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  1. Identifying Breitling Colt Quartz
  2. A Couple of Bulova Accuquartz Hummers
  3. Quartz questions
  4. Omega MC2400 - which battery ?
  5. Testing the limits for MT920 secondary (rechargeable) battery ...
  6. Introducing myself
  7. Is my Omega Seamaster Quartz considered a HEQ?
  8. Swiss Army Victorinox vs Wenger
  9. Audemars Piguet Megaquartz f2,4?? Anyone every seen this???
  10. Who has a 'rubidium frequency standard' ?
  11. Any 8F movement or similar with day-date and GMT ???
  12. Accuracy of One Citizen Chronomaster
  13. Should we make a sticky post with the PDF manuals of the HEQ models around ?
  14. Since this came up at PMWF - was there any major advance in HEQ models during 2008 ?
  15. Interesting Ebay auction, opinions please...
  16. For the Accu-Quartz Fans >>>
  17. Need some help?
  18. My '64 Accutron Astronaut (A concern or not) ?? >>
  19. Anybody has any source for an Attesa E510 (ATH53-2541) ?
  20. why eta 988.333 vs 988.352?
  21. Poll: Your Experience with Lifespan of Quartz Watches
  22. Where can I get a HEQ Watch?
  23. Quartz Chronograph movement : Ronda Cal. 5040.B w/13 jewels ???
  24. Has anyone ever done a small custom run of a HEQ model ?
  25. Is this Omega considered an HEQ?
  26. What is Hi-end?
  27. Seiko Spirit Radio Wave Control Solar SBTT003 vs. Citizen Attesa Eco-Drive Ti ATD53-2773?
  28. New family member...
  29. Funny thing on eBay ...
  30. Recent acquisition for my wife's best friend...
  31. accuracy testing my Seiko Grand Quartz 9256
  32. My Seiko SBQJ015 has arrived!
  33. Omega Marine Chronometer.
  34. Seiko SBQL007 (8F33)
  35. Introduction of me & my KQ 9923-8060
  36. Seiko Grand Quartz 9256 New Pic's
  37. Sapphire and AR-coating ...
  38. TAG Heuer's Calibre S
  39. My mini-grail is here - the most precise solar caliber ever :) (large picture)
  40. Ventura BMW Z-watch
  41. Need help with a Seiko Crystal Chronometer QC-951-II
  42. Rechargeable battery life ...
  43. Just a few pics of my Longines Dolce Vita Chrono >>
  44. Seiko 8F32 vs Citizen Exceed
  45. Next HEQ
  46. Is there any nice-looking 8F with day-date ?
  47. What to do if your Swiss Quartz second hand is not hitting the minute marker?
  48. Different shoes for this one...
  49. Is Seiko type 2 high-precision ?
  50. Don't know about "high-end", but very rare and probably very expensive
  51. My new Seiko 7A28
  52. Any picture with a black Exceed and a black strap ?
  53. Helpwith watch ID
  54. Citizen E510 manual ? Is it similar to E710 (but only with better precision) ?
  55. Is Citizen G530 TC?
  56. Accounting for the leap second
  57. Breitling B1 synchronisation issues
  58. Most accurate solar caliber around ? (E510 ??)
  59. Anyone own the Credor gcax985 or gcax983?
  60. Accuracy Challenge 2009
  61. Sudden two minute loss
  62. Review of Revue Thommen Quartz Chrono on Pil/Mil forum
  63. Looking for a blue HEQ
  64. Calibrating a Seiko 9F62A
  65. Has Anyone Noticed Drift in the online published NIST Time?
  66. Seiko Spirit SBFT003
  67. Wanted to share my Omega Constellation f300
  68. Can somebody id this Swiss Army watch?
  69. Quartz Chronograph - what would you recommend?
  70. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of my HEQ friends! ...
  71. TAGs, TC ?
  72. Hello, Dous anyone have any info on the Raymond Weil
  73. JLC Master-Quartz
  74. Help me to choose
  75. Slightly OT, time related content on BBC Radio 4...
  76. Show me some more of your Trons >>>
  77. what movement in tissot PR100?
