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  2. Bulova adds chronograph to Precisionist line
  3. Breitling aerospace cal 79 calibration, why it fails ?
  4. SBCM023 Accuracy after 125 days
  5. Vintage Seiko Quartz watches - some questions from a Newbie
  6. >12th Month setting on 8F35 Query.
  7. New 'nuclear/neutronic' watch discussed for orders of magnitude better precision than atomic clocks
  8. Well, I have a HAQ of my own on the way... Seiko 8F56 GMT
  9. Finally....a thermocompensated Speedmaster X-33 replacement...
  10. Recommendation for High Accuracy Quartz
  11. Stupid questions.....
  12. seiko solar GPS
  13. Seeing more and more...
  14. Making tc movements
  15. is there a good source for marine quartz chronometers info?
  16. Figured out why ETA specs are rarely given better than 15 spy...
  17. Tool GMT/UTC HEQ watch - bullet-proof with decent WR...
  18. My Accurate Watch Collection - Comparisons
  19. Budget HAQ, Seiko Majesta.
  20. Need help with a Seiko Crystal Chronometer
  21. Legibility of Citizen Chronomaster CTQ57-095x
  22. A dream watch is now happily ticking on my wrist
  23. SBGT035 Grand Seiko review
  24. Opinions regarding the 9F62 movement wanted
  25. My HEQ watches. a group shot
  26. My first High End Quartz
  27. Hi! First post. I've fallen in love with a watch that's no longer available - help and tips?
  28. Favorite quartz watch?
  29. yearly accuracy of new Hamilton flight timer- H64554131
  30. Looking for first HAQ to replace IWC auto
  31. Pedantic Question Regarding Quartz Accuracy Specifications
  32. Looking for a HAQ watch
  33. Calling all quartz lovers!
  34. A quick look at 'guaranteed accuracy', thermal stability / compensation and aging
  35. High end RC models
  36. Need F300 service recommendation...
  37. New HEQ Owner....
  38. Accurate Quartz watch recommendations?
  39. Any new HEQ in production this year?
  40. Seconds-hand counter-balances
  41. Leap Seconds
  42. Help needed, Seiko QC 951-II loosing time: about 2 sec per minute!
  43. Need help on Avenger Seawolf Chrono ref. A73390 data!
  44. Pics essay and autopsy of a Seiko QM-10 Marine Chronometer
  45. I hope your enjoying my sub-forum
  46. Precisionist 96B153 Accuracy Tracking
  47. Seiko 196K freq. movements
  48. Girard Perragux vintage quartz movements
  49. The ideal HAQ watch
  50. Failed test results.
  51. Better quartz movement: ETA 256.262 or Seiko 7T92
  52. Very INACCURATE full moon today
  53. A Call for Timing Data re the Citizen A010 Movement
  54. Eco-Drive accuracy so far....
  55. Women's The Citizen
  56. My Girard Perregaux 353
  57. Sping Drive old question: quartz or mechanical ?
  58. New sporty grand seikos
  59. Time sources
  60. 2011 HEQ summary
  61. How did you get into HAQs?
  62. What do you know about the ETA 251.262
  63. ETA 251.272 QUARTZ
  64. Looking for + - 15 seconds year in quartz
  65. We hate a watch that is losing seconds/year - but what about an offical day lost ?
  66. Stable temps during aging?
  67. Does this count?
  68. Grand Seiko SBGX069
  69. Season's Greetings
  70. Omega Aqua Terra Quartz vs. Grand Seiko Quartz
  71. Help, Citizen chronomaster + strong magnet = :-(
  72. What are the chances that an inexpensive..........
  73. Conquest VHP Ageing?
  74. Shock resistance on HAQs
  75. 6 Months of Very High Precision
  76. I suppose I could try to explain the logic...
  77. Seiko SBGT 039 Review
  78. Omega X-33 - interesting new (for me) information
  79. Quartz Aging and / or Battery Aging
  80. Something to entertain us a little - show your THINNEST quartz watch!
  81. HAQ multi-function watch
  82. How rare is the Oysterquartz day/date ?
  83. GrandSeiko 130th anniversary model SBGT039 with Accuracy +-5s / year
  84. Recommend +/- 15 seconds per year accuracy quartz watch
  85. Can someone please advise me on this Citizen Crystron model 60-1063 Please?
  86. Best source for Citizen Chronomaster in USA, or recommendations on alternatives
  87. Rolex Oysterquartz - best ever quartz made??
  88. Cheapest accurate quartz < 250$
  89. I'm bailing out on the Precisionist, but not for technical reasons
