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  1. Longines 41 VHP GMT L287.2 movt photo.
  2. HAQ derived from hardware, software precision and accuracy assist.
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  7. Has There Ever Been an All digital HAQ?
  8. Oysterquartz
  9. Nickel-phosphorous in watchmaking
  10. Play or slight movement of hands in 251.264 movement
  11. Which HAQ to Add?
  12. Identify this Credor quartz movement
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  14. Longines VHP - 12 month update
  15. Rolex Beta 21
  16. Quite possibly a first for HAQ watches
  17. Omega Beta 21: anyone with knowledge of who services them in the US?
  18. Why laboratory measurements matter.
  19. Just in. I assume it fits HAQ criteria
  20. Went shopping for HAQ and saw all relevant models...
  21. Audemars Piguet 2.4 MHz
  22. Citizen The Citizen Chronomaster AQ4041-54L
  23. CITIZEN AQ1030 57E
  24. Accuracy results 2019
  25. Longines VHP not hitting markers
  26. The Citizen Chronomaster AQ4041-54L: A Masterwork in Understated Brilliance
  27. Limited Edition AQ4021-51W coming in May 2019
  28. Switching the crown of Seiko SACM171\150
  29. Stealth accutron release?
  30. Rattle sound from a new Seiko SACM171
  31. Anyone with a HAQ vs. mechanical dilemma?
  32. Citizen HAQ black dial
  33. Best places to buy Oceanus or Attesa in US
  34. Is this true ? >>>
  35. 1year on
  36. This or that: Citizen Chronomaster vs... Citizen Chronomaster
  37. HAQ: Need battery hatch cover for Seiko Quartz Superior 9983-7000, please.
  38. Breitling Cockpit Orbiter Limited Edition
  39. Why haven't thermo compensation found its way to more affordable watches ?
  40. Bought a Certina Moonphase chronograph w/ blue dial -- beautiful!
  41. HAQ suggestions under $300
  42. Short GS 9F video
  43. ETA Precidrive question
  44. 13 years old and still enjoying this beauty...
  45. Aerospace Avantage Gaining Time
  46. I don't know what my new Grail should be??
  47. Any pre-Basel leaks on a Citizen Caliber 0100 wristwatch?
  48. Grand Seiko Quartz Diver vs Sinn UX GSG
  49. Chronomaster: 4 1/2 sec band over 5 years with new movement; what do I do now that batty is dead?
  50. What are your thoughts on Bulova Curv?
  51. Most affordable COSC certified quartz watch?
  52. 1979 Seiko King Twin Quartz 9923-7000
  53. SEIKO Majesta 9533-5000 1989
  54. New release Chronomasters
  55. What is the first COSC certified quartz watch?
  56. Legibility question about two paper-dial +/-5 spy Citizens
  57. Longines VHP vs. the field
  58. Certina Precidrive 3 Hand Models UK Question
  59. ETA Thermoline does it for the SQ B-1...
  60. Is this the new defintion and direction of this forum.
  61. New Seiko Astron GPS 5X movement an HAQ?
  62. A nice find in the wild
  63. SOT: Seiko 9F prototypes
  64. Time + Tide Longines VHP GMT article
  65. HAQ summary 2018
  66. Conquest VHP 2017 or Certina DS-2 Chronograph
  67. Accuracy results 2018
  68. Beautiful ETA 251.264 chrono
  69. High Accuracy Clock
  70. Swiss quartz vs Seiko. Question more about Omega quartz.
  71. Grand Seiko SBGV011, where to find one?
  72. Grand Seiko 9F adjustment steps are 6SPY or 8SPY?
  73. Help on watch selection
  74. New Citizen Chronomaster non-paper dials, vintage case
  76. GW-B5000. Is Casio gonna do it?
  77. SOT: 5G references
  78. MW Black Friday
  79. Seiko 8J41 question
  80. Citizen boutique NYC
  81. Certina so far so good
  82. HAQ dilemma - Chronomaster vs 9F86
  83. New Citizen Chronomaster paper dials on a strap
  84. Pioneer aviator's HAQ watch...
  85. No-date HAQ in 40-42mm case thinner than 12mm
  86. Small Wrists Part III - Certina DS Action
  87. Small Wrists Part II - Seiko Dolce
  88. Citizen Chronomaster AQ4030-51A--A Giant Killer, maybe the GOAT--linked reivew
  89. UniformWares watches with PreciDrives, and ETA's making changes
  90. OT: Seiko Astron GPS Solar Dual-Time 5X53
  91. Certina Moonphase Chronograph for Small Wrist
  92. Old HAQ mods finally meet in person!
  93. new (?) Chronomasters?
