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  1. Who Did It First? Helson, BaliHa'i, or Someone Else?
  2. Swiss Army Dive Master 500 Black Ice - Thoughts?
  3. UTS 600m dive chrono landed..some thoughts and pics...
  4. Rubber strap for Revue Thommen GMT Diver?
  5. The Best of the boutique divers?
  6. Diving In Fiji & NZ with Oceaneer
  7. >>>>WRUW Monday 4/4/11<<<<
  8. Boschett Cave Dweller II or Zixen Nitrox II ????
  9. Vortex Metal Band Experiment/Project
  10. NauticFish Bracelet on an ENZO? Is it possible?
  11. Mod of my Zenith Defy Classic by Jay at MCWW - More Pictures!
  12. When will the new divers from Baselworld hit the stores?
  13. A short trip around a Bezel {design..
  14. <<< WRUW Sunday, April 3rd...
  15. A tale of two Invicta divers
  16. Dive Watch question
  17. 42MM Zixen
  18. Suggestions for a PVD/DLC diver
  19. Help on Finding a Diver w/ Orange Accents?
  20. State of the Collection...aka bored on a Saturday afternoon...
  21. Two new divers in the house
  22. A few of my Divers over the last year, just sharing with you guys...
  23. Been away from the forum for a bit.....
  24. Revue Thommen GMT chrono dive RED/BLK bezel
  25. BaliHa'i GMT Watches Arrival
  26. The 'ol Tauchmeister 1937
  27. Simple Mod to my PRS-3 Diver
  28. Debaufre & Steinhart
  29. Aquastar Benthos 500
  30. SpaceWalk mini review
  31. Saturday Wrist Check 4-2-11
  32. Bracelet for Tortuga?
  33. SAS- Graeme is "Tha Man" when it comes to customer service.
  34. Seiko SBMC023 - Seiya Japan - Wow!
  35. To All Shark Diver Owners With Isofranes Or Leather Straps
  36. Anybody here collect ONLY boutique (micro-brew) watches?
  37. Is Artego bringing out new models?
  38. Will there be a Cave Dweller III ?
  39. Patek Philippe teams up with Citizen for their first dive watch!
  40. They are Selling Like Hotcakes..........
  41. Incoming, my new favorite
  42. RedSea Release, Anyone else Waiting In Anticipation?
  43. Ecozillas
  44. Help to find a dive watch for my son
  45. TGIF, WRUW April Fools day
  46. Fake SKX 007J from eBay??
  47. Bulova Vintage Divers..Orange Snorkel, Black Oceanographer...
  48. Rugged/Diver Automatic without date/chrono/etc for <$500
  49. New to me Artego.
  50. Steinhart Ocean 1 Vintage Red - Thoughts?
  51. Bulova Marine Star - Dimensions?
  52. Why do Seiko ruin their dials?
  53. Resco patriot crown wiggle
  54. Info/Suggs on Decent Dive Clasp?
  55. OK..one day I'll build my own watch....
  56. homage rolex Tauchmeister vs Seiko vs accurist
  57. Bathys - Lume question
  58. Is there a good Canadian source that sells Maratac Nato straps?
  59. Thursday Wrist Check 3-31-11
  60. Opinion of drilled lugs
  61. An Open Letter To Boutique Dive Watch Makers...
