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  1. Citizen World Perpetual A-T CB0166-54H Review
  2. citizen cc9009-84e
  3. Promaster Diver BN0190, BN0191, BN0198
  4. Citizen help
  5. Orca, you either love it, or you hate it...
  6. brief overview of the H820-based AT3037
  7. Help ID this Watch
  8. FE7030-14A Review
  9. BM7251-53L Review
  10. Citizen AT4008-51E
  11. BL1030-53A review
  12. A little review for a big watch - Citizen EcoZilla st.steel
  13. No Reviews on a HTM AW1350-83M
  14. Citizen Calibre 2100 AV0020-55A Titanium Sapphire Panda Dial RARE Wristwatch Reviewed!
  15. Citizen Nighthawk Wristwatch 2018 Blue Dial Edition BJ7000-52L Reviewed! WATCH FAIL!
  16. Citizen Attesa CB1075-52E 30th anniversary limited
  17. Citizen - Blue Angels World Chronograph AT8020-03L
  18. Need Help Identifying this Citizen
  19. Citizen Promaster BN0151 with bracelet?
  20. Promaster 1000
  21. Citizen Promaster 1000
  22. Citizen Service disappointment, AT4010 Eco-Drive
  23. Looking for info
  24. Citizen Marina Militare
  25. Citizen Nighthawk Promaster BJ7000-52E Review
  26. 2018 Citizen Attesa AT9050-50E
  27. Asking Citizen Caliber Difference
  28. Citizen AT4008-51E vs Citizen AT4010-50E
  29. Signature Grand Touring Sport - video review with captions
  30. citizen aqauland
  31. Got htis C023 Aqualand running now.
  32. Another C020 Aqualand Silver Done
  33. One More Promaster C023 Restored.
  34. Need more info for EXCEED models
  35. Citizen AT-8124 - Caliber H800 - review & tutorial
  36. Citizen AS2020 Atomic Nighthawk review and tutorial
  37. Citizen BN0147-57E Royal Marines Commando Limited Edition
  38. Anyone know the model #
  39. Got this one Up and Going now Aqualand C023 .." Yellow Dial ".
  40. Citizen Automatic
  41. Citizen Eco Drive issue
  42. Citizen NP4040-54E - SARB033 killer!
  43. Citizen Light In Black BL5496-53E Alarm Function
  44. Got this and got it going and working great.
  45. BM8470-03AE: better than expected
  46. Please help me identify the model number...
  47. New Citizen Promaster Dress-Diver BN0193-17E
  48. At-2215-07e
  49. Citizen Eco Drive One AR5004-59H
  50. My New Citizens C300 Thunderbird Navihawk
  51. Citizen Eco-Drive One AR5004-59H video review
  52. Is Citizen CC3020-57L a good watch?
  53. Any thoughts of the Citizen Tachymeter?
  54. REVIEW- Citizen GN-4W-S - Sapphire, Eco drive, Two Tone.
  55. Citizen Promaster Diver BN0150 REVIEW
  56. Citizen AT4110-55E Nighthawk REVIEW
  57. Citizen Attesa ATV53-2834 Limited edition
  58. Which Citizen Eco Drive is this and how to set it?
  59. Help to setup the summertime (skyhawk blue-angels)
  60. Citizen Orca
  61. Citizen Nighthawk Review
  62. SMT, STD - what should it be on?
  63. Citizen Blue Angels Watch Review
  64. Citizen quality
  65. My new Citizen with sapphire glass
  66. Ordered a Nighthawk
  67. Looking for chunky Citizens diver like the Ecozilla but not a fan of lug adapters since its lugless.
  68. REVIEW: Citizen AW1401-50E, J810 Movement
  69. My New 2016 4th Gen. JY8058-50L Citizen Skyhawk AT Blue Angels Edition
  70. bn0150-10e bracelet
  71. Citizen NH8384-14EB
  72. Citizen Alarm 9 jewels phynox
  73. Citizen Quality Opinions
  74. I HAVE TO ask, Anyone know the model of the Citizen Diver at the top of this page??
  75. Citizen Nighthawk AT4117-56H: Lume any good?
  76. The screw down crown on the Citizen Diver BN0150 and BN0151 ? how good is it?
  77. Citizen Eco Drive Chrono-TimeLimited Edition review
  78. Band suggestions for my new Promaster Altichron
  79. Citizen Attesa Direct Flight
  80. or Amazon?
