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  1. Pulsar PSR-10 / Real World Accuracy Test.
  2. Citizen Basel 2013..... New Satellite Wave models !
  3. Emergency II
  4. Breitling Chronometre B-1 - a mini review.
  5. Newbie here - question on the Citizen CB0100-52E
  6. Friday HAQ Wrist Check
  7. Movado Sport Chrono Question...
  8. Girard Perregaux -few questions
  9. He shoots? He scores! Omega pre Bond 1441 for $350 - help please? What battery?
  10. Breitling Superquartz
  11. Longines Conquest VHP Perpetual Calendar
  12. Quartz battery ?
  13. TC pocket watches
  14. HAQ and Mechanical
  15. List of HAQ wristwatches which can be used as Marine Chronometer
  16. After using a radio controlled watch, how does one go back? First-world-problems galore.
  17. Pulsar accuracy report (2 months later)
  18. Thoughts on high end/accuracy quartz watches
  19. Revelation
  20. Citizen Chronomaster CTQ57-0955 real-world accuracy
  21. Other Watches With Similar Style to the OysterQuartz 17000?
  22. Grand Seiko SGBF017 - A presentation and a review.
  23. Difference in cost between the Citizen AQ1010 and AQ1020 series
  24. Just got my first HAQ!
  25. Looking for info on this Seiko Premier watch
  26. Visit to Cartier Official Store for Repair,,,,,OUCH
  27. the "one watch"?
  28. Astron in the San Francisco Bay Area?
  29. Breitling Aerospace Avantage E79362 HEQ-- Review and Comment
  30. Cartier Quartz Caliber 053
  31. Pulsar & HAQ
  32. Citizen watches with an "X"
  33. Citizen Exceed CB3000-51E: H=? W=?
  34. Adjusting cal 1441
  35. SOT Gizmodo's quartz versus mechanical
  36. Persuading watchmakers to provide HAQ
  38. Impressions of my Grand Seiko Quartz SBGX059
  39. Budget HAQ, where to start.
  40. Can I play now ?
  41. My latest HAQ acquisition: a vintage Seiko Twin quartz 9726-8000 from 1981
  42. Requirements-Based Choice Of HAQ For My Guys
  43. Wristwatch with atomic oscillator
  44. New 9F 20th Anniversary LE model.
  45. What Time Is It? -- Redux
  46. HAQ???
  47. my NOS PSR 20 with pics
  48. ETA E20.321 accuracy calibration.
  49. How Accurate Is Your HAQ?
  50. looking for a watch very thin and less then 40mm
  51. SHELLMAN- No more direct sales?
  52. The Citizen (A660) accuracy report
  53. Better Looking Precisionist Chronograph Models
  54. I just ordered my first Grand Seiko and I'm very excited!
  55. Influence of electromagnetic radiations on quartz precision ?
  56. Purchase Advice on a TAG Heuer
  57. Do-It-Yourself HAQ Clock - this time one that really works!
  58. Some thoughts on the Breitling Colt 44...
  59. Seiko Grand Quartz 9940-8010
  60. Accuracy data of Citizen A 010 movement
  61. Next generation HAQ watches?
  62. HAQ with day/date preferably BIG day ?
  64. 2012 HEQ summary
  65. Anyone else set their HAQ today for a year long accuracy test?
  66. Beautiful Citizen at Costco
  67. A "review" that isn't one.
  68. My beloved Longines Conquest V.H.P.
  69. How can I set the month on a Seiko 8f56?
  70. Happy holidays to you all!
  71. Question about my Rado True Watch
  72. Latest purchase
  73. what is the performance of grand seiko spring drive?
