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  1. Two Citizens and a foreigner
  2. How quartz oscillators works?
  3. Seiko SBGX063 vs. Citizen AQ1000-58E
  4. A Year of VHP
  5. GPS watches for the HAQer.
  6. Omega Speedmaster Professional Quartz
  7. HAQ circa 1971...
  8. Frequencies?
  9. O/T GPS synchronised wall clock
  10. Heads-up: Citizen E510 on Yahoo Japan
  11. OT not close to a Morgenwerk
  12. The Citizen....misalignment
  13. Seiko Twin Quartz 9983-8039
  14. Breitling Colt
  15. Dropping leap seconds...
  16. Accuracy specifications
  17. Another Longines Conquest VHP Perpetual Calendar for sale
  18. What is the accuracy of my Citizen Model: AT9010-52E watch?
  19. The Stopwatch Method
  20. Help with citizen 8600 series movement
  21. The Citizen - model choice feedback and buying options
  22. Available HAQ/HEQ Stock Movements?
  23. Appropriate domain name
  24. SOT watch tracker
  25. Another Credor HAQ Acquisition!
  26. Grand Seiko; if diamonds are a girl's best friend, then this is mine...
  27. Citizen Chronomaster seconds hand alignment to markers.>>
  28. ETA 251.265
  29. new Breitling TC caliber
  30. New HAQ Addition: Certina DS2 Gent Precidrive
  31. New HAQ Addition - Credor
  32. My new eco-drive
  33. Grand Seiko - Quartz - not much love in Hong Kong.
  34. *** 29.04.2014 - Tuesday - WRUW?***
  35. Seiko 9F..Pls enjoy this SJX blog just stumbled across.>>>
  36. Miyota OS60 Recalibration advice !!
  37. Seiko SBQJ015 Suddenly Losing 20+ Seconds per Day
  38. Bulova Accutron II Alpha. Very cool!!!
  39. CITIZEN releases new GPS watch
  40. Cost of a new E510 movement?
  41. Casio RC/GPS watch
  42. Seiko Baselworld 2014
  43. Need some help picking my next watch!
  44. Seiko and Citizen JDM and non JDM Catalogues
  45. Omega Skywalker X33
  46. Grand Seiko 9F82 repair?
  47. Is this GS movement, 9f82, genuine?
  48. Contrast and compare
  49. Took the plunge: Citizen AQ1030-57e
  50. TC+RC ... do they exist? Should they?
  51. leather strap for Grand Seiko?
