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  9. Review of a Recent Acquisition
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  11. Need help decide Casio PRW-3000T or ERA-200DB-1AV
  12. The vagaries of RC watches
  13. Exospace B55
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  16. Conquest VHP Perpetual 200M with unusual hands..
  17. Happy 100th birthday general relativity
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  19. Accuracy tracking and burst photography
  20. OT: programmer job for HAQer
  21. My first Breitling..not my first HAQ
  22. caught in the bay
  23. Spotted an unusual 5 SPY 9F61
  24. 1999 Breitling Aerospace Repition Minutes - movement replacement/upgrade query
  25. Accuracy at semiannual re-set of my GS quartz
  26. VHP Ti - reunited with an old (and aged) friend
  27. Customs Duty charges
  28. Where are the Grand Seiko Quartz people?
  29. Citizen A660 rival?
  30. New THE CITIZEN model - AQ4000-51L (blue dial)
  31. Pulsar PSR 10 (NOS)
  32. Bulova Moonwatch Re-edition
  33. DST and THE CITIZEN Chronomaster
  34. Citizen skyhawk not receiving radio signal
  35. Info for the RF fans
  36. n00b question: is the Aerospace Evo considered a HAQ?
  37. Hoptroff sports caliber vs MW vs Aerospace Avantage
  38. Just in - Seiko Superior, Twin Quartz cal. 9983
  39. 4.19 MHz Omega on Yahoo! auctions (Japan)
  40. Why no love for Hoptroff?
  41. My HAQ (Breitling) runs to fast
  42. Another Longines Conquest VHP Perpetual Calendar ## and a Flagship ##
  43. Radio controlled (in)accuracy
  44. Just in: Seiko Dolce SACM171
  45. seiko SACM 171,how to open snap off case?