  94. Day Date?
  95. Large Semi Dressy HAQ- Sweeping Seconds?
  96. Suggestions on manual Temp regulation?
  97. Longines VHP (174) weirdness!
  98. Best Quartz under 1000€
  99. Odd Bulova Precisionist Behavior; Or No?
  100. SOT: Reference wall clock
  101. Heat and Vintage Quartz Watch
  102. Difference between 'entry-level' F06.411 vs 'high-end' 955.652?
  103. Dressy HAQ Suggestions
  104. Longines VHP Ti (174.2) manual?
  105. What does the hivemind think of Credor HAQ?
  106. Longines VHP Water Resistance
  107. HAQ Analog Chronographs
  108. Grand Seiko 9F GMT 25th Anniversary limited edition
  109. Grand Seiko cal. 9F GMT
  110. Bulova Mens Chronograph C Watch
  111. Oh....ok...the worriers could end up being right.
  112. My Homebrew HAQ Project
  113. Oddity FHF marked dial/Revue caseback
  114. High End HAQ Grand Seiko it something else ?
  115. How to size the Citizen aq4020-54y bracelet? * SOLVED *
  116. New Junghans HAQ Meister Mega ?
  117. Certina DS-2 Precidrive review
  118. Certina DS-2 Precidrive minute hand alignment problem
  119. Does anyone manufacture a quartz watch in which the speed can be adjusted?
  120. SOT: wristwatch sized in 10 years?
  121. King seiko 0852 need help with regulating screws
  122. Some Quartz Advice Please
  123. Information about the Golay Marine Chronometer CM2N
  124. More info on this Citizen The Citizen?
  125. Bulova High Performance Quartz CURV Titanium
  126. Radio controlled analogue watch with bracelet, gold accents and no chrono. What would you recommend?
  127. Query regarding magnetism, and the 9F Quartz' vacuum-sealed cabin
  128. Grand Seiko SBGX007 vs. Citizen AB9000-52L plus Forum direction
  129. Seiko grand quartz 9943 movement help
  130. The Citizen New Release Paper Dial Black & White , LUME
  131. Seiko SLT081 8F56
  132. Accuracy of Swatch group TC watches
  133. "Best Quartz watch in the world"?
  134. What to do with my Exceed E510-h31071
  135. Suggestions on mid sized HAQ?
  136. Distribution of samples in HAQ production
  137. Unofficially, I think I have a couple of HAQ Watches
  138. My new The Citizen AQ1040-53E
  139. "The Ultimate Guide to High Accuracy Quartz Watches"
  140. Why are used HAQs so hard to come by?
  141. The story of an Icon: Rolex Oysterquartz
  142. “Autonomy theoretic of battery”
  143. Longines Conquest V.H.P Accuracy?
  144. My ideal High Accuracy watch
  145. Seiko VFA HAQ
  146. Solar powered HAQ watches?
  147. 34-36mm HAQ day/date?