  74. Accuracy Tracking Tip: Update Time Shortcut for Windows 7
  75. Time-nut DIY project
  76. Don't take any wooden candy canes!
  77. HAQ disappointment
  78. I need your help - HA Quartz with quick set hour hand?
  79. Look what came in the mail today.
  80. The vacuum that is the High Acuracy Quartz market.
  81. What is your opinion of the Bulova Precisionist?
  82. Fake Vacheron Constantin? Help!
  83. Opinions on Casio OCW-S2000-1A2JF and Citizen AT8040-57E
  84. An Interesting Book on Recording The Passing of Time
  85. Citizien Chronomaster: Looking for advice - CTQ57-1021 (white dial) vs CTQ57-1025 (black dial)
  86. Need help identifying this watch?
  87. Morgenwerk
  88. CONCLUDED WITH PICS: Your thoughts on GS SBGX053 and SBGX089
  89. Pls advise - Ronda 5040.D is it a good quartz movement?? Any other good ones??
  90. Grand Seiko SBGX061 vs The Citizen AQ1010-54E - help making decision
  91. Longines Conquest Ti VHP
  92. Which (if any) Omega X-33 movements are thermocompensated?
  93. Light, rotor or replacement?
  94. GS 9F question - difference between SBGX005 and SBGX063
  95. Cost of thermocompensated movement versus non-TC movement for watch companies
  96. Omega wrist watch with 4.19 Mhz?
  97. New Grand Seiko Quartz Styles
  98. Grand Seiko cal. 8J55 - does it have time-zone feature?
  99. Quartz watch operation in extreme cold and other extreme environments
  100. What is the top of the line ProTrek model?
  101. Is ETA E49.351 therm-ocompensated?
  102. Tissot T-Touch II --- HEQ???
  103. Thursday's TC Watch (on your wrist).
  104. Omega Aqua Terra
  105. Casio EQWT720DC-1A or Citizen AT4007-54E
  106. Help with fixing my father's old Accutron
  107. When was the 9F62 introduced?
  108. Thinking about a Precisionist
  109. (need suggestion) good Digital Analogue suitable for Swimming
  110. Looking for a rugged 3 hand Quartz movement what do you suggest?
  111. SAstron SAST007 and a few watch comparisons...
  112. Seiko SACM167
  113. High tech thermocompensation and Low tech communication...
  114. Is this a fake Movado movement??
  115. One thing I like about the HAQ s/forum
  116. Help choosing first high end watch
  117. Precisionist Chronograph
  118. Astron Antenna?
  119. Best RC/GPS watch for a HAQ nut
  120. CSAC
  121. Brief Review of the new Seiko GPS Astron
  122. ETA 251-272 Chrono hand problem
  123. Seiko 9723-8030
  124. Seiko 7A38 battery change instructions
  125. *** WRUW - 22.09.2012 Saturday Wrist Check ***
  126. Getting back off Precisionist 96B127
  127. Ageing of quartz crystal and impact on timekeeping accuracy
  128. Grand Seiko Roadshow & Astron GPS Release Party Reminder
  129. So, You Are Hungry and Thirsty For Accuracy?
  130. GS master shop
  131. Changing battery in Seiko perpetual calendar quartz watch - How?
  132. Vintage Grand Quartz
  133. Maintenance of HAQ watches
  134. The Citizen chronomaster ctq57-0961: great watch!
  135. Finally got a HAQ (CTQ57-0954)
  136. Finally a GS HAQ with some lume ? !!
  137. Service for Omega
  138. Ten year Batteries.
  139. Grand Seiko quartz (37mm). How does it wear? (wrist shots optional!)
  140. Best options for 8F?
  141. High Accuracy Quartz...A Marketing Ploy?
  142. What's up with this?
  143. Tag Heuer calibre S, why isn't anyone talking about it?
  144. Anyone know more on IceLink and their 6 timezone watches?
  145. Cheap HAQ watches
  146. Seiko 0614-5000 - it breathes!
  147. Question Seiko 0614-5000 battery question, help needed please.
  148. Citizen chronomaster leather strap
  149. from time-nuts: A quick introduction to computer time
  150. GPS watches displaying the "correct" time.
  151. Breitling Aerospace
  152. HAQ choice
  153. Elegant quartz watch without date?
  154. Breitling B1 Accuracy Since Repair
  155. Omega 1532
  156. Astronomy clocks
  157. My very accurate Swatch(?!)
  158. OCD with time...
  159. Grand Seiko Roadshow & Astron Release Party coming to AZ Fine Time
  160. Customizing my Grand Seiko SBGX009