  78. Exceptional First month results
  79. Pimp my watch! Lamborghini for $475
  80. HEQ, What's available?
  81. Oh No, Leap Second to be Added to 2008 ! ! !
  82. The Sweet Spot
  83. The Best Thermal Insensitive Movement
  84. New to me Exceed
  85. Can You Identify This Movement?
  86. Quartz ticking...
  87. Regulation of Omega MC 2400 Marine Chronometer
  88. jewels in quartz watches?
  89. Seiko 4F and 8F tech doc
  90. Seiko high end quartz question
  91. My Very First HEQ / Campanola with A660H
  92. Swiss army Chrono Classic XLS
  93. WUS folks building homage WWII watch.
  94. Recent B-1 pic - long-exposure
  95. Marine Chronometer Plea! I need photo's/ scans of certifcates and document folder
  96. New Arrival... Krieger Tidal Chronometer
  97. Calling All GS 8J56 and 9F owners
  98. Seiko Direct Drive
  99. Seiko GrandQuartz 9256-5010..
  100. Omega Marine Chronometer battery, etc
  101. Watch2008, who's planning to travel to Maastricht ?
  102. 1st. time HEQ buyer
  103. Omega Megaquartz F2.4 overview
  104. In The Beginning There Was...
  105. Citizen Promaster Sky Navihawk PMK65-2211 Review
  106. Effect of Sudden Temperature Change on Rate
  107. Quick shot this afternoon...
  108. Makin' crystals...
  109. PMWF down...
  110. Unexpectedly
  111. looking for a particular style of HEQ watch
  112. Show me shots of your favourite HEQ...
  113. Stop the train! I want to get off!!!...
  114. Pulsar PSR 10
  115. Exceed. incoming
  116. Need a little more horsepower??...
  117. Quartz timings
  118. It's that time again...
  119. HEQ Watch for ~$500
  120. How Good are Thermal Insensitive Watch Movements?
  121. New goodie...
  122. Raymond Weil - Men's Tango
  123. Can accuracy get any better than +1 second per year?>>
  124. Any HEQ that have second hand movement like a mechanical ?
  125. Which Omega Movements Are HEQ?
  126. How Do Watch Makers Determine Accuracy?
  127. Happy Birthday Bruce Reding !!
  128. date adjustment on breitling colt quartz II
  129. Concord Delirium
  130. Some Synchronar pix
  131. Thermoregulating a quartz watch
  132. "High" End Quartz Accuracy
  133. I'm looking to get a new "Longines Conquest Perpetual V.H.P"
  134. Watch bonanza!
  135. FREE Watch2008 tickets for all Watchuseek members !!
  136. Broke down and bought a new HEQ...
  137. Tissot F1 Calibre 2031
  138. My latest Citizen
  139. I've been busy, you might want to take a look.
  140. Behind the scenes at WUS
  141. Beta 21 - Omega with original bracelet
  142. My latest purchase - non HEQ content
  143. LEATHER on LCD : I was wondering...
  144. High-end Quartz... it might have been, by the time...
  145. Couple of very efficient tools...
  146. Beginning of week wrist check
  147. Does Anyone Know of the Seiko 4J40 Movement?
  148. Grand Seiko Spring Drive SBGA027.
  149. Check this out folks...
  150. Rate Adjustment of HEQ Movements
  151. More quartz history
  152. Aquired Oysterquartz 17000
  153. Your Idea of the Most Appealing HEQ Watch
  154. Least Expensive Way Into HEQ?
  155. Seiko HEQ post on GMT+9
  156. Omega Constellation Meca Quartz Chronograph ..........
  157. Affordable simple quartz dress watch like Stowa Antea
  158. info sites for Krieger Marine Chronometers?
  159. Favre Leuba 32khz
  160. NY Times watch supplement
  161. Synchronar 2100 - Additional data
  162. Help with Omega sensor quartz please?
  163. Citizen 4 Mega Crystron
  164. highest pressure resistance in a digital quartz watch?
