase recommendations
  207. Longines Legend Diver or Omega SMP 2220.80?
  208. HOT TUNA or A Blast from the Past (part 1)
  209. RAMBA/Orient King Diver???
  210. Custom Dive watch... what do you guys think?
  211. Need Help with New Watch purchase! Large Quartz Tool Diver Wanted
  212. What diver to get w/ $1500
  213. Are you ready to dive?
  214. >>>> TGIF!!! WRUW Friday, May 27, 2011 <<<<
  215. Sinn Strap VS Isofrane
  216. Please help - MK II vs. Christopher Ward vs. Marcello C vs.......................
  217. SAS freebies
  218. Deep Blue Daynight Pro T100 flat tubes arrived!
  219. >>>> WRUW Thursday, May 26, 2011 <<<<
  220. Need to let one go: TSAR or Dive Master 500 Mecha?
  221. Deep Blue Bracelet
  222. Oris vs. Orient
  223. New Arrival: Deep Blue Master 2000 III My "TRON" watch
  224. I'm really liking this BM Riviera, should i buy it?
  225. Zeno Airplane Diver Movement Pics? / Questions about the movement!
  226. vintage Squale & pvd
  227. Deep Blue Bezel swap?
  228. SAS Leather straps...
  229. In need of a big dive watch (+45mm)
  230. Deep Blue Juggernaut 1000m Chrono
  231. Seiko Sumo vs DeBaufre Ocean-1
  232. >>>> WRUW Wednesday, May 25, 2011 <<<<
  233. New arrivals......Deep Blue T-100 Flat tubes
  234. Benarus Moray 2 on my new stainless steel bracelet...pic heavy.
  235. Help me decide my next purchase: Tudor vs. MM300
  236. Tissot seastar 1000 bezel problem
  237. Deep Blue MAG 1000
  238. WRUW Tuesday May 24, 2011
  239. WRUW Tuesday, May 24th
  240. Sub on Bund, Yay or Nay. Heavy pics included...
  241. What watch to get for 500 and under?
  242. Post pics of your DIVE WATCH Family Members...
  243. MAINTENANCE and DOWN TIME announced
  244. How funny is this? The watch shop lady
  245. Lume question
  246. Another Tortuga
  247. seiko vs citizen
  248. Helson Skindiver arrived today
  249. Will there be more Balihai watches?
  250. The luxurious affect of leather w/diver, or with any watch for that matter