  52. Where do you get your watch serviced?
  53. G530 questions
  54. Atlantic Magazine USNO Video
  55. The Project. HAQ Divemaster 500 Chrono?
  56. Most accurate & "Best" Quartz under $1K?
  57. Are any HAQ Seikos not Grand Seikos?
  58. Grand Seiko SBGF17
  59. Minute hand repeatedly stuck (the chrono minute, Certina DS 2 PreciDrive)
  60. is it worth repairing an omega seamaster f300
  61. UPDATED: Is my 1441 genuine, a hybrid, martian? Omega 200m Pre-Bond confusion NOW SOLVED
  62. Have you ever seen a watch that had more than one battery in it?
  63. Some Unboxing Shots of the Old AQ1000-58E
  64. Seiko 4F56 second hand 6 secs at a time? Anyone had low battery on a 4F?
  65. Help!
  66. Looking for a quality/accurate Swiss watch
  67. Problems with Polaris, crown settings...
  68. Going cross-eyed: Citizen AQ1030 vs. AQ1034
  69. Omega temperature accuracy test
  70. Practical Reason for the High Accuracy Madness?
  71. Bevy of Seiko HAQ's...
  72. Hourly chime/signal
  73. Another Longines Conquest VHP for sale
  74. Patek Philippe 3747 Ellipse
  75. Readers' Awards - Vote for the HAQ of the year for 2013
  76. Which movement is better?
  77. New HAQ from Christopher Ward
  78. Longines Conquest , they want $325
  79. Readers' Awards - Nominating the HAQ of the year for 2013
  80. Omega Z33
  81. Battery EOL indication on analogue quartz chronographs
  82. Eco-drive The Citizen questions...a supplement to South Pender's Review.
  83. An optical lattice clock with accuracy and stability at the 10-18 level
  84. Any Zodiac Astroquartz out there ?
  85. Bulova Precisionist: First major buy?
  86. Some thoughts and tech-design related issues regarding Breitling HEQ
  87. A tale of two satellites
  88. Question about Citizen
  89. Tudor Geneve Monarch Quartz help
  90. Breitling Chronospace gone from the lineup.
  91. something is wrong with me Conquest
  92. Get your own NTP time server
  93. Citizen Campanola, with A660 Movement
  94. Omega SMP Stuck at midnight -- fix myself?
  95. Bulova 96B175
  96. Seiko Spirit 8f56 GMT
  97. CTQ57 Accuracy since mid 2012
  98. 2013 HEQ summary
  99. Thermocompensated flight article ...
  100. Sinn UX
  101. Breitling superquartz AEROSPACE issues?? help please.
  102. In memory of garfre, Gary Fredricks
  103. Here is my collection
  104. Possible Issues with my brand new Seiko Astron
  105. Certina DS Diver battery replacement fiasco !
  106. Buying in Japan?
  107. help with 8f56
  108. Certina DS2 Precidrive C024.447.16.051.03 with stainless bracelet
  109. Any Grand Seiko larger than 37mm ?
  110. Concern about my Longines VHP
  111. Seiko SDGA005 Owner's Experience
  112. Soprod - Thermocompensated?
  113. A future discussion topic?
  114. Maurice Lacroix Miros Chrono COSC - exactly a year later
  115. dates shows 1
  116. Comparison of Longines and test methods
  117. The new generation of swiss HEQ movements, which brands/models have them?
  118. High accuracy quartz GMT
  119. Van anyone identify this watch?
  120. Christopher Ward Limited Edition C70 thermo-compensated quartz chronometer chronographs
  121. Seiko 8f35 movement
  122. Bulova Presiciomist Strap Size
  123. Ebright Departing as HAQ Moderator ...
  124. Why is it so hard for quartz second hands to hit the markers?
  125. new chronomaster luminious?