  90. One to my significant other - anything similar to these two Citizen Exceeds - Es8000-59W/Ebd75-5114
  91. Review of The Citizen AQ1000-58E - Part 2 Accuracy
  92. Buying spare f300 movement for parts/spare? Suggestions...
  93. The Citizen with empty battery for upto 9 months: Any adverse affects?
  94. Forum renamed to High Accuracy Quartz
  95. What battery does the Precisionist use?
  96. Tuning Fork watch service?
  97. Audimars Piquet Royal Oak Quartz - Authentic or Fake?
  98. SA Victorinox 500 Chrono, pulling out the crown when storing the watch.
  99. First post on this quartz forum.. OMEGA 1370
  100. Accutron Tuning Fork movement, reliability?
  101. Tissot T-Touch
  102. Thermocompensated HEQ beauty didn't lose one second in the last hundred years...
  103. I was thinking Precisionist, now not so sure....
  104. RC vs GPS
  105. Anyone have a Certina DS first non-chrono? POST PICTURES!!!
  106. DS32KHz - From consumer junk to HEQ - hack your clock!
  107. Where can i find a motor module of an Omega Caliber 1310 ?
  108. First HEQ is on the way.... AP Royal Oak
  109. Longines Conquest VHP Perpetual for sale
  110. Halda quartz module update.
  111. Review of The Citizen AQ1000-58E - Part 1
  112. Omega 2.4Mhz Megaquartz - Collected Pictures and Facts
  113. Need Help With a Wittnauer President's Club
  114. SuperQuartz Cousins
  115. How much do you believe might be worth for a medium watch company having ...
  116. Mechanical Watches
  117. seiko quartz
  118. Okay, even if this isn't considered "HEQ">>>
  119. Bulova Precisionist Aging
  120. Fredrique Constant
  121. Omega "Bond" Professional Quartz-Pricing and service information
  122. Older Movado, need help with an ID
  123. During the last few weeks there was a huge lot of talk about 60ns missing!
  124. Seiko SBQL007 on it's way... let's find out how HEQ this baby is...
  125. Down Time Thursday, 13 Oct 2011
  126. Breitling SuperQuartz ?
  127. Seiko 8F32 Accuracy
  128. Any new HEQ model recently?
  129. What causes quartz watch failure?
  130. Time check on 5 HEQ
  131. Roberge Chronograph Date Problem?
  132. The (inexistent) 'perfect digital HEQ' ?
  133. Opinions of Piaget?
  134. VHP sudden seconds loss
  135. Seiko 8F32-0160 Question
  136. Review and Report: The Grand Seiko SBGX063 HEQ
  137. Curtis & Co Swiss Made Quartz watches... 2 new models.. and Videos..
  138. Certain HEQ pieces can offer a vitamin boost...
  139. Krieger Tidal Chronometer 1990 - Opinion please
  140. Should I buy a Garmin 18x USB???
  141. COSC requirements for certification.....
  142. Designed in the future, in the age of gods...
  143. TC Quartz suggestions
  144. Show us your Quartz Marine Chronometer (and mov't)...!
  145. HEQ Recommendations
  146. Unknown Raymond Weil model
  147. New Edox Watch just arrived! Picture and Videos....
  148. Seiko Astron 40th Anniversary Commemorative Edition Mini Review
  149. U-Boat quartz watches
  150. What they had to do 100 years ago because they didn't have HEQ!
  151. New article ...
  152. 10-30 sec/year 500-700 USD quartz watch
  153. X-33 case screws
  154. Ventura Kappa review
  155. Water Resist
  156. One Citizen Chronomaster?s Performance over a Two-Year Period
  157. Just another Seiko twin quartz.
  158. Entry level HEQ?
  159. New 4.19 MHz clocks and todays humor (HEQ mantel clock?!)
  160. Csac
  161. HALDA the Space watch..
  162. Seiko Dolce perpetual calender titanium 8F32 0260 Serial 040464
  163. Accuracy Tracking
  164. Watches - Price vs Precision
  165. Grand Seiko SBGX065 + Shark Mesh
  166. Ventura Watches - Digital Innovation with contemporary design & style!
  167. Twin Quartz Calibration
  168. One of the highest quality Digital Type watches I know of... VENTURA
  169. Forum name?
  170. swiss army movement
  171. Recommendations please for a heq gmt function
  172. HEQ for women
  173. Quartz Frequency
  174. Thoughts on the Citizen Chronomaster?
  175. Help me find HEQ watch, specifications inside
  176. Seiko Grand Q. - Seiko King Q. - Grand Seiko Q. ?
  177. Reading Dicioccio's post below about a Solar Powered Citizen Chronomaster?
  178. ladies omega seamaster ss/14kt, worth repairing ?