  149. Simply the best value watch in the world, bar none.
  151. SOT 2018 Seiko GPS Astrons
  152. Citizen's new releases with Caliber 0100S
  153. Am I expecting too much from a new watch?
  154. Longines VHP 2018
  155. Picked up a Seiko SBCM023
  156. Crystron 4 Mega suddenly -5.8hpd
  157. Certina DS Eagle dive watch
  158. The Citizen Chronomaster AQ4020-62Y Limited Edition 200 Units
  159. In advance of Baselworld 2018...a reason to be looking
  160. Longines Ti VHP - beware!
  161. Ladies' HAQs?
  162. Niche HAQ brands
  163. A bad indicator for the future of HAQ
  164. Certina DS Podium Big chronograph problem
  165. Grand Seiko SBGV007/SBGV207
  166. Has anyone abandoned autos for all haqs?
  167. Favorite HAQ Diver?
  168. Ronda 5030 D Gold: 7 SPY
  169. Smooth Sweep Quartz Watches?
  170. Creating a 5$ quartz inhibition measurement tool
  171. GS 9F 25th anniversary
  172. A 4MHz question
  173. Future of Superquartz?
  174. bulova accutron II alpha
  175. Need help with GS gasket part #
  176. Omega Aqua Terra 4564 (Precidrive ETA64.111) Accuracy Spec?
  177. Citizen Chronomaster CTQ57-0934 Literature
  178. Brand new back then...
  179. Citizen Chronomaster service
  180. TC Quartz? Morgenwerk? I laugh at you!
  181. help me to choose the best citizen chronomaster
  182. Certina DS-2 Flyback rattrapante chronograph, 10 SPY
  183. help me : best dress gps analog watches
  184. Certina DS Podium a little mod new colour on hands
  185. Morganwerk or VHP ?
  186. Low SPY HAQ with GPS or Radio
  187. 2017 HAQ Summary
  188. E.O.L. already on my V.H.P.!
  189. Longines VHP 2017 Comparative Review
  190. How often do you check the WR on your watches?
  191. Bulova Lunar Moon Watch: i wish it had a better clasp
  192. GRAND SEIKO SBGF017 Accuracy question
  193. Looking for HAQ with rotating bezel.
  194. Why set the time by winding back 4-5 minutes?
  195. Readily US market available HAQ
  196. Citizen Chronomaster
  197. Pulsar PSR20
  198. Looking for a Nice High Frequency Quartz for Under $500
  199. Black Friday Deals at Timeless Luxury Watches
  200. Longines Conquest V.H.P. Adjustment Instructions (Caliber L288.2)
  201. My VHP arrived today. HELP!
  202. HAQ around $1,500?
  203. A TC question
  204. Dead on arrival
  205. Frequency Question;
  206. Help me please!
  207. My First Bulova, the mist accurate 262 KHz quartz watch
  208. SEIKO Flightmaster 7T34 fans here ?
  209. New Certina DS-4
  210. Can some quartz watches be adjusted?
  211. sending your Chronomaster to HIGUCHI in Japan
  212. What am I looking for 1K budget
  213. Grand Seiko build date from SN?
  214. Who makes the most accurate Quartz movement?
  215. Raymond Weil Quartz 9290
  216. Acquired this HAQ beauty twelve years ago...
  217. Bulova question and heads up.
  218. Certina DS-2 and DS-2 chrono accurracy so far
  219. The Citizen line being sold in-person in NYC
  220. New HAQ from CW
  221. This has really taken over my wrist....
  222. Citizen Chronomaster vs Grand Seiko HAQs?
  223. Breitling Chronospace Evo B60 - new HAQ movement?
  224. HAQ watch recommendations
  225. Please recommend a nice HAQ Diver
  226. An unexpected HAQ from Sinn
  227. Hodinkee on HAQ in the Breitling Colt Skyracer
  228. Some simple Morgenwerk questions
  229. Seiko SBDJ010 -- Wow!
  230. Is it really HAQ if it doesn't have a perp. or annual calendar?
  231. An Apple app for setting RC watches
  232. SOT: Cesium clock anniversary
  233. Citizen aq1000-66e case diameter
  234. Recommendations for Quartz Dress Diver / Sport Watch?
  235. Certina DS-2 Chrono problem
  236. New A660 Citizen Chronomaster
  237. Disappointed with F06.411 by ETA
  238. Rolex Beta 21
  239. Do you own Grand Seiko AND The Citizen?
  240. Citizen Chronomaster vs. Citizen Attesa
  241. New Ciizen models AQ4020 54Y and 53Y
  242. RC pocket watch
  243. What do we think of these >>>
  244. Birthday present for my daughter...It is a secret!
  245. Are ana-digi watches HAQ?
  246. TOP 5 HAQ UNDER $1000
  247. Seiko 8f56 movement size question
  248. Citizen HAQ Lineup & Cost
  249. HAQ watches with RC or GPS?
  250. Contacting Citizen Japan re replacement E510