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  19. Eco-Zilla 1000m Professional Sat Diver
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  26. vintage aqualand promaster depthmeter: small seconds hand not working
  27. New JDM Promaster Divers AS7141-60E and AS7145-69L, Eco-Drive, RC, Duratect MRK
  28. Help with bezel parts needed.
  29. looking for any of these citizen stands
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  31. Post your 10+ year old Eco-Drive and Solar-Tech watches
  32. Restoring a Classic
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  37. Can’t seem to find this serial number online . Can anyone confirm it’s validity ?
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  39. Help replacing Ecodrive capacitor
  40. Just Hit Buy-Now!
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  45. 1:30 crown position
  46. Is this nighthawk legit?
  47. BN0190 spring bars
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  50. Hand compatibility between movement calibres
  51. My new Citizen BJ7111-51M, blue Ti GMT diver.
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  53. Citizen Nighthawk
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  57. This Nighthawk Frankenstein possible?
  58. H820 AT9010 Help
  59. Caliber 0100 Future Models
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  61. Point me in the right direction?
  62. Replacement Nighthawk bracelet?
  63. Citizen-branded gold-tone buckle?
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  67. Chandler Military Eco-Drive
  68. Citizen BM8180
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  70. PROMASTER GMT BJ7128-59E Question
  71. Anyone own a BN0141?
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  73. Marvel Avengers Eco Drive
  74. Its it strange?
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  76. BN0118 Appreciation Thread
  77. What has a battery, but still has a "heartbeat"? A Citizen Cosmotron.
  78. Please help identify this Ti chrono
  79. Old Citizen analog/digital watch marked MEGA-DIGI-LCD-QUARTZ.
  80. 10 years later - still amazed by my Blue Angels LE
  81. Promaster Eco-Drive Day Date
  82. Old Citizen analog/digital watch marked MEGA-DIGI-LCD-QUARTZ.
  83. Citizen Calibre 2100
  84. Has Anyone tried a: AQ6021-51e?
  85. WRUW Citizen - January 2020 #####
  86. Citizen Blue Angels Website
  87. What's the difference between the AT9036-08E and AT9037-05E watches?
  88. Citizen Promaster found in new old stock
  89. Sharing Citizen Collections
  90. Please help identify a Citizen
  91. My first Citizen and my first Chrono
  92. Citizen BM6400-00E w/E111 movement the hands out of alignment
  93. New to Citizen Bullheads - help identify this one
  94. Anyone have a Citizen Cosmotron?
  95. Two tone lume
  96. Aftermarket bracelets?
  97. New Promaster SST...
  98. Citizen Concept 'Dome' Chronograph...
  99. My new Citizen Satellite Wave
  100. AT8030-18F replacement strap?
  101. Bracelet difference between NY0040 and AJ9230-08E
  102. Citizen Eco-Drive AT4011-57L Spare Pins & Collars
  103. dexclusive-fashion on Eaby Legit?
  104. Need help
  105. Poor pip lume?
  106. Citizen Promaster Blue Angels JY8078-52L
  107. Aqualand battery replacement issue!
  108. Citizen C660 Stars and Stripes Band
  109. WRUW Citizen - December 2019 #####
  110. Citizen Satellite Wave CC7005-16G F990
  111. Accuracy is Great!
  112. Solar cell Help PLEASE! Eco-Drive EX1166-52D cell is a 295-7600
  113. Citizen Eco-Drive 0870 date issue
  114. Need Advice for citizen vintage diver
  116. Which Citizen Watches Have DLC Coatings?
  117. Citizen Bug
  118. New bracelet or bracelet links for old Citizen watch
  119. Any one change a Campanola battery?
  120. New PERPETUAL CHRONO A-T AT4008-51E as a reward
  121. $3,000 Citizen - not worth it? Benchamrks. The Citizen, Chronomasters etc AQ4030, AQ4020, AQ1040.
  122. Aqualand : comparison between BN2029 and BN2036
  123. Citizen Aqualand Pepsi Diver Wall Clock
  124. Citizen World Time Bezel
  125. Citizen AT0365-06E. Why it is not selling in US
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  127. citizen world time watch
  128. Intro to me and mini review - Citizen BL5250-02L
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  131. BJ7086-06E GMT review