  161. Buying a citizen chronometer.......
  162. options for an accurate watch
  163. Some Observations of Errors in Time Standard Sources and Problems wth RC Clocks
  164. A pair of COSC surprises in their boxes...
  165. Did it in the end, got myself an Citizen A660.
  166. Vintage Quartz Service in the U.S?
  167. Tissot PRC200 Autoquartz accuracy
  168. Check watch by short-wave
  169. Gotta appreciate having dual core processors...
  170. Omega cal. 1310 Question
  171. Quartz GMT Accuracy Question
  172. History lesson on the Beta 1 and Beta 2 movements
  173. Current Citizen Exceed Catalogue
  174. Certina DS Podium Ti
  175. The importance of accuracy
  176. Bulova Precisionist owners... help? :)
  177. Setting your computer as a reference for your watch timekeeping
  178. Hi im back after 4 years,where to get a seiko 8f56 watch?
  179. Hi back afeter 4 years! where to get seiko 8f56 watch?
  180. Leap Second Alert
  181. How do you keep the hands turning?
  182. What website do you use to gauge the time?
  183. In English or Spanish, it is the ...
  184. The Citizen AQ1010-54E - Any owner's pics yet?
  185. omega polaris multifunction in titanium?
  186. Original Girard-Perregaux Laureato - repair or scrap?
  187. Grand Seiko HEQ... which one?
  188. question about seiko 8f35
  189. Breitling B1 Parts Diagram?
  190. Digital HAQs
  191. Why do they produce different ETA Thermoline movement sizes?
  192. Back in the HEQ club with a Grand Seiko SBGX061 -- the perfect Rolex replacement
  193. New Citizen Exceed HAQ Release
  194. Piquot Meridien Octantis
  195. Can't decide on Citizen chronomaster- need help!
  196. Omega 1445 -- How did I do?
  197. Calling Seiko 8F33-0040 (SBQL00X) owners - bracelet question
  198. Analog-Digital watches
  199. Citizen E510 Watches - Sign in!
  200. Omega Cal 1438 Question
  201. Temperature rate graphs
  202. Seiko SBCM's .... check in !!!!
  203. Weird quartz behavior
  204. Useful Website For Those Interested In High Accuracy Time
  205. Leap seconds
  206. Some details about decoding GPS time
  207. Precisionist observation
  208. Help: Pulsar 8F56 battery change
  209. Quartz movement pics!
  210. My impatient and near hopeless search..for affordable perfection
  211. Girard Perregaux cal. 700.996 Help
  212. High End dive/quartz watch- suggestions
  213. Quartz watch works
  214. Looking for a superquartz watch
  215. Movement question?
  216. Measuring Accuracy
  217. "Iconic" HAQ watches list
  218. Simple Perpetual Calendars with Day, Oyster Band?
  219. I've owned this thermocompensated beauty for almost seven years...
  220. Omega LED Time Computer info
  221. Omega X-33 Cal. 1666D TC Movement Accuracy Tracking
  222. X-33 Back From Service/Upgrade (New 1666D TC Movement)
  223. Precisionist expectations
  224. need some help with this one
  225. What went wrong with my Grand Seiko?
  226. High Accuracy Timex?
  227. Does this belong here?
  228. Seconds hand alignment?
  229. Being a (fairly) good Citizen
  230. where to find omega 1342 circuit board
  231. Replacement for Renata No. 39 in Concord nine/quartz Royal Mariner
  232. Mechanicals are "losing their allure..". Looking for examples of HEQ watches & watch companies
  233. Cheapest Swiss High Accuracy Quartz
  234. Back in the HEQ saddle again!
  235. Battery for Citizen Exceed Pocket Watch
  236. Updated X-33 arrives....
  237. Girrard Perregaux Quartz..... Help is needed!
  238. New HAQ in that 80s dress watch style - Citizen Noblia cal. 2710
  239. Help on this model please
  240. Sunday HAQ Wrist Review
  241. Not so HAQ "Road Test"
  242. Offset Update
  243. What HAQ is on your wrist today Saturday March 31
  244. Cellphone time...
  245. Atomic time over the internet versus radio waves
  246. Breitling Colt 44 or Grand Seiko Quartz SBGX?
  247. what is the cheapest High Accuracy Quartz ?
  248. Citizen Chronomaster CTQ57 1203
  249. Fresh initiative from Nigeria?
  250. Thermocompensated accuracy? Harrumph!!...