  62. An Open Letter to the Boutique Dive Watchmakers...
  63. Sharkmaster impressions (am I too anal?) (lots of pics)
  64. Isofrane Love
  65. Marathon GSAR's water resistance
  66. Fear Of Nato / Zulu ?
  67. Octopus VS Serpent
  68. Proplof lookalike on Amazon.jp
  69. >>>>WRUW: Wednesday, March 30, 2011<<<<
  70. INVITATION: An audience with Gerd R. Lang, Founder and CEO of Chronoswiss
  71. SAS questions
  72. I need a marathon JSAR bezel
  73. Which Helson.....
  74. Divers Watches - Water Resistance - Maintenence ...and worry
  75. Precista PRS-50B love
  76. OTT Zulu Strap
  77. Precista PRS3 vs MKII Milsub
  78. Just got my Seiko SBDX011 (Emperor)
  79. A quick trip to Basel
  80. Lemania 5100 chronos....any out there?
  81. Red Sea six pounder
  82. Tuesday 3/29/2011
  83. First review of the Prometheus Jellyfish men's diver watch out in the wild ...
  84. Sinn U1 or steinhart triton 100 ATM
  85. Parnis Deep Sea, anyone know anything about them?
  86. Just Received my Jellyfish Today
  87. Just Received my Jellyfish Today
  88. Just Received my Prometheus Jellyfish Today
  89. Just Received my Jellyfish Today
  90. Archimede Sporttaucher... Anyone have one?
  91. New Marathon Bracelet Design
  92. A cliché question (or perhaps not)
  93. Montreal meet------come share your passion!!!!
  94. Collection Dilemma? Consolidate or not to Consolidate, that is the question!
  95. Pressure Test Advice
  96. satisfied w/ my collection...finally!
  97. Dive Master 500 Mod article
  98. {Mondays Diver 3-28-11]
  99. diver with open dial?
  100. Seeking 42mm, Domed, automatic, $500 range
  101. Is the Stargate really a better watch than the Seiko Monster?
  102. Water resistant strap
  103. SKX007 - 1 Year Anniversary
  104. Ploprof as an CAD-Object (for ArchiCAD only)
  105. Which of you Dive Watches you wouldn't Dive with...???
  106. Brainstorm, does such a watch exist?
  107. Is a hardened case, an overlooked 'killer app' for microbrands?...
  108. Seiko Red Stargate!
  109. Best Diver
  110. >>>>WRUW Sunday 3/27/11<<<<
  111. Quartz Diver 44mm or larger, Help me find one!
  112. Pics of my W3 Vintage Sub
  113. Another Turtle beaches itself
  114. New DWP - Open Thread
  115. Incoming-Boschett DWP 1000m
  116. Where can we get this bezel!!!!! tsar/gsar/msar content...
  117. Squale 101 Atmos ref. 2002A Helium Valve and Squale 50 Atmos "Folgore" PVD review (Large Pics)
  118. WRUW on the 26th?
  119. What Orsa model is this?
  120. Shiny Object in the Caribbean Surf --- Is my wrist a lure for Big hungry fish? :-)
  121. Scratch Removal from Polished Surfaces
  122. Laco Squad Strp Question?
  123. Need advice: Magellan or Remora
  124. 70s Movie "The Deep" - Dive watches worn?