  132. NY0040-50E Day wheel question...
  133. Any recommendation for eco-drive GMT/UTC/Worldtimer?
  134. Sometimes they come back - or at least another of the same model - BM6400-00E
  135. replacement gasket for pmd56 caseback
  136. Citizen 3740 movement coil identification.
  137. Any leather strap options for Eco-Drive Promaster JY8075-51?
  138. Eco-Drive Question
  139. Solar full-weekday/"Wide Calendar" watches?
  140. Citizen Eco-drive One "Super Titanium" (AR5030) Review
  141. Eco-Drive worth it?
  142. Citizen BN0151-09l Sapphire Glass Upgrade
  143. WRUW Citizen - November 2019 #####
  144. BN-0190/DutyFreeIsland
  145. Blue Angels models; AT8020-54L vs JY8078-52L
  146. Citizen NY0085-86E Mods
  147. Citizen eco drive.
  148. Citizen Skyhawk
  149. Citizen Attesa CB1120 looking for actual owners
  150. How do you ZERO RESET the Chronograph Minute Counter Hand for a Citizen Chronograph?
  151. Promaster JY8025-59e vs pmv65-2271
  152. Citizen Tough Black - BN0217-02e
  153. Ultimate beater. pmt56-2731
  154. Citizen 1967 Crystal Date 5400 Movement Removal
  155. Need help finding replacement H100 calibre and hands for PMD56
  156. My newest addition - PROMASTER SKYHAWK A-T CC7015-55E
  157. Bezel insert replacement possible?
  158. looking for the right (discontinued) Citizen digital watch
  159. Citizen Paradex BU4010-05L
  160. Skyhawk vs Navihawk
  161. Need help identifying my Citizen eco-drive watch
  162. Citizen FUGU NY0080 Stainless steel strap options
  163. Why is the Citizen H820 movement not a beloved/embraced movement?
  164. Citizen promaster Manufacture Date??
  165. Replacement crystal for Homer "second setting" Railway watch
  166. Citizen 8110A bullhead Chronograph
  167. New caliber 8310
  168. Ladies Citizen Wicca?
  169. Cost to fix chapter ring?
  170. Chandler, Caliber B642, accuracy?
  171. Depth Guage Malfunction
  172. Citizen Promaster 4x4 Limited Edition Question
  173. Citizen Promaster With misaligned minute hand (PMD56-2952)
  174. Citizen - CHRONO TIME - BY0000-56E
  175. WRUW Citizen - October 2019 #####
  176. Citizen Wingman C080 questions...
  177. The mystery of the F-150 Satellite wave "auto update" SOLVED!
  178. SHow me your Promaster Tough watches!
  179. eco drive battery wont go above 75%
  180. Advice on Citizen movement
  181. New strap
  182. A lot of watch....
  183. LF eco drive with rotating hour bezel
  184. Vintage Citizen
  185. Citizen AR3074-03A Stilleto. Is it Sapphire or Mineral Crystal? Differing sources. Am confused.
  186. Citizen 67-9054 8110A restoration project
  187. Satellite wave F150 auto sync function issue
  188. My Citizen Stiletto - AR1130-81A
  189. Any REAL LIFE pics of the Promaster " TOUGH CHRONOGRAPH " CA0720-54H ???
  190. citizen solar dress watch recommendations
  191. NY0076-10EE Titanium Big Brother to the NY0087-13EE
  192. Vintage Bullhead Bands
  193. Help please
  194. Really interested in the Citizen Promaster Marine NY0087-13EE 50-year Anniversary LE
  195. Here is my new Citizen >>>
  196. Citizen BN0198-56H (grey) watch on Borealis grey or blue rubber strap
  197. Help for a very oold Citizen
  198. Show your Citizen lume shots
  199. Finally got a Blue Angels Chrono
  200. Does anyone know any Asian sites which may have used Campanolas?
  201. Citizen Wingman (80’s model) ref 8945 087836 K / Looking for manual
  202. Question: Citizen F900 CC9015/9030 strap options
  203. Another win for Citizen
  204. Help me identify this watch please
  205. Bracelet help please.
  206. Why do I like Citizen? Because of this: Riiiver
  207. Setting ”home city”/time difference. Help!
  208. Advice on polishing super titanium band
  209. Citizen 67-9119 cal.8110A "Spyder" restoration
  210. Looking for an Old Style Band for the New Aqualand
  211. NJ0100 owners, question
  212. WRUW Citizen - September 2019 #####
  213. Citizen BJ711x, GMT dive watch, via USA (authorized?) dealer
  214. Technical assistance request: compatible replacement movement for 7878
  215. NOS new Promaster. Stoked, but need info
  216. Promaster purchase, advice please.
  217. Auto stopped today
  218. Citizen Electronic Cosmotron 7800 60-5018
  219. Triple calendar without moon phase
  220. Placing a cyclop.....advice needed
  221. Citizen ID/Value
  222. Citizen AT4106-52X
  223. Review: Citizen BJ7110-89E: black dial, 43mm, titanium, sapphire crystal, GMT dive watch
  225. Citizen BN0175-19E Adapters -- Alternative to Suppa?
  226. J800 movement, day wheel stuck in Spanish
  227. Citizen Charging Information >>>
  228. Citizen 0870-H24636 twitching minute hand
  229. New Arrival >>>
  230. Anyone know this Citizen?
  231. Citizen Eco Drive Blue Dial Dress Watch
  232. What not to do when luming the dial of a new Promaster GMT BJ7111-86L
  233. Promaster Diver BJ8050-08E
  234. NY0040 crown and crown tube replacement.
  235. New Navihawk GPS
  236. Need an eco drive diver
  237. Suggest me a Citizen watch!
  238. Is this a fake nighthawk?
  239. Citizen Eco Drive AT4010-50E - Did I scratched sapphire crystas or JUST anti-reflective coating?
  240. Citizen Europe serviceing
  241. Bracelet required for Promaster Diver.
  242. Watch Identification - Citizen?
  243. Where to get bracelet for a Promaster carbon BJ2105-51E?
  244. Fugu NY0096-12L unboxed
  245. Do you recommend Citizen Atomics?
  246. Older Citizen Chronograph Dial
  247. Eco drive not keeping time.
  248. 1 year wearing my Citizen Excalibur
  249. Crystaltimes USA has Sapphire for the BN0150 / BN0151
  250. Citizen NY0040 has different lume