  165. Citizen Crystron....
  166. I have a King Quartz coming in... Is this a HEQ?
  167. 5 seconds and nearly 5 times cheaper Exceed or a Chronomaster
  168. Finally, a working JLC Masterquartz..
  169. citizen chronomaster with gold,is it luminous?
  170. Citizen Chronomaster Warranty Requires Japan Address
  171. Look what the heck I just found! Is this a new model?>>
  172. Grand Seiko/Rolex Airman Who's copying who?
  173. Nominations for the "Meritorious Threads" sticky?
  174. Hello from another newbie with a HEQ Seiko
  175. Perhaps not HEQ but still...
  176. Just recieved my Omega Marine Chronometer
  177. Help me decide on a Chronomaster
  178. How are these movements regulated ?
  179. WUZ - The Watch U Zimmer is finished!
  180. Help me to choose my first high end quartz watch
  181. After a Battery Change for an F300 >>>
  182. A quick question >>>
  183. Fast Chronomaster
  184. Bulova Space watch??
  185. Advice on Seamaster Quartz Watch
  186. Seiko 8F56 model SLT077 (Link)
  187. Seiko not the first quartz...
  188. So would this be considered as the ultimate quartz?>>
  189. Beta 21
  190. Some more very vintage electronics
  191. Reflection on the Megaquartz 2.4Mhz
  192. A very good article on electronic watch history
  193. JLC Master - Quartz info wanted
  194. Hallo from a new and happy SEIKO SBQJ015 owner!
  195. Hey guys can you tell me about this watch
  196. Whats your opinions on how long Quartz movements will last? Swiss any better than others?
  197. Wife + mens watch?
  198. cosc accuracy quartz divers?
  199. Citizen Quartz Crystron
  200. Omega Constellation needs new battery - I need your advice
  201. HEQ Heartbreak
  202. I don't know if it is HEQ, but I like it and I say its not a kludge.
  203. Officially certified crazy
  204. please help a neophyte!
  205. Truth and Myth About DLC, Duratech and High Tech Diamond and Scratch Resistance
  206. Movement Resources
  207. Hello from a new Omega electronics and quartz fan
  208. HEQ for ladies with perpetual calendar?
  209. When the Seiko Direct Drive was manual
  210. Not HEQ from an accuracy perspective but technically interesting
  211. Does the Seiko H-series count?
  212. ETA 205-911. Is it or is it not?
  213. Supreme WIS Award
  214. Strange Chronomaster returns
  215. An extremely interesting historical piece ...
  216. Where does Movado come in terms of HEQ?
  217. Is Quartz the only crystaline structure used...
  218. Would this one be considered the ultimate HEQ? >>>
  219. Citizen Exceed EAA74-0862 Questions/help
  220. Oysterquartz...New Arrival
  221. I love Cartier. Who makes this modified movement?>>
  222. How quartzie is my new Elnix ?
  223. there is an Eternia in Vintage worth looking at.
  224. What would you do with this Omega Marine Chronometer?
  225. Cute HEQ watch purchased
  226. I know it is not quartz
  227. the new thread: Just the data II Moleman's Hunt for the Milliseconds
  228. Some Advices for a Quartz Watch
  229. Olympic Timing is Quartz
  230. Our Vintage Railroader >>
  231. Is there a point to high accuracy without GMT?
  232. Case Diameter of "The Citizen" Chronomaster
  233. Function of the Coil - Any Differences in Quality?
  234. Japanese quartz movement pics
  235. Question Re; vintage quartz alarm.
  236. New addition to collection.
  237. Chronometer - Railroad
  238. I finally own a piece of Siko watch history!
  239. Setting date on the Longines Conquest Perpetual VHP
  240. Better Spring Drive
  241. Who killed the tuning fork watch?
  242. Lurking over ... My Quartz Collection
  243. Cartier, cal.690 quartz movement Question?
  244. A brief history of the Citizen Watch Company...
  245. SD/HPM wrap up and an HEQ quaestion...
  246. Does anyone know which is the first quartz chronograph model?
  247. Can HEQ Movements be Purchased Separately?
  248. How quartzie is a spring drive watch?
  249. New Arrival Bulova Accutron
  250. And another joins the stable ...