  46. Here's A Pair I Think;
  47. Coming soon to a wrist near...
  48. A brief Review of the Citizen CC3010-51E
  49. Time and leap seconds
  50. Astron Dual-Time SSE039 Review
  51. A Tale of Two Megahertz
  52. Longines VHP PC - new owner and HAQ member
  53. When the quartz gets older ?
  54. Question regarding time regulation of 42mm Aerospace
  55. Difference KS TwinQ and Grand Quartz (TwinQ)
  56. Flagship VHP on the Bay
  57. Adventures in Time and Temperature
  58. New Constellation Perpetual Calendar
  59. Grand Seiko price increase!?
  60. HAQs That Aren't
  61. Braun BN 106 Accuracy
  62. HAQ perpetual calendar or independent hour hand
  63. An Italian Seiko? Giugiaro Astron Chronograph Review
  64. New Time Zone
  65. Another PreciDrive watch
  66. Question on shock
  67. Sapphire crystal replacement for Bulova Precisionist 96b175
  68. Breitling Colt/Citizen Eco Drive Chronomaster
  69. Invicta HAQ?
  70. Ebay score Seiko Spirit 5E21
  71. All Citizen HAQ Movement Calibers list.
  72. What would you pay for Grand Seiko SBGX089
  73. Accutron ll Snorkel: Precisionist Quartz
  74. Vapourware becomes reality
  75. Breitling quartz/superquartz COSC certification and accuracy...
  76. Citizen Chronomaster Importers
  78. Q: Why TC and GPS/radio controlled together?
  79. opinions guys on which of the Grand Seikos I should keep
  80. Any HAQ at Movado Outlet?
  81. Excellent Hodinkee piece on HEQ
  82. Citizen Exceed AR4000-55E
  83. The Citizen CTQ57-1201
  84. HAQ Heirloom Watch Suggestions Requested
  85. New Citizen Sat-Wave/GPS models:- Attesa F-150 (43.5mm x 12.5mm) and Attesa versions of F-900.
  86. Thermocompensation in Seiko 00843 and 4803 movements
  87. Garmin intrinsic accuracy
  88. ETA Precidrive and Powerdrive
  89. What do we know about De Havilland?
  90. Greetings - PLEASE HELP ME WITH MY FIRST HAQ PURCHASE ( I am not a troll )
  91. Certina DS Chronographs
  92. Accuracy difference btw Quartz Digital and Analog
  93. Certina DS 2 PreciDrive Chronograph hands need reset
  94. SBGX085 accuracy
  95. Stopwatch accuracy tracking results
  96. I'm ordering a Citizen HAQ tomorrow
  97. Has anyone measured a Bulova uhf?
  98. A660 / 9F and other watches accuracy monitoring results 1 year UPDATE
  99. Chinese Super Quartz?
  100. Watch "New Bulova Watches For 2015 & Interview With Brand President | aBlogtoWatch" on YouTube
  101. Seiko Boutique - shopping for a GS 9F model, SBGV007 (40mm)
  102. A couple of recent acquisitions
  103. Progress Report, A010, 9F82
  104. Bulova Accutron II
  105. Citizen Chronomaster CTQ57-1021
  106. sot new Citizens
  107. I will not be taken for a fool...
  108. Accurately setting time?
  109. New movement number for The Citizen
  110. Citizen Exceed E510 instructions
  111. Yet another Longines Conquest VHP Perpetual Calendar
  112. ETA dual oscillators and Seiko Twin Quartz
  113. Running scores
  114. Vintage Seiko Grand Quartz -I need help
  115. Now THIS is an atomic clock!
  116. Citizen Exceed HAQ - Question about a movement
  117. Longines VHP calibration question
  118. Cheapest HAQ
  119. Citizen Quartz Crystron
  120. SOT: NTP problem
  121. Certina DS Action Precidrive
  122. Baselworld 2015: Bathys Live Report
  123. Automatic vs. "SQ" High End Watches
  124. Can thermocompensated quartzes handle space walks already?
  125. You know you're thinking too much about HAQ when...
  126. Certina Chronographe DS-8 Phase de Lune
  127. Satellite wave F900
  128. Chronomasters to be discontinued?
  129. Girard Perregaux Cal 353 still dead, will be selling
  130. Most tc Quartz watches are not particularly accurate or precise
  131. Grand Seiko 8J56 Question
  132. Special Grand Seikos
  133. A nice introduction to NTP
  134. A Few Quartz Questions
  135. Please post pics of your DS-2 on non stock straps/bracelets
  136. Identifying and eliminating error - stopwatch method
  137. Citizen CTQ57-0952 and CTQ57-1203
  138. At what point should I think about sending it in for adjustment?
  139. So how does one regulate the Omega 1441 HAQ movement?
  140. Girard Perregaux 300 series quartz with blue "chip" dial
  141. Seeking Inexpensive HAQ Options
  142. marathon lgp
  143. On HAQ, TC, Definitions and Semantics
  144. Got a Grand Seiko SBGX085
  145. Starting a HAQ collection
  146. Pulsar PSR-10 on Amazon