  125. New Arrival - Irreantum Magellan
  126. PITA devours DSSD
  127. >>>>WRUW Friday 3/25/11<<<<
  128. Dive Watch Get Together and a Grail (audemars piguet?)
  129. Ti EcoZilla on Modded Rubber
  130. RESCO Patriot Just In
  131. Newbie Question: Changing bracelet for rubber strap on Zixen Trimix
  132. Your Baselworld highlights?
  133. Steinart lume compared to Seiko lume?
  134. Artego ordered from Artego? How long to arrive in your experience?
  135. I Want a Big Gadget Diver
  136. Some rare Pipins, diving icons
  137. H20 Watch Pre-Order
  138. The Whimpy Wrist Club
  139. Micro Brand Diver Regulator Interest.
  140. wait a second
  141. A short Basel walkthrough...
  142. >>>>WRUW Thursday 3/24/11<<<<
  143. What is your collection philosophy?
  144. My Resco Patriot has arrived.
  145. Blue or black dial for pepsi ctizen ny2300
  146. Vostok Amphbia
  147. Which method do you use to time something using your bezel?
  148. I'm Going Nowhere....
  149. Authenticity of ETA movements in dive watches
  150. Helson GAUGE #22/25 is in my hands - dont miss this Thread!!!
  151. DWP Alert
  152. Comparison of Helson's 1000M Tortuga to a Vintage 1000M case
  153. Very rare Omega Seamaster 120 "Plongeur de Luxe" (ref.# 396.0900)
  154. WOW--Azimuth Sea Hum GMT 1500m Diver
  155. Quality dive watch with crown guard?
  156. Pre-Basel 2011- Release of the Prometheus JellyFish
  157. <Wednesdays Divers 3-23-11>
  158. My first (real) diver
  159. MSAR Incoming! Color me excited!
  160. Original IDF Issue Eterna Super KonTiki, Help!
  161. Collection stolen :(
  162. Chronosport Polaris Quartz
  163. Kemmner or Ocean7
  164. Helson Shark Diver ETA grade level?
  165. Eterna Concept 1000M Diver Questions
  166. Eterna 1973 Heritage Dive Re-Issue
  167. Seiko emperor or doxa 5000T?
  168. Isofrane buckle question
  169. LUME on the Boschett CDII...???
  170. Going to be reunited with Deep Blue 2000m. Show off yours!
  171. Need automatic dive watch for my wife!! Please help! Need suggestions!!!
  172. Divers on Vintager Mauser Straps
  173. Got my first Ocean7, LM-2C
  174. For The Benarus Enthusiasts: Megalodon Teeth For Auction In Dallas
  175. cwc sbs dive watch lum question
  176. >>> WRUW Tuesday 22 March 11 ? <<<<
  177. Isofrane 24mm Blue and Orange
  178. My new Moray.
  179. What did you sell to get your Grail?
  180. Wrist shots of Breitling Skyline on ISOfrane
  181. Wow! Seamaster Pro is THIN!
  182. Orange hands on a grey dial?
  183. TSAR Battery Change
  184. New Citizen Divers
  185. UTS Watch Allen screw size
  186. I dropped this watch...
  187. ECOZILLA with strange second hand
  188. Several Requests....W3 Diver 8mm Crown Out
  189. Need a diver
  190. UTS 600m Chrono...
  191. WRUW on the 21st?
  192. Best watch $1000 an under
  193. Help finding a diver...
  194. Anyone have experience change a strap on a Deep Blue?
  195. Tissot Sea-Touch mini review
  196. Love it or hate it - Belowzero Chrono
  197. Which one, choosing based on movement?
  198. >>>>WRUW Sunday 3/20/11<<<<
  199. WWYD?... 'cuda vs. LM-3
  200. What did u use your bezel to time today?
  201. Wilson Watch Works Vintage Diver
  202. The Next Generation of Dive Watch Enthusiasts
  203. Need help choosing a new diver - Requirements Inside
  204. OK, I have got you beat 65mm bezel diameter and 35mm thick
  205. New bracelet combo...
  206. RESCO update to the Update
  207. >>>>WRUW Saturday 3/19/11<<<<
  208. Seiko 6105-8110 on a Anvil bracelet
  209. 24mm replacement bracelet for Zixen
  210. FINALLY! New Diver in the stable
  211. Looking for a budget diver
  212. Artego 300M bracelet
  213. When are you a "tool" for using an expensive "tool" watch as intended?
  214. Deep Blue Master vs Deep blue Ocean Diver 500? which sits best on the wrist?
  215. >>>>WRUW: Friday, March 18, 2011<<<<
  216. Need help in choosing a dive watch
  217. CWC SBS DIVER. Which rubber strap??
  218. Stone Creek Strap review - lots of pics
  219. Vintage Doxa SUB 300T Professional
  220. Curious about SAS diver.
  221. NEW Citizen Eco Electric Blue Diver
  222. First dive watch--Orsa Monstrum--Strap Questions
  223. Wonder what the story is behind this....
  224. Diver with a Tide Display
  225. St. Pattys Day Watches
  226. Is this typical behavior now?
  227. Orange Tortuga with friends
  228. Where to buy hands and dials for miyota 8215?
  229. >>WRUW - Thursday 17th March 2011<<
  230. New brands spring up like mushrooms
  231. Been waiting for this for a long long time.... (big pics)
  232. Are you ready for summer?
  233. Zinex/Zixen Sapphire Crystal Replacement?
  234. My ultimate dive watch has landed...
  235. A NEW Doxa for me.Just arrived Today...Ok, not really new but the rarity make it worth a few pics
  236. Sumo vs Ocean7 G-1
  237. Cleaning & Servicing in the Orlando/Tampa area?
  238. I have a question regarding my Marathon MSAR Crown.
  239. Kemmner Octopus - What are the dimensions?
  240. Zixen vintage trimix 1000m too large for 7 1/4" wrist???
  241. >>>>WRUW: Wednesday, March 16, 2010<<<<
  242. New 2006 SAR
  243. Selling watch to UK
  244. Hamilton Jazzmaster Traveler GMT II 200m Review
  245. Wilson Watch Works 42mm 200m - Picture Heavy
  246. Would you sell if wife laughed at the size of your new watch?
  247. Mako after market bracelets, what's available?
  248. New Member of the Stargate SG-1 Team ("Dial In" to the pics)
  249. Seiko SPORK on brown Hirsch Liberty
  250. Boschett - Thoughts on this watch