  81. Citizen Proximity
  82. The Citizen AQ1030-57H
  83. New Citizen ctq57-0955, very first impressions
  84. Citizen Attesa CB3010-57L
  86. This Citizen almost has it all.
  87. Citizen Titanium C240 Identification Help
  88. Citizen Skyhawk Blue Angels JY0040-59L review
  89. Citizen Promaster 5861-F80057 TA - help finding manufacture date
  90. Looking for Citizen model BV-1080-18A. Please Help!
  91. New Bezel to My Vintage Citizen 8110 Chronograph
  92. CITIZEN Homer 63-7050, 4-310055 Y, 20710493 Need information about my watch
  93. Citizen NB000-51E Calibre 9170 Multi-Hands Automatic
  94. Help with identifying mysterious Citizen's range logo
  95. Aqualand 6 screws arrival
  96. Citizen World Chronograph A-T AT8110-02A (AT8110-11A) Review
  97. REVIEW: Citizen AT8010-58E Eco-Drive World Chronograph
  98. citizen case markings
  99. Is Citizen Grand Classic A Low-End Watch?
  100. Citizen AT4108-57E
  101. My last Citizen
  102. 10 years warranty
  103. Latest Citizen
  104. eho drive battery
  105. Buy Sapphire crystal Citizen
  106. fake Citizen
  107. Citizen F100 cc2004-08e (limited edition 500 pieces worldwide)
  108. hope this is my last watch
  109. citizen new model
  110. Does anybody know this?
  111. MY second Citizen watch
  112. My first Citizen watch
  113. Citizen CA0021-53E Review
  114. Citizen 0.45, anyone?
  115. NY2300 vs SNE109P
  116. Citizen V2 21 Jewels Para Water Automatic
  117. Citizen 8810, the first quartz wrist watch from 1973
  118. Comparative review: Citizen BN0000-04h vs. Seiko SKX009
  119. Citizen Signature BL5440-58E Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch - Photo Gallery
  120. My new Eco-drive super titanium AW1241-54L
  121. Advice
  122. Citizen AS4050-51e Promaster Sky Titanium Chronograph Watch - Photo Gallery
  123. Citizen 7, fake?
  124. Looking for any BY0120-54E reviews
  125. Skyhawk issues / alternatives?
  126. Citizen CB0131-59E Promaster Titanium Review (Initial Impressions with Full Review to Follow)
  127. Citizen CB0027-00E Eco-Drive Promaster Air Global Radio Controlled Pilots Watch
  128. Citizen Automatic Chronograph 67-9071 Questions *New Owner*
  129. Is there an equivalent ?
  130. Citizen Nighthawk Black PVD Asian Version (BJ7019-62E) - A Slightly Unconventional Review
  131. Citizen 'Spacemaster' Ref. 8410-C70040 TA
  132. Opinions Needed
  133. AT4008-51e reviews?
  134. My Citizen watches
  135. Citizen AVION Eco-Drive - AW1361-10H
  136. Citizen Corso BM7100-59E
  137. PMV65-2272
  138. BN0148-B54
  139. Would you guys recommend the Citizen Nighthawk?
  140. Citizen AS4050-51E. Would u recommend it or not?
  141. Citizen BN-2021E on 22mm zulu
  142. Advice on Citizen bracelet adjustment
  143. Please delete
  144. Why are watches and watch collecting popular? And not just watches, other thing also!
  145. Eco Drive - info please
  146. Citizen movement
  147. Finally did it!! Now need help setting my 9010-52E.
  148. New Aqualand Divers Now
  149. Just ordered my 2nd Citizen Watch Citizen BY0100-51H
  150. Review: Citizen Aqualand 20th Anniversary JV0030-01E
  151. *Low-Tier* Watch No.6 -> Citizen ?Orca? BN0015-07E [Review] : Bergkamp10
  152. *Low-Tier* Watch No.2 -> Citizen 'Pepsi' Diver NY2300-09L (Review) : Bergkamp10
  153. Citizen bm6772-05a, something wrong with this watch?
  154. Review and availability of NP1000-55E Citizen
  155. Citizen Nighthawk fake
  156. JJY Simulators - How do they work? Should we care?
  157. What does this Japanese text mean?
  158. New Citizen Diver
  159. Citizen Men's CB0020-50E World Perpetual A-T Dress Watch
  160. what about citizen at4008 vs. ca4170 please?!?
