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  1. Adjusting time in Seiko SBCM023?
  2. EMS/USPS tracking
  3. Seiko QM-11
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  6. Seiko Majesta 9533...New movement pics and watch
  7. Please recommend a HEQ with these criteria
  8. Chopard HEQ watch
  9. Baume & Mercier....opinions/advice/ identification?
  10. Please suggest a dive watch with a HEQ movement
  11. Determining the Accuracy of a Watch - More thoughts
  12. Longines Flagship VHP questions
  13. Citizen Campanola questions
  14. What is Our Current Understanding of Quartz Crystal Aging?
  15. Citizen Crystron 4 Mega
  16. Are there any HEQ four handers?
  17. Some Accuracy Results on a Lazy Sunday Afternoon
  18. HEQ dress watch suggestions
  19. Quick Question
  20. Thermo-compensated Easter eggs...
  21. New Bulova Precisionist Model from Baselworld
  22. Seiko SBCM023
  23. Eco-drive The Citizen
  24. Advice
  25. Polanti G4 Chronograph NB1088G
  26. Patek Philippe E 23 SC a HEQ movement?
  27. Grand Seiko SBGF007 ? Arrival
  28. Servicing a quartz?
  29. Slightly OT: NIST survey available
  30. IWC Quartz....
  31. Can anybody tell me about quartz Vacheron Constantin?
  32. Accuracy Problems with an 8F33 Seiko Day/Date
  33. A660: best orientation for accuracy when not worn
  34. SBQJ 015 Seiko GMT
  35. Big Good Quartz Watch
  36. Some HEQ Basel News from Citizen
  37. Why aren't HEQ's more clearly identified by manufacturers?
  38. PVD all black recomendations?
  39. Which quartz and why???
  40. Hello, I`m new here.
  41. Looking for particular style HEQ
  42. Omega Megaquartz F2.4, achievement of something I could only dream of
  43. Citizen E510 - Power-Save 2
  44. Quartz ancient history
  45. Very happy with SBCM023 accuracy
  46. Sinn UX accuracy report
  47. Just a couple more questions...
  48. Piaget help
  49. HEQ Regulation Questions
  50. Breitling Colt II SQ accuracy report, 113 day sample
  51. The Empirical Aging Determination - or my second 2011 watch-related pet-project
  52. Just arrived in time SBQJ015
  53. If you are in Europe and you like the Conquest VHP style ...
  54. SOT Li ion charging
  55. Raymond Weil Model 2000 ?!
  56. Funny accuracy loss story ...
  57. New HEQ-arrival: SINN UX with pics.
  58. Any Ideas of What We Can Expect in HEQ This Year at Basel?
  59. Recently purchased CYMA watch.. NEED HELP+INFO!!!
  60. Interesting Grand Seiko article ...
  61. Some bad crystals post from Time Nuts
  62. Steady as She Goes....
  63. Just found this CREDOR! 8J81 caliber...full box and papers like new, never worn!!
  64. Update on my 21 month old Constellation Double Eagle.
  65. Help me choose a Citizen Chronomaster
  66. Is there such a thing as a TUDOR PRINCE OYSTERDATE QUARTZ MEN?S WATCH ??
  67. Silent watches? (Precisionist et al.)
  68. Longines VHP Li Help needed
  69. Help me ID this Chanel Watch
  70. I find this unacceptable.How bout you?www.time.gov vs. a KenTech R/C clock>
  71. Info on Men and Women's 1985 Cartier Watch set
  72. HEQ Clock
  73. New Maurice Lacroix HEQ (NEW PICS ADDED)
  74. Omega 1510 Battery Life
  75. Tuning Forks - should i consider them?
  76. Breitling Colt II accuracy report......86 day sample
  77. Has anyone seen a Citizen CTQ57-1025 in the flesh?
  78. Need Info about Movements Citizen 7902 and 7923
  79. Is this watch classed as a HEQ >> ??
  80. Is the Precisionist a dual quartz?
  81. TAG Heuer Aquaracer Chronotimer info needed
  82. ezChronos headcount and first 2011 project start ?
  83. Questions to 8F56 8F32
  84. And I thought I was nuts
  85. Old Seiko 8F56s don?t keep their spec?
  86. Seiko Dolce & Exceline HEQ Incoming (I was surprised, I did not think that it was HEQ)
  87. 8F32 & 6A32 - which is better?