  179. Help find a HEQ to buy
  180. I have just bought a dual-crystal Longines VHP
  181. Min nya Megaquartz från Ungern
  182. Question on "The Citizen" eco drive high accuracy
  183. A quick presentation of the HAQ-EZChronos experiment
  184. What other 9Fxx quartz GS offers 200m w.r. besides>>
  185. Grand Seiko or Chronomaster?
  186. Message to our Members: Monetary Contributions / Donations
  187. Titanium, coatings and finishes
  188. Recommendation for Sony and Energizer Batteries
  189. Looking for a replacement Omega Megaquartz 1310...
  190. Selling a Longines Conquest VHP Perpetual calendar watch
  191. Grand Seiko SBGF 019
  192. Question regarding high end quartz vs high end automatic watches
  193. Quartz Audemars Piguet Lady Royal Oak which goes to sleep mode
  194. Is it Ok to leave the crown out to save the battery?
  195. My SBQL001 is now ticking in two-seconds steps ...
  196. SBGF 019 Grand Seiko
  197. Jim (Eeeb) is under the weather
  198. Luminous 9F
  199. What happened to my pic of the SBGX035 GS that used to be on the HEQ banner page?>>
  200. Just another "help me find THE watch" thread
  201. New Christopher Ward quartz watch
  202. Citizen Chronomaster CTQ57-1203
  203. UTC and leap seconds
  204. Who is interested in vintage Seiko HEQ? Raise your hand.
  205. Citizen Chronomaster CTQ57-1025 Dimensions Question
  206. Grand Seiko - SBGX063 (Comments & PICTURES)
  207. Help Identifying the Linked Cartier
  208. The Citizen Eco Drives now on the web site
  209. 9F62: Any Plastic Parts?
  210. Grand Seiko SBGX - Screws in bracelet?
  211. Christopher Ward C-70 Brooklands
  212. Looking for a Seiko SBCM023
  213. Grand Seiko HEQ- 3 Years Ownership summary
  214. Sinn UX review
  215. Breitling B1
  216. The CSAC is here.. now its a matter of time before its found in a watch...
  217. I am proud owner of the discontinued SBCM023. :)
  218. Longines VHP Perp Calendar battery & setting info - any links?
  219. Seiko SBCM029
  220. Tiffany Porfolio
  221. Forum down on Tuesday...
  222. First AP ROO Watch!!!!!!!!
  223. There's Good News and Bad News....
  224. Tuning fork
  225. How many hours a day?
  226. Eterna 18K Gold 5001 68
  227. Razzing for quartz
  228. Just getting into quartz; want opinion on my new Seiko
  229. Certified pre-owned Breitling advice
  230. Non HEQ Question - but still regards quartz accuracy
  231. An Indirect Examination of Crystal Aging
  232. Sinn UX
  233. BOLO for UK Members! London watch heist.
  234. Just 3 top contemporary HEQ contenders available.Your favorite?>
  235. Talking about eprey NOS prices ...
  236. Everyone should try HEQ
  237. help me decide! Grand Seiko 9 series
  238. Seiko 7C43 Professional diver
  239. In terms of HEQ, what other stainless model out there exceeds $11K?>>>
  240. Best Ladies Work Watch
  241. What does the market of HEQ offers in 2011?
  242. Chronosport UDT functions
  243. Accutron 214 - Help with model please
  244. Sjoo Sandstrom UTC ORC Ocean Race Chronograph on auction this Saturday
  245. Grand Seiko Quartz Watches - How is the finesse factor?
  246. Help with interpretation of test result slip
  247. Pictorial - Exceed EBJ74-1741 - on leather
  248. Whom To Blame ;-)
  249. Watch recommendations
  250. Seiko Superior 4883-8100 just in.