  161. Anyone pick up a JY8030-83E yet?
  162. Review citizen CA0260-52E , the undestroyable watch , pictures included
  163. Citizen BY0085-53E Nighthawk The Pilot Watch Reviewed (with pictures)
  164. Citizen 4004-52E Review
  165. Brief Review of My First Citizen Watch - BL1230-52A
  166. Citizen aqua land depth meter 2014 BN2029-01E
  167. Citizen Nighthawk AT4110-55E review
  168. Seiko 21mm Sportura Kinetic rubber on fieldmaster
  169. My first watch!
  170. New guy wanting Citizen information.
  171. Review: Citizen BL8000-03A
  172. Citizen Attesa BY0094-52e (25th Anniversary Model)
  173. my citizen Diver's
  174. Citizen AQ1030-57e
  175. EcoDrive Chrono (BL5380-58E)
  176. eco drive
  177. Citizen Identification
  178. Hidden Gem in the Eco-Drive line
  179. Help needed please!! Citizen CA-0368-56E
  180. Which Citizens are Eco-Drive Pepsi divers?
  181. Authentic citizen or not?
  182. Citizen Grand Classic Review
  183. Citizen Eco-Drive Endeavor review CA0440-51E
  184. CITIZEN (Caliber 6850) model :titanium 6850-G82101TA
  185. Citizen skyhawk and diameter
  186. CITIZEN Promaster BN010-58E - Excalibur
  187. Citizen (JY8040-55E) Navihawk Red Arrows Limited Edition - photos
  188. Citizen Promaster Sky JY8025 59E
  189. Citizen Eco Drive VITRO BL 2000-57L
  190. Citizen BY0006-50E Chrono Time A-T H610 Two Tone Rose Gold Steel Signature Watch Reviewed
  191. Citizen BY0003-07E Chrono Time A-T H610 Limited Edition Rose Gold Crocodile Watch Reviewed
  192. Titanium Citizen Promaster AS4050-51E works in north America
  193. Citizen "nighthawk" AS2020 11H Review (really just a first impression)
  194. Citizen Signature Eco-Drive BL8070-59A. Pictures intensive.
  195. Citizen Calibre 2100 ? AV0030-51A and AV0030-60A ? Sapphire Promaster Land Reviewed (with pictures)
  196. Upgrade Your Citizen Watch To Sapphire Crystal - Hurley Roberts Service Review (Pictures)
  197. CITIZEN NY0040-09E Review
  198. Citizen NP4020-51A, 4150 movement: picture heavy
  199. My New Citizen BL5250
  200. Ordered Citizen AT8010-58E: Is this model being copied?
  201. Help me find new eco-drive
  202. Citizen Minute Repeater Calibre 9000 - BL9002-02A - Reviewed (with pictures)
  203. Recommendation(s) Needed/Requested
  204. Citizen Calibre 2100 - AV0031-59A - The Original Panda Face E210 Reviewed (with pictures)
  205. Citizen Chrono-Time A?T BY0000-56L Blue Dial Atomic Reviewed
  206. Citizen Promaster WR100 with Chronograph and Alarm
  207. Autozilla with Java Rock Python
  208. Citizen AT8010-23A Limited Edition World Chronograph A-T
  209. Citizen Titanium Golf Review
  210. Citizen automatic divewatch videoimpression
  211. Citizen Attesa AT8040 57E
  212. How to reset (recalibrate) the chronograph minutes hand on citizen (E 2100)?
  213. Citizen 2100 AV0050-54A review
  214. 1st Gen Navihawk Movement Removal
  215. WTB, Module citizen 8982, ana-digi-temp watch, somebody please help
  216. My first encounter with Eco-Drive: Citizen AS8024-50E
  217. My first encounter with Eco-Drive: Citizen AS8024-50E
  218. Citizen AW0015-08E
  219. Citizen Royal Marines Commando BJ9140-52E - Plus a crash test between Citizen 4x4
  220. Review and info of this unknow model??
  221. Citizen;Please help :)
  222. Which Citizens have radio time and a sapphire crystal?
  223. RED ARROWS! The skyhawk has been hit by an arrow... and this is what it looks like!
  224. Citizen-Wingman 8945
  225. wanted: Citizen ATO810-55X info or review
  226. Location of radio antenna in Citizen watches - important notice for owners!
  227. Skyhawk A-T TI - RC question
  228. Can any identify the citizen?
  229. Which High-End Citizen?
  230. Citizen Caliber 8210 -- Model NJ2166-55A Review (Picture Heavy)
  231. Citizen AT4010-50E Review
  232. Citizen Promaster PMX56-2811
  233. CItizen Signature Flyback Chronogrph
  234. Citizen Promaster Nighthawk just arrived!
  235. Question Regarding Campanola Pricing Strategy
  236. CITIZEN Titanium Aquamount JP3050-55
  237. Citizen BJ7000-52E Nighthawk First Impressions
  238. My first Eco-Drive AW1018-55E
  239. A new watch is coming : citizen JP1010-01E
  240. Reducing Wear and Tear on Eco Drives
  241. New Citizen AT4008 date not syncing correctly
  242. CA0265-59E Good buy? Help a noob out
  243. Need help with using slide rule on Citizen BJ7019-62E "Nighthawk"
  244. What Model is this - Looking for info on this Citizen
  245. Need help regarding Citizen Eco Drive Miilitary Chrono-At2100-9SE
  246. The Citizen, Model AQ1020-51E
  247. Citizen bl5434-51e
  249. Citizen BL5380-58E Chronograph
  250. Why am I unable to find any ATD53-2794 for sale ?