  147. Citizen Chronomaster dial color?
  148. Christopher Ward new thermocompensated model
  149. Trying to get a handle on HEQ accuracy this afternoon...
  150. High Accuracy summit
  151. Sorry for off topic message . . .
  152. Accuracy of Grand Seiko Quartz (9F62) ???
  153. Purchased this from another member for a cant pass-up price..
  154. HAQ can sometimes...
  155. Best source for Accuracy Measurments ?
  156. Got My eye on this
  157. Skywalker vs Z-33 vs cockpit B50 vs Exospace B55
  158. Thermocompensation always brightens my day...
  159. Stealth GP HAQ
  160. What is going to replace the Seiko Alpinist?
  161. The future of GPS watches
  162. Dolce VS PSR 10
  163. New HEQ arrivals .. all of Seiko's accuracy grades at once :)
  164. Omega X-33 Accuracy Report
  165. Proud new member of the HAQ club.
  166. GS quartz movement finishing
  167. 2015 leap second
  168. HAQ vs. HEQ
  169. Picked this up yesterday...
  170. Happy 2015 from your friends at WatchUSeek!
  171. 2014 HEQ summary
  172. General Accuracy Tracking Thread
  173. Looking for info on the Bulova Precisionist Divers Black Chronograph Ref. 98B211
  174. Trim up your Quartz!
  175. Just checked the time on my Grand Seiko SBGX063
  176. Cernan didn't have this...
  177. Chronomaster CTQ57-0954 Accuracy Report and some 15x magnification pictures
  178. Aerospace Evo and X-33 Skywalker
  179. Omega X-33 "Skywalker"
  180. Seiko SBGV011 on metal bracelet
  181. Seiko 3923 thermocompensation method
  182. Grand Seiko with independent hours / PC
  183. Luminox ANU 4200 with Ronda 715Li
  184. Thanks for the help- Pulled trigger on DS-2
  185. Riddle me this Batman
  186. Another Longines Conquest VHP PC
  187. Certina DS-2 precidrive
  188. HAQ poll: Breitling or Seiko?
  189. Pulsarmania!!!. Now the PSR20
  190. Junghans Chronometer 4 MHZ
  191. Any input appreciated.. New to Thread and looking for next purchase..
  192. PSA FOR US
  193. Christopher Ward C30 Malvern COSC
  194. My VHP is running ! second slow ( Help)
  195. Pulsar PSR10
  196. in need of directing, please
  197. Thermocompensation matched with vintage...
  198. Grand Seiko sbgx115 review
  199. What HAQ are currently available from Citizen?
  200. Acceptable error?
  201. 2014 Seiko Astron vs 2014 Citizen F100
  202. New Titanium Citizen AQ1040-53E
  203. It is difficult to find my Ideal watch
  204. My first ever HAQ
  205. US Seiko boutique
  206. Perpetual calender or quick date change?
  207. Check this out
  208. 6 Seiko Astron GPS Chronographs Reviewed
  209. "Wrist temperature" not 28 *C - but average temperature is!
  210. Will Citizen discontinue the Chronomasters?
  211. GPS watches - a summary
  212. HAQ clock kit
  213. What´s the key for the Citizen A660 movement accuracy?
  214. How about a new HAQ photo thread?
  215. what TC watches are available at the moment?
  216. Adorkable
  217. Another Longines Conquest VHP PC
  218. Grand Seiko online stores
  219. Finally a member of the HAQ family!
  220. The Citizen CTQ57 - 1201
  221. Hoptroff CSAC wristwatch
  222. can you guys help with this Thread , is related to HAQ
  223. New (apparently) Constellation TC for sale
  224. Battery replacement for 9F61?
  225. who know's why a GS Caliber No. 9F82 changes date @ 00.02h20seconds instead of @ 00.00h?
  226. DIY HAQ clock
  227. ETA precidrive movements.
  228. Thanks to the HAQ Forum
  229. Bargain - Citizen AQ1030-57A for $1551 delivered from Japan
  230. New Casio Oceanus GPS hybrid
  231. A660 / 9F and other watches accuracy monitoring results
  232. The Irony of HAQ
  233. HAQ Entry Suggestions
  234. Citizen chronomaster models
  235. Another HAQ chrono
  236. Seiko SD SBDB009 Accuracy Report
  237. ETA PreciDrive - information needed
  238. Chronomaster with strap with a titanium buckle?
  239. anyone ever hear of this
  240. An HEQ aviator chronograph...
  241. Rewarding self need recommendations - Thanks!
  242. Grand Seiko quartz: which one?
  243. Help determining my dream Seiko watch (Vintage Haq)
  244. How about atomic watches... some day?
  245. Does Eta's restrictions also apply to their quartz movements?
  246. Indestructible, ABC kind, G-Shock kind, of HEQ watch w/o Atomic function?
  247. The "Sweet Spot" Thread
  248. is it possible to mod quartz to sweep?
  249. Grand Seiko Quartz Showdown!
  250. Two Citizens and a foreigner