  88. CSAC: Introducing the World's Smallest, Lowest Power, Atomic Oscillator
  89. least expensive Seiko 9F powered watch?
  90. Bulova Precisionist Rate vs Temperature
  91. Radio-related idea that I had for some time and just asked on another forum ...
  92. Rolex Oysterquartz cal. 5035
  93. My "The Citizen" accuracy for the first 70 months. After that it's "loosing it".
  94. Hello! New here; warning, lots of photos!
  95. Thermal stability of non TC movements
  96. The Citizen Chronomaster
  97. First HEQ post...& its asking for advice, inevitably
  98. Finally The Citizen!
  99. Thermocompensated quartz chronograph under $ 1000
  100. Eeprom programming
  101. Question on G-P cal. 352 and possible battery prob?
  102. Three-Month Accuracy Results for Two GS Quartz Watches
  103. HEQ battery thread
  104. Colt II Accuracy Report......
  105. 2011 HEQ summary
  106. Top three HEQ-wishes for 2011! - And yours?
  107. Thermo-sensitivity of the SBCM023
  108. Which Breitling Quartz watches have Perpetual Calendars?
  109. Will a Quarz Chronograph second hand ever match the normal second hand?
  110. Always-on outperforms HEQ?
  111. Question???...Is this watch considered "HEQ" status>>>>
  112. Some quick temperature info ...
  113. Does anybody know the battery # for my Seiko SBQJ-015, and where can I order one?>>>
  114. HEQ accuracy, bidirectional bezel, perpetual cal, big second hand………
  115. Quartz watch video
  116. Best place to buy Chronomaster to ship to Europe ?
  117. Early Longines VHP run fast. Need Help.
  118. Bulova Precisionist SPY
  119. "Chronomaster"
  120. Ventura Sigma battery change
  121. Interesting 'discovery' ...
  122. Happy Holidays to everybody - and some links to very nice mechanism pictures for ...
  123. ETA 980.163 15 Jewel Movement Version? I Know Bell and Ross Uses It In The BR-S Line
  124. Any Real World Difference Between ETA and Ronda Quartz Movements
  125. Lotus Alarm Chrono 15413
  126. How relevant is Rolex to the HEQ community ?
  127. "You want HOW MUCH for a new battery???"