  126. Well, it is not quartz but it represents a drive to higher accuracy and performance
  127. Certina DS 2 PreciDrive watches
  128. Certina DS2 "FAQ"
  129. Two new Grand Seiko quartz models
  130. Yep. Probably an appropriate forum to post this one...
  131. New Hoptroff watches
  132. HA from standard japanese quartz.....yes
  133. Looking for opinion on Second Hand Markers - Grand Seiko vs Chronomaster
  134. Daylight saving
  135. Two new (to me) SEIKOs - SBQK083 and SBGF017
  136. The future of this Forum
  137. Seiko Astron Dissapointment
  138. Junghans RC watch Review
  139. What's Your Experience of Citizen Service in Japan for HAQs ?
  140. Omega Megaquartz Cal 1310 movement
  141. Scammers put up WUS look-a-like site
  142. Interest in a new watch
  143. There are still NOS Pulsar PSR10s out there
  144. Grand Seiko Roadshow Returning to AZ Fine Time – December 13th!
  145. single-dial chronograph
  146. Battery Replacement, Multuple Watches
  147. AQ1030-57E
  148. Some more details about the Pulsar PSR 10
  149. How do we compare/assess the quality of quartz movements (Jewelled or not)?
  150. Flagship VHP
  151. Is this Citizen Exceed Chronograph a HAQ?
  152. Smooth Sweep Seconds Hand in a HEQ
  153. esa/eta 959.001 questions
  154. Bathys - Atomic Wristwatch!
  155. Five yard sales, one 1967 Accutron!
  156. GS and wrist size thread?
  157. Seiko Twin Quartz Questions
  158. Well it's about time ... initial musings on the SBGX061
  160. High Beats vs Spring Drive vs Tuning Fork vs Electrical Clock
  161. question re: dial color on Eco-Drive The Citizen
  162. Important book on quartz watch development
  163. Grand Seiko Quartz SBGX061 review
  164. Breitling aerospace
  165. Historic HAQ & the Swiss industry
  166. HAQ in the hospital setting
  167. My Baby came today
  168. New owner of Grand Seiko SBGX061
  169. Help with Girard Perregaux watches GP 352, GP 353, GP 641
  170. 10,000 year wristwatch
  171. I just got a Longines Conquest
  172. Recent advance in time keeping
  173. New Grand Seiko... Sending it back!
  174. Grand Seiko SBGX009 Pictures
  175. Longines Help
  176. Prettiest quartz movement....lets see pictures/photos!
  177. Citizen Noblia
  178. SBGX009 - Still in Production or Discontinued?
  179. cheap, High Accuracy and good quality watch on ebay right now
  180. The world?s first smartphone synchronisable watch : AtomTime Watches
  181. Victorinox Swiss Army Maverick GS Chrono
  182. Ebay Score , Seiko Dolce
  183. HELP!!! Breitling B-1 ...
  184. Seiko Chronomaster A660 battery change
  185. Chronomaster hunting in Hong Kong?
  186. ChristopherWard C70
  187. Help with GP Quartz
  188. Certina DS podium losing -5 minutes / day
  189. Newbie: Pasha de Cartier Perpetual Calendar Quartz Moonphase
  190. Affordable HAQ watches?
  191. revue thommen airspeed sweep minute hand question
  192. Quartz diving watches
  193. My latest HAQ ? The Citizen AQ1010-54E
  194. Stealth High Performance: The Grand Seiko SBGX103
  195. Grand Seiko Quartz SBGX103 9F 20th Anniversary Limited Edition - Review
  196. Grand Seiko's pursuit of (im) perfection.
  197. Citizen Satellite Wave-Air shows up on US Website
  198. Finally got around to timing my Oysterquartz
  199. Seiya Kobayashi
  200. For my first post: my new Citizen AQ1020 and above all a special thanks :-)
  201. Has anybody seen these Grand Seiko's (in the metal)?
  202. Is there any comparable alternative to the Citizen CTQ57-0934?
  203. Difference between 8J56 and 9F ?
  204. Any idea where I can pick up a Longines VHP
  205. 1980's Omega Seamaster 1337
  206. Changing battery PSR10
  207. Recommendations @ $450 price range
  208. Can the entire movement of Quartz watches be replaced in case its over a 100 years old ?
  209. Technical References for Quartz
  210. Finally got hands on GS 9F in person, concern about size ...
  211. Getting close to TC performance with a standard quartz
  212. cheap GPS V. time.gov, time.is etc
  213. Adjusting Gshock 5600c
  214. Beta21/f8192 questions
  215. Received my CTQ57-0953 today & PSR-10 last week.
  216. How long a quartz watch can remain accuracy?
  217. Tourneau ETA Thermoline HEQ chronometer certified
  218. Physicists Unveil World’s Most Precise Clock (And a Twin to Compare It Against) May 29, 2013
  219. Quartz Dress Watch Recommendations?
  220. A670 vs. A660?
  221. Citizen AQ1010-03E
  222. Quartz aging: is it real or is it a myth ?
  223. Interesting 9F write-up by SJX
  224. WUS LOGON procedure change!! Beat Those Bots!!!
  225. Well I took the plunge today into HAQ
  226. Another "help me find a watch" thread
  227. Buying a GS HAQ shortly but it is quite difficult to decide. Please help.
  228. Pictures of my new CTQ57-0955
  229. Any wrist shots with the Citizen AQ1020-51E?
  230. Citizen AQ1000-66E
  231. Yay! My CTQ57-0955 arrived!
  232. VIDEO of my CTQ57-0954
  233. What are my options w a broken 8f56
  234. Would this be relevant to accuracy or alignment issues? Synchronizing metronomes
  235. Excited to have found this Forum!
  236. Storing a quartz watch for several months -
  237. Vintage Seiko HAQ Cleaining/Lubrication
  238. This will happen.
  239. Ordered a Citizen HAQ CTQ57-0955 today!
  240. Help Please - 251.233 Adjustment Instruction Needed
  241. Help needed on my Longines VHP
  242. New ETA Thermoline Calibers
  243. Accidental Discovery - somewhat scary
  244. Please help me decide on a JDM Citizen HAQ model, and a vendor
  245. two orders of magnitude better than quartz..?????? can this be for real????
  246. CSA pocket watch
  247. Improve and verify your stopwatch technique
  248. I just won a Pulsar psr 10 for $71
  249. New HAQ Citizens
  250. Question about The Citizen CTQ57-1202 battery change...