  128. Ladies appreciate HEQ pieces too...
  129. First HEQ purchase - Citizen Chronomaster
  130. Campanola v Chronomaster..
  131. Bulova Precisionist worth
  132. Is it possible to replace ETA 955.122 w. ETA 955.652 ?
  133. Gotta love the advances in technology....
  134. Temperature regulating my quartz watches
  135. Black vs blue
  136. First Time Post, GS Spring Drive impressions, and a favor from fellow HEQ enthusiasts
  137. Decided to see how accurate (+/-) my Breitling Aerospace and Omega X-33 are with time.gov
  138. Japanese Campanola Models
  139. Two new arrivals have finally landed here ...
  140. Quartz and the Higher Order of Mechanical Timekeeping - a WIS´s journey defined in writing
  141. Looked at a Bulova Precisionist yesterday
  142. Some New Accuracy Results for Two Quartz Grand Seikos
  143. Silver oxide batteries for quartz watches
  144. NOS FAVRE-LEUBA Early quartz 32768, 352 calibre.
  145. Bulova "Precisionist" in-box documentation; someone asleep at the switch?
  146. Pic sharing: most unusual watch: Devon Thread 1
  147. Some Preliminary Accuracy Results with the Bulova Precisionist Claremont Model
  148. High-end accuracy from a low-end Citizen
  149. White On Black Military Style HEQ?
  150. Bulova Precisionist Claremont 96B127 Pictorial...
  151. SBQJ015 on japanauctioncenter.com
  152. Thermocompensated Citizen movements (Cal.0330G and Cal.E510G) tested on the Witschi QT6000
  153. Got a Bulova Precisionist today
  154. Franck Muller No.245? Quartz
  155. My new (too me) 8j41
  156. Yippie! Thanks to South Pender and Eeeb, I'm finally able to log back in now!>>
  157. Omega Marine Chronometer Dynamic Temperature Response
  158. Problems with message notifications in this forum ???
  159. Good vibrations.... I thought my HEQ friends would appreciate the elegance of the topic..
  160. New Breitling SQ........
  161. Front page seems to be slightly different than other forums ...
  162. How to set a Breitling Navitimer 3300 quartz
  163. A quick heads-up ...
  164. High-end quartz chrono
  165. Help me to buy a high. End radio control watch
  166. Aerospace : a good choice for a first heq watch
  167. Which watches are the technological achievements of our time?
  168. WUS down for a day on Thursday!
  169. 8F35 movm't
  170. Has Seiko Shifted to Lower-Quality GS Quartz Models?
  171. Seiko Marine Chronometer Rate vs Temperature
  172. HEQ batteries - newbie questions
  173. Talk me into Grand Seiko Quartz over Automatic
  174. Things that influence quartz wristwatch accuracy ...
  175. Has somebody from here just won a caliber 0350 The Citizen ?
  176. What is the heq tokay, help me to choose
  177. Which alternative to sbqj015
  178. Is there a HEQ inside the Breitling Chronospace?
  179. Why I'm Excited about the New Bulova Precisionist
  180. Anyone Bought a Bulova Precisionist and Tested it?
  181. battery leaks
  182. Help me to find my first heq
  183. different brand battery the same?
  184. which is better swiss or japenese quartz?
  185. anyone accidently turn crown wrong way
  186. Seiko Manufactured Sub-Brand "L" Jean Lassale
  187. New Battery but still doesn't work???
  188. Battery changes
  189. Not really a HEQ but interesting results thus far!
  190. Oceanaut - noticed Nordstroms shipped their inventory of some of these back
  191. Date changing too early
  192. Hey guys ...
  193. Does Citizen USA offer any HEQs outside their Campanola line?
  194. Origins of the Three-Tined Quartz Watch Crystal
  195. Einstein to the Nth degree!!
  196. Problem with 8f56 Perp Calendar
  197. Breitling repair... What might I be in for?
  198. Sexist HEQ question about perpetual calendars
  199. Angelus Quartz????
  200. Christopher Ward C70 COSC
  201. Assembly date of my SLL075P1--1999 or 2009? (Plus a few comments about it)
  202. How many overall-HEQ watches do you have ?
  203. Chopard Time Attack MF COSC-what ETA movement??
  204. Seiko 40 year quartz anniversary
  205. TC Quartz requires regular calibration according to Bulova
  206. Why the massive 17 jewel count on the A660H Caliber?>>>
  207. What RC or HEQ GMT watches are available nowadays?
  208. 66 months for my "The Citizen"
  209. Chronospace 2010
  210. TC and the COSC
  211. Suitable quartz movement for a Panerai Homage
  212. The price of thermocompensation by increased power consumption
  213. Thermocompensation true or false
  214. Early Death
  215. Question for ETA 252.611 (and similar calibers) owners ...
  216. Perhaps Seiya is sick again...Just noticed his site was down.>>
  217. Atomic Quartz? Any Experts?
  218. Help Needed
  219. Some Timing Information and Some Thoughts
  220. are the Rakuten doors open ?
  221. finally bought a new watch
  222. Battery cover for Seiko 9940-8010 twin quartz?
  223. relative construction quality---and attendant expected longevity---of HEQ movements
  224. Best place online to buy batteries...
  225. Are there any currently made HEQ's for under $600?
  226. Omega Constellation D. E. review
  227. Grand Seiko HEQ arrived
  228. Seiko Astron 2010
  229. Do these qualify for the forum?
  230. Breitling B73 aka ETA 251.232 - Perpetual calendar?
  231. My New Certina DS Master
  232. A year with a Citizen Exceed
  233. Does this watch exist?
  234. Different looks for the SBQL001 ...
  235. Took the Plunge....
  236. Citizen Exceed with 0330 Movement
  237. More impressions and photos of the Chronomaster
  238. seek scratch-resistant HEQ with stainless steel's looks and titanium's weight
  239. Omega Megaquartz Wristwatch.
  240. My Grand Seiko has arrived!
  241. Quartz beauty contest
  242. What constitutes a High End Quartz?
  243. Question about Cartier quartz movements
  244. new watch
  245. Chase-Durer For Sale
  246. Pulling Out Crown To Store Watches?
  247. Omega Cal. 1430--Vibrating Second Hand?
  248. Sporty HEQ Recommendation
  249. Recommendation for a Grand Seiko
  250. What is the most times you have